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the bigger question if you had to dream is for. the restrictions are imposed across europe is the pandemic spiral confection writes topping the news in the spring. for the 2020 us presidential vote just weeks away. election interference to twitter and facebook. to democrat joe biden and his son. by. they take the post down almost before they go up there trying to protect them trying to protect my this is like shill interference in the attempt to rig an election which is what we're seeing here monopolies unprecedented in
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american history. children age from one to 12 will become legal in the netherlands as the government backs new rules to end suffering. children will feel pressured to pressure to allow people to kill them what an awful thought that is but we are talking in this kind of cases with patients who are suffering so much . for watching us internationally this friday often in a remote sky. that is resurgent in europe with record infection rates registered across the continent france spain in the u.k. heavier. than in the spring and there is little political unity on how to handle
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the crisis. cases of coronavirus skyrocket across europe e.u. leaders bringing back hardcore restrictions and we have made a decision to impose a curfew it will be enforced in the paris region and 8 other french officers dodging the same situation over the bend them it is serious because we record rising infection numbers almost everywhere the reason is that fear is a 2nd autumn winter wave of the virus would be worse than the 1st appear to be coming true back in march france was in lockdown with around 7 and a half 1000 daily cases the latest figures show that is far higher now the same picture is repeated in spain and in the u.k. while all those countries were in lockdown in the spring now politicians are trying to strike a balance between safety and personal freedom for many the potential economic
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damage of another lockdown outweighs concerns of a public health. and. since the virus was 1st detected in europe different countries of opted for different tactics the swedish government went for a hands off approach relying on people following precautions without them having to be made rules that worked at least for a while but now restrictions are in place in sweden as well the disjointed approach among member states has caused public frustration a poll of e.u. citizens found that just over half of french people counsel to their walls unity in the block when it came to tackling coronavirus however 60 percent of italians and
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almost 3 quarters of those here in germany. thought the approach lacked solidarity as our anchor lariam security the measures are confusing that i have no idea where i can and can't go there's just simplify the rules i'm worried about a 2nd law down especially the impact it will have on restaurant owners and the self-employed it's not clear if there is a right strategy but there must be a better way to explain the strategy where supposed to be when can we know the hot spots of knowledge family gatherings party maybe care homes and retirement homes that's where they should focus this is just chaos because of the one thing that was agreed upon this week was a unified set of travel rules for the european union we welcome the agreement reached day by the member states on uighur coordination of measures restricting free movement related to the corona virus pandemic it will have a single set of colors to categorize the different regions based on risk with
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a single set of rules to follow so citizens can see more clearly what the situation is the german chancellor says that means to be more cooperation across europe to help called attain a virus that doesn't care whether it's in brussels bremen things we have also experienced that european corporation is not limitlessly resilient i tell you the south critically especially in the beginning of the pandemic inveterate specht we focus too much on the problems of our own country but this experience once again makes it clear that we need each other we need close european cooperation in order to must agree challenges which can only be achieved together with the citizens and not working above their heads so far that unified approach to tackling cove it has been lacking from european leaders these are all of our r.t. . while much as i thought it in there really is a swedish happening ologists and he says that striking the right balance between
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saving lives and saving the economy is far from easy. if you are to be. facing. the 1st thing you have to see is whether there are groups or where it goes. so it does not help that they say well that was the border from long before it should have been taken into account in deployment of this strategy to face the pandemic that was not there so this is this year i do know. over incapacity unless you do. we. don't see it but the. others you know where your protests are not to suit their lives. well you're probably start to see that globally. we have it most are going to be doing this pandemic and the country will look down that will then we suffered much more so we're going to have a better position than they have been if you have their say b.s.
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you have just motivation of course you're going to sacrifice. but that is. the human rights. what a grim code with milestone is also being passed here in russia which is says a new record for the number of daily cases on friday the number of infections increased by more than 15000 meanwhile the they saw a number of a record number of daily deaths 296 the restrictions have been rolled out in the capital and other cities. us republicans are crying foul over after social media giants banned damning article on presidential candidate joe biden and his son's business dealings to from facebook be preventing misinformation could now be subpoenaed it comes just with the election weeks away. here's my. question is just 3 weeks out and the new york post the daily conservative tabloid of new york city says it has
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a bombshell revelation they got e-mails from joe biden and his family now the e-mails are said to have come from a. a laptop that was left behind at a computer repair shop in delaware there are some images of joe biden's son hunter smoking crack and an alleged sex tape the e-mails show hunter biden introducing his father joe biden and the vice president to the board of barista a natural gas giant from ukraine that actually paid hunter biden $50000.00 a month to sit on its board. did home to thank you for inviting me to d.c. and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spend some time together it's really an honor and pleasure critics say this proves that joe biden when he was vice president knew about his son's business deals in ukraine and helped to the republicans see this is damaging the biden campaign team of course they didn't i everything so why has this story gotten so big and well social media got involved.
