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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 18, 2020 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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he supported by bernie sanders no one chomskyan angela davis of being on this show at telling people to support biden tell me about the terrifying record of biden in your new book or the main trolling biden is that he has been very conservative throughout his entire career and really kind of. created the conditions in many ways that led to trump's rise. which i think is kind of the the main worry with him is is is he going to be able to step up to the plate and meet the mormon now not just with the pen demo it can be and there is a tradition as having but also as you say the climate crisis which is easily the the greatest threat facing human civilization the question is i'm going to be radical nuff going to be bold enough to take the kind of steps and standards as i have to be done to mean those crises you know at the moment trying to simply is not
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i'm not there at the final of the endemic and of course is really just pouring fuel on the fire of the all the climate crisis mess so i think so larry some people are kind of looking at biden and saying that he was a leader he's leading in the past has knocked out some specifics i mean he seems to be able to guarantee through the pollsters have a mass turnout from african-american communities in the u.s. just tell me about his record was he for racially segregated schools or a not because i know you say by 980 back every racist anti busing measure including bill from jesse helms by doing shame of agent paul so except just at the sort of christening of the new deal the political order that had been put in place by franklin roosevelt and survived for you know a good 34 decades maybe 5. you know what was the definition you want to use by the
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70s that starts a kind of full pot because of a variety of factors and all the body came in and then 72 are running a campaign that was what you might describe as kind of broadly economically populist you know running and protecting its spending social security analysts other kind of stuff chris isaac operations for avoiding taxes by night 75 he sense of the winds was shifting the political winds were shifting and so he shoplift turned a whole host of issues on one of which is things like crime and particularly bussing which people are familiar with that bussing was a form of receipt to sion for a cigar geisha in decades of segregation that aims to take kids black ants and black neighborhoods and bus them over to get overly white schools and also some cases through the offices of us white kids the black schools there was a lot of. anger and tension about those conservatives really made a
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a key issue and a kind of a wedge issue that they used to. attack the new deal want to and by then realized basically in delaware which is a conservative state kind of a it's a northern state but it was a slave owning state has a. deep legacy of racism he faces a lot of pushback from his conservative constituents in the like that their kids are being bused to the black schools and he has said you know well look i can see which way this is going and he so he became a sort of very vehemently. anti busing politician and it's not just by saying he also or really was one of the chief architects of the mass incarceration system that has of course the dominantly. of black and black communities and it's that it's there's a whole host of other things you know as a as a decade's were on the the kind of me a liberal consensus that that reagan into place deepened and became more entrenched . oh he did i mean just going to be canceled welfare reform to be clear he voted
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for reagan's landmark a budget to cut or eliminate health education and social services programs you're saying by the mediating things he's writing a plan to cut $100000000000.00 more more than reagan slashing medicare and social security i mean how is it that he has now seen hey how is it that someone like angela davis could be on this show saying vote biden i know he's not great but you know he's the best hope you say that is he had a friend that strong thurmond was his friend that's the racist they're legit rapist and segregationist. yeah that's part of biden's kind of view of the senate's in the senate told this he's kind of clubby culture where the ideas the political differences are really important even if they're really vile and terrible political differences what's really important is is kind of being civil to each other and so
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he made a big coin and big show of the fact that he was friends with strong of them and when thurmond died he was one of the few that actually went to his funeral. that the reason that people are saying now you have to have a biden is not because people have any sort of illusions about revive knows it was regulars and you know. so many people have tried to make the case that actually he's going to be the next franklin roosevelt which i you know if i'm very doubtful but that's not the case and they the case is that in the lord political system of the united states you really only have 2 choices you either have a choice of trunk or biden in trouble is really as bad as viner's troubles worse than actually every issue now obviously the united states has been watching the supreme court of the united states at hearings for a a macone barack i mean as as a supreme court nominations and joe biden why is no one ever talking about his support for clarence thomas even after the anything else sex allegations little
