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tv   News  RT  October 30, 2020 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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i say with great clarity again today not to give the. president said defiantly in the face of terrorism after 9. leaving 3 dead several injured will be here and the latest from our correspondent in the. more protests script muslim countries over among your micron's defense of the right to parody religion and his remarks on islamic this month. insulting the messenger of god prophet muhammad and of the pretext of democracy is not considered democracy yet.
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the debate on the freedom of expression was 2 weeks ago friends of the beheading of a teacher near paris shown his class caricature of the prophet mohammed. and in other news as the curve of 90 pandemic wreaks havoc on europe's already strained health care systems the blogs leaders scramble for their response. they watching our national thanks for joining us. in france which is once again trying to come to terms with tragedy struck on thursday morning in the city of nice when a nice man rampage through a church killing 3 and leaving several others injured president a man you're micron has described it as an islamist terror attack.
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it was relief but in this new tragedy today you see victims of islamofascism repeatedly denounced. physical descended. upon for the siren of the firemen the police arrived quickly since really quick bikers and everything that followed then they set up a security system i went down with my scooter and i sold the guy come in take refuge in the cathedral afterwards i heard a lot of gunshot. correspondent
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shelley davies keeping just the latest from these. the anti terror prosecutors said on thursday evening that they were still exploring lines in regards to the perpetrator behind the brutal attack that took place just 24 hours ago in the priscilla me not to a dumbass silica in the heart of nice with 3 people were brutally murdered i just want to take you through some of the details we know about the victims of this latest terror attack france one was a 60 year old woman who had gone to the church for prayers for the 1st mass of the morning we heard from the anti terror prosecutor that she was almost beheaded by the perpetrator a 2nd was a man a 55 year old man who's been named is of all saw cares a father of 3 who also worked as a sex in the church he'd been here for 10 years and the 3rd person was a woman who said to be around 44 she's been named in the brazilian press as being
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simone silver she was stabbed she managed to escape from the church to raise the alarm so it was as a result of her heroic actions the police were informed and able to come and apprehend the perpetrator she succumbed to her injuries last words were apparently tell my family that i love them president mark on has warned france's once again attack but when he visited nice on thursday he remained defiant that freedom and france would continue to up hold its valleys and some said think if we were attacked once again it is for our values for our taste of freedom for this possibility on our soil to believe freely and not to give in to any mind of terror i say with great clarity once again today we will not give in this morning we decided to increase the vigilance everywhere in france to adapt to the terrorist
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threat i've decided that our soldiers will be more mobilized in the coming hours and we will up the mobilization within the framework of operational so. and to know from 30027000 soldiers on the ground from their referencing operation sentinel this is no permission that was set up back in 2015 when the 1st terror wave really hit france following the attacks that surely abdo and then later in the year in paris which saw the the battle plan attacked in those very many people who were killed in those coordinated attacks by terrorist 4000 extra security personnel now deployed across france particularly at sites like this church and also at schools and one of the reasons that religious sites are getting the priority when it comes to security is because there was a release earlier this week from a thought but which is a press agency linked to the terror network al qaeda which suggested that christian symbols should be attacked in nice is already been subjected to terror attacks in
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the past including that horrific attack back in 2016 that saw 86 people lose their lives when a truck plowed into a crowd of people who were celebrating the july 14th bus d. day celebration so nice is already had its fair share of terror people here disbelief shock once again that this could hit at the heart of the city but there is also anger to. the french the man justice who want these people to be deported to their country or cocaine security there is no safety 3 people are dead what do americans in the building of a mosque misunderstand b.g. we are in a country that has witnessed atrocities teachers being beheaded having left throats slit people are beheaded in a church that's not france and even if we take in all possible security measures you have been able to come in with a knife do is deadly deed 0 risk does not exist and that's perhaps the most
