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standing in one of the craters left by the bombardment it's about 8 pieces in diameter correspond to reports from the war torn region where shellings intensified despite a cease fire between armenia and azerbaijan. also been attacked outside the disputed territory with civilian casualties reported in raids on as we sit. in other news terror returns to france where a teacher is being beheaded after reportedly showing his class cartoons of the proper ahmed. is an expert in russia's region say the recent mass destruction of marine life there was down to a toxic algae bloom but everybody is convinced we hear from the region's governor.
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we invite everybody who is concerned. situation to come and show the good who wants to investigate all the facts and all the analytics we hear. day here in moscow you watching our international. the capital of the disputed nagorno-karabakh region has been struck by several powerful explosions overnight despite a now weeklong cease fire agreed between armenia and azerbaijan reports on the ground claim air raid sirens went off multiple times but the extent of the damage is currently unclear locals took cover in the basements the rockets are believed to have also struck the area that surrounds the city here are pictures from one of the nearby villages injuries have been reported. the number of regions where fighting
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is fired up in the going to korea back has been growing since tensions between you and your van over the disputed territory boiled over at the end of september the 2 sides are trading accusations of attacks blaming each other for civilian casualties and damage inflicted and of iran's president has meanwhile announced that is country has reclaimed 3 cities in the going to karabakh something armenia denies our correspondent is in the region and now reports on what life is like there after the latest strikes. this place could very easily be mistaken for the front line of nagorno karabakh but it isn't it's a small sleepy village of. also commonly known as red bazaar and last night it was battered by a very fire standing in one of the craters left by the bombardment it's about 8 meters in diameter of the burrow. was about 7 o'clock i wanted to park the car in the yard because the bombs had been dropped there. for the cast iron explodes and
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splinters everywhere with a radius up to a few 100 meters today for example my house wasn't damaged but our neighbor's windows were smashed someone's roof was broken in the door we're already used to it it was. like all villages of nagorno karabakh red bazaar resembles a ghost town it's not the 1st time that it's been bombed in this escalation there's also a monotonous rhythm made by the sounds of artillery fire coming from over the horizon but those who have chosen to stay are saying that they have gotten used to this new and gruesome soundtrack to their lives his sister the kind of life can that be during war everyone hides in basements even if a bomb drops a kilometer away all the houses shake we know that it's close to us of course it's scary especially when the bombs drop nearby but i'm not going to leave anyway all
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the youngsters and men stayed here some of them are serving in the army depending on their age. but here it's just an echo of the fighting that is raging some 50 kilometers to the south from here around the town of drought there is no way of saying for sure who is in control of this heavily contested region which is considered to be the gateway into nagorno-karabakh thing is it's one of the biggest problems about covering this conflict the lack of opportunities to independently verify the claims of both sides but one. fact is he did fighting that is absolutely brutal despite the ceasefire that was announced a whole week ago but as of now there's no mechanism of enforcing the truce on the ground and as long until this mechanism is implemented the fighting one sees by itself done of reporting from the going to karabakh see. meanwhile the conflict has again spill beyond the confines of the disputed territory as
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a by john claims 13 people were killed in a shelling raid in the early hours of saturday morning 50 people were injured in azerbaijan 2nd largest city of ganja rescue efforts are ongoing residential buildings reportedly hit in the town is every president has called it a war crime and it's vowed a response on the battlefield. another us about john the city tartuffe repeatedly came under fire this week by a coup accuses iran of carrying out the attacks. day and azerbaijani journalist reports from the. i am is it tour to region officer vision it is safe here now but a few days ago simply turning on all camera lights would have restyle lives with guns firing at any source of light and do regions of dark. and go on boy. to move fire from armenian armed forces for example will be in the queue for all we taught our district we hear shells exploding no more than
