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tv   News  RT  October 18, 2020 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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levon people have been arrested in france following friday's brutal killing of a history teacher this suspect shot dead by police was an 18 year old chechen. yesterday i mean a. ceasefire in the space of a week before the. there were accusations of new tax in the disputed region of. shells rain areas surrounding the disputed territory with civilian casualties reported in azerbaijan 2nd largest city we hear from both sides of the car.
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but there was. clearly. a race. with the big stories from the past 7 days on right up to the moment of elements as well this is the weekly on r.t. international hello and welcome to the program 11 people have now been arrested following the brutal slaying of a history teacher in france it's believed some your party was targeted for showing caricatures of the prophet muhammad to his pupils large crowds gathered in central park to pay tribute to the murdered many came carrying flowers and holding signs proclaiming. several other video something taking place across the country on brits gathered in legal land in toulouse to decry violence support freedom of speech
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a national tribute for mr peggotty is planned for world where the state. prosecutors say the beheading was carried out by an 18 year old of chechen origin who was born in moscow his family moved to france 12 years ago seeking political asylum russia says in such cases citizenship is usually withdrawn meaning the country is no link to the incident a witness filmed the moment police confronted the suspect. the man was. a national antiterrorism prosecuting him frost has been putting new details about what exactly happened in the days leading up to that brutal to cavitation almost 47 year old history teacher who's been named is miss samuel patty now the assailant was shot dead after decapitation t.j. . this is the concern person of russian nationality and of chechen origin benefited
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from a refugee status and lived in year ever in the he was unknown to the intelligence services on a judicial level he's never been convicted but was known for cases of damaging public property and gang violence while still a minor ellis leading up to that atrocity he went to the school and asked people to point out who sound your party was saying it does appear that he did not know the victim himself beforehand the national antiterrorism prosecutor also outlined the details of the individuals who've been arrested in connection with this terror attack they need to parents and grandparents of the younger brother old the 18 year old assailant and also a parent older student 2 had apparently post debate here on facebook in the last few weeks calling for the teach it to be dismissed as a result of showing those care pictures of the prophet mohammed and. that because
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for him and we end this stand that in the days leading up to this decapitation there will many threats that were being made against at the 47 year old teacher we've been speaking to some of the parents all children who are also in senegal patti's cost for them until. he asked muslim children to raise their hand and leave the classroom he did it my son told me. he didn't do it to discriminate or to hurt he did it to preserve the children to not chilled them he explained i'd prefer if you left because i'm going to show a cartoon of the prophet of islam but i don't want to shock you delegates will do and i think you see where it's going to tack here normally nothing ever happens here and now a teacher has been decapitated our children on safe we don't know what to do now the rector of the great great mosque here in paris has said that he was horrified by what's happened and he said that condemnation just isn't enough anymore that
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action needed to be taken and also it was combination from the a model of the great mosque. whatever the thought the believe even the insult the caricature of the other nothing justifies the fact of killing the so it is the mortal capital sin to kill a person like that to cut his throat like that all because it showed caricaturists of the prophet there have been there been 2 terror attacks hate in france in the last 3 weeks and both of those attacks related to the images of the slim profit their present medical and amp line force wants to do the draft through d.t. percentage before the end of 2020 he said that any deviation away from france's secular values wouldn't be tolerated he talked about liberating forms from foreign influences we know that drove always going to closer scrutiny or schools and associations serve religious communities and that arabic will now be true in
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mainstream schools rather than in mosques that laws say by the end if it comes as polls have been giving us and in planning all walked many muslims feel one poll recently showed that almost 3 quarters of those who responded under the age of $25.00 said that they would put their religion above that's all for the republic this attack has. a huge fear. but secretly amongst teaches you may have to give similar clauses that that son will party and this is raised more questions about what's being done the amendment is actually enough to prevent this sort of radicalization it leads to such extreme brutality or r.t. spoke to the former mayor of the talon where the atrocity help and. shoot took a. person i'm shocked and angered because this is complete madness
