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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  October 10, 2020 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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going to start going by squirrel boy of do it give us. a substantial portion of the intelligence on black lives matter protests flowing through the northern california regional intelligence center's terrorism liaison officer program the terror info program became a clearinghouse for information on upcoming demonstrations yeah we're not calling you terrorists we're just putting all the information about your peaceful demonstration in the terror info program in their defense to the overwhelmingly white police officers across this country it is terrifying that black people could accept actually game equality like being able to stand in line a taco bell without fearing they'll be tackled and arrested standing to loop a sauce across the place white cops shudder at the thought let's cover one more from the blue leaks amid terror warnings
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a railroad industry group passed intel on environmental journalist to the cops and made the cops think the journalists were linked to terrorism and there were extensive communication between private industry and public law enforcement allowing the industry to influence law enforcement and national security policy basically corporations are not only guiding law enforcement they're also tricking them into thinking a standard environmental journalist is a terrorist yeah yeah the the 24 year old blogger with dagny problem he's the true terrorist not the corporate c.e.o.'s who mourn as much for the people they blew up in wheeling west virginia with a bomb train as a race car driver mourns the flyers splattered across his windshield during a race. there's a ton more in the blue links that i don't time to get into but seeing as the mainstream media is scared to death you'll read them you should totally not read them during look up blue leaks and find out what they say don't
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do it ok next up you might recall that throughout our attacks on syria the mainstream media told americans that a bunch of awesome rebels were fighting for their freedom and the us was just how potent mounts now when that was going on i don't know about you but i was thinking everything the corporate media is telling us just how absolutely true they were never lied us about dead sure they lie about everything else no doubt no doubt but this this right here they're totally telling it like it is because they just want to help the poor people in syria all the other times total head but when it comes to syrians they are basically oskar schindler no doubt alas i was wrong the gray zone has been reporting on a new leak of hundreds of documents that show western government funded
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intelligence cutouts trained and funded syrian opposition leaders planted stories in media outlets from b.b.c. to al-jazeera and ran a convoy of journalists u.k. government contractors developed an advanced infrastructure of propaganda to stimulate support in the west for syria's political and armed opposition that's right government contractors you and me meaning you and may and other taxpayers in the u.k. funded the propaganda that manufactured consent for destroying syria. ok let's listen up oligarchy if you can my do ice and get to nearly collapse our country of 20000000 people at least don't make it but make us behave for it ourselves. honey to stop paying taxes like trump dammit but how much impact 'd could these few stories possibly right i mean i'm sure those
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false grab was bad prevalent well according to the lease documents these u.k. funded firms function as full time p.r. flacks for the extremist dominated syrian arm armed opposition one contractor called in khost rat said it was in constant contact with a network of more than 1600 international journalists and influencers and used them to push pro opposition talking points man who could have thought that a company with a cutting edge name like ink ghost rat stemming from the impressively hollow innovative communication and strategy is was a front for a us government regime change this is my shot face. but also 16 a 100 media people many of them calling themselves journalists were simply printing hacks stories by pro-war government cut outs 1600 and then and then there's those of us reporting the truth i count.
