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tv   News  RT  October 29, 2020 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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and. so join us for the. aura of the shallows. a knife attack at a church in the french city of nice leaves 3 dead and several more injured the government is holding a crisis meeting. the rage felt in muslim countries over emanuel defense of the right to mock islam shows no signs of dying down opinion in the streets of paris is divided even if we have the right to use blasphemy we have no right to mock religion i find it important to reaffirm the values in which we are firmly established in france the caricature is the 1st of these. and the debate on the freedom of expression was sparked a few weeks ago in france after the beheading of a teacher near paris he showed his class caricature of the prophet mohammed.
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good afternoon just gone 2 o'clock here in moscow you with r.t. international now let's start with that breaking news this hour from france because 3 people are confirmed dead in the sudden french city of nice following a knife attack this is life footage from the site of the attack several others have been left injured the incident took place in the early hours of the story early in the morning in the city center and authorities say a suspect has been arrested so let's go. first to get the latest shot just bring us up to date then with what more we know at this stage. well the investigation into this attack has been taken over by the anti terrorism prosecution here in france they're looking at what happened that led to that attack that sought 3 people killed those people were killed inside the church the basilica
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not done which is in the center of nice where that attack took place now it's does appear that this has all the hallmarks of an islam ist attack although that has not been confirmed by the state we've also had reports that one of the victims was a beheaded if that is true then it is a grim reflection that this would be the 2nd beheading in france in 2 weeks that information not only has come from a police source but also from the mayor of niece who linked the attack today to that attack on the teacher samuel batty on october 16th he described this as being an islamist attack. role. in this new tragedy to do we see victims of islamofascism which i repeatedly denounced. well the perpetrator as you mentioned has been detained but the mayor also said that while the police were trying to detain him he kept shouting out. god is great he's been conveyed to
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hospital where he's been treated for injuries that he was apparently hit by a bullet by the police a crisis meeting took place in the interior ministry with the attendance of the president president matt corn and also the french prime minister and we understand the president is due to head to nice where he will pay is own all marches on tribute to the victims of that attack today as i mentioned 3 people confirmed dead and several injured in that attack that took place on thursday morning in nice now there has been reaction already to that tack many people offering their thoughts and prayers and there has also been shock at this latest incident. of course this attack does come during a very tense time for france to. yes that's right we were urged in france to be vigilant by the secretary general of the national police
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just in the last few days who suggested leading up to the religious festival on november 1st of all saints day that they needed to be extra vigilant particularly around religious sites that came after a threat from an agency close to the terror network al qaeda now they say all of course also comes in the last few weeks when we have seen this rising anti french sentiment this anger against france against its president in majority muslim countries this all follows the fact that president has defended time and time again that it was right for the teacher who was beheaded some of patti to show cartoons of the prophet mohammed in his civics classes and he said that france wouldn't step down from doing that from talking discussing about freedom of speech and that is really fueled anger in many of these countries where there have been large scale protests happening in bangladesh for example more than 40000 people are said to
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have taken to the streets in anger at that some people burning effigies of president macron and others calling for boycotts and those protests have spilled over into other countries they've taken places in such as guards. in libya there's also been this war of words between the turkish president president machen with the turkish president suggesting that president michel needed his mental health checked so really there is being so much fuel to the fire in the last couple of weeks we don't know that this attack in east of a is linked to what's been happening but it's not really a fast dept it's to suggest that there is a link with these things. so
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that's what's been unfolding in france over the last few weeks in this now seems to be something to add to that another brutal attack taking place with 3 people having lost their lives and shiloh while you were there we're also getting reports now just coming in of 2 other instances one in avignon and also an incident in saudi arabia i believe concerning the french consulate what further details we have on those yes this is breaking news with just information coming through there's not a huge amount of detail but we understand that somebody attempted to attack police with a knife in the union which is in the south of france we understand that the perpetrator was shot dead by the police and at the same time reports coming out from saudi arabia this is from the official press agency of the country saying that a man was arrested after attempting to stop in fact did stop an officer