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known his support for judge scalia. has in my opinion been a bit of a unofficial can in a lot of the mainstream press the united states on reporting. very critically about biden or scrutinizing him a mean. he's really use the coronavirus and demick to hide away from the press to not take questions to avoid interviews it's something that people are now starting to talk about a lot more than lida for a long time because the mention of this is that this is a very smart strategy it's very clever the way he's avoiding us for his and what inspired me and i think it's a matter of that just. he about i'm not packing the court not about his history why you're not taking the call but there's a lot of stuff there's a lot of things in this record that people have kind of politely avoided talking about in this election is really become a trump and not really about biden you know biden that's probably at this point one of the least scrutinized candidates in history at least i can remember and i think
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it's a bit of a hangover from the 2016 election where i think the the media in the united states saw themselves as the reason that hillary clinton lost and the trumpet won the because they were sore critical and let's be clear they had a lot of things to be critical of him for but because they were sore critical of they feel that they ended up having trump image and i think that there is a feeling that they have to avoid doing so at this time and so you're right things like his support for clarence thomas there and you mentioned things like his support for example welfare reform which said welfare reform in the mid ninety's that does not get a mention either you know has his role in voting for nafta and supporting it a whole host of things you know even as his policy on the war on terror he was really key. in that entire infrastructure being built that's been there in a way senator think again it's going to want to essentially
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a referendum on trial what specifically on welfare i know this book goes into detail about his support for the for the failed war on drugs he was a kind of a. trendsetter for the failed war on drugs where was he coming from on the on welfare. so. probably in the united states really became hillary racialized from the sixty's on was and there was this idea and that was really cemented into place and again as long as by the reagan and the marine 180 s. that welfare 'd disproportionately was it was a thing that only really helped black people and that it made people lazy and that actually all just 7. people and again that in the popular measure african-american people were taking advantage of the system and there was a need to reform and to make a list generous so that people would not be avoiding work that was the theory was
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is completely bunk it's a good it's a complete mess that that was what conservatives consoled to the public through the eighty's and ninety's and i 6 until clinton finally signs and series of isis welfare reform that basically says the federal government is going to take care of offering more it's going to give money to the states and states can figure out how they want to implement welfare and buy them by just voted for that but he was actually one of the key democrats who was pushing for that in the mid ninety's. you know as a and in the that time was very conservative period and it was seen as advantageous true to what people triangulate to kind of approach right wing positions and this was actually welfare reform that was one of the positions in rich who was the architect of the kind of republican comeback in the ninety's ok with the race and all perhaps it means that when obama. presumably choosing him to be vice president he ignored the comment from biden saying obama is the fust
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mainstream african-american who is articulate and bright and clean biden. i think has picked for a lot of reasons has been really prominent one is that basically not only does he want someone who has already been think is going to run for president and sort of have his own ambitions of course and not be. wrong. i'm a chagrined but also is that if he picks someone who is kind of white and more consume them all that we can sort of man that he would get some people want to maybe a little bit speak to the idea of having a people like president true much attention is paid to siri martin's comments and you know they're going to roll and they are also. offensive. but i think people need to pay more to the actual polls i think the problem with biden and frankly with trump is not their rhetoric it's all of the things they say and some things that they do it's a way that the whole season they've implemented respectable careers that really hurt african-americans and latinos and the whole who are sick or something that is
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the big issue ron paul stuff here that more from the author of yesterday's man the case against joe biden after this break plus photography for the mass of an insane . l. looking forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given a human beings except where such orders that conflict with the 1st law show your identification we should be very careful about artificial intelligence and the point all p.c. is to create trust rather than shia. please carry it with artificial intelligence where something of the. robot must protect its own existence as exist.
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when you look back you know it's it's beyond you to put the 3 years since emancipation. when you look at it's been 400 years right since black people have been in the u.s. and extracting their labor for the construction of the country and then you think that black people on about 2 percent of us wealth in a disproportionately high is category almost everything that's negative i just don't say that that i don't see how anybody anywhere it defined that as as a women. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the wall the politics small business i'm show business i'll see that.