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a few 100 meters from us fighting continues along the front line and civilians are caught in the middle for example yesterday during a funeral procession shell exploded. killing 5 people in one link another 5 shells he also residential buildings and the main road people here in dark are leave by their nerves never knowing when shells are start falling again. 9 arrests have been made in france in connection with the beheading of a schoolteacher near paris the execution took place after the teacher reportedly showed his class cartoons of the prophet mohammed as a divine your micron has branded the atrocity an islamist terror attack. you. can think. of comparable to the people. who come
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from. the. political. one of our compatriots was murdered because he taught freedom of expression the freedom to believe or not believe you express you are compassionate was the victim of an islamist terror attack and the thought that the oist 9 arrests have taken place following searches overnight following that attack that terror attack in that region to the northwest of paris when the stand one is a minor and 2 are parents of children to attend did the school where the 47 year old history teacher has been named by french media as samuel patty taught this is the reaction from the ground. it is the school that is attacked it is the republican school that is attacked it is secularism that is attacked and the shock is obviously considerable that the alleged attacker tweeted
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a picture of that attack and posted your all social media how since being removed but in the post he said he killed the 47 year old teacher because he had shown those images of the prophet mohammed but the a mormon at the grand mosque in bordeaux has hit out at this attack describing it as vile and saying that there was no reason for it to have taken place whatever the thought the believe even the insult the caricature of the other nothing justifies the fact of killing the so it is a mortal capital soon to kill a person like that to guard his throat like that all because it showed caricaturists of the prophet. charlie hebdo the satirical magazine which has previously published controversial cartoons of the prophet mohammed has also tweeted about the attack saying intolerance has crossed a new threshold in france and of course ringback it was recently at the center of
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another terror attack in here in france after we publishing those controversial cartoons to coincide with the start of the terror trial relating to the attack on their offices back in 20153 weeks ago an 18 year old man angered by that stabbed 2 people outside the former offices president raekwon recently set out his stall single be a new draft law homeschooling will be banned for the majority of people apart from in health circumstances arabic will now be taught in schools well than in mosques because of fears of potential indoctrination but many will wonder where the that will be enough given that recent polls show that almost 3 quarters of young muslims under the age of 25 who responded to that poll said that they would put their faith above that of the republic so a real question of soul searching question going on here in france as it remains
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under this cloud of terror with people asking where this new law will be enough to to fight the rot or whether it's too little too late. the writer and political analyst in paris joins me on the line now good morning to you eric. brown they did an act of terrorism they did so very quickly why does france keep seeing terrorist attacks on its that lunde. i think there is a program you know since a long time a part of the population of the opinion in france claim that there is a very very very heavy denture from the sly and from the fundamentalism in islam and the 2nd part of the opinion. that it's not true and there is a very deep denial. about this question of islamism and
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no. confrontation between islam and the republic as we say in france and today that i think that. the tragic of this of this teacher. is like you know weakening for a lot of people denied to until today the existence of this program from islam and i seeing that the the very quick move for from the president to do this but where the tragedy happened is an important thing or a number of them fine off of this conscience of descendant conscience of the dems or. as you say 8 minutes ago. there is a low in preparation but. a lot of people consider that this low is too shy.