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well they will intentionally not link to the new york post i want to be clear that this story is eligible to be fact checked by facebook's 3rd party fact checking partners in the meantime we are reducing its distribution on our platform on facebook you couldn't even share this story in a direct private message it was blacked out gone twitter even shut down the new york post account and the account of the white house press secretary when she tried to share a screen shot of many this looks a lot like tech giants meddling in american politics so how did twitter explain it . the paulson established in 2018 perhaps to use of our service to distribute content obtained without authorization well that's interesting because the recent story from the new york times similarly unconfirmed about donald trump's tax returns which was based on personal data that was somehow collected which the new york times never bothered to explain where they got it from that story it's still
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up on both platforms so cue the republicans with biden today they take a negative post down own those before they even go up there trying to protect him they tried to protect by the tech monopolies that control american media feared this story might hurt that candidate when they favor this is election interference in the attempt to rig an election which is what we're seeing here by monopolies is unprecedented in american history now twitter says this is all just a big miscommunication well the damage has already been done the story of joe biden and his son and their business dealings is probably not going to have a big impact on the election results however the move by the tech giants to censure him after they've already had a long history of anti-conservative bias that very well could. r.t. new york well twitter has since announced it will. revises hacked materials policy
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will now label hack tweets instead of blocking them however the new york post article will remain blocked as it displays images containing private information earlier we discussed the story with the public policy professor max brams he says the tech giants are political activists both twitter and facebook are very clearly in the biden camp and so this bombshell story by the new york post is damaging to joe biden and so both twitter and facebook for political reasons are trying to restrict your viewership of this incriminating information of course the social media platforms can't come out and say that explicitly they can't say that we're in cahoots with you know the biden team and we didn't like it for political reasons it reasons instead they need
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to make up other reasons for restricting viewership what is clear is that this was a very pro biden move. that the dutch government has approved plans to allow the euthanasia of terminally ill children aged between $1.12. the research shows there is a need for the possibility of active life terminations among doctors and parents of terminally ill children who are suffering hopelessly a number oblique and will die in the foreseeable future current law does permit euthanasia for babies under one year old under one year and children older than 12 consent from parents is mandatory while children aged 16 or 17 need only to inform their parents of their decision the new rules would also require parent consent and the approval of 2 doctors voluntary child euthanasia has been allowed in the netherlands since 2014 while for adults it was legalized almost 2 decades ago
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euthanasia it as account for 4 percent of the total number of deaths in the netherlands and out of more than 6000 cases the majority involved terminal medical conditions we put the government's latest initiative up for debate. 2 things that difficult to find one is how long someone's got to live and the other is how unbearable the suffering really is and both of those things get watered down over time or in oregon for example terminally ill has been watered down to you know you require some medical treatment to sustain your life which means even diabetes is classified as terminally ill where people can live for decades with diabetes this is what essentially did it on the exact same result you know around the definitions of what causes what is terminally ill what is unbearable it all is on the thing and that the fact they will think it down now to children as well shows exactly the slippery slope that happens when you legalize euthanasia in this kind of way it's absolutely nonsense what you say it out of them patient with having diabetes will
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not be helped in his suicide just because he has a diabetes if there is a diabetes it by suffering which is certainly not the reason and this is to wait a post a preachin is talking about i think even the suggestion to young children maybe dying is the right option is just going to very very very disturbing for their children and and just provoke anxiety i think children what you have what will happen here is children will feel pressured to die pressured to allow people to kill them what an awful thought that is and then parents as well feeling pressured to kill their children or allow their children to be killed i think if you don't want to have euthanasia you're not going to ask for it you won't get it will get absolutely perfect health care in the netherlands and in oregon it is nonsense to say that it is suggested to patients that they should make a choice for death it is not one of the nicest thing for a doctor to do to help his patients die but sometimes it's the only way out it's not nonsense at all the many reported cases where patients have felt pressured you
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know because doctors have said you know we can't maybe we can't treat you for this and so you should think about euthanasia have you thought about euthanasia and don't suit repeatedly said that to patients and they felt the pressure of it i have never read what you said to distil something you. i think or you believe which is happening and maybe there have been cases where this has happened i must say that we are sacred but it is certainly not the general our i will always practice in the netherlands how with this practiced in oregon how does practice in belgium in luxembourg right now i mean what we've found consistently in surveys of doctors is that people who are actually policy of care doctors do not support euthanasia they're the ones who know that pain can be alleviated euthanasia is is not the right way around it's not everyone agrees that this is a wrong thing to do to terminate life in this kind of way you are perseverant in saying something which is not right if there are situation to alleviate pain by palliative care our doctors do that but we are talking in discussion of cases of
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patients who are suffering so much where the suffering can not be alleviated in such case it is much more humane to help somebody die peacefully by yes of course by the hands of a doctor by giving medication. so had he this indeed is to stop posting with notices on homes over concerns it stigmatizes people who have the details of the stories just off the. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being
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led so. what is truth what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the death. or a made in the shallowness. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you.
