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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 16, 2020 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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i care what they say about this i care what it says in the constitution i care what is legal and what is not legal here and so when a politician says it's neither here nor there in this situation go ahead. yeah. it's legal and it's constitutional there's a big difference between this year and 2016 the democrats couldn't get the votes in the senate to get their nominee it's. that simple they have the opportunity and they have the presidency but you have to have the senate to this time the republicans have the presidency and the senate and as you may know 29 times there's been a vacancy during an election year the business of the government passed it could go on to continue. ok let's talk about the substance here. obviously to mean that the entire proceedings of taurus been turned into a democratic campaign event here because i think it was durbin i mean he spoke the
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entire time to the nominee and he didn't even ask her one question but he certainly went through all of the hot wire issues of this campaign i mean it is that we find the entire process and even ask her a question absolutely just. because of the question of. this one question you have to have the best. interest of the passes and embedded i suppose that we're never going to have a situation where. there's an exit have been some of. their. jobs or whatever but of the past a sad. and an end of a kind of these things have less to. bring them good. dressing. room. to do is make sure. we have one of
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the best. with them and. we'll get there but i mean ok i agree i mean wear green on one point you know there is that level of politicking but the the the role of the senate in this whole process is by consent ok if it used to be when you and i were younger men let's put it that way you were basically the senate's job was to determine if the nominee was capable they were if they had a good judicial mind but that's not what we saw on display during these hearings here it is much more trying to pin someone down on a political issue and we all learned since bork it's not going to happen anymore go ahead. yeah well what what the big elephant in the room here that we're not discussing is for many years now the democrats have been using the courts to try to change not just american law but american culture they couldn't when at the ballot box for example referendums in the most liberal states in the country like
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california they would lose to the voters and so it was important for them to get judges who would override the will of the voters and impose laws which is what happened and i work for a president george herbert walker bush back in that day the republicans would appoint a conservative and then to be nice they'd appoint a liberal because the democrats couldn't get their own on the supreme court so david souter was put on the supreme court but you don't have that today donald trump was elected because he said i'll put conservatives on the supreme court was one of the main reasons people voted for him many oldham upset in the election so he's kept his promise he's kept his word and he's got the votes so he's doing it so when you say conservative judges and it's i think we may should make it clear we're looking at original lists ok now not not using the constitution to get the laws you want but to in to interpret be. laws as that was defined by the
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constitution so i think we have always have to make it clear you know. conservatives tend to be originalists obviously we're able it would speak to their i mean and for me i throw a plague on both parties if you can't get what you want to the legislative process both parties throw it to the courts is that a good idea and it doesn't make the court dysfunctional and become more dysfunctional there's going to talk about hacking in the 2nd half program so i mean it seems to me as an abdication of responsibility from the congress a big can't get it done they just go ahead oh completely. i think i better read something so. much better than sure. about. american people whatever. the conservative justices were too generous and. it was better than.
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my marriage to get married to or to be american people. and so i was traveling was trying to do. understanding that. the mentioned that together we had to start them better than conversations might exist simply instead of several so matt matt sees that the markets are there's a bad american majority in this some 2 of them actually better than the because we've been campaigning to be a stranger in political elections. that we would be quick to become the tire breakers and that's what would become and. that's a terrible terrible place to be and but having said robert you know i i'm still very very angry how the democrats treated kavanah i thought that was unconscionable behavior on national television destroying a man's reputation without a shred of evidence in front of his family and this is what the courts have gotten
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down to is some kind of you know. drudge for that's being played out here joe i mean how does that influence the perception of the court because if you only enough and you're angry enough and you start islands that was the case some people being pushed around here i mean i thought the supreme court was the place where that exactly that kind of stuff exactly doesn't happen. yeah i think that in the case of cavanagh it backfired on the democrats they realized that that's why their tactics it's changed this time they didn't know what they may call the parents she just sits there like mona lisa. i don't think the silence has ever spoken so loudly as that as through her she doesn't seem to react if the questions are friendly are if the questions are hostile she just expresses on her face intelligence an irony and i think she's the perfect appointment for this ball but i think they did
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a good job in making her brilliant can't make robert it in looking at some of the questions that were asked by the democratic senators senators you would get the sense that the entire supreme court is about a woman's right to choose the how many abortion i mean and as far as i understand there's nothing on the court docket right now that even has anything to do with abortion rights whatsoever why is that isn't just a red button issue that the democrats use to whip up the base and whip up interest in this whole process. i think that's. sort of down to the pats baboons are so many good. men to. george and i had a better. time so. the intention of going to have some help from republican majority i'm sure that would try to move those routes so it
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was meant as a. request and. just like hammock question round trip with. the kids and i think that's so. sad to. say what you said. and there's time and then bits of the bench and american people and in chairs that list i'm trying to determine. the temperament of this justice every step of terms of justice so you have to ask and searching questions and. you mentioned the rest of the social. so. you know robert i am so glad you brought up the commerce issue because it seems to me. as the republicans and the democrats you know they fight these cultural wars so many of these judges you know go under the wire you know under the radar and so much of what they actually do has to do with commerce and with the economy but again the way the media projects the court it's about j.
