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tv   News  RT  October 29, 2020 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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6 france comes under attack a knife and goes on the rampage of a cathedral in east leaving $3.00 and $3.00 dead and several injured the man says his city is the victim of islamic fascism. in this new tragedy today we see victims of islamofascism repeatedly denounced president back from meanwhile has visited the scene and says his country is under attack in more than doubles the deployment of soldiers across the country. the french in saudi arabia is also targeted where a man is arrested after attacking a security guard with a knife.
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hello there you watching r.t. international with our continuing breaking news to you coming out of france because france has found itself the victim of yet another brutal knife attack 3 people were killed with at least one beheaded when a man targeted a cathedral in the southern city of new. well the moment we're looking at here in the footage is there a time when police entered the cathedral after the sale into truck early this morning the suspect was arrested after being shot and wounded by police and the
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terror prosecutors have launched a probe and the country's terror alert system has been raised to maximum our president macron has visited the scene of the tragedy and given his reaction he said his country was under attack and ordered the tightening of security in schools and places of worship he also said to a visible army presence would be boosted nationwide. only push and i have decided to mobilize more of our soldiers in the next few hours and we will expand the mobilization within the framework of the guards duty operation from 30027000 soldiers on our soil. but in light of today's events in france the country has raised its terror threat system to the highest level with more now on all of the events is charlotte pinsky. the attack level in france has been raised in the last few hours to attack a level meaning france thinks it could be subject to other attacks following what's
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happened in nice where 3 people were killed inside a church inside not. in the heart of the city of nice present mark warner has arrived on the site to see what's happening and to offer his condolences 3 people dead including one we understand who was beheaded in an attack that has shocking reminiscent of that attack on the history teacher sent back to less than 2 weeks ago 2 others also killed in that attack we are not exactly sure of the details of what happened to them but they do understand that it was a mass stabbing that took place inside the church now the marigny says been talking out about what's happened he's described this as a terror attack. in this new tragedy today we see victims of islamofascism which i repeatedly denounced while the antiterrorism prosecution has taken over the
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investigation into what unfolded in nice and we are waiting for further developments from them to see whether they are officially considering this to be a terror attack but all suggestions would show that that is exactly what it is it has the hallmarks of islamist attacks including when the perpetrator was apprehended by the police he apparently screamed out. several times that is god is the greatest the french prime minister has been paying his own condolences this act which is barbarian as it is cowardly has plunged the entire nation into mourning the government has just raised its terror alert level throughout the country there's been reaction as well from opposition politicians who are questioning what's happened in nice some of the strongest came from the leader of the national . a rally in marine le pen the dramatic acceleration of islamist acts to war against our fellow citizens in our country demands from our leaders a comprehensive response and at the ready cation of business and from our soil
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bullshitted of course offer her condolences to the families of the victims of that brutal attack in the heart of niece on thursday morning and that's also been the thoughts and condolences from many of the people now of course this attack happened in a catholic church and the vatican has been speaking out about this recently suggesting that they condemn this attack and also has said that terrorism and violence is never acceptable and this does come to you doesn't it charlotte it's a very tense time for france yes france at the moment is on the edge of a knife with anger spilling out in muslim majority countries this comes after president machen to friend did the right to publish and choose controversial cartoons of the muslim prophet mohammed in civics lessons such as after the beheading of 7 patty and also to be published in french magazines and in its newspapers let's take a quick reminder now of what's unfolded in the last 2 weeks. on
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the one of our competitors was murdered because he taught our competitor it was the victim of an islamist terror attack. and this is the concern person of russian nationality and of chechen origin benefited from a refugee status and lived in the earth that he was unknown to the intelligence services on a judicial level he's never been. convicted the was known for cases of damaging public property and gang violence while still a minor. he
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asked muslim children to raise their hand and leave the classroom he did it my son told me he didn't do it to discriminate or to hurt he did it to preserve the children to not shock them he explained i'd prefer if you left because i'm going to show weaker tune of the prophet of islam i don't want to shock you. i'm even more shocked that this college is one i opened when i was the town mayor working there was nice and it was located in a neighborhood without any problems or violence i don't think that this act of terror is a crazy man steve but a premeditated act. well following comments by president not calling that france would not step back from showing these controversial cartoons that has been this