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a teacher doing their job giving food for thoughts about freedoms and republican values he was beheaded it's horrendous he's a victim of madness i'm even more shocked that this college is one i opened when i was the town mayor and it had a good reputation working there was nice and it was located in a neighborhood without any problems or violence it's time for us to take a tough stance on the issue on how people intrude into from well being deemed as refugees and surprisingly given resident cards to 2030 i don't think that this act of terror is a crazy man's deed but a premeditated act at this point we must prosecute for any violation of the republic's laws in particular for the pressure being put on teachers and journalists to keep them silent. and let's get the thoughts now live on the program with political analyst alessandra bruno a listener welcome prosecutors revealed the time was
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a refugee who had been radicalized the government as i'm sure you're aware made big statements recently but also in years gone by since the violence has been seen in france recently about french society separation between muslim communities and others but have those words actually translated into concrete strategy. i think france continues to have some of the worst integration of muslims in their society compared to other european countries actually perhaps britain where we've seen also frequent attacks is similar to france but you'd be surprised to know that the majority of muslims in europe live in germany where we've had relatively fewer cases and so there are solutions there are ideas to be sought you know within the european union itself on how to
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integrate minorities. which france apparently has not done. i also say that the focus on french secular society is very important but we risk using or treating secularism as a religion itself. there are situations where i think you know judgment you know in given what's happened in the history of. french colonialism in muslim lands and continued military presence in muslim lands that france has increased its . bases in the hill and north africa in the last couple of years. just don't know a little. can we translate that can we link to refugees in france for instance being more vulnerable to being influenced does their plight make them an
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easier target also allied to what you've just been saying because we should remember another 18 year old from pakistan attempted to stop people outside the magazine offices just weeks ago. well that is there for me part of it the other part of it is the if you notice the pakistani was 18 years old the church when a man or boy was 18 years old the the age adolescence of this group are particularly vulnerable and it's not just the religion it's psychology we have isolated and marginalized youth which have pretty much nothing to look up to the feel. lower than the rest of society and they can easily grab onto whatever symbol can give them some kind of. feeling of. adequacy or strength so some people turn to soccer for example many many european countries we soccer fanatics have similar issues come from lower backgrounds and by
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a once strong support for teen becomes almost religious school in the case in france i think islam has as much it's not just the choice of fundamentalism or radicalization it's part of that psychological process that adolescents go through with some difficulty at best so when you have been marginalized situations the psychological pressure social logical and so cool logical is higher i think this is key by the way most of the. majority of the french fighters who went to syria. were between 20 and 25 about the 2nd largest group and very close to the. under 18 or and. in the in the teenage years so that there is clear evidence suggesting that teenagers have to be targeted i want to put this point to you as well is the beheading of
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a teacher this group tesseract who has been debating freedom of speech in some ways the ultimate and final expression of of console culture this is something we've been seeing for quite some time this person appears to be motivated to kill simply because they can't tolerate debate or ideas other than their own. well in some ways i would say cancel culture is. inspired by some of the iconoclastic. actions of muslims and others and other religions that we've seen in the past because of course the child. case in 2015 was perhaps the greatest manifestation but there have been similar counsel conjugal type incidents before in 1909 we had the fatwa against salman rushdie for publishing. stories about the prophet in his novel verses so i think it's they're feeding on
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each other there is that sense. and i mean i also i'm not a fan of council culture the idea of erasing history by arbitrarily throwing down statues without context but i think the situation is more complex far more complex than simply targeting islamic radicalization goes requires a multiple approach starting from psychology and sociology. it's not enough to just target the religion after all by the way it should be more context there are national issues that plea to. in june of this year there were riots involving church and muslims against north africans in the city of the zhong there were significant riots. most of these involved disputes