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writes it's about abortion rights but there's a whole lot more to it ok and i think that you know we like with calvin i have no idea what he thinks about those things because all they talked about was his yearbook ok and we'll see what they do with amy ok i mean this senator from hawaii had a very bizarre question of the judge i'm not to repeat it here because i thought it was so disgusting but you know there are they disagree more does a whole lot of things but the way it's betrayed in the media you wouldn't think so what do you think. well as to abortion as you know the whole question is moot. beyond the initial polls favoring a woman's right to choose when you have these visual moments where a baby is delivered and set out on a table and then a governor from a state such as the baby can be executed or killed that that's an abortion for the babies already exit at the womb you've reached an area where the polls would not
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necessarily sustain a right to choose so that issue but you really at a point we don't talk about chi have it's not a good point and i want you you have a good answer but i have to get a hard break we're going to go to a break right now kind of notion of your discussion on the supreme court say. over forward to talking to you will. that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given a human being to accept where such orders to conflict with the 1st law. your identification for should be very careful about official intelligence and the point on v.s.e. is to create trusts in the shia. who claim to take on various jobs and with artificial intelligence will summon the demon. obama's
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protect its own existence is. not going to just say no but the catalyst i'll just. keep on going to one mccain i want a quiet while he's not. out of the. clear we hope to be but there are here are some friends of the us are still but the so you're hoping to do something to see. which.
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they value about the possible alibi going in the most simple put them on them that you know we're going to. welcome back to crossfire all things are considered i'm peter lavelle remind you we're talking about the supreme court. well let's go back to doug doug very very much my heart break you were going to bring up a good point and i'm waiting for it now go ahead. well the the elephant in the room the thing we're not discussing is the fact that this is all about big corporations of america that are babbling and the big corporations want regulations they depend
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on regulations that's what freezes out the mom and pop shops and the big companies can't afford regulations so they'll get behind any special interest group on the left or the right it doesn't matter they'll fund them as long as they've got more regulations to freeze you and i from starting our own business if we wanted to start a business we'd have to pay a lawyer thousands of dollars just to read the regulations let alone an act the you'll notice even with the shutdown it could target didn't shut down cosco didn't shut down the big companies walmart they continued it was the mom and pop shops the restaurants that are wiped out and that's why the big mass mo b.d.'s supports the democrats they hate donald trump he's the dean regulator he's the man that came in and busted all the regulations and allowed the small businesses to thrive it's why
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billionaires supported hillary $20.00 to $1.00 and billionaires right now you can google this is a look at up support biden 14 the want because the big corporations want big government regulations you know but at the same time let me go back to robert here i mean even the conservative vote with anomaly what people call conservative judges they tend to have a bearing strong business preference ok and it's something that is not pointed out in the open and i'm really glad that we were talking about here because i think it gives the gives it cover again fighting these culture wars are going to get their temperature up but you know what about the condition of the economy and the supreme court actually plays a very important role that and i and before we go on. if hacking identity think that a lot of liberals conservatives can find common cause if we focus on this part of the court's work and not always on all these cultural war it's ok ok i already mentioned the word packing i know a lot of democrats that maybe they won't say it out loud but they do like the idea
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that a court in parent gets the what do you think robert. thing or the nonsense argument i think as well one of things that pops up you know we all know we're going to eliminate the electoral college we're going to end the filibuster were donald trump animals before and both say they want a little eliminate the filibuster we're going to the court the ori letting your concepts that have no bearing on reality because in order to do any of those things you have to have the sort of political majority that would. make those things look good tort that if you get 70 votes you may extinction if you get a majority of house representatives if you get the white house if you get state legislatures behind you in order to do something like the courts or in the filibuster or to get rid of the electoral college and he wouldn't need to do those things because you have the sort of political majority that would be a bailable to fix the problems you know that's not in the case of packing the court and doesn't that doesn't apply i mean electoral college we separate but doug and you know i mean that it's a pretty the constitution does not determine the number of justice is this matter