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out spilling of anger in many muslim majority countries with protests in bangladesh in jordan libya and in other countries there's also been a call for a boycott of french products and we've heard the turkish president who is essentially led the charge saying the president might call and needed to have his mental health check all of this comes as the director general of the national police in france has been urging for the last few days for additional vigilance in the wake of what's happening this anti french sentiment he indeed said to people that they needed to be extra vigilant particularly around places such as religious sites which of course this church in nice is. ok let's talk now with a lawyer and author of multiple books on islam and also secularism he's with us a saving him a grateful. firstly if we heard say that he believes france is in danger just how fragile is the situation in the country. i
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mean the 1st of all if you look if you allow me just to pay my condolences of course to the victim of this attack and to condemn clearly without any reserve or whatever. joining as a muslim dmn of the a muslim community in this kind of nation that being saved now in coming to your question is the the 1st thing that we need to understand is like since a couple of weeks now there have been pressure build up on multiple subject in fronts and. they went to international because they have this all this boycott france product and pain and been some exchange with the president erdogan that didn't help at all and on multiple times they said that the way that president are talking it is talking to the french president is not going to help anything is going to build up pressure and at the end of the day there will excite
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sub minds and that will not contribute to the peace of french society so at the end of the day all this pressure has been build up the situation you cannot see is fragile because still pretty doma court has said that he is going to and now ask them army member to comment to protect the. their worship places is going to make sure that everything is going according to the law and everything is respected but at the same time we are facing a very specific situation because we have the long down has been pronounced again in france so everybody's back to the situation in march almost with a service several exceptions but and and on top of that we have upcoming. different christians. days there to christmas and all that there is coming so with
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this attack the level of awareness of the services will be really high in putting more troops on the streets closing mosques closing muslim associations in your mind is this get to the roots of the problem. well. i would say putting army member in the street will help right after the aftermath of the attack so basically you will contain you will try it you will let the police officer do their job which is to find the link in between the the terrorist and different organization if there there is some if there is no organisation then where he come from his background and all that so this these the fact that we are mobilizing the army will up today definitely but on the long term the problem against terrorism is always the same it's it's it is
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a very long and very hard war that we are facing today and this war will not be fight with common forms this this war needs to be fought by different people from the civil society different muslim who has good knowledge of islam and what is radicalization how we come into process how is process into the mind of radicalized people and also and this is a very major point here is putting army on the street closing mosque will not solve the main problem which is i think i feel that the main problem is one the fact that we don't we have less and less human intelligence is human intelligence officers so who go infiltrate these urbanisation these terrorist organisation who can give us tips from syria can give us tips from the ground we have less and less data and all our intelligence services our beds on them so that's not going to work on
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a long term and the 2nd element that we really need to face here is the budget how much are you going to give to be contra terrorism services in order to avoid this terrorist attack and i would mention here that unfortunately we always cover more the end when the incident happened than org. all the east incident that has been stalked by the french services there have been 10 almost 20 terrorist attack that have been stopped by the intelligence services all doing amazing job and sometimes at the prejudice of their own private life so i think we should be grateful for that for the service that they're giving to the country but at the same time we should really discuss the budget and we should really discuss the human resources that really ready to allocate on the contrary is a front and in terms of the big discussion a lot of the focus has been on charlie had freedom of speech that's just one
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element of it isn't it or is it right to focus so heavily on this issue. well look when some he has done this caricature there's a discard who's he told that and i think the sequence that you should just before we start our talk show that clearly that he didn't want it to offense in the muslim people so he said you can cover your eyes you can look aside so i think the issue was not an issue of cartoons or of possibility of expressing himself. anybody to the cartoon and i think that's the case even after the child how to tell you of the attack nobody does because the freedom of speech everybody's pretty ok with that i mean apart from excited terrorist or phanatic everybody is ok with the fact that we live in a country where freedom of speech is an essential values of human rights and need