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welcome back i'm still here with the author of yesterday's man the case against joe biden bronco market which some may know the name du pont because of agent orange that was dropped on vietnam in the u.s. war that killed millions that was biden's relationship to dupont what is his relationship to corporations even before he supported the destruction of the gloss state a lack that arguably created the 2008 crisis you know delaware is the corporate state and spin as you say dollar bar of the jubilant family for generations you're really trying to find politics if you're cross to dupont valley recent delaware. biden he drew on employees to stuff a sin office he met regularly with the typical person he was actually even at when he criticized corporations over his career was it to make sure the say well the 2 people company those different daleys pay the tax and next to nothing and it's all
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just department i mean the key thing that people have to understand that the cayman binds korea as a result of this was the bankruptcy bill that he supported that was signed by george bush which was really done at the behest of cricket companies like in b.n.a. which was as big a store owner hired as sun i want to since it was actually more at my dad's house at one point. and that piece of legislation made it more difficult for middle class families particularly to declare bankruptcy because of it and imposed a means test on who could file for us then type of bankruptcy and start you know things are gloss to go as well that was definitely i think with an eye on what would benefit banks and credit card companies and elsewhere and you know we can see that an increase occurrence firas took 5 unseats and is now poised to play
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a really important role in his administration. really chris cruise really does the bidding of the big pharmaceutical companies of delaware so that their stay context thing is really a dancing nazi party and maybe some of the policies because you can obviously m.b. and they deny any wrongdoing dupont denies any wrongdoing usually settles with no liability and it always act appropriately but you go so far as to suggest that it was biden who personally told obama to water down the much criticized on the left let alone the right obamacare in a way that would benefit more big pharmaceutical companies. well barton i think has . relationship with the idea of health care reform in the ninety's ringback when when clinton began during his term to health care reform as is during the 2nd healthcare for biden as well the people there was a bit of a thorn and sorry i was even and documents produced by the clinton administration that was noted as a as an issue that biden taken lots of money from health insurance coverage sitting
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behind commenced by telling a bomber comes along. he runs on the public option of the next health insurance option i think it's not an idea the bio was really enthusiastic about we are not there was a bomb really and in the end of course they ended up dropping it. because of health insurance other health care industry opposition to it strangely biden is now running on the public option and it's kind of unclear whether he's actually going through all or through on it he has these is all we see in the primary saying i'm going to the public option in place since i was taking a lot of money from pharmaceuticals which of course this is it remains to be seen what exactly are these health care policy will be once he gets into trouble i say things that no trump obviously has said he was to get the one big pharmaceutical companies he certainly did pay back arguably maybe not on purpose the weapons
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industry in the united states you say he he stacks the senate foreign relations committee with pro war voices before the iraq war but but you say in the book he backed reagan strikes on libya that killed scores of civilians the invasion of the british commonwealth island grenada the war on panama he even back money for death squads he backed of course the destruction of yugoslavia what sort of foreign policy can we expect from a man who actually on the record has said he wants to make putin pay for russia's foreign policy during this campaign. in some ways i think we can expect a return to balme era pulse if you look at the people who are surrounding biden in terms of the phone policy advisors i think those are really the key question the key indicator of what's actually going to happen in his administration and a lot in a film about what people might think biden has shown some at least of late some
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great tendency towards not intervention the a powers for example the invasion of libya. the assassination sound a lot and for instance where saddam had been of course although he was also a firm proponent of obama's counterterrorism policy which was and it's a combined drone warfare with kind of special forces strikes you know which is still obviously very aggressive function of chaman as a someone who was skeptical all titian 'd running on the going to use of our trying to get used to and out and saying i'm against the vietnam war by the eighty's when reagan comes in he saw the turn to the right in the national politics they said well you know we just we have to become more like reagan and so he decided system not just supporting reagan's various military actions but as he said the ninety's he's for the morning and of course the iraq war when people say that biden's kind of been in the middle of a party generally i think that the secrete i think is always been on the
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conservative in the party however there is truth a fact that he has kind of fall 'd in the political winds quite a bit particular foreign policy so are you know it remains to be seen we may see a more noninterventionist president biden if he wins even one who's more instant non's mentions than obama was but i would not stress it is going to be that much difference between the obama and the fight in foreign policy ok well he's chosen kemal arris who was making fiery not ations inviting about a sexual impropriety during the primaries. who's become democratic candidate just tell me given that julian assange is the founder of wiki leaks is up the road here in belmarsh prison what is his view about leaking information in the public interest. the idea of a transparency and the and the very idea of the patriot act which
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you now have in the united states. you know unfortunately when it comes to leaking or it comes to really civil liberties in general there has been a longstanding bipartisan mist and deference hostility to all these things biden has been no exception now he supported some pretty draconian crackdowns and because in the 70s in the eighty's i think you see in the book some say that he when he went by didn't want to go further than the cia did he took some stances that even the cia chief said well you know we don't want to go quite that far because under obama biden was pretty. as far as i've seen i don't see anything to contradict his reasonable to bombs war on whistleblowers. and and was very hostile it was true in signs from wiki leaks out expect that's of concern you i mean trump has really carried on obama's legacy of of aggressively taking also blows and i don't see why that might ministration do any difference the one thing
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that we could say is that a bomb a ultimately shied away from really fully trust securing assad because i think he realized what that would mean for press freedoms in the united states and i expect why he would do the same however it will be years before there's a question of whether it should be prosecuted in the united states meantime a songes unfortunately i have to say going to be can change we be tortured in the u.k. as a legal system of the way he is now and asking a question on the patriot act this is also why he says has been chewed on by and was a really key supporter all of them actually several provisions that ends up being in the picture. actually brag analogy thousands the people that you know i was the guy who wrote the patriot act and that site in the ninety's he wrote some legislation that was and still is was a slush is really really
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a trigger county and for example it limited heavy a school. speech sharply and some of something else ninety's it was recycled into 2000 when sept 11th happened as part of the patriot act right to mock additional thank you well the last 2 decades of the us patriot act have arguably shown populations that none of the data is safe from predator government agencies so why do so many of us to share our deepest secrets through our mobile devices this is the subject of a new collection of works hash tag n.y.c. by award winning your base photographer jeff mermelstein going on the ground up again to charlie cook caught up with him to discuss that hi jeff thanks so much coming on going on and on just by telling me about your new book my new book hashtag n.y.c. is the. culmination of approximately 2 and a half years of work rendering. images of people's. phone screens in which there are text messages i came upon.
