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and the germans want to do it because it drives down costs for them the russians want to do it because it means profits and money for them great so 2 countries agree on this and the united states decides no we can't have this because they claim that this would somehow in danger to the energy independence of germany it would endanger europe in fact by pompei of the secretary of state is using this act essentially called the peace other protecting europe's energy security act of 2019 to justify why the u.s. is placing same sions on germany and russia in order to try to block this pipeline as you said they already stopped a swiss company from being involved in it who quit the project with a very small amount left 93 percent of this pipeline is now constructed but the u.s. doesn't want to leave it alone they want to stay involved and they want to literally force their will on these 2 sovereign nations who should have the right and the sovereignty to be able to say we want to be able to pursue this pipeline it's in our best interest and the u.s.
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will stay out of it's funny that you mention my pump who who says that he believes that endangers europe because it would make it dependent on russian gas and then he says would endanger ukraine in his opinion he says in my opinion so opinions here and matter a lot georgia russian foreign minister sergei lavrov is saying that the u.s. should stop speculating on our stream too and that it should now be a matter of principle for germany to actually go through and complete the project. well ben is right this is a particularly egregious use of the sanctions weapon against remind you a close ally of the united states germany is not some banana republic in central america germany is an ancient and big power 'd in the oil ally of the united states and of course the biggest economic power in the european union
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by some distance it just goes to show i say in parenthesis how absurd the charge of the trump administration is somehow a puppet of the russians this is of course not just short of war against russia seeking to destroy something on which billions have already been expended and which is the sovereign will of to solve or in european countries and for the most bogus of pretexts namely the united states is concerned about the energy security of germany i would have thought the german elected democratic government is the best judge of that wouldn't you you would think about it but much like you said they're they're basing this off of these sanctions off of the necessary need to they say protect germany from from europe right from from human dependence on this russian gas does the u.s.
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now have a right or are they entitled to do this charge you know this extra sorted go ahead. yes this extraterritoriality is one of the biggest but they are so for many people around the world one of the reasons why the u.s. is so poor live regarded these days you're tough to see it from our side. looking and sounding like fat mikey off the set of the soprano's pump bill has been literally rumbling all round europe threatening bludgeoning browbeating bullying the sovereign governments of our european union that is the united states is most historic ally got so bad you know the german government offered the straight bribe
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of $1000000000.00 to the united states to leave them alone to make their own energy deal talk about protection money we do know that germany wanted to continue actually prime minister german's prime minister and all markel has has been quite vocal about this and is backed by a lot of of the german politicians and political establishment saying that she wants to continue to build this pipeline many many think that she'll lose a lot of followers because of this but she's she's all for this because this is like you said been like we mentioned it's going to be cost efficient she's been out of the picture for a little bit for a few weeks we haven't heard from her since last month ben do you think she's changing course. i don't think she shayne course in fact it was a german official who was quoted just this week saying it's not a matter of if this pipeline gets done it's a matter of when it gets done 93 percent completed and germany is absolutely committed to finishing this pipeline what they recognize is that with that swiss company all cs being forced out because of the u.s.