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by we've had more than 9 at one point in time in history ok though the consensus for a very long time it was 150 years now it's been 9 now we know that franklin delano roosevelt in $137.00 tried to do it and his own party ball it him but biden becomes president there is nothing in the constitution would bar him from appointing more justice that he can do it's ok it's not even equal job where you are the yeah yeah that's the scary thing yes i agree with robert about the electoral college anything that would require changing the cost. to sion but this is like a loophole and it's a loophole that out of respect the 2 parties have not used but it's pretty clear that things are getting tough the battles getting tough and this is an opportunity for the democrats to go for broke and take take over the whole country for another
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lifetime it would be it would not be socialism in the european sense it would be an american corporate socialism with some some more favored than others but what's new but it's a real possibility it isn't robert it is a real possibility and one of the things i find interesting is that the fact that joe biden won't say any much about it because he knows it was just a by coalition going into the election and you know it's politically smart that way ok i totally disagree with everything about him and his entire career in politics but he's smart by keeping his coalition together however there's a lot of promises or implicit promises as he's made you know you know we've got rid of all the abbott government bernie sanders and the progressive they're saying well what about up ok and i do think that is the to the buyer if he's in the white house
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in january it's going to be a real temptation to you to appease that part of his base don't you think from an ingenue understanding of the question of retail politics so what do you do on the question of who gets what when but on this idea of core pecking at this thing it's an unremitting of religious solution because as we saw with ending the in the need for 60 votes for judges of ending the filibuster when it comes to print court justices what we've seen is just a continue race to the bottom these rules that were previously in place for there for reason that some of this will be the cooling saucer. being the most deliberative body in the world so if you start and. the justice that the republican president justice system and the democratic president will have justices and you know the court will just like the congress with nothing still getting done what we really have to do is start thinking about what already brought across the board political and social solutions that can bring the country together instead of
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fighting about the things that brought us apart and we've been governing in this $5049.00 version of america for a few decades now and it is not advantageous to any of us we keep bouncing the ball back and forth so instead of talking about packing the court instead of mcconnell and lindsey graham simply said we will not give merit girling a hearing but just are working on the things that can actually get things done for americans and not simply for the politicians and as doug said the people who are proffering most of those or the corporations you know just these owes them the most don't really care who the president is because they're they will be billionaires under obama they're even bigger billionaires under from the corporate elite in this country that's one place where we can all agree are not screwing over the little guy so the focus on those those issues at the home the. more ridiculous ludicrous idea such as court packing into the filibuster getting real the electoral college and was at work on the breast the american people care about you know i thought my goodness said it better however robert let me go to doug right now i don't see that
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i think this polarization is in the in the way there are so many of the members of the political elite and probably across the aisle is that this is existential that this will be the moment if there is a democratic now a democratic senate and and why now they are there are many people that want to completely remake this country not be conciliatory to the minority but you know the go for the long stretch and they wouldn't have the power that would be nothing that would stop them and of course the liberal media will share all the way ok i find this very worrying and i i think every other episode of procmail just. will read the bet release bay press because the founders were very worried about the the the tyranny of the majority and we were seeing a constellation of forces where the myth that the journey of the majority couldn't actually be put into play. and you know all the. hits that's what's scary my
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friends on the left are saying oh oh socialism in america you're so afraid it's not going to be bad at all we have socialism already on american campuses all the cloyd there's no free speech on american campuses says isaiah berlin said in his lectures that the voice of the individual should not drown out those voices of the community that's the rationale that socialists use to eliminate free speech but i have a question for you kedar and for you robert and that is we're missing this right now statehood for washington d.c. in puerto rico does that require a constitutional amendment are can that be simply voted by congress vote 1st of all i think would be in violation of the constitution because there is a car away from washington d.c. a very specific one where it would not become a state ok about puerto rico that is something completely different as far as i