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79 if you include the 2 who only do their reporting on the telephone to telemarketers who are unlucky enough to call them. they had $1600.00 people from one p.r. company and millions of dollars pouring in from the u.s. and u.k. with that kind of money should've won a damn oscar like schindler's list that's. they they did they they want to oscar. a documentary about the white helmets in syria won an oscar do you recall the white helmets or the amazing people in syria who just rescued children from rubble and dad is it that is all they do nothing else just rescue children and america which bombs children all over the world happens to care about these particular children nothing to see not know nothing unusual
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was why why is everyone look at me we didn't really like syrian children there are some of you ever did this still cool and they all they all break dance really well i don't even know why i put the nominal entertainers. the newly confirmed earlier reporting by the grey zone and others showing the white helmets were funded by western governments and claimed to be saving people while also trying to get the us to bomb more i'm not kidding they were like this building was blown up and killed so many people it's an awful all plays said. bombs. please oblongs the bomb soon to help us stop the bombs you know it's totally normal it's like it's like all those emergency room doctors who spend their days trying to desperately to save lives and then go around at midnight. trying to start gang wars by making fun of little boom boom swastika
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tattooed before yellin last year and running away it's super common amongst doctors . the white helmets were founded in collaboration with usa i.d.'s office of transitional initiatives the wing that has promoted regime change around the world and have been provided with $23000000.00 in funding from the department so the us helped create the war helped create the destruction created the so-called heroes created the oh award winning documentary about the heroes and created their news reports about the documentary about their heroes. well and this isn't just wag the dog this is wag all candle in the buildings next to the candle and everything down the street in the city the whole vetting. and putting further flesh on the dogbone the leaked documents also show another western contractor a r k admitted that it sought to whitewash syria's armed opposition which had been
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largely dominated by salafi jihadists by softening the f.s.a. image. yes taking terrorists who sometimes behead innocent people in the streets and softening their image it does sound like their image needs a little softening terrorists often need just just a bit of a bit of a bit of smoothing over before you bring them home to meet your parents just by being great lovers the bayonet often digs into your thigh during snuggle time. but those p.r. companies didn't stop at creating false stories u.s. and european contractors trained in advise syrian opposition leaders at all levels from young media activist to heads of the parallel government in exile they helped create the government in exile i wish i could get into everything the league showed
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but the main point is at every level the catastrophic events in syria have been stage managed by the u.s. u.k. and western backed p.r. firms trying to create regime change trying to create a failed state thousands of miles away from your average americans and brits good people who don't even understand what's being done in their names our names and sadly even many of the somewhat independent media who are often adversarial to the u.s. government talking points and some things even though a fell hook line and sinker for this garbage my rule of thumb any time you see the us government say they care about human beings. you know some awful it's going down. come to you from washington d.c. the belly the bases the redacted today.
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well grown cameras take the news from a new pew research survey shows america's reputation around the world has been plummeting in the u.k. it's gone from 83 percent in 2000 to just 41 percent today and the brits are the ones we have the special relationship with and by special i mean mentally challenged in germany we've gone from 78 percent approval back when germans thought every american was david hasselhoff down to just 26 percent today because germans have realised even hasselhoff was using spray on tan or a toupee and a large pair of tube socks rolled up and tucked in his swim trunks even the polite canadians are down to 35 per stand positive view of the u.s.
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to put that in perspective of full 79 percent of canadians have a positive view of this monstrosity. saudi fries get a thumbs up but poor us of a gets a thumbs up the backside during the cavity search the mounties now put us through at the border because canadians assume every american is carrying drugs in our ragdoll cavity and we are it's true but we're not smuggling them we're taking them in order to dull the pain of our reality look the point is the view of the united states has crashed over the past 5 years and i do not understand why germany england france i've we not helped to create the catastrophic environmental collapse you've always been asking for iraq syria libya afghanistan yemen. look look at all we've done for you guys we got rid. of all of those
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cities you were tired of having we helped you root out and vanquish your infrastructure ah there's nothing worse than functioning infrastructure just as flint michigan and latin america you've turned on us to whatever you needed fascistic dictator to take hold weren't we there to make it happen every single time you've been played by a democratically elected socialist or leftist leader drowning the people and in guaranteed a housing in free education and an end to hunger weren't we right down there to help you get rid of them how many homeless or angry people in latin america have u.s. sanctions to thank for their situation probably most of all i had asked and yet