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and is not proportion ate to the denture some will say that in order to. solve a problem you need to understand the problem fully and it was reported that this teacher was showing his class the cartoons discussing the issue of islamic extremism is this it now becoming a debate about freedom of expression. yes because you know a lot of teachers in france. to say often say that it's more and more difficult to. freedom of speech in in the suburbs in france in the islamic suburbs you know that there are a lot of suburbs in france occupied inhabited by the islamic population and it's difficult to describe in diprivan excludes to explain that. is important that trip to rick is important and it's true that
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a lot of young muslims in france consider that the rule of god is a bove the rule of man and especially the the republican rules and we can see that these advocate the it's very very very cute the 2 to say that the the you know once had been made by all doth teachers among. terrible there if excitements are very true and it was a sort of of premonition that at the certain moment the interests in the islamic sort of herbs would be a true program and they were and then should the life of people. as i understand it in the french constitution that this is a secular state the rule of law pays no heed to religious values
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but within that secular state you've got a lot of people of various religions who decide what they do in their life based on their belief in religion can those 2 fit together and work. yes but there is a more larger programs in france that we consider that the the public life since she was center is can. be fit to do religious science and really just practical and the slam islamic religion is based on the altar proxy you cannot eat pig they cannot do. the job and it's rough at the position in a perfect position with the a.c.c. the french secure ism and the french festivities to the religious life in the
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previous life we can see there that origen's is and then to meant a fair and the private affair and we cannot make the region and the life industry in this city and this is there is a program a very deep problem between islamic roots and our conception of the secured our isn't life as we think in france and it's true today that. we have to take a pretty clear position about this question eric thank you so much for your time my guess is out exactly right a and political analyst. still to come of course income chandra trying to get the bottom of an ecological disaster this devastated marine life in the region we'll hear from the governor after the break.
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me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. authorities in russia's kamchatka region say a so-called red tide was the cause of massive marine life destruction it was 1st reported in early october some are questioning the conclusion though that it was caused by a toxic algae bloom now a red tide event that's when large masses a sea micro organisms in our grow exponentially killing off other marine life it's down to the fact that some of those are good toxins other types deplete the water of oxygen as they grow and subsequently decompose we discuss this disaster and ways to mitigate the impact with contact because governor dean a sawed off one. mr governor thank you very much for doing this we really
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appreciate to understand where we stand mr governor would you officially call what happened in kentucky and environmental disaster there are several words were used to describe what happened disaster or just a phenomenon and never the worse so we. see for sure the skew of this phenomenon is biribi repressive and a large part of of well we're sure was about these deaths of. 20 and around 20 people were harmed and they were seek after the conflict with the ocean water so what is happening is very very serious and we know all very grateful for that the concern of the same defects or so it is and it could logical. all of the world. who want do all the good to know for sure what really happened what are the causes and what the consequences of these neutral phenomenon orica ecological
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disaster is you wish. and now we're talking about the red tie as the main course for this right as far as i understand absolutely let me say for sure right now the winds were dead because of the radar it's because of the micro-organisms of the. waters but the fact the we don't know until now is the reason of tides because in the previous years we never faced so. it's yes it happens sometimes in some base of charkha but for the last 15 years we never faced such an impressive dearth of our american life right a week ago in one of your interviews mr governor you mentioned the red tide saying initially i didn't take it seriously to be on it so what happened in 7 days to
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completely taint your mind i am not specialist in biology i'm not a scientist and as a simple personally being can chart of course for me when i heard that those microorganisms. could cause such a mess of deaths of. a 1000000 inhabitants of our hard drive once was like a joke but we know very few it world ocean and i used to believe do serious scientists who now say that it is not a unique phenomenon that we faced it before not in such scale but still and they explain very slowly what the mechanisms we are happening that caused of these this fact are going to come back to the international cooperation but it may 1st finish where the causes is the red tide the only reason for the mass deaths
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. of sea life nikken task i think. small mind i still consider another factor as well we are considering all the facts and to be a want to of course we do we i mean human beings do or serious psychological harm to our nature on there is a number of technological factors that may. need and they're not of such importance because i remind that we see now of the death of 100 miles on the ocean shore of several 100 kilometers it is impossible to influence with a given acknowledge equal course but nevertheless my point is that we should do all we can do to make come chart purest and then we'll take a logical really responsive and safe place on our us but there are still those who do not agree with the official explanation it's not