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again welcome back now the u.k. is facing a rebellion in the north of england over tough restrictions the matter of manchester accuses number 10 of using the north as canaries in the coal mine. is more the mayor of manchester has been speaking today and he's been lashing out at the government's attempts to implement this so-called 3 tier system on certain parts of the u.k. or at least putting certain parts of the country into those higher brackets and mr burnham saying that those parts of the country of already suffered enough economically there are certain sectors of the economy that have suffered enough economically throughout this crisis and if the government is going to pull these measures out then they have to extend some type of financial support to those regions last night the deputy chief medical officer told great amongst the leaders to bring the infection rates down any regional lock down would require widespread
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closures way beyond pulps to stand any real chance of working and that would have to be done in tandem with all the neighboring regions and even then it would not be certain to work but here's the point the government is not giving city regional city regions like ours and the liverpool city region the necessary financial backing full full lock downs of that kind. that is why we have unanimously opposed the government's plans for tier 3 they off lord and. now there are other leaders in the northeast of the country council leaders who have also lashed out in places like sunderland and you cause that against these government measures here in the capital london we are expecting to go into the height from saturday all the words on the streets of the city there are mixed feelings as to whether that is the right way forward i think it's kind of been
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thrown a lot of people people weren't expecting it necessarily but it seems like it's the logical next step i would prefer a sure shot down rather than something that we just don't know when it might. just keep rolling right but look at the damage that it's been doing to the economy tier 2 tier 3 everyone suffering now we've reached a point where this there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel i take the view that the this the reaction to this disease is the more unfortunate and terrible it is being grossly exaggerated and we need to. try and regain normality soon as possible again i feel whatever is going to. spread is a good thing i think it probably needed to happen a while ago maybe we would have had to do it a bit less dissin know it is gone forever and i know it's in the public interest
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and we should be safe but. i don't know i'm really tired of my work and everything just being disrupted all the time you do i have to do it. we're in this for a long term. now restaurant in the us city of portland was attacked last weekend after black live matter protest descended into writing we spoke to its owner military veteran john jackson. we experienced some vandalism and vandalism in the form of what i would call domestic terrorism on sunday evening by a faction group that hasn't yet identified themselves during that even they had a march here in portland which turned into a riot and that's what they mean even inc they targeted heroes american. and proceeded to shoot to the windows with what we believe was a 9 millimeter pistol. and a hero's american cafe's known for supporting veterans police firefighters and
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other public servants according to its web site the restaurant donate some of its profits to support what it calls local heroes the restaurant was attacked during the so-called day of rice in portland protest is top notch that she's a form of presence and right at the oregon historical society building portland's men describe demonstrate his actions as seen from jackson again says this some groups intake and intentionally escalated the situation. it was a planned attack not just random because there's other buildings all around me that weren't touched they tore it out multiple statues a statue of teddy roosevelt abraham lincoln and they destroyed a museum a historic museum at the same time the chatter on the internet indicates that they believed that we were pro police and they believed that we were anti black lives matter which. is makes no sense because you can see that i happen to be an
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african-american business owner that portland is a community of relatively peaceful people and i think that the people from portland that are protesting are protesting peacefully what's happening is there's a faction that are being paid to come to portland and. to interrogate him to escalate trouble. now germany has been demanding answers from russia over the alleged poisoning of the opposition figure alexina valley but apparently it is berlin itself that is reluctant to cooperate because back in september russian lawmakers wrote to the german parliament's president inviting their counterparts to work together on the case some german m. payson our live aid that they were never informed of this offer the members of the bundestag. and hurt are stand how in the highly tense situation of german russian