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sanctions it's going to take more time the russians say they'll just finish it on their own but i want to point out one other thing that that might bump a was using something called the cats right which is the countering america's adversaries through sanctions act essentially the idea is use ancients to slow down the movements and the actions of america's adversaries but george made a great point here germany is not one of america's adversaries and in reality russia is also not one of america's adversaries in fact but even if we set that aside this action between germany and russia is not adversarial to anyone except for oil companies it's maybe adversarial to opec it's maybe adversarial to saudi arabia or ukraine that instead wants to sell their natural gas to germany the only thing it's adversarial to are other corporate interests who say rather than buying from russia buy from us and this is where you get so disgusting to me that u.s. foreign policy is so intertwined with corporate interests rather than the interests
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of the people in this nation and in the livelihood of the people of other nations before we go george i want to i want to get your take on this and do you think angela merkel is going to continue our lives followers because she wants to push for this pipeline to get done as of what we've heard. no the national consensus in germany left and right and center it is in germany's national interest they have already expended a great deal on it they are looking forward to cheap and clean gas coming from russia a stable price a stable supply russia does not allow politics to get in the way of business it will deliver on time and at the price agreed and promptly or instead wants germany to buy american gas coming across the seas thousands of miles in a time of heightened environmental concern that just doesn't make any sense of talk
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so i believe that until america will stick to our guns if she's been quiet over the last few weeks she's probably waiting out the results of the us presidential election and we all are we all know that's right many of us are especially in this pipelines already 93 percent complete i'm sure like ben said and like you said it's only a matter of time before it is complete and boom bust co-host investigative journalist ben so on and former u.k. member of parliament george galloway thank you both so much for your insight and your time today. thank you. so even is now the latest country to ban chinese telecom companies while we and the swedish post and talk from authority set new license conditions following assessments by the swedish armed forces and security service calling china one of the biggest threats against sweden this panic could benefit sweden's ericsson and finland's nokia which are the 5 g. competitors this comes as european governments have been restructuring or
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restricting access to always 5 g. following u.s. pressure in july the united kingdom became the 1st country to purge wall way out of the country's 5 g. networks by 2027 p.t.'s gave a talk on operators a deadline of january 2025 to remove all wall way and the year from their existing infrastructure is for these core functions while way and they have not yet responded. the u.s. department of justice has filed an antitrust lawsuit against google accusing the tech giant of using its dominance as a popular search engine to stifle competition it's the most aggressive legal challenge to the company in 20 years and the biggest showdown yet between google and the federal government but will the lawsuit really make a big difference while legal journalist molly barrows can. weigh or has more molly good to see you hi farrah what does the government say google is doing to fend off
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its competitors. you know they've been going after google investigating google for some time and this is coming on the heels of a big investigation into a number of tech companies including google so it looks like google is going to be the 1st one and we'll see if they go after some of the other companies but essentially they're saying you know google dominates the internet right 90 percent of search engines come as a result of using google they're making money hand over fist like a 162000000000 that they made last year so they're using some of that money that they're making from their ad revenue and their search engines to basically make business agreements with mobile phone carriers to make sure that google search engine not only comes up for story and has priority real estate on these mobile carriers but that also that they can't be deleted in case another competitor wanted to have say their search engine in top placement so this is specifically a very narrow area that the government is going after instead of casting a wide net to say hey your business practices in general are at issue and we have a problem of this that the other they're really focusing primarily on distribution
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and these agreements that google has made with these companies to keep their dominance in stifle competition they say it's essentially hurting the marketplace because google is making these rules and not allowing competitors to to have a foothold in an industry well known as well as they do a lot of us do rely on google a little did we know it would become a verb google this you google that so can the feds actually make any real changes that will control google's search engine monopoly. you know it's really interesting because i've read several articles and there's a bit of a debate about that there's some folks saying hey the horse is already out of the stall they're already huge there'd be a myth they control it all they're gathering our data they own us what can we do but essentially if you look at that lawsuit that the federal government filed against microsoft a little over 20 years ago they said made similar allegations against microsoft said you know you're you're dominating the field you're stifling competition and you're making it so that your search engine is probably placement in the services that you're providing and that's illegal while they couldn't maintain the case or
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make the case that that bundling of services and part of placing of their search engine was illegal but what they did manage to succeed at was going after them for how they distributed that in other words if they're going to distribute their software to p.c.'s to other users are going to carry that software then they can't make these deals where their search engine gets priority placement so i think that that is what some analysts are saying is why the federal government took this particular narrow focus about distribution because they succeeded with distribution angles when it came to microsoft and they might succeed with this distribution angle when it comes to google so are you going to see like a big outcome of this case breaking up google or having you know making them stop and open up the door for for competition probably not but what happened in the microsoft case which could very well happen and this one is if they are successful then this could open the door for other lawsuits from other states i mean there are 11 attorney generals that are backing this particular one from different states you
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could see other states filing lawsuits like texas or colorado and you could also just see over the course of maybe a decade more lawsuits being filed over specific issues like distribution or other business practices that google has so it's interesting you know i think it's definitely one of those issues that lawmakers want to do something about and this is just a their 1st step into doing something about it right and it sounds like it's gone a little bit too far much like you said i mean why didn't they do. before. they just wait until it just becomes so big that they need to somehow put some sort of control over it. you know that's a great question and why file this lawsuit 2 weeks before the election it's a definitely and it's a bipartisan issue lawmakers on both sides of the aisle it said these tech companies not just google are too big they're too powerful we've got to do something about it they've been investigating them i think they've been chipping away but they've seen how even in europe they find google another 10 companies and those fines have done little i mean they are there they're just d.m.'s you know they're swimming in cash and so they're really not too concerned about these fines
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so i think what you're going to see is and who knows what their motivations were for not doing more sooner but at least this could be the beginning of a wave of slowly but surely maybe breaking up or at least making them vulnerable with ongoing lawsuits whether it's from the feds or other states or even other competitors that will leave them vulnerable to competition to come in and fill the gap if they're busy filing and putting out fires and lawsuits you mentioned the election were only weeks away conservatives have long complained that some of these tech companies are silencing conservative voices what kind of political support is this lawsuit getting. it's getting a lot of political support in fact i've seen some tweets from democratic and republican legislators saying it's time to break up big tax so it looks as though there's a lot of biased bipartisan support for the issue i think where they're differing is exactly how they should crack down on them if you see biden get into office you may see some sweeping antitrust regulation some speculate if trump maintains and
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republicans continue to dominate in washington then you could see a little bit of watered down version of antitrust regulation but without a doubt they're moving forward and trying to said from the beginning that he feels like companies including google has stifled conservative voices so this could be his opportunity to say you guys aren't running it like i think you should and so we're going to file this antitrust lawsuit but i think it's much bigger than like we talked about they've been on these companies for some time but the fact that it was filed 2 weeks before the election makes some people say hey is this just a warning shot firing over the bow you know we're trying to look like the big guys in town we're not going to stand for these big tech companies you know doing what they're doing until this election is over and then we'll see how passionate they really and this is just a 1st so we could see a domino effect going into the after other tech companies like the u.s. government has been wanting to for quite some time molly barrows contributor to america's lawyer thank you so much for being with us today big sarah. time now for a quick break but when we come back we'll take
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a look at the airline industry after the t.s.a. reports the highest number of passengers in months but we may still be headed for a make or break holiday travel season as we go to break here the numbers of the. the but.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the death. or remain in the shallows. the airline sector is struggling to recover after being hit with a coronavirus pandemic especially as airlines continue to lay off workers with no stimulus in sight but the transportation security administration reported its green just over 1000000 people on sunday numbers they haven't seen since mid march still daily screenings are down 65 percent compared to this time last year airline executives are worried that a full recovery to prepare is still years away for more on the sector let's turn to . communications committee chairman dennis tater denis good to see you let's start
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with the t.s.a. numbers here are we seeing more consumer confidence as we head into this holiday travel season. absolutely and i've been flying if you fly into more of a line out there since the deal is struck that you referenced clearly seeing a change in passenger behavior people know that it's safe to fly from the mass of the earth loads of the cleaning. go in the iraq testing that i've seen talking about clearly a 1000000 mark is a lot of where we want to be but this shows that when people feel like they have a place to go they're not going to has safe travel safe but they need a place to go and they need. to be behind them to do that well last year aaa reported a record this was a record number of 115600000 americans that travel during the holiday season and travel data from o.a.g. it reported in late september for thanksgiving reservations usually one of the
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busiest weeks for airports the reservations are actually down by as much as 89 percent do you think that those are actually picking up in these these last couple of weeks or are covert numbers actually affecting these. well i think it is some people are making decisions much closer into trouble we're not going to be near we want lists the things he's and i were seeing in a condo in one of her own an airline industry whether things like the vaccine coming revenants has other countries are talking states like hawaii these are all things that are going to reduce there are going to show you one thing with all of these. being laid off to some highlights which take many months to train. we have lost whole entire respect every time. there are firing rounds into the bottom of. this street no matter who wins the election
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a loss of it or willing to reach in your mind should be a she component of wings of their recovery this is landed at their feet so this is beyond partisan politics which actually have to look on the airline. to keep the employees there because if people have a place to go behind but no chance to take on we have failed and we need to complete them to reassure this continuation for another 6 months and this is one of the major points that they really wanted to help airlines with these new this new stimulus that hasn't gone through and the likely won't pass be before the election it looks like it's unlikely at this point even after the election depending how like you said it bipartisan they both want to help out the airlines still we still have to wait a little bit before saying anything go through are we going to see more job cuts in the sector because of this. well 1st off and let's change so quickly even to
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broadcasting there was a report of the. speaker pelosi and you know when it's fox there's a. senate leader mcconnell said that he would hole under whatever they came up with so these are never ever so quickly but it's dependent on us if we don't have this come through early we'll see what more we have and then we. 1st december and services. this is we. try to come out it's when the recovery happens and it will. grow to know the more you. and you will create only after cole. and that is dysfunctional and it is not really to be that's why we are more than a parolee behind us but this is a. problem including the jobs and mining industry some 13 jobs.
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it's it's more than that here. it is exactly where the economy is. absolutely and it looks like the as you mentioned of this contest are this tracing or this testing before you get on to airplanes the international air transport association so sad that it's working on setting something like this up and which could be looking to do an affordable and pass testing of about $10.00 i believe is what they're saying but i want to turn to the latest on the boeing $737.00 max plane that's been grounded since march of 2900 after those 2 fatal crashes american airlines just announced it plans to fly the plane between miami and new york from the end of december december 29th through january 4th they're saying that it's taking a phased approach now the f.a.a. has not yet issued a restart of occasion what's the likelihood that we will see a florida certification by these states. well clearly the match is shown us
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that you can't count on anything we're definitely in the final stages american i fly for american on 737 pilot will go through the match training whatever they've decided it to be since simulators but the process essentially we're in the final stages so to start planning on flying that's a business choice but just like american planners are trained pilots in the simulators starting in november to cancel their plan because it was too aggressive so we're focused on the process right now like a there's a comment period some of the details are not available to us many are asked watch this closely well let me see the training materials that owing is proposing and yet it interstate and says well the training on certain issues will be defined bible gives us some laws because this is a trust for verifying you know the previous path that we've got at this point was well whatever ruling says is why do we need everybody to cross-check in this we're
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in a much better place and we're in for we cannot stop now we have to keep asking these questions the m.p.'s appears if we found other areas that could be enhanced should not cause alarm but we cannot stop them we're reaching a level of higher performance in checklist of things that challenge those pilots or . unfortunate to air crash the f.a.a. will definitely need to come through with this before it gains consumer confidence that people wanting to fly these jets captain dennis tate are a communication coming chairman with the allied pilots association thank you so much for breaking this down for us today. thank you sir that's all for now catch bill must on the man on the portable t.v. app available on your apple and android devices we'll see you next time.
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there was a very nice show from president. that i could have said no thank you or i could have said thank you and i said i'll take it and now it's time to introduce my it's not special close to mr donald trump thank you says a dream much to the. name whatever you want to name i mean i don't know how when i come that news that's dishonest tell when i call that a recorder or e. network that's totally dishonest c.n.n. is says you know a 100 percent negative i can reverse the change fast changes so fast sometimes i'll say that's going to be a great story be a pretty good report and others good as you. do we'll see what happens who knows
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those who knows what we'll see on the field will be successful. because there's survival guide ecstacy just like all the stored safely that all the surface. it's still there you don't get it. all. it's repatriations to look at the after 7 years. bill of the separate parts guys report . you know what i mean maybe up there see i don't think about last pectoral many innocent grown men not me and our 4. i kind of were on the ship on course if not the now i think it's higher than our. members of the african mafias conway's them safe and quick passage to europe but once they. leave they are enslaved they can't reach europe. will
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not some of them leave your mom and i couldn't you know if this unit can get it out i mean. they sold the. lease it's all gone court of the import data because the persona that i can't even . be the normal.
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continues its crackdown on hate speech she told us the closure of a mosque thought to be linked to the beheading of a teacher who showed caricatural to the prophet mohammad. the school turmoil in the u.k. northerners lash os and boris johnson for imposing tough new coronavirus restrictions on the region well 6 people how they feel about. the economic package that you know it's just it works people a lot of big fish are placed in state through about giving people the correct why not just more people are going to be able to survive with it. but the u.s. says it will remove saddam from its black list of state terrorism sponsors but it's coming with a hefty price tag a car too.


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