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shocking thing for most people is that this is 3 people who are in this. by the church they're in a place with that should have been sanctity this should have been safety instead they met there and people have been coming to the church in lame tributes since that attack took place but the reality is that this is a community that is still in complete shock over what's happened since those attacks back in $2815.00 which started this wave of terror in france we saw all those huge attacks in the years but since then every few months there is another attack just in the last 5 weeks france has been subjected to 3 separate terror attacks it started with a stabbing outside the form offices of charlotte that followed the fact that the magazine reprinted controversial cartoons of the prophet mohammed angering muslims across the world 2 weeks later we saw the beheading of history teacher patti who
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had used those images as part of a civics lesson to discuss freedom of speech and now we have this attack here in nice there have of course the anger spilling out on the streets here too not just in this protest we've seen over the last few days in muslim majority countries but in the song thursday night there was a demonstration held by the anti immigrant group agenda identity they came out to the streets calling for islam to be out of europe so there really is a huge sense of anger here on the ground to. our sister channel 2 front spoke with the 1st deputy mayor of new code the words of president saying that the country is at war with islamic terrorism. those 3 people killed the victims of islamist barbarism because the attackers did it is yet to be a standish it cried out of work by several times but of course we will have to be relentless in the face of this barbarism we can't leave this battle for our
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children we have to gauge right now using our means of warfare we have to be a decisive stick to the law and use new tactics keeping in mind the current events in our country in east we use all the tools at our disposal to counter terrorism at the same time we are mindful of the fact that the instruments we use that in your simple level are not adequate to help the government in this battle and lead additional a lawful means to a graphic aid is the most precious are. meanwhile further details of emerged about the suspect a 21 year old teen is in who initially arrived on the italian island of lampedusa just over a month ago claiming to be a refugee italy has yet to comment on the case but the maryland producer has appealed for stricter migrant policies the suspect was reportedly carrying a document issued by the italian red cross after being processed at a refugee center alum producer in tallinn authorities were reportedly going to expel him but lost track of his whereabouts the case is causing uproar in rome where calls are growing for the interior minister to step down we discuss the
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background to the tragic events in nice with a panel of experts. when you see what goes on with the stream of speech and noise the little. and the people that sharing our chose to track they're not doing it because of charlie hebdo they're all doing it because of what's going on there they use it serves as a useful way of giving what they're planning to do anyway legitimacy you know there are a lot of people who disagree with charlie or do this all just thousands of what you would call is list is a mystic stream it's. it's very few more to terrorists there's very few people who actually do deal if he is surely it was so offensive so horrible surely they could be thousands of people on the streets starting with another it's not it's a tiny tiny minority what is it about the tiny minority that distinguishes them from all the rest of them and that's why you have to look at this individual level
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when one starts it almost gives legitimacy to the others so the reason that france has raised its terrorism level is because it takes one and it's kind of like a rally around the flag now we're all going to rule to go because it becomes rational you know when you think you will get legitimacy for it. every 6000000 muslims living in france you have a 7 percentage who are killed a radical in the last year and then spent all this as brad has developed on the model of as well that from seminars to all security act. what france needs right now is so much more it's possible cohesion or sort of reconciliation and more polarizing and trap but here i would observe that things have been going more inequality right thing again supported by the majority of the french. you are
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muslim countries are indignant over france's position on freedom of expression protesters so they are offended by president my remarks on islam as well as by his defense of the right to mock religion. the latest rallies took place in the libyan and israeli capitals as the islamic world celebrated the birthday of the prophet mohammed and the state is carried banners that condemned the french president earlier this month claimed islam was in crisis. in libya while local businesses even go so far as to place images of the french president on the shop floor for customers to stand up and there are calls for muslims across the world to boycott france. as you see here in the country. it's a little bit angry because of what happened that is holding the messenger of god prophet muhammad under the pretext of democracy is not considered democracy and as for france honestly we want to tell you that your statements are offensive to every arab muslim and to the whole world what we demand.