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you say you have a negative view of us just route screwed and canada et to mountaineer. every time you value impressive groundbreaking talent in the fields of comedy or music haven't we taken them off your hands for you your welcome in greats but i will give you the positive side of the reputation of the united states do when dealing amongst other countries for years. but decades the us has led the way both by example and by bullying other countries we have led the way on climate destruction on weapons sales on wars of choice on war crimes within those wars on back includes and societal destruction in countries that were not threatening us in any way other than our profits we've led the way in greed and corporate exploitation and we've led the way in production of pornography
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pornography with with very little backstory i mean they just met and he's already faced down beaver town did he did his job to fix cable musea a neighbor who asked for a piece of pie and she misunderstood i had no idea how i would ask a layman so quickly he's already beaverton the option to go to a short break but if you're watching this on you tube go get our full episodes on the free streaming app portable dot tv also join our free email list by texting the word redacted 233777 completely free abra about a lot more. but the pandemic knows it you know blood is just flying too much in the tease. is a little bit we don't actually. be. a
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. judge this coming very close is. we can do better we should. everyone is contributing each of our own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges craig has to response has been missed so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. american citizens need to talk to. an attempt at a stick. and. i would vote for
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a republican over trump i would vote for anyone who is not you and that's how it would bring defeat. the feeling. that my 2nd wife. she could handle it. all she and i divorce because our trouble is what the president and i floated for him and she clutched at. the most important election. you know history. to go before the presidential election is the atmosphere in the us now. one of the highest priority for. me they vote they do next. just some of the questions we put in there. welcome back i'm still lee camp scientists may be working to make over 1000
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temporary but for millions of americans teleworking may be permanent and employers have used that as an excuse to install privacy invading software on their workers laptops and phones to record their screens and track their every move in the name of productivity for more we go to our senior namely cam operator natalie mcgill a lowly natalie i think there's a lesson dru's of way for companies to say they don't trust employees knowing time is money all right we're facing an epic economic recession and to get the us back on track the only kind of multiple tabs you should have open are these well you're high on caffeine working overtime to save this country. actually it's impressive if you can even find tab that's like finding an unopened dime bag and donald trump jr's house yeah that's not happening but honestly what would be more shocking
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honestly is if this country didn't use a pandemic to profit from our privacy i mean legally the software isn't new all right it's just enjoying a robust covert sales bump i've always used one to track my own productivity and even the productivity of this entire show wait. you mean you've been using a spy software to track my a productivity yes yes and you were doing pretty well until my dashboard said you haven't shouted a curse word in the last 3 minutes which shows a lack of work ethic so if you don't say one in the next 30 seconds you will be put on administrative leave. what are you serious so i was time's a wasting lee. what the hell is this i'm your boss ok ok i'm going to need a little lesson what the hell is a little more what the are you kidding me this is thank you thank you. no employees should have to go through that i mean this is awful no no that's time
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management there's an app called time doctor that does the same thing in fact the woman who's job uses the app recently told n.p.r. if you're idle for a few minutes if you go to the bathroom or whatever a pop up will come up and it will say 60 seconds to start working again or we're going to pause your time pauses so she loses pay if she pisses longer than 3 minutes in her own home not if she just brings her phone into the bathroom like the rest of america everyone knows you get the most value and i'm sure everyone's lawyer using the software t.c.'s can verify that since that's an app which workers download to their phone so that employers can track their location. they're turning homes in the pan off to cons god forbid they take a minute to change the kids or even their parents diaper during the day is this even legal and i kid of course it's legal if it wasn't it would have been outlawed
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under the electronic communications privacy act of 1906 this technology didn't exist in 1986 a landline phone in your kitchen that rang a lot was considered intrusive i mean a person from $186.00 with a heart attack being today's smart phone they know you know they have a heart attack once they found out the terminator became a governor less of workers hate it than they can organize and buy it but good luck starting a union if your boss can see everything you touch. what was the timer back. i forgot this time monitoring software locks you out when you mention the labor movement that only i have a lot of more show to do i can't make you go away ok ok ok fine ok fine. gee i sure do love right to work laws. ok ok we're good just don't mention you know what for like the rest of the show. thanks for joining me i think thanks ali.