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a guard outside the french court said that in jeddah it really feels as if there is a lot going on this is breaking news but yes 2 further incidents following that attack in nice. ok thank you charlotte charlotte the bill to give air force in paris. ok we can talk now with john laughlin he's a lecturer in history at the university institute of in a tent in paris and joins us live now thanks for coming on jon. what do you make of these latest incidents that we've seen let's just start with the small innings incident how would you look at this in context of recent events in france. well i think like everybody i look at it with intense emotion and terrible foreboding only last night as your viewers know president mccall announced very
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draconian powers to crackdown on the coronavirus his announcement was on the one hand a statement of massive state power the deployment of massive state power of a kind which western europe has not seen since the war. i'm referring of course to the lock down but also to new measures like the requirement that children age 6 wear masks and people wear masks in their own homes and things like that so massive state power on the one hand and on the other hand as with this attack. a blatant inability of the state to maintain law and order because as your reporter has just confirmed and as we know this latest beheading because it it is a beheading and let's not be any in any doubt about that in a church comes as everyone knows shortly after the beheading of a schoolteacher so we have this terrible insoluble contrast
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between the massive deployment of state power against the coronavirus and this total impotence of the state to do anything about the much worse virus of islamic radicalism because let's be no doubt that the man away assume it's a man who committed this these murders is only one of many many thousands tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of potential terrorists in the muslim population of france and the presence of those people in france and on the territory of france has not only been tolerated but has been encouraged for years by political correctness the state and its representative. shed crocodile tears every time there's a terrorist attack but this is no all these people who died this morning in nice the nearly 300 victims there have been nearly 300 victims of islamic terrorism
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islam is terrorism in france in the last 3 years 300 you know the country is in a state of civil war when people are decapitated in churches we are very close to if not already in a state of civil war in france. what you just on one point there john i know you said it was decapitation i think we're still waiting for official confirmation on that point but what do you make of the french president and the turkish president and what they've said about the depictions by charlie hebdo. caricature was a prophet mohammed and also those now of the turkish president do you think that is linked to the timing of today's attack in any way. i think the reason why. we might be waiting for official confirmation of the decapitation is literally out of respect for the victims but there can be no doubt that these people had their
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throats slit they were they got 3 in french and whether or not their heads actually came off their bodies i don't know but the attempt was clearly i don't think we should be any naive about this was clearly to replicate the decapitation of the schoolmaster you asked me about the context with the schoolmaster and the debate about free speech of course that has inflamed muslim opinion around the world you've just shown some pictures on the screen but i go back to what i said just now these people are nearly there and they are it's very close now to 300 victims if not if that figure has not yet been reached it's very close to 300 victims over the last few years and let's not forget that nice itself the city where this latest attack occurred was of course the place where a terrible terrorist attack took place in the summer of 2016 where a lorry ran over about 80 people killing about 80 people that event long predated
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the debate about free speech or charlie and do. cartoons in other words what we are dealing with is as i say and as a specifically islamist terrorism it's not just against charlie hebdo and that the doctrine of free speech in france the fact that people were killed in a church is quite clearly quite clearly self evidently has a religious dimension and unfortunately i don't think that the french political elite with all the political correctness that i just mentioned is able to internalize this religious dimension to the war that is being waged. many muslims the majority of muslims about every muslim organization i've heard speak on the radio has condemned such attacks do you not think that we should see the french president try and work with the existing muslim community more openly perhaps more
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explicitly on television to try and prevent a greater division of what's going on in france at the moment. i'm sorry to to disagree with you andrew but when the schoolmaster was decapitated one of the main muslim organizations in france the cia refused to condemn it and referred only to mourning to the requirement to mourn the victim there was no condemnation of the perpetration of the attack i'm afraid again we mustn't be naive yes some are associations some mosques and so on will condemn it and some have as you rightly say but not all and a lot of muslims unfortunately not only don't condemn it but applaud these kinds of attacks when they occur on social media let's not forget that the man who decapitated the schoolmaster broadcast on his own i think instagram account the fact that he had done it he was proud of it and i think it's almost certain
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that he was applauded for his act by other people what we have to again i repeat i've said it now twice or said a 3rd time we can't be naive when you have terrorist attacks of this kind the and this is the terrible dilemma in this kind of situation the goal is to invite reprisals in other words the goal is to radicalize and to destroy exactly the kind of efforts pacification that you have alluded to in your question and the goal of that is to radicalize. the atmosphere and to poison the atmosphere even further in order to ratchet up the state of civil war because if inus much as there is any strategic or tactical calculation behind these attacks it is surely to poison the social atmosphere so much that there will actually be some kind of civil war and as i say this is