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among gangs usually fueled by petty crime and drug. business and things like that not religion so but there is a sense that the church and another refugees are left to their own devices the police the night into remain until it was too late ok we're just very interesting points being made there though political analyst i was stunned reporter live on the program thank you for thank you. so just minutes after a new humanitarian ceasefire was reached between armenia and azerbaijan both sides were accusing each other violating it this latest truce was negotiated after a powerful explosions rocked a couple of back on saturday fighting also went on in other parts of the disputed region as well he said all of reports now from historic a theater all that was hit by shelling. the war in the going to care about has not just about trivial territorial gains it's
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a long lasting it with lots of bad blood between both sides and recently it has spilled into a new turf religious this 19th century only savior cathedral was a place where soldiers and volunteers alike used to come and pray before heading into battle that made it a target but it wasn't just soldiers who would come to this church the a syrian military was battering the town of shushi at that time so i learned and her family decided to hide from the bombs in the cathedrals crypt one place they thought that was safe from the shelling but they were wrong god does not have to now there were 7 of us including 2 children when the shell hit the cathedral it was deafening there was destruction everywhere masonry fell from the searing that's all they can remember 2 strikes have literally eating everything in their path the altar the benches and one of the domes have been completely destroyed no place is
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sacred no place is safe in this war not only was this church hit twice but the 2nd strike injured 3 russian journalists one of them is still in intensive care after spending several days in a coma he believes the hit on them was intentional the streets of shushi bear a striking resemblance to those in other towns of nagorno karabakh it's a place of desolation and despair those who can fight are already on the front lines those who had somewhere to run already have done but alone or doesn't have any choice but to stay another story. we have to fit in this small shelter with a kitchen and badger in the same place we are too scared to go with doors when we hear the sound of the sirens we are rushing here to hide every even in the reason we can hear the shelling people seem to be unfazed by the story state of the cathedral there's plenty of candles still burning. the hoff destroyed the church
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people for peace to return to this land sooner rather than later. of reporting from nagorno-karabakh. it just to add some by crying to the course report 3 decades of tensions between back in europe and over the territory boiled over at the end of september the 2 sides have been trading accusations of attacks blaming each other for civilian casualties and damage inflicted although the region is legally part of azerbaijan it's populated mainly by ethnic armenians the azerbaijani foreign ministry insists it belongs to but. it doesn't exclude self-determination of sorts. going to that was the wrong thing to raise our children that wasn't really part of the internationally recognized that was the 2nd of all armenians living in the. nation and so nation does not meet her at her secession. does not mean independence so what we say of course
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we can ratchet up the threat of a nation where we are being. present but you know every group of people would declare that they have the right medication can you imagine what kind of. the conflict will spill beyond the confines of the disputed territory elizabeth john claims 13 people were killed and more than 50 injured during shelling of the year's yury city of in the early hours of saturday morning the country's president sees it was a war crime to respond militarily a local journalist sent this report to us from the area. the 2nd biggest city. 60 kilometers far from the phone line again came under attack for a 1000000 year as a result of 4 to certain civilians were killed including 3 children and more than 40 others injured more than 20 homes were destroyed according to azerbaijan national engines for my next we saw was fired at ganja initially identified as
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scott operative tactical ballistic missile it is swore still there or could sloan's from armenian side there is a danger areas around 1 am after the midnight obviously residents were sleeping here we can see their fragments of the shell. this has been this consecutive 1st attack only. to play with lives of 11 residents many dozens were injured as a vision of government officials together with members of the diplomatic corps today was it at the scene as well they held their prison briefing according to their vision a few shows armenia continues to covert war crimes even on the declared moscow cease fire. this is not the 1st time the city of ganja has been shelled in the past number of weeks the armenian president has denied any involvement from his side saying it was azerbaijan that initially broke the 1st 6 for he spoke exclusively to
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us. clear information from my government from ministry of the. foreign minister and former minister of spoken about that already it's definitely not already been there that has filled it with should not. forget. the real fact who started this war it was the other side clearly. people of the republic of art. so while asians are there there are fortunate and i think all parties have to put a lot of firsts in order to stop it 20 minutes into the program the news just keeps on coming after the break stay with our to international.