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a secret for your course mr governor and they still insist that it is a man made. disaster and what would you say to that our response is very simple it is the absolute openness and transparency we invite everybody who is concerned about the political situation to come charkha who wants to investigate all the facts and all the analytics we care that is why we publish every day all the results of analysis taken in hundreds of numbers on our official website and we invite all ecological organization doesn't matter where it is non-governmental organization from russia or abroad to pretty stupid and i welcome everybody who wants to pretty stupid in these. in this investigation moreover i wrote several letters to our international khalif to the
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researchers scientists abroad in the in the best in. universities in new york or in beijing in mit boston in california technological university we already have some some and discussion with them it is not official collaborations to you and i think that we should in ours we should organize a kind of international conference to discuss results and possible reaction of of all of us to these to this disaster are you going to invite them to kentucky or due to chronic virus pentad make their work will be done remotely i ask to a russian government to. nominate the scientific board there to be responsible for further investigation from scientific point of view because i'm not a researcher i don't understand much in biology of
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a sci fi caution i hold that during this week the scientific board will be appointed and their task will be to continue field it is to get into organized this conference of course no we are in in complicated situation due to 19 and i guess the 1st step will be remodeled but then i will be glad to host here research has been used to getting in the field what is happening with our caller yeah the red tide is a global phenomenon indeed and we've seen this in the u.s. mexico tail e. . i understand there are a few details so far but maybe there is any explanation for now why it happened in kentucky and why now it is not for the 1st time you could come china could happen in 970 s. . sort. of in
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a human there's after eating seafood influenced by a reptile it's now the level the. the amount of folks occasion is less serious but still we would may say that even in this region in this part of ocean it happens from time to time scientists do not have the answer why right now it happened of course we cared very warm summer and climate change may influence different processes in the ocean and a new year is the heart of that human being are doing to the ocean in global scale there too much of this car and ocean is giving their response to us to humans saying that enough and you should stop you should change something in your behavior i absolutely i most of the sure myself that we have human caused the reasons of this phenomenon and we should ask ourselves what we should do
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what we should change duel to avoid repeating. a serious red. mess of death or 100 violence in future yes and us and this is among the priority questions right now what whites should be done to prevent this to happen in the future while the mother nature he's sending out signals and talking to us yes a way like what change our behavior completely it's it doesn't seem to be possible you know it doesn't and one day i would suggest the 1st thing to do is to implement . the holistic monitoring of the marine ecology because right now there are dozens of off organization of institutions that are investigating making an analysis of what happening in the air and in water but there is no universal platform or just
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a what stop shop for people interested in this information what is even more. important that we should green interface for those who want to pretty sleepy to share the folders the videos with the griffith eggs solved and researchers who take care of the holistic commission as far as this possible the 2nd 2 are used a very sore all work on our past because logical hard it is to do in our earth you know one region speaking about come check 3rd thing is that we should change the way we think about ecology wish me well were behave in a more responsive interval i mean we should stop in everyday life using so much close to producing so much liter grunewald the ecological thrill of behavior you're absolutely right that we can it change the behavior you know one day but we should start right now because otherwise consequences might be very very hard
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very important and what we see right now you know where the logical system income childcare is just an example now let's go back to this is astor a kentucky is facing right now to the beginning of that as far as i remember you received the 1st signals from surface some of whom you met before and this is how you saw the tag on social media and if i'm not mistaken it was on september 29th right around there week after he officially became kentucky's governor so what exactly happened next were steps were taken and what possible reason this potential causes were investigated i reacted to mediately and i asked to those who are responsible for making in ellis' of the quality of water to do it on the same day and after that every day with it hundreds often nurses and hundreds of investigations in order to try to define what is the poisoning. substance the think
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we are surprised. is with who did identify these again these this posing substance we tried again and again and we investigated all all over potentially dangerous. logical objects close to the to the ocean shore but found nothing and iran do 5 or 6 days scientists started talking about these nature will nature will reason. it is now a dominant version that is so mr governor thank you so much for your time we really appreciate i wish you good luck with your efforts to save nature and to preserve. and i wish your we have a quick recovery thank you so much thank you and thank you for your concern and your interest in what is happening i'm sure will make our work and showed courage and i will claim it even
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a better place to leave. appreciate staying with us here in our international i'll be back with updates in half an hour.


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