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all right now it's time to get to the some of the stories that slipped through the cracks here with me as a dad correspondent and. there's a thanks for a man when he got well the french economics dude economist thomas piketty or piketty he's french so we can really call him whatever we want has written a new book called capital and ideology which is sort of a follow up to 2013 book capital in 21st century where he focuses really on inequality and his is conclusion is that we need a global wealth tax but within this book it's beginning to be critiqued by people and left because it's really just kind of a a more academic version of like a mainstream view of economics which is that inequality is a problem but you know looking at where inequality comes from as a marxist i don't know if i can use that word on television but i think as a member you know you only killed after the segment but i'll live with it oh i
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won't live with that but i'll die happy. as a marxist would do that's that's not really what he's about he kind of rejects marxism he thinks he's above it but then because of that he doesn't really then understand where this inequality comes from where capital comes from because as marx showed capital itself is a social relation of production it's a collective created thing it's not just doesn't just come from on from from on high it's something that's created by people basan of things it shows up in his bank account and i think they should i mean i wouldn't and so is his book one of these things where it's like we need to use capitalism to save capitalism yeah basically like he tries to be like posts if you logical like he sees idiology is a silly thing and to him that's what's driven inequality is ideology people come in with up with ideas and that's again a classic like liberal misconception that. ideas are what move things people think and things and disagreeing and coming up with better solutions and that's what
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keeps things going that's not really what history shows us it's. material things it's it's the economy it's different classes bumping up against each other and things progressing with and that's where the thought comes from that's where the ideologues ology comes from it's not the other way around so if you look at where the power behind the ideology is exactly yeah in his view this is just kind of floating above and that's where everything else the world comes from someone's mind originally and it's totally the other way around and if you look at an example he talks a lot about the the thirty's in the twenty's and like the new deal right the great idea of the new deal someone just was really smart of f.d.r. to just think of the new deal you know there was no pressure right yeah that's that's where it came from if he didn't just wake up one day and say i want to be nice to poor people it was after decades of decades of struggle from labor unions dying getting bloodied and beaten by strikebreakers like there is this class conflict that he had forgotten the like hell lot of liberals liberals apparently
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think ruth bader ginsburg came up with women's rights and it was her idea and she just made it happen should the word notorious you are that she created yeah it's one of her 1st singles. so what i would have done for one more than well this kind of ties into that the european union european union is considering a new like suite of regulations on big tech companies like apple microsoft facebook and the they're just going to add all these regulations you know they don't control their governments as much as they control our governments and what's going on while you might argue that although i mean ultimately they're this is to keep capitalism going because they want it the want these systems and companies to run more efficiently or they don't want to do it is what they should do is take them over and make them public utilities run by the people of these going to. so there even though the regulation is good it's still it's not making the public utility it's not good so that they can't decide what should be read and basically yeah it's
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a lot of people it's a band-aid and what we need is a guess from. so this is going to slow down my corners and you know when i'm in the it will give you a better port how about that will be going to healthy nice and vegetable born with a back story earlier it was 10 yeah it will be a very nuanced intellectual very but well lit pornography for you in your life because climbing is my that's my number one reason for a thumbs down as a lawyer thank you anderson thanks. here are your headlines from the future next week you'll read most surprised blue leads didn't reveal much of the really bad. and in 2 weeks you'll learn. a new pew survey u.s. global reputation drops just below getting stuck in a vacuum cleaner because tinder date cancelled again well at least it's just below
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that that's our show but you can watch my free standup comedy special at least camp american dot com also check out my new podcast called government secrets wherever you get your podcast until next time goodnight and keep brining. was a pandemic no says you know bloggers just like to nationalities. the summer was. actually. 6. judgment commentary crisis at least complicit in things in modern times we can do better we should. everyone is contributing nature own way but we also know that
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this crisis will not go on forever the challenges create the response has been much so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy you confront a shim let it be an arms race is on off and spearing dramatic development only closely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. shows seem wrong roles just don't hold. any belief
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yet to shape out these days to come to educate and gain from it because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the lockdown has shifted away relationship with their bosses and their companies and how to account for costs. down to the granularity of toilet paper and the only industry i know where paper costs are incorporated in the p.l.o. a monthly or weekly basis is in the prison business. as the us economy was booming growing numbers of people were made homeless. you can work 40 hours 'd in a week and still not have enough to get housing everybody believes america still
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has the lead up to the reality of it we're not financially equality and the lack of affordable housing or living minimum wage give many people no choice. just been a problem with the city and always turn their backs on. this. resource most vulnerable are abandoned on the streets to become the invisible clerks. a fragile ceasefire takes effect between azerbaijan and armenia in the disputed. region but both sides already accuse each other of violating the truce our correspondent is in the heart of the conflict zone reporting on the devastation and how locals view the standoff. sites i can see it has been razed to the ground but it has been battered by so many bombs of so many calibers
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sizes and types. a 2nd to us presidential debate is canceled after donald trump refuses to take part remotely and while the president holds his 1st public event since can try think over 1000 democrats say his condition makes him unfit for office.


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