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understand it was under gerald ford now you're there in this story and of the president. president i'm a general or general for 28 only up the option to become a state or from that mistake and. i don't know if you count me flat footed on this one all i do know is it's a bit of people have been calling for it ok. and there is a process and i'm not prepared to go through that right now because i don't want to be back to a state. that we have there are very different situations that you serve for puerto rico and for me washington c washington as he was specifically established as an independent federal city to be being seen by the government. the entire concept is that you should not have the federal government being assumed by state government if you didn't make washington d.c. a state that who is in charge the governor of the state of washington d.c. or the prez in the united states by being in federal jurisdiction something that is a. more more difficult question on the question of puerto rico puerto rico can be
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admitted the same way we made it hawaii or that we made in the. middle alaska or any other territory thing there were quite frankly should be focusing on statehood for wall more for the statehood for washington d.c. because that process is a lot more clear cut as to how they would be admitted to the union. along ok that's a new one for mickey to finish with up even americans here that need a large population the been represented a game with 2 senators from guam and then well i mean but if he does you know i think with all due respect to robert i mean this is not about representation it's about power obviously you want to have you know a bigger majority in the senate that's what this is all about i respect the citizenship issue ok but that is the reason why it's being part of his power to head up yeah the reason i brought it up is it's the combination that is frightening
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and that is imminent that's upon us right now we can't wait the decisions we're making now may already be too late but if the democrats for example win this election they pack the court it dilutes the power of the court as robert said it guarantees back and forth but that's the problem there will be no back and forth at the democrats are able to create news new senators and they're able to allow immigrants to vote and have medicare why wouldn't immigrants vote for the democrats if they're going to get free education and free health care it would mean that the democrats would assume power that one party hasn't had a long time and that power would be driven by. the socialist corporate socialist wing of the party its would be covered by the national media viacom on c.b.s. disney. a.b.c. 48 percent of their income comes we don't run out of. the dow this painted my worst
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nightmare so they might guess enables or what i want to thank our viewers for watching as iraq is the annex i remember. it's an amazing country with so many friends in russia and i'm very excited to be here. i love that idea i think i can do that. every night i make a lot of money with the paid millions and hundreds of me. here is a nice. a great wall and nobody feels
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a lot better than me believe me and i'll build a very inexpensive like a great great wall. 'd and just in case you're worried about who's going to pay for it mexico will pay for . it we'll see what happens who knows i always say who knows what will seattle feel it will be success. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation full community. are you going the right way or are you being led. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world
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corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a mate in the shallowness. americans love by and homed. this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country a large understood the bargain you get a home and then you know rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. and be really interesting to dial it back and think about the longer deeper history l.a. housings man in the united states not just at all the question of the american
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dream the bigger question of who the dream is for. secret prisons and usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived within this 0 zone there were 2 view houses were. preserved was located in the only way you can pool to the story for investigators l.z. uncovered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. you great ignore . me yes or no for. trying for justice. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. dares thinks. we dare to ask. secret prisons and usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived we've seen this 0 zone there were to view houses were allowed to leave prison was located and the only cia people had access to the story for investigators sure l.z. uncovered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. you great ignore
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in. full. trying for justice on oxy. french president emanuel back on calls the beheading of a teacher in paris on friday an islamic terror attack the suspect was shot dead by police. washington rejects russia's proposal to extend a major nuclear arms treaty between the 2 nations due to expire next year. also with coronavirus numbers now surpassing the peak from earlier this year curfews and restrictions are being reimposed across europe. and pre-election madness in the us says republican slam social media giants.


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