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to be respected under the under the boundaries of this freedom because every freedom has bondra but at the same time we are seeing that the root response that we have. against these the attack is as you mention we start some. muslims association we start discussing it does desolation of a muslim association with actually doing all the job for going to the court and fighting against muslim discrimination faced by muslim women wearing the headscarf for example so the deposit the political move is sometimes based on emotions and i think we should quit that way of dealing with terrorism terrorism want us to deal with emotion saluting muslim muslim association putting a restriction on muslim rights putting more and more scrutiny on muslim
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associations but that's not that they're not going to solve our problem with terrorism because we need. these muslim organisation in order to combat terrorism and that's a big mistake that a lot of government makes when it comes to a terrorist attack on their soil this start fighting against immigration to start struggling against muslim and distort stigmatisation and stigmatization will never help and will only forced a division in our society who should have more decent experience who come on the t.v. in order to tell us and explain to us what islam isn't how when does it stop when you can consider that a person is being radicalized these are very difficult technical matters so i would say that the way you were where we were responding by more of free speech is it is just political it's nothing really to do with the
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live through forms that we need to have connected with the ground on what is going on. about the terror the terrorism in france are safe really good to talk she we have to leave it there at a time i was at 11 if your and author of multiple books on islam and seculars and thank you thank you very i mean my french consulate and saudi city of jeddah horse they came under attack today a guard was left with stab wounds after being targeted by a man armed with a knife the attacker was arrested and the guard was not seriously injured france officials called on saudi authorities to ensure the safety of french people in the country well earlier i discussed all of what lies behind the recent wave of attacks with artie's but outcast they have. this is been the pattern for the last several years of attacks and terror all over france and they've been ceaseless 2015 the attack on sharlee abdul headquarters
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a dozen people killed then the same year the attacks and in paris more than 100 people killed 400 injured the next year the truck attack in nice 80 people killed 20172018 more stabbing shootings ramming then 2000 the tack of a police station and other shootings and stabbings this is this is a horrific pattern horrific pattern leading up to this year and of course 2 weeks 3 attacks and many of these attacks can be traced back to these these characters charlie abdu and this is perhaps the reason the french patiences is running out both among the public of both and among the government we we've seen mass rallies calling for an end to this you know enough is enough is enough these are just cartoons these are just characters. there is there is this sense in the president's
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reaction to the murder of the french teacher 2 weeks ago that you know the french government is toughening up its position but samuel was murdered for the very reason that he embodied the values of the french republic he was killed because islamists want to destroy our future and with silent heroes like simultaneity they will not prevail samuel was a victim of lies a conspiracy theory of the hatred of others of what we are on friday he became the face of the republic and our desire to break down terrorist networks islamicists to live like a community of free citizens he was talking there about the beheading of the french teacher a couple of weeks ago i want to differentiate government do you in particular in response to that. well there's a very strong reaction they went after the muslim civil society shutting down some 50 energy use and charities including the collective against the slab of phobia in
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france which is considered somewhat mainstream nevertheless they have now gone after them more than 200 people are either awaiting deportation from france or have been arrested by authorities on suspicion of being radicalized in and you know the interior minister has come out and called some of these in jews' enemies of france enemies of france and these are french and use these are french organizations french charities which is again in keeping with the president's own very tough rhetoric about what is happening and what is going on nevertheless what they hope to achieve with with this by toughening up rhetoric by taking a very hard stance by throwing mediation to the wind and now insisting the war going on what they hope to achieve with this. is unclear at the moment but what we do know it has provoked a strong reaction from muslim countries well there's been
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a double reaction this is the 1st reaction has been condolences condolences with regards to the murder of the teacher condolences with regards to what has happened today even even turkey coming out and saying that you know this is completely unacceptable there is new explanation there is no reason for murder there is no justification for behaving people for killing civilians out in the streets of the city the other reaction has been not to what is happening in france but to what french authorities are saying and in the muslim world this is from north africa all the way to southeast asia them and malaysia the reaction has been very different because they're seeing they're hearing what the french are saying motors not as called the nation of terrorism but as is. to be abiding islamophobia they're seeing seeing more of the french doing what the french are saying. and they don't understand that because what they see is a slum a phobia they see them going after muslims muslim charities muslim organizations.