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the idea and the entity. of the images on phone screens as being terribly interesting on many levels. and i began but especially has now a communication so much through often through this pandemic what do you learn about the way we communicate and sat by looking at so many different mass a cross-section of people find screens there's a lot to learn and there's a lot more to learn and i've learned a lot and i will learn a lot but some of the immediate thoughts. would include a kind of interconnectedness the humanity of us people that i came upon texts from so very many different times and very many different individuals that kind of had a similar. point to it be it relationships or ending of relationships they need a word it comes to my mind is a further delight. and the current ness of energies and
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and and the construction of text messages as being reflective. of ideas and thoughts that we make to each other and it's just a very in the moment thing and i don't know how long it's going to last but that moment is still 'd there right now do you think is the point you made about how much we shall because we know from people like edward snowden even the government can can access all text messages that exist on t.v. set about how easy it is for all information on a day to a very private lives to be out in the open i definitely agree when you're out in the public on the street. we are being observed and not only that out in the public on the street but even when we're on our phones or talking to syrian our own homes we are being observed in some kind of technical way i think i'm sure you've been asked before about the ethics of the walk when you were beginning it this project
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how do you square the kind of potential idea that you're invading people's privacy with with creating the images well it wasn't an easy. ingredient 'd to engage with but as a street photographer for so long in a way now that there's a little bit of hindsight to the project. in ways there's a lot of relatedness to making pictures people of people you know of people's faces and gestures and bodies from the front without asking permission prior so as as a street photographer or at least with the kind of street for talk risky that i have that i have primarily partake in and so many of my colleagues as well there is the ingredient of voyeurism and. you know that is either something that it a particular individual can embrace or not and i can embrace it in part because i believe up instinctive reasons natural inborn reasons and also because of
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intellectual curiosity photographic photographers curiosity an interest in finding out about us i got close and compositionally created a more or less a continuity especially as the project progressed is this something you would consider doing anywhere else or is it something specific to new york do you think is most interesting to the streets of new york and the populous of new york has been the thrust of my investigation for a long time and the same reasons that i have had that pursuit here i merrily not entirely would hold for this project there is a density a cosmopolitan mixture and a kind of. inherent craziness if not neuroses that permeates the streets and people of the streets of new york that is dissimilar from any other
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place in the world jeff thank you so much devotee has a charlie cook asked me to award winning photographer jeff momo stein and that's it for the show will be back on wednesday 5 years since then vice president joe biden announced he would not be running for president in 2016 against fellow new liberal democrat hillary clinton whose political career would terminate with trump off today if you d.n.c. tricks against by the sound is until then you can catch all our interviews on our you tube channel and join the underground by following us from twitter facebook instagram and time. it's an amazing country with so many friends in russia and i'm very excited to be here. i love that idea i
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think i can do that. every night i make a lot of money with. millions and hundreds of me. here is a nice. a great wall and nobody feels a lot better than me believe me and i'll build a very inexpensive like a great great wall. just in case you're worried about who's going to pay for it mexico will pay for. it we'll see what happens who knows who knows what we'll see on the field it will be a success.
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oh look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such conflict with the 1st law. should be very careful about official intelligence and the point home vs the. trusts. on theories chimes in with artificial intelligence summoning the demons. the obama must protect its own existence. immediate environment if you disagree with the official narrative you call a conspiracy theorist never mind many of visual narratives and actually more to
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seriously and is big ticket war with. i'm. 11 people arrested in france following friday's brutal killing of a teacher this witness video captured the moment the suspect an 18 year old chechen man was shot dead by police. armenia and azerbaijan sign a 2nd ceasefire in the space of a week but before the ink even had time to drive this weekend there were accusations of new attacks in the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh. shells rained down on areas surrounding the disputed territory as well with civilian casualties reported in azerbaijan 2nd largest city we hear from both sides of the conference. started to stage a war that was billed.


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