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or are you being led. by. what is true or false is. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us of the. forum or even the shallows. again you're watching r.t. international now let's just give you a recap then and what we know so far about the knife attack in the french city of nice earlier today 3 people are confirmed dead and several more have been left injured the incident took place early in the morning inside a church in the city center and authorities do say a suspect has been arrested present mccrone this travel to the city following the
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attack meanwhile another incident has been reported in the french town about me now on where a man was shot dead during an attack on police officers there while allegedly shouting god is great in arabic following the events france's terror threat has now been raised to its maximum level. protests meanwhile a grip in the muslim world over the french president's recent defense of the right to parody religion it does come as the satirical magazine surely a caricature was at the center of the rather added fuel to the fire with this latest front cover it does feature a cartoon of the turkish president who has been one of the fiercest critics of the french state stance on freedom of expression and career branded the front cover disgusting with turkey's prosecutors launching a criminal probe now in response to the shoddy had no publication the turkish president slammed it as hostility towards islam he said disrespect for the prophet mohammed is spreading like a cancer especially among european leaders we asked people in paris how they do see
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the carty. personally i find it is respectful even if you have the right to use blasphemy you have no right to mock religion. least times of crisis and international attacks on france i find it important to reaffirm the values on which we are firmly established in france the caricature is the 1st of these. the publication of this drawing and mocking a religion is dangerous because it increases hatred. it represents the fact that despite everything humor is the most important thing and there are one in this position after everything here said about france and the president of our republic gets a nice lesson from charlie hebdo. ask the latest drawing with their 21 it's a provocation meanwhile the french ambassador to sweden recently claimed france is now a muslim country but his remarks didn't ring true with the peruvians we spoke to. i
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don't agree with the french ambassador to swear down because we live in a secular country there are many communities in france one of them muslim people which have a big place in france but we stay secular country. france is not a muslim country perhaps alou not it is a country of judeo christian tradition and there is nothing more to say it is really stupid. france is not a muslim country but islam is the religion which has the most believers here and we can see a lot of racism in france there are prejudices towards muslim people but only my colleague you know neal and our guest to debate the limits of freedom of expression . you can't hold a country sponsible for one of my using posts can you it's a private enterprise publishing satire in a western liberal nation i don't the problem is just charlie able in their characters i think it's the institutionalisation of mosques i think it's microns
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comments that islam is in chaos islam needs to be reformed mccrum to reform islam was move wrong to judge whether islam is in chaos or not i think what it goes up to a presidential level in france and you have someone at the level of metron backing this caricature and making a big fuss about it and criticizing the state of islam yet that's taken very seriously by muslims throughout the world so bright that you space this gives me. all the private newspaper can make up to and use the french tradition you can accent it can refuse if i don't said something to our turkish friend inside did this newspaper the name shelley at the during 20 years i so that it gets your war against against jesus christ against the pope and. it's not just against misname this newspaper at 1st is not the position of the government
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the position of the government is freedom of press a lot of muslims who are feeling they're being directly attacked by this it's not just seen as a clumped on radical islam is and how do you confront the 2 how do you do that this has a sort of clash of civilization value systems i wouldn't go so far as to say it is it is extremely difficult there are clearly different perspectives on the world in volumes i think sensitivity to each other is important and i would say that freedom cannot be absolute in that sense. religion is a very ginger very touchy subject and when you enter someone else's tabooed and you claim freedom of expression but then you have a leader of a french leader again continue to project this on the buildings you have
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a french leader continue to say islam is in chaos this really pushes the line there is freedom of expression and then there's plain insulting isn't there where does this fault nobody everybody tried to do. for me the problem is not misnamed brody jenner the program east in my country and to gracious it's completely broken of course the biggest difficulties we still make in this same times freedom for the press and if i can said this not by god ok but this sense for photo cities are you watching out international thank you company a softening of we will continue our coverage of the knife attack in the french city of nice just after the break. l. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. i robot
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must obey the orders given by human beings except where such orders to conflict with the 1st law show your identification or should be very careful about official intelligence at that point all v.s.e. is to trace. every one of the shia. conflicting theories chozen with artificial intelligence will summon the demon. the obama must protect its own existence has only existed. in the 1920 s. and thirty's several 100 african-americans moved to the soviet union and many of their descendants still live in russia. looking at the risk of no no rush but i thought it was tough to get sick. with a cyclone things in your bios at the national scope back home but i can merican
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suffered from racism and a complete lack of prospects. of the real. one by elsa store on her by doing. so they decided to leave everything behind and start a new life in a country about which they knew almost nothing at all and some of the american reared who were too thrilled with the american found great crowd. to moulay a golf you know going to call you. know almost a 100 years later the history is repeating itself my great grandfather george time went to russia. on probable wars try to go anywhere why not me. when i come here.