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as opposed to going after terrorists and radicals france of the other hand of course saying that it is terrorists and radicals that they're going after the hour after the islam of fascists i believe the latest that they've come up with. the muslim world is increasingly upset by what the french are saying. needs mental health treatment what else can be said to a head of state who does not understand freedom of belief and who behaves in this way to millions of people living in his country who are members of a different faith muslims are the primary victims of the cult of hatred empowered by colonial regimes and exported by their own clients insulting 1100000000 muslims and their sanctities for the apparent crimes of such extremists is not you know stick abuse of freedom of speech it only fuels extremism the recent statements that the leadership level is the dence of disintegration of the holy qur'an
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a reflection of this increasing islamophobia that is spreading in european countries we must explain to the western world the value systems differ for different social and religious and ethnic groups in the world so all the politicians and the leaders coming asking for asking for what are you saying the ambassador was summoned in iran we also have more slim's ordinary muslims all over the world people who have one of nothing to do with terrorism we want nothing to do with these beheadings in who condemn condemn violence they're still coming out into the streets there waving banners across the muslim world even even here there was a small demonstration in moscow today. before before this incident and what people want to know is where does free speech end. and where does religious tolerance begin because by by the descriptions of these characters is the point of them was was to insult they are insulting the crude they're insulting and the point was to
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get a reaction this is what many muslims many analysts say that surely do which usually doesn't sell very many copies i believe that in the past was around 60000 but they feed they capitalize on huge amounts of good and huge amounts of attention that they get after every publication after every major incident that they're in the limelight and this is what ordinary people are saying that you know there's been a history of this now they keep doing it and doing it and it isn't it isn't for. the defense of freedom of speech is as an act of freedom of speech which is obviously very different to the position of many logan as ations journalists the french authorities that say religion is religion and it is it is subject to free speech you can say whatever you want about religion nevertheless there has been this this pattern of protests and violence around it charlie able to.
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be here it's happening again another 3 attacks in the span of 2 weeks i mean when will it dead when will it end and we haven't seen much change in the way that fridge authorities a good thing about this ok they've they've now susan to be a little harder. on those they perceive to be the most radicals they're now saying you know this is this is essentially a war. cold war but there's no change in the way that they're doing about that so it's the same response we're going to crack down we're going to listen to more calls we're going to arrest people more people preemptively i mean what will
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change a law on the he was very odd she was very odd saying that you know we stand by jollier but we condemn in the house just these terror attacks and yet alternately nothing is changing i know this is incredibly complex issue you know with many people are divided many people as we've heard here over the course of today of how to do about resolving this but for now french authorities believe that a firm and this will will perhaps somehow lead to to a conclusion to to an end to these incessant terror attacks against the talking to me. now in light of today's events in france the country has raised its terror threat system to the highest level so lets them just recap on what's happened 3 people were killed with at least one beheaded in a cathedral in the city of nice several of those were injured the suspect was arrested after being shot and wounded french anti terror prosecutors have now
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launched a probe into the incident meanwhile a series of other similar attacks were also reported today one in the city avignon and also the saudi city of jeddah in the last few years france has faced a number of brutal terror attacks. well author and anti terror expert dr louis harrington does believe despite what many are saying about the challis had a caricature they've actually had little influence on the terror level in france. when we need to see what goes on with the stream of speech it annoys a lot of people and the people that sharing our chose to track they're not doing it
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because of charlie or to a little doing it because of what's going on there they use 8 serves as a useful way of getting what they were planning to do anyway legitimacy you know there are a lot of people who disagree with charlie or don't it's all just the thousands of what you would call is list is a mystic stream ists. it's very few more terrorists there's very few people who actually do the deal if the charlie hebdo was so offensive was so horrible surely they'd be thousands of people on the streets starving one another it's not it's a tiny tiny minority what is it about the type of minority that distinguishes them from all the rest of us and that's why you have to look at this the individual level when one starts it almost gives legitimacy to the others so the reason that france has raised its terrorism level is because it takes one and it's kind of like a. rally around the flag now we're all going to go because it becomes rational
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or when you think that you will get legitimacy for it and watching out international company is saving us just coming up to half past 7 here in moscow we're back again at the top you. look. at who. join me every thursday on the alex salmond and obviously to get out of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you there. in a while the way they will go down with the white house. in the swamp or how you would think if the fall of the cologne the middle of the.
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