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relations which urgently needs dialogue russian offers for talks and requests for help are so brusquely rejected by the german side later some politicians in berlin dismiss the proposal as a cheap trick to influence german lawmakers moscow was repeatedly refused by the year for failing to provide a credible explanation over the incident the signatories of the letter say it was deliberately ignored. and why the bush president has decided to ignore a letter in my opinion he had received a command to do so otherwise i can't explain it this all undermines the deputy's independence which is sad. meanwhile a deputy from the right wing alternative for germany party has the head of the bundestag not to leave the russian letter unanswered we talked to one of his colleagues hands york miller. bust monday the 12th of october the personal secretary of mr scheuer wrote to a friend of mine but allegedly he had forward it letter
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both to the committee on foreign affairs a lot of wonderstruck and the members of the truman russian parliament regrouped by being a member of the german ringback russian parliamentary group i have never officially received this letter by mr short so you just proved in writing that mr scheuer blip white on this talk it letter deliberately and then i got a letter that mr scheuer really forbit the letter only true they had hoped to call me to on foreign affairs but this only happened after we had already lifted the topic and this moment your conference with a russian colleague so also based it had done only under pressure and what she added personally use that president choice a little bit on the stark decided truth frame to give an answer to russia this i
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have also in writing and i think this is a very it's a tremendous political scandal that the president of the doj on the stark side refrain and you are in service to moscow on this very important letter. that in delhi authorities decided to stop putting my disses outside hundreds of people here walk i think 19 positive ideas offer officials admitted the practice lease to stigmatise i should there is a stigma with the coronavirus disease and posters outside the house amplify that by doing away with this we are aiming at increased testing we want more people to get themselves tested without thinking of stigmas. the homes of those infected with k. would have been mark since the 1st days of the pandemic in india but people say that they've been discriminated against even after they've recovered one consequence of that has been that people with symptoms have avoided getting tested for fear of being stigmatized for now only delhi and several other regions have
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decided to stop issuing notices they're still used in other parts of the country we spoke to doctors that in vast dodge a comma who says the policy was badly thought out from the start from the initial days it was the usual practice for people who were returning from foreign countries quote how the recent history of late there have been slowly this mandate very poor and been 14 days to return from a foreign country burned or not be as bored for people who are desperate could be prosecute these things actually increase the stigma related to daily people who guard the initial infection you know believe in a city or in a street where look no not born in some states they are even leaking to where it gave their. steel sheets in front of their homes so that they cannot say but it was a bag for sayed under part of what you see makers to displayed in the 1st place burdett is gold dirt finally they are decided to get away with such pieces and by
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their descriptions it is coming up to you were half past 2 in the afternoon here in moscow good to have you company this friday we're back again with the headlines and more news in about half an. confirmation process that will most likely see judge bear become the next supreme court justice is in full swing grabs in their liberal media cast doubt over the proceedings legally their doubts don't have any merit whatsoever on whether this is the one to play simply said the supreme court has been little size maybe forever impacting the poor it is a real. a dark industry comes to life in los
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angeles every night. dozens of women sells abilities on the streets many of them underage. los angeles police reveal a taste of their daily challenge no if you're going to exploit for a child here in los angeles all they were going to come out to see officers going undercover as 6 workers and customers to fight the 6 trades. is sort of amazing country with so many friends in russia and i'm very excited to be here. i love that idea i think i can do that. every night i make a lot of money with which they make millions and hundreds of me.
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and. he has had. a great wall and nobody builds a lot better than me and i'll build a very inexpensive like a great great wall. and just in case you're worried about who's going to pay for it mexico will pay for. what happened so. we'll see on the field with the success. the impact of the upcoming fight for the supreme court on the 2020 alexion on this edition of politics. welcome to politicking on larry king confirmation of a 3rd trump nominated super.


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