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a terrible time limit for the state because of course there is immense anger including now among the french elites. and i have no doubt among the security forces but they have to strike this incredibly difficult balance in unbelievably difficult circumstances where as i said earlier you have a very large number i can't put a figure on it but a very large number of young men who are prepared to commit this kind of atrocity what can be done then do you think as the next step to try and deescalate this because this into what you've said it sounds very entrenched sides here and if anything matters could easily get worse so what would you like to see done to try and deescalate if that's possible. i don't think a deescalation is the right. approach i mean other people praying in the church this morning were hardly escalating anything they were undertaking the most
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peaceful act possible imaginable. what i think needs to be done is that control is why i started my remarks by talking about this huge demonstration of state power for the krone virus the state needs to take back control to use the bricks it slogan of those hundreds of territories in france including many in the south of france and i have no doubt that the city of nieces has such as owns where there is effectively no law and order because for many many years now if not decades the police have had a hands off approach with these areas and they have been allowed to fester i bet you anything that when the identity of the attacker is released to the press we will hear as has been the case with all these previous attacks that he was known to the security services and was known for various. crimes petty
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or large criminality the fact is that the state has lost control a long time ago of these areas and without. a very strong reassertion of state or therapy i'm afraid i think the situation is desperate i can john really good to talk to thanks here at thoughts the south end of jonathan and lecture in history in paris thank you. now protests are gripping muslim world as you mentioned there over the french president's recent defense of the right to parody religion does come this french satirical magazine charlie hebdo is caricature wars are at the center of the rot adds fuel to the fire with its latest front cover it does feature a cartoon of the turkish president who's been one of the fiercest critics of the french state stance on freedom of expression and chris called the front cover disgusting but turkish prosecutors launching a criminal probe and response to charlotte publishing the caricature of the turkish
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president slammed its alleged hostility towards islam adding that disrespect for the prophet mohammed is spreading like a cancer especially among european leaders we asked people in paris how they see the cartoon. personally i find it disrespectful even if we have the right to use blasphemy we have no right to mock religion. in these times of crisis and international attacks on france i find it important to reaffirm the values on which we are firmly established in france the caricature is the 1st of these. the publication of this drawing and marking a religion is dangerous because it increases hatred. it represents the fact that despite everything humor is the most important thing and there are one in this position after everything here said about france and the president of our republic gets a nice lesson from charlie hebdo. that's the latest drawing without
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a one it's a provocation meanwhile the french ambassador to sweden has recently gone as far as to say that france is a muslim country his remarks didn't ring true with the parisians we spoke to. i don't agree with the french ambassador to swear don't because we live in a secular country there are many communities in france one of them muslim people which have a big place in france but we stay secular country. france is not a muslim country perhaps alou not it is a country of judeo christian tradition and there is nothing more to say it is really stupid. france is not a muslim country but islam is the religion which has the most believers here and we can see a lot of racism in france there are prejudices towards muslim people but only my colleague in any order discuss with our guests are the limits of freedom of expression. you can't hold a country sponsible for one of my missing posts can you it's a private enterprise publishing satire in
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a western liberal nation i don't the problem is just charlie able in their characters i think it's the institutionalisation of mosques i think it's micron's comments that islam is in chaos is a lot needs to be reformed mccrum to reform islam was my granted judge whether islam is in chaos or not i think when it goes up to a presidential level in france and you have someone at the level of metron backing this caricature and making a big fuss about it and criticizing the state of islam yeah that's that's taken very seriously by muslims throughout the world so bright that you space this gives me. all the private newspaper can make up to and use the french tradition you can accent it can refuse if i don't send something to our turkish friend inside this newspaper the name shirley at the during 20 years i so get 0 to $1.00
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against against jesus christ against the pope and. it's not just against misname this newspaper the post is not the position of the government the position of the government is freedom of press a lot of muslims who are feeling they're being directly attacked by this it's not just seen as a clumped on radical islam is and how do you confront the 2 how do you do that this has a sort of clash of civilization value systems i wouldn't go so far as to say it is it is extremely difficult there are clearly different perspectives on the world in volumes i think sensitivity to each other is important and i would say that freedom cannot be absolute in that sense. religion is a very ginger very touchy subject and when you enter someone else's
