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tv   News  RT  October 30, 2020 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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when something is find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground . i say with great clarity once again today we give. the french president says the country stands defiant in the face of terrorism after a night rampages through silica in the least leaving 3 dead and several injured protests gripped muslim countries over a manual micron's defense of the right to parody religion and his previous remarks on islam. the messenger of prophet muhammad under the pretext of democracy does not consider democracy we. are told that. that. is playing with fire trusting the debate on the freedom of expression was sparked 2 weeks ago in france after the
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beheading of a teacher near paris shown his class caricature of the prophet muhammad. also this hour archie asked social platform twitter to clarify why one of its reports on the us election was labelled potentially misleading. you're watching hearts international coming to you live from the russian capital where it's just turned 3 pm welcome to the program. we start in france which is once again trying to come to terms with tragedy terror struck on thursday morning in the city of nice when a nice man rampage through a church killing 3 and leaving several others injured attack comes just 2 weeks after the brutal beheading of a teacher in paris after he had shown his class caricature of the prophet muhammad president emanuel micron has described the latest attack as an islamist terror
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incident. but in this new tragedy today you see victims of islamic fascism repeatedly denounced. as you're going to descend. through the siren of the farm and the police arrive to weaknesses really with bikers and everything that followed then they set up a security decision i went down with my scooter and i saw the guy come in and take refuge in the cathedral afterwards i had a lot of. a
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memorial has been set up outside the basilica in the east where the tragedy took place locals have been leaving flowers there and paying their respects to the 3 slain victims our correspondent charlayne demonstrate has the latest developments in the case. the anti terror prosecutors said on thursday evening that they were still exploring lines in regards to the perpetrator behind the brutal attack that took place just 24 hours ago in the priscilla me not to the silica in the heart of nice with 3 people were brutally murdered i just want to take you through some of the details we know about the victims of this latest terror attack france one was a 60 year old woman who had gone to the church for prayers for the 1st mass of the morning we heard from the anti terror prosecutor that she was almost beheaded by the perpetrator a 2nd was a man a 55 year old man who's been named is of all saw cares
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a father of 3 who also worked as a sexton at the church he'd been here for 10 years and the 3rd person was a woman who said to be around 44 she's been named in the brazilian press as being simone silver she was stabbed she managