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to go anywhere why not me. when i come here. you're closing up again spirals out of control with france and germany going back into lockdown. the rage filled the muslim countries over my new micron's defense of the right to no sign of dying down opinion on the streets of paris is that i'd. given him to have the right to use blasphemy i have no right to my religion. is dangerous because it increases the. price of some international tax front so i find it improved to reaffirm the values which we have firmly established from the caricature is the 1st of. the 2020 us presidential election numbers of early voters with 75000000 americans having already cast their ballots for voter
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fraud concerns run high head of the big day. good morning thanks for joining us here on. france is going back international law down as the pandemic spirals it seems out of control across europe french citizens will now need special certificates in order to move around their cities president emanuel said that the tough measures starting friday will last for at least one month. the body but we are overwhelmed by the 2nd plane hit on me that's real man around with certainly be harder and deadlier than the 1st one from by day we will see cocksure of boston restaurants almost sexual in the essential shops will be closed and those poor people in france need it during the 1st lockdown to leave
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home as at is that they will be back at the suggestion is that once again the french will only be able to leave their home if they have to do back essential shopping if they have to go to the doctor says or if they need their one of our old daily exercises back to those agreed restrictive measures the one thing that is different this time around there is the fact that schools will remain open and we know the president machen said that this will be reviewed in 2 weeks to see how the progress is going away or that means that they can perhaps loosen the noose slightly at these measures are being brought in mainly to try and help hospitals hospitals which say they are overwhelmed by cases of cook 19 hospital ringback staff who have been saying commodes they are exhausted and need assistance now we know that this had been expected by many people it fearing the worst that it
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would be this announcement of a 2nd locked out and as a result of that people leaving paris to be able to not stay during a lockdown in perhaps small cramped apartments present makana said the government will give everything possible to keep people in the means that they need to we know that the 3rd along at will be extending it and we know that there will be more aid and then still a social charges and for rent and there will be a total business say so front staring into its 2nd lockdown lockdown that's not expected to last until at least december 1st it's not what the government wanted but to present my concept she said. it was no other choice. germany also has announced the 2nd lockdown that will start on monday won't be quite as strict as francis but it hasn't stopped people coming out to vent their anger with berlin playing host to an anti lockdown march people are worried that certain sectors of the economy including entertainment just won't survive our correspondent
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peter oliver has more. but it's being called lockdown lights essentially what the aim is is to prioritize keeping schools and kindergartens and as much of the economy open as possible at the expense of social contacts what you're not going to be allowed to do is go to any well leisure activity basically see it is james a mature sports all of that is closing down professional sport will continue but those fans that have been allowed into bonds legal football games no more they are going to be played behind closed doors until a miracle the german chancellor in announcing this lockdown light said that these moves were necessary to stop the german health care system becoming overwhelmed if you can daryn this is an example it's a theme if the current rate of spread of the crooner virus in germany continues the health care system will collapse within a few weeks these can get out of control in the blink of an eye so that is why we
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can descents of action the german finance minister or less sure said that no is a crucial month when it comes to germany tackling the coronavirus also put forward 10 chill of a huge financial impetus we're hearing reports that it could be as much as 10000000000 euro that's going to be put into paying the wages essentially of people who've had to not go to work because of this new lockdown light while the majority of germans have supported the measures so overall that have been put in place there is a small but vocal mind nor. ranges really from conspiracy theorists to those who are concerned they won't survive economically who have been protesting against the measures and the actions taken by angela merkel and the german government.
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the measures that have been put in place by the german government are expected to run through until nearly the end of november they will be reviewed in 2 weeks time though but what that does is it brings us into christmas market season what we already know is the christmas market in nuremberg one of the most popular ones in germany isn't going ahead there's also been christmas market closures announced in frankfurt cologne and others there are some that are still scheduled to go ahead we'll have to wait to see how these new measures of the new lockdown affect that opening. protests are gripping the muslim world over the french president's recent defense of the right to parody religion comes as french
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satirical magazine charlie abdo who's caricature was there at the center of the round adds fuel to the fire with its latest front cover this features a cartoon of the turkish president there it is the president of course has been one of the fiercest critics of the french state stands on freedom of expression has called that front cover disgusting with turkish prosecutors even launching a criminal probe. in response to shirley ago publishing his caricature the turkish president slammed its alleged hostility towards islam adding that disrespect for the prophet muhammad is spreading like cancer especially among european leaders we asked people in paris how they see the cartoon. personally i find it is just that even if you have the right to use blasphemy you have no right to mock religion or the. times of crisis and international tax on fronts i find it important to reaffirm the values which we have firmly established in france the
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caricature is the 1st of these. the publication of this drawing and marking a religion is dangerous because it increases he treated. it represents the fact that despite everything humor is the most important thing and there are one in this position after everything here said about france and the president of our republic gets a nice lesson from charlie hebdo. let's get the latest drawing with their other one it's a provocation. the debate over the freedom of expression in france was brought to prominence following the beheading of a teacher near paris 2 weeks ago some new old party was murdered after showing his class caricature of the prophet mohammed is less and had been centered on freedom of speech meanwhile the french ambassador to sweden has recently gone as far as to say that france is a muslim country is remarks didn't ring true though to the prisoners we spoke with . i don't agree with the french ambassador to swear down because we live in
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a secular country there are many communities in france one of them muslim people who try to make a place of friends but to stay secular country was is not a muslim country absolutely not it is a country of judeo christian tradition and there is nothing more to say it is really stupid. france is not a muslim country but islam is the religion which has the most believers here and we can see a lot of racism in france there are prejudices towards muslim people earlier my colleague you know neal and our guest discuss the limits of freedom of expression. you can't hold a country sponsible for one of my using posts can you it's a private enterprise publishing satire in a western liberal nation i don't the problem is just charlie able in their characters i think it's the institutionalisation of mosques i think it's micron's comments that islam is in chaos islam needs to be reformed mccrum to reform islam
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was my granted judge whether islam is in chaos or not i think when it goes up to a presidential level in france and you had someone at the level of micron backing this caricature and making a big fuss about it and criticizing the state of islam yeah that's that's taken very seriously by muslims throughout the world so bright that you space this gives me. all the private newspaper can make up to and use the french tradition you can accent it can refuse if i don't said something throughout turkish french inside this newspaper the name shirley at the during 20 years i sue now they've got 0 to $1.00 against against jesus christ against the pope and. it's not just against misname this newspaper at 1st is not the position of the government the position of the government is freedom of press
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a lot of muslims who are feeling they're being directly attacked by this it's not just seen as a clumped on radical islam is and how do you confront the 2 how do you do that this has echoes of a sort of clash of civilization in value systems i wouldn't go so far as to say it is it is extremely difficult there are clearly different perspectives on the world and volumes i think sensitivity to each other is important and i would say that freedom cannot be absolute in that sense. religion is a very ginger very touchy subject and when you enter someone else's taboo and you claim freedom mood of expression but then you have a leader of french of the year again continue to project this on the buildings you have the french leader continue to say islam is in chaos this really pushes the
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line there is freedom of expression and then there's plain insulting isn't there where there's this fault nobody everybody should drive. for me the problem is not this is the root of the problem is that in my country integration is completely broken of course the biggest difficulties we still make in this same. freedom for the press and said this not by a girl ok but this sense for photos it isn't. just 5 days to go this is u.s. presidential elections already a record breaking one so far more than 75000000 americans cast their ballots in early voting that represents more than a 3rd of all registered voters and while it's still unclear which candidate biden or trump is leading some americans seem to have had a change of heart following last week's final presidential debate online searches for ways of changing early voting ballots have spiked and it's caught the attention
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of the president strongly trending google since immediately after the 2nd debate is can i change my vote this refers changing it to me the answer in most states is yes go do it most important election all of your life. well most states don't actually allow changes once a vote is being cast but in states such as michigan wisconsin and the last vote is can ask officials up to election day to have their absentee ballots invalidated in order to get another one senior research fellow at global policy institute in london george some welly is skeptical of the benefits of early voting well this is of course quite absurd because elections have a dynamic of their own and. you're not really supposed to make up your mind until it's time for election day so clearly what happens now is that middle of the
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election or 2 thirds of the way through the election people are having 2nd thoughts when they're bound to because the election isn't over and i think this is a consequence of allowing people to vote early this is never really happened before there was always. an election and an election day when you're supposed to go and vote on the election day because there's a campaign and the campaign and the day before an election day so this is an inevitable consequence of too many people voting far too early and now they think well i've received a lot of new information and in light of the new information maybe i voted wrongly well this was bound to happen. now the run up to the election is being monitored by concerns of widespread voter fraud with the white house leading unsupported claims that voting could be rigged in favor of biden while the us has long denounce
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foreign elections and democratic now questions are being raised about the legitimacy of its own process killam open has details. you have won over your party and your people you now stand as the new leader of a nation and at this point your primary goal is to repay the voters and please your citizens but all of that depends on what you and your country have to offer washington the guardian of free and fair elections fail to please washington and your grip on power might fade and fast we condemn the hong kong government's decision to postpone for one year its legislative council elections nicolas maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power the probe conducted uncovered proof of massive and systemic fraud on the live in people's courageous demand for free and fair elections and for democracy well what goes around comes around and in 2020
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there are big international concerns about america's election overrule office for democratic institutions and human rights needs assessment mission in tilak it is noted that the conduct of these elections will be the most challenging in recent decades they expect that election officials will face serious challenges prior to and on election day new measures in response to covert 900 pantomimic and expressed concerns over their ability to overcome them so let's break down what those concerns are. coded 19 has forced many parts of the country to go to mail in voting now the concerns there have been laid bare ballots rejected huge delays and some ballots discarded so there's no surprise that some are raising concerns of fraud including donald trump himself this election will be the most rigged election in history this is
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going to be a fraud like you've never seen here's why donald trump and the public have some serious concerns even more than just a few months ago east texas official is in jail accused of committing bolder fraud . manatee county supervisor of elections mike bennett says wiggins requested a mail in ballot for himself and his wife meanwhile the state election board is asking george's attorney general to look into 98 outstanding cases of voter fraud d.o.j. announced at the f.b.i. the pennsylvania state police are investigating fraud in mail in ballots in a loser and county ok so what about good old voting in person them. if you are polling places long lines last minute relocations of polling places and a lack of international observers not convincing either especially for one democratic senator who's gone slightly over the top with this comparison if congress and states don't act immediately our country could face a new electoral tour noble this fall and if you think the vote challenges will be
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over as soon as the polls close. so now the media is ramping up what if donald trump loses but refuses to leave office do you commit to making sure that there's a nice little word for all of the want to get rid of the ballots and you have a very transfer will have a very peaceful there won't be a transfer or frankly there will be a continuation of the ballots to control you know it all of this has got americans bracing for the worst polls show that americans expect riots in the streets after the results are announced no matter which way it goes potential ballot fraud lack of international observers leaders potentially refusing to accept the results and the specter of violence none of this sounds like an atmosphere in which one can have a free fair and transparent election and a quick look across the atlantic shows that only one in 10 europeans think that the
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election's going to be free and fair sanctions condemnation appeals to the united nations and endless grandstanding perhaps the results if this kind of election was seen by the united states. happening in another country illegitimate they might call it well perhaps it's time that the united states trump and biden realize that sometimes it's just as red white and blue on the other side of the fence but artsy new york. panicked america has to buy guns and other topical gives the outcome of the election creates uncertainty that story after the break. the communication was better than humans and their communication 30 does a lot of things better than we do so the possibility not just of being restricted
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with their brains we go out with a fine art known group growing some but even david just combining true human brains together. to me has a low the advantages. seemed wrong. but all wrong just don't call. me. yet to see how it just did come out today. and it gains from an eclipse betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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of tactical equipment to see significant jump in america with fears over the coronavirus pandemic racial tension and the outcome of next week's presidential election driving panicked americans it seems to gun stores explains. b.l.m. protests and riots may have been windell but where there was wrought. there is now cold rage all the grievances are still that all the hate the canal it's it's organized with permits and uniforms and guns a lot of guns. ah. first the virus then b.l.m. and now now the election uncertainty 60 percent of americans expect violence in the wake of the election according to