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and it. is playing with fire and this. denounce from offending the prophet therefore we denounce and boycott every product anything from france that comes so yes. the outrage comes as french satirical magazine though whose caricature is right the center of the round did fuel to the far with its latest front cover and featured a cartoon of the turkish president. publication disgusting sides of both things have also been pointed at the french government's policy towards muslims but is very good as the it takes a closer look. something in france is broken and it is france nowhere else in europe is there this much terror killing and a complete breakdown and mutual respect and understanding these latest attacks
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there just that the latest now marci clearly it's inhumane it is highly require hence it will and i hope the justice will be so this attack who deserves it i don't have one as a matter of fact it's really shocking. but then i feel sorrow it makes me crazy so crazy it's impossible to see this now i'm speechless i don't know what to say about him a year ago and warned against stigmatizing muslims we're all one people he said since then something has changed now he's talking about islam of separatism shutting down dozens and dozens of muslim charities and organizations and has unveiled a plan to domesticate is law. that our citizens of the islamic faith must be protected against the evil of radical islam i say it here because the will of the islamists of its ideologues is precisely at the heart of our citizens
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against the republic using their religion and we cannot let that happen. macro involves forbidding frenchman's from training overseas so restricting foreign funding for religious organizations giving the government control over religious subsidies and you loon you get money if you sign a contract saying you respect french values he even has a name for this new french islam the islam of an lightman or everyone is challenged about macros little cult and specifically his cracked out on muslim charities and and geos if the government still goes on to divide us it will create separate groups in society and it is not the solution that the. association use and on duty maybe some people who come in but not everybody people have the right to breath is their religion is the want so we come closer police are working. to pass.
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government to calm the tensions down these today we have to be careful not developing and then to muslim hatred you can instill sense and it is dangerous i don't think that there is an optimal solution it would be utopian to think the opposite but dialogue is a better solution for me muslims are not guilty for the terror attacks the government is not responsible either so precisely both have to discuss the problem find solutions and respect each other it is incredible how simple cartoons can cause this much bloodshed and hated misunderstanding one side sees these cartoons as nothing but an insult in the public city stunt which essentially they are intended only to insult and defend more than a 1000000000 people the other side including the french government sees it as an expression of free speech houllier than any god and free speech is a constitutional right of any french citizen and no one else and we will not give
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up caricature or drawing even if others retreat we started this freedom and look at caricaturists. not necessarily of mohammad but we look at caricature to show freedom of expression frankly i think it's horrible what happened where hampering our freedom of expression the freedom to learn to know for 14 years charlie has reprinted these cartoons at regular intervals a magazine with a very modest circulation has now found a cash cow for people's feelings and beliefs for which they themselves have paid a high price.
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and. swore never to give up these characters and even if everyone else does only further angry muslims. needs a mental health treatment what else can be said the head of state who does not understand freedom of belief and paves in this way to millions of people living in his country who are members of a different faith muslims are the primary victims of the cult of hatred empowered by colonial regimes and exported by their own clients in something 1900000000 muslims and their sanctities for the apparent crimes of such extremists is not unique to could be use of freedom of speech it only fuels extremism the recent
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statements that the leadership level is the dence of this a creation of the holy cow. iran a reflection of this increasing islamophobia that is spreading in european countries we must explain to the western world the value systems differ for different social and religious and ethnic groups in the world backgrounds tough talk has so far completely failed france as they are seen as an enemy in the muslim world islam or phobic so board cards protests and all that as for his little project his plan to essentially domesticate islam in france may be the most ambitious thing macron has undertaken. mohammed saffi chief executive of the u.k.'s ramadan foundation says france's policy towards its muslim community over the last few decades has had a negative impact you have to also look at what's been happening over these past few months when president warren and supporting it can which are the
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prophet mohammed which is set out do you not think got to cause harm when hate to do feelings of muslims around the world that has been decades of discrimination and harassment mass unemployment people living get laws. you know work being done to bring the mainstream. muslims into mid-stream and tackle their issues so this is a consequences and all successive governments over decades you know let's be clear that president back lawn when he adopts the language of class and civilization is adopting the language of what the terrorists want to do they want to divide communities. with the coronavirus pandemic pounding health care systems across here of the blocks movers and shakers convened online to try to patch up the problem agreed on a number of let's say resuscitation measures reporting from berlin on the battling the 2nd wave is peter oliver. 3 hour video.