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welcome back you with r.t. international now let's just give you a quick recap then what we know so far about the knife attack in the french city of nice the country is now raising its terror threat to the highest level 3 people who are confirmed dead and several more injured one of the victims was beheaded by the attacker the suspect has been arrested in french anti terror prosecutors are investigating the case with more on all of today's events his charlotta been spin our reporting from powers the attack level in france has been raised in the last few hours to attack level meaning france thinks it could be subject to other attacks following what's happened in nice where 3 people were killed inside
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a church inside not. in the heart of the city of nice present mark warner has arrived on the site to see what's happening and to offer his condolences 3 people dead including one we understand who was beheaded in an attack that has shocking reminiscent of that attack on the history teacher said patty less than 2 weeks ago 2 others also killed in that attack we are not exactly sure of the details of what happened to them but they do understand that it was a mass stabbing that took place inside the church now the marigny says been talking out about what's happened he's described this as a terror attack. in this new tragedy to do receive victims of islamofascism which i repeatedly denounced while the antiterrorism prosecution has taken over the investigation into what unfolded in nice and we are waiting for further
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developments from them to see whether they are officially considering this to be a terror attack but all suggestions would show that that is exactly what it is it has the hallmarks. of islamist attacks including when the perpetrator was apprehended by the police he apparently screamed out. several times that is god is the greatest the french prime minister has been paying his own condolences this act which is barbarian as it is cowardly has plunged the entire nation into mourning the government has just raised its terror alert level throughout the country there's been reaction as well from opposition politicians who are questioning what's happened in nice some of the strongest came from the leader of the national rally in marine le pen the dramatic acceleration of islamist erik's a war against our fellow citizens in our country demands from our leaders a comprehensive response aimed at the red occasion a visit from our soil where she did of course offer her condolences to the families
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of the victims of that brutal attack in the heart of nice on thursday morning and that's also been the thoughts and condolences from many of the people now of course this attack happened in a catholic church and the vatican has been speaking out about this recently suggesting that they condemn this attack and also has said that terrorism and violence is never acceptable and this does come to you doesn't it charlotte it's a very tense time for france yes france at the moment is on the edge of a knife with this anger spilling out in majority countries this comes after president machen to friend the right to publish and choose controversial cartoons of the muslim prophet mohammed in civics lessons such as after the beheading of 7 patti and also to be published in french magazines and in its newspapers let's take a quick reminded now of what's unfolded in the last 2 weeks.
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one of our competitors was murdered because he taught our compassion. as the victim of an islamist terror attack. and this is the concern person of russian nationality and of chechen origin benefited from a refugee status and lived in. he was not known to the intelligence services on a judicial level he's never been convicted but was known for cases of damaging public property and gang violence while still a minor. he
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asked muslim children to raise their hands and leave the classroom he did it my son told me he didn't do it to discriminate or to hurt he did it to preserve the children to not shield them he explains i'd prefer if you left because i'm going to show a cartoon of the prophet of islam i don't want to shock you. i'm even more shocked that this college is one i opened when i was the town mayor working there was nice and it was located in a neighborhood without any problems of violence i don't think this act of terror is a crazy man but a premeditated act well following comments by president not calling that france would not step back from showing these controversial cartoons that has been this out spelling of anger in many muslim majority countries with protests in bangladesh
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in jordan libya and in other countries it's also been a call for a boycott of french products and we've heard the turkish president to his ascension led to the charged. saying the president needed to have his mental health check all of this comes as the director general of the national police in france has been urging for the last few days for additional vigilance in the wake of what's happening this anti french sentiment he indeed said to people that they needed to be extra vigilant particularly around places such as religious sites which of course this church in release is what a series of other similar attacks were reported today and this is you have in your own and also in the saudi city of jeddah france has faced a number of brutal terror attacks in recent years to. fix.