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a recent poll authorities understand full well the dangers here texas has mobilized a 1000 troops to help police if worse comes to worse stores are already being boarded up fresh forces mobilized more training more police more worry that this election is more contentious than in years. for that reason out plan also includes your ability to respond to any type of incident that may occur people are scared to gun sales or breaking where chords americans war 2000000 guns in september 2 1000000 handguns and rifles this year is said to be record breaking in terms of the sheer number of sold and it isn't because everybody wants to use them it's because everyone's afraid that someone else will this year 2020 has just been one long advertisement for why someone may want to have a firearm to defend themselves and it isn't just weapons it's russkie
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a gas must send emergency rations a lot of people buying a camping stuff they've been buying like the back. ends but it's not played out of everywhere gap in trip or to prepare for something it isn't just politics it is personal according to another recent poll the majority of. trump and biden supporters believe the other side will resort to fall play election fraud and given that both republicans and democrats have been evasive for whether they'll concede defeat you understand why people are nervous before you commit to making sure that there is a peaceful transfer for all of our after the election. as you know that i have been complaining very strongly about the ballots joe biden should not concede under any circumstances because i think this is going to drag out at the end of the day this is a precarious situation in the ocean of anger a flood of guns and
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a tide of fear so much fear now the election isn't just making voters axed in strange ways candidates to been having some odd moments among them democratic running mate to come in the irish during her bid to appeal to young americans and i thought well promotion. everybody got their inner planets have love not yes that's a tire locally they mentor the local. never let myself your powerful and part of the power have especially adolescent is your world.
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i'm good cause i want you to take a look at my nails oh they look. they're looking very. much like the girl you've been a horn sinful well now you know what it's ok. but it has a plan for african-americans we're not dealing with your average joe i feed away looking right now you know exactly where i'm going with the one years we had been off and we made the most of what we finally got somebody to have to be an. owner.
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ok and today don't forget you can check out new stories by heading to our website. i'm max kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this is the hedge fund it's a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge funds are simply not accountable and we're just getting more and more to them. totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for a while because there. is you'll be a reflection of reality.
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in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. the isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallows.
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welcome to the alex salmond show into the 2nd of our special shows marking black history month this year's celebration has achieved record interest in the wake of the surge in support for black lights matter last week we told their. markel story of scotland's forgotten football he'd go on to what's and who led to steam to a devastating 61 triumph over england in march 8081 i'm joe watson was scotland's 1st and thus far only black football captain it was 130 years before the scotsman followed in his footsteps and captain her country if you will my d.h. one of scotland's most corrupt players of all time joins us from florida to tell us of the experience of a black woman beating scotland and we're joined again by england great john barnes who places football in the context of the struggle for equality and justice in the 2nd half of today's show we ask black history 2020 editor kathryn goss about the unprecedented published you received by this year's program of events while
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professor jeff palmer i can use that revisiting the often and simply say deficiency is still a positive experience but 1st your tweets i messed us on last week sure 1st to hear from i'm to say it's really an episode of the show football and black history might not be your thing but it was great to hear from general bright talking of scottish history so well let's hear from chris's says really sure alex i love this story what a remarkable and sadly forgotten figure we should have a statue of him not santa was said i decided content as one of my original creates so much of our history that we don't know thanks for telling the story so well scorches says was it great sure did we detect a lump in your through alex spent describing freydon scotland's 1st but national football cut-n. i think so surely says being a women to a certain age i'm nonplussed by fit sliver i was disappointed by today's topic however i found invading gauging i'm worthy i charge of i'm towards him but was
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surprised by how much he did cheat in his life against a challenging backdrop of the each glenn says another new to me is a complete lack of reference to watson's ethnicity in any of the press to be said ending him on the team's exploits it didn't. matter he was simply a man playing really good that bold friday says fantastic story and one that should be taught fight and wage in scotland i'm beyond the how doesn't collection say brilliant stuff david says very interesting i should just see publicist bobby say suddenly are not mothers side my 5 times great grandfather was black he fought in the 2 major c. bottles of the 18th century in the old navy and served under 2 roll navy captains against my paternal and highland and says to us in the 45 he studied in milton next to grave sin we are told he says job thompson's parents we just and this is the school this man football team have enjoyed the same success as the team i'm dubois and lades have ever encountered us there.


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