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from the council they agreed on a couple of things one of them is that borders across the block should remain open they also talked about a vaccine when it is discovered that it should be freely and equally distributed across the member states for the law and the e.u. commission president said that a good night in front was necessary to stop health care systems across the new becoming overwhelmed i think it is enough to say that it is very serious numbers of cases raising numbers of hospitalization are rising number sudden death of death are rising not as fast fortunately because we understand better today how to treat patients and how to deal with the disease but the spread of the
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virus will overwhelm our healthcare systems if we do not act urgently runs in lockdown. on. protesters clashed with police over that decision to really look down the whole country tear gas was used those clashes took place the french prime minister though acknowledged that the measures being taken were harsh but says they are necessary. for a trip of up to one hour for physical activity to get some fresh air or to take your pets for a walk these trips may not exceed in one kilometer radius from your home i remind you that for physical activities only individual an outdoor practices such as jogging will be authorized and what is it is if you can't text if you speak here in germany and you look down which is coming into play all day it's been called lockdown light not a severe is what's happening in for. right now but the the main message is still
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the main aim is to try and keep schools kindergartens and as much of the business sector open as possible now in italy is well they've also seen a spike in the number of cases italy of course was so badly hit by the coronavirus in the spring with its medical services completely overwhelmed doctors there are concerned the same could happen again. the pressure is huge when we open the new unit will fill up very quickly many are in need of it as the 1st aid units in the region often have dozens of patients with the same problem patients that are in need of treatment but the authorities are struggling to hospitalized people due to a lack of beds or anybody to be going to grill or back in the spring medical stuff in belgium were angry about the fact that they didn't have the correct p.p. the correct protection equipment to stop them from catching the virus now they're
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facing a crisis amongst people working in hospitals that there's just simply not enough of them they're also unhappy that a bonus that was promised to them by the belgian government hasn't been paid but sometimes we have to make careful choices we have to prioritize this is inhumane it is just as bad for the patients as it is for us we wouldn't want our loved ones to be treated in this way. and because we are understaffed we are asked to come to war . and there is anger because since the credit crisis started the government has promised to get us bonuses which we have never seen. well jim is expected to announce it will follow france into a severe lockdown later on friday we also understand the european parliament is going to be closing that to try and encourage any peace not to make the journey to the belgian capital. levels but up and down the appreciate your
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patience will be back with more at the top of the hour see it. an entire village in alaska has had to move if another country trying to wipe out an american town. we do everything in our power to protect the. water then escaping climate change is the same threat right now alaska has seem some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world we lost about 30 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. is fast and that means the river is 35 closer than how ben was 4 i don't think were a part of earth from. is
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your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led. away. what is true what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallows.
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or walk away with the white house little. so i don't know how i don't think it's the fault okolona the middle part of the. top that wanted to develop. enough moment of hope one of. 6 6 the maturity turns. go in and you may never get over. my teenage gang rules here. one of you then let the mind
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of those who were through with it but. not if you will be very. nice. and know it well enough with the yeah. and melanie when nobody knew who. you are you the monkey then the little musical voice you. welcome to yourself think of visionaries be sophie shevardnadze
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a man to the human body with technology has long ceased to be satisfied but now it's merging. the most sophisticated machine of our own behave when brain is a crazy fantasy of some enthusiastic are not so distant future while i ask them while our side bar professor of cybernetics at commentry and reading universities kevin warwick. kevin warwick professor of cyber headaches and comment tree or reading universities and the world's 1st cyber a kevin so great to have you with us. so many things have been coming up in the news lately so the technology of implanting alex roads into the brain cortex is at least 20 years old and the electrodes in the brain have already been used to control epileptic fits in people yet mosques near a link project is presented as a giant leap forward why. well.
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that's what it's done to. but it is good in some ways but the moment he just been experimental along with. so there's no human joy i was here not only. but only the choice of probably electrodes they're yours and not rigid the electrodes and i have implanted in my nervous system were. like going. on and the tension there is a break off on a course for. a system to be quite dangerous a 100 spikes in my nervous system so i think if we're looking very. you know you can move them around the top of electrodes the must fish talking about then that's much better because they can move with. the system.


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