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ok well let's bring in now the chief executive of the ramadan in the u.k. mohammed schiff ache thank you very much for joining us this evening man made firstly want to get your thoughts on what we've seen today another shocking beheading in france. all this as we see tensions continue to increase in the country. what is very clear that you if you stand with humanity you condemn terrorism and equivocally. the attack on a teacher and this attack is an attack against all decent people around the world and i have no hesitation in calling that out for what it is which is a very evil and barbaric crime but we have to also look at what's been happening over these last few months with president micron's war on islam class of
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civilization adopting the language of terrorists and supporting it carriger of the prophet mohammed which is set out to nothing to cause harm and hate to the feelings of muslims around the world so yes we're going to condemn this terrorist strike and anybody who thinks they are doing that in the name of my faith i condemn i reject that but also equally we condemn child yet don't we condemned president france and anybody else who supports these current just because this is their only aim it is published these cartoons is to promote hatred and i cause harm to muslims around the world and i think that's very very clear do you not see that present macron perhaps is in a bind here because many people say look he actually absolutely has to defend the rights of freedom of speech in his country. once the president is on the verge of a president a presidential election next year so he's reaching out to the far right and the
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doctor the language of the far right and that has been a decades of discrimination and harassment mass unemployment people living in ghettos and no you don't work being done to bring the mainstream to bring. into the image the image tackle their issues so this is a consequence is that all successive governments over decades you know let's be clear that president. when he adopts the language of class and civilization is adopting the language of what the terrorists want to do they want to divide communities and this was more of the point i would do that i really like to make we saw 2 muslim women stabbed a few weeks ago paris we didn't see the blanket coverage of that we didn't see it being called terrorists and that is to duplicity and double standards that have been applied by some western governments and nations has to be called out and that's what to do. and on the issue of islamic extremism and i know you are right
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at the start of this interview you try to make it clear you know you condemn islamic extremism but what can be done to counter that. well i had said that to your through your program and russia today to muslims watching this around the world that if you want to oppose these cartoons if you want to post charlie hebdo and president called do it through the peaceful methods don't give in to the terrorist narrative don't give in to the narrative of president micro who wants to cause a cluster civilization do it through peaceful methods challenge it as i'm doing on your program here and call it out for what it is this is a deliberate attempt to target one particular faith and he some of your views mainstream and solve a sceptical form of what a great ism in our societies and it's got to be called act in terms of integration muslims living all over europe not not just in france t.c. an issue of integration i see that there may be pockets of issues in some
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communities but on the whole if you look at people here in the united kingdom you know my father's generation came here in the sixty's were very integrated i'm told i support democracy an individual freedom but that also gives me the right to challenge and oppose cartoons that you picked our prophet mohammed peace be a point of so there is an issue but actually you know it's a question isn't just the responsibility of immigrants a minority communities it's responsibility of all of us and we've got to reflect are we doing it or to integrate people are we doing enough to learn about each of those faith in a positive way and the other thing i do which is really not a symbol is that my faith and he slammed the prophet mohammed isn't immune to criticism this isn't about criticizing islam would challenging or question islam this is about demonizing our faith and our religious figures and in terms of the overall response to the attacks we've seen she feel that crime would have been better if you reached out to the muslim communities those that also condemn the
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attack you think more could have been done in that respect. and i have a horse terrorism i've stood up against it since you know i've been active in public life here the u.k. and around the world and continue to do whatever the risk you know we know and that you know talked about this with you before where i've been this huge deficits for these terrorist groups so we'll continue our work but you're absolutely right you know when terrorist and the far right want to divide communities we could push through ahead and work together closely together condemn the terrorist attack we saw today in east anybody who's carrying out. crimes our enemies there's no doubt about that we've been very consistent in that in terms of my organization but also that you know there's a responsibility that when you practice your freedom of speech you do so in an element of respect and tolerance and that's what president or just can't understand mohammed really good to talk to that was mohammed to fake chief executive of the
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ramadan foundation under the u.k. thank you. we appreciate you watching to here in our take back again with more headlines more stories and the latest on those acts of terror in france in about 10 minutes. an entire village in alaska has had to move if another country trying to wipe out an american town. we do everything in our power to protect the. wanted data skipping climate change poses the same threat right now alaska does seem some of the fuss just coastal erosion in the world we lost about 30 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. it is fast and that means the river is $35.00 closer than how it was
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4 i don't think we're part of earth for. backstabbers financial survival guide. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside to artificially low mortgage through don't get carried away that's cause report. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led.
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away. what is true what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. shallowest. nominally speaking the role of the media is to inform the public this mission is now on hold large parts of the media landscape particularly big tech have to flee intervene to determine what the public can know and from whom has controlled speech please freedom of speach. go in and you may never get out which ones are the most of.
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my teenage gang rules here. don't want to be moved. the minute. you were. but. maybe. minus. 0 to. one for the yeah. and melanie right now wouldn't. you. see. sputnik 5 has been it took the world. just like its namesake the original sport. the 1st draft of
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a to leave. orbit the world's sidewall many questions remain unanswered about russia's new vaccine the authorities are confident enough to go forward with mass production. puzzle for. what's going to somebody states please when you specifically say be able to know because no one. really read the received. interest in preliminary requests. williams those of us all fresh in fact see. all right this is happening all the way go and the reaction has been. exactly the same as it was way back then journalist in us. the world reaction is made of green cheese.
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but. it's. the way of you know down with the white i want the world a little outcry. in the soil although i don't think it's the local. call up top that want to feel. oh my. only if i want to. be a star or a. 6 computer communication better than human communication does
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a lot of thing better than where you do so the possibility of just being restricted with the brains we go with the finite number of growing. even today even just combining true human brains together. has a lot of the advantages. wrong
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. to shape our.
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common ground. france comes under attack as a knife man goes on a rampage at a cathedral in nice leaving 3 dead and several injured the mayor says his city is the victim of fascism. project in this new tragedy today received victims of islamofascism repeatedly denounced meanwhile in the city of avignon the man is shot dead shot dead shot dead after threatening people with a gun this all comes to weeks since the beheading of a teacher near paris who had shown his cast controversial cartoons of the prophet mohammed meanwhile at the french consulate in saudi arabia a man has been arrested after attacking a security guard with another.


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