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taboo and you claim freedom of expression but then you have a leader a french leader again and continued to project this on the buildings you have the french leader continue to say islam is in chaos this is really pushes the line there is freedom of expression and then the plane insulting isn't there where does this fall nobody everybody should drive. for the problem is not mislead the problem is that in my country and grisha it's completely broken of course the biggest difficulties we still make in this same time freedom for the press and if i can said this not by girl ok but this sense for photos it is. ok let's go back to our breaking news story today from france because 3 people are confirmed dead in the sudden french city of nice following a knife attack this is life footage we're looking at from the scene where several
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others have been left injured the incident took place early in the morning in the city center and authorities do say a suspect has been arrested we'll have more details and reaction after the break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. sputnik 5 has the world. just like its namesake the original sputnik. the 1st cruft to leave. orbit the world sidewall many questions remain unanswered about russia's new
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vaccine the authorities are confident enough to go forward with mass production. very hopeful for. what the assembly states please we may say you should be able to know because i was. to receive. interest preliminary requests. william those of us all fresh and but see. all right this is happening all the way go and the reaction has been exactly the same as it was waved by. journalists and us. the world reaction is made of green cheese. by little. but. it's.
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computer communication mental and human communication does a lot of things to them where you do so the possibility of not just being
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restricted with the brains we've got with the fine art no group growing but even today even just combining true human brains to go. to millions of other with the jews. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. by salacious little community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. what is true what is. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. already made in the shallows.
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welcome back ok let's return to that breaking news from france today because 3 people are confirmed dead in the southern french city of nice following a knife attack this is life for the chair from the scene where several other people have been injured to the incident took place early in the morning in the city center and authorities do say a suspect has been arrested so let's get more details now with our correspondent in front charlotte because he joins us from paris shot what more can you tell us then about what happened today. well the latest on this incident in nice is the fact that the anti terrorism prosecution has taken over the investigation that gives you a sense that this is being treated as a terror attack even though that hasn't been officially confirmed by the anti terror prosecutor we expect him to give
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a press conference in the next few hours about that attack in nice that's left 3 people dead we know one was a man one was a woman and we also understand one of the victims was the guardian of the church this is tac took place in the center of not. in the center of nice we understand from the confirmation reports from the local mayor that one of the victims was beheaded that hasn't come from the police yet although police sources have also given the information to news agencies if that is true then this links this grimly to the beheading we saw in france just 2 weeks ago with the teacher patty mare of the niece is also described this as a terror attack. in this new tragedy to do you see victims of islamofascism which i repeatedly denounced where the perpetrator was
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detained we understand they were shot by police on the scene that they've been taken to hospital for injuries but again information coming out from the marrow of nice that while the perpetrator was being apprehended by the police he shouted out back several times this really does give you the sense that this is the hallmarks of an islam missed attack even though that has not yet been confirmed by the authorities a crisis meeting has been held in france and president matt corn is due to go to nice to pay his own tributes now there has already been shock and reaction to that latest attack in nice including many offering their own thoughts and prayers. i am deeply shocked and saddened by the news of the horrific attack and nice this pain is felt by all of us in europe we have a duty to stand together against violence and those that seek to incite and spread hatred well those thoughts and prayers have also come from
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the parliamentary and politicians here in france a minute's silence was held in the national assembly this morning and opposition politicians of also offered their thoughts and prayers to the families of those 3 people who've lost their lives in nice today but also quite strikingly was something that marine le pen said on twitter today she described this as being an acceleration of islam this acts of war against french citizens and that is something that will resonate with a lot of people at the moment given that the terror threat in france remains very high and course we shouldn't forget should be sure of that this attack does come during a very tense time for france yes that's why the director general of the national police just said in the last few days that they need to be extra vigilance french people particularly those around religious sites as france is coming up to celebrating a religious holiday all saints day.


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