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the world is driven by shaped by. the dares thinks. we dare to ask. when you look. you know it's it's been 153 years since emancipation and when you look at it's been 400 years right since black people have been in the u.s. and extract in their labor for the construction of the country and then you think that black people on about 2 percent of u.s. wealth and it disproportionately high is category almost everything that's negative
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i just don't see that that i don't see how anybody anywhere it could find that as as a with. a low again around us claimed a diplomatic victory over the u.s. now after the united nations conventional arms embargo expired this sunday that is despite washington's efforts to have it extended. a momentous day for the international community which in defiance of malign u.s. efforts has protected you in a sea resolutions and the juice of usa today's normalization of iran's defense cooperation with the world is a win for the cause of multilateralism peace and security in our region the u.n. arms embargo on iran was imposed in 2007 by the un security council but an expiry date was set if iran fulfilled its obligations all of the nuclear deal struck with
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world powers known as the g c p or a washington however quit that deal in 28 dean since then the us has been trying to maintain the embargo and want to the so named snap back of the all sanctions that had previously been lifted the state department reacted angrily to news of the embargoes expiry. no nation the design is a peaceful middle east should contemplate home sales with a room every weapon the regime buys will be at the disposal of its radical ideology we are prepared to use domestic authorities to sanction individuals or entities contributing to these arms sales. let's get the thoughts of done call the way human labor rights lawyer on this weekend's developments done good to see you do you think you do you expect the international unity to actually know i start selling arms to iran. i do i think the international community. is correct it iran has been following the j c p o
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a and. they do not recognise the fact that the us backed out of it doesn't change that they are still committed to it and so they are going to start dealing with iran and i think the us has isolated itself by the way it's tried it to treat iran and by unilaterally backing out of this deal it's been a long time in 13 years under run say it won't no go on a buying spree do you think that's the case is a runs the fence industry is itself sustainable. well i think iran in general is pretty self sustainable they've had to be because they've been under incredible sanctions really since 979 since the shaw the us back shah was overthrown and so they've had to create their own industries they make everything down to nails you know so i do think they're largely self-sufficient but of course
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there's different high tech technology that they need from other countries like russia and china that day will get. her big leverage is my pump it was threats to impose sanctions on those selling arms to iran do you think. look the u.s. still has a lot of control of the world economy but that controls slipping the u.s. dollar which has dominated the u.s. economy for so long is now falling. in its value because of the u.s. economy is now in freefall and also ironically the dollar a lot of countries have already turned away from the u.s. dollar because of sanctions the u.s. is sanctioning something like 35 different countries right now and the result has been that you know countries are going to just start using other concious so. i think in the end a lot of countries are going to be willing to deal with iran and are not going to
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be afraid of us there it's is it today to call it a victory for iran as tehran is framing it. i think it is a huge victory i mean. you know the u.s. has been bowling iran for a long time again really since 1979. remember that even the us supported saddam hussein invading iran which led to the death of a 1000000 people on both sides of the border has imposed sanctions and trump is only ratchet up ratcheted up the aggression since backing out of the nuclear deal in 2018 and the truth is iran is not buckled under that pressure even after the u.s. assassinated its beloved general solemn on the earlier in the year. you know iran can hold its head up high and say look we've kept you know moving forward against these threats and now the world is recognizing that we have the right to exist
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and to trade even in arms so i do think it's of a done place your term on your thoughts they don't call them like human rights lawyer live on the program. thank you we're all set for another visit to the world's apart studio in moments where her guests are standing by find out what's on the agenda today after the short of the brakes. fail. playing. poker player. playing.
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lead. player.
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part of. the welcome to worlds apart when it comes to discussing racism in america the debate usually focuses on how immoral or entrenched it is and while it is definitely both of those things it's hard to quantify. the impact just what is the price of prejudice and who is responsible for their passion reading or ending it all to discuss that i'm now joined by sean rochester author all of the black hats the cost of being black in america and there are just it's very good to talk to you thank you very much for giving us this opportunity. it is a wonderful thing to be on the platform thank you very much for having me and for
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engaging in this really important conversation now in your book you cited a number of studies on discrimination in the job market all of which are pretty distressing but the one that blew me away completely was all the fact maine's wife sounding names versus black sounding names who would know that there's such a distinction and he talked more about this yeah so the university of chicago division really groundwork breaking our research right on this and they sent out resumes to over 5000 different employers across private public sector large companies medium size small businesses they were trying to get a sense of the amount of discrimination in the labor market what's really important to know is in the resumes that they sent out it would be the same resumes they would just switch the names right the other thing that they would do is they would stress you know augment the strength of the quality of the resume right so increase the quality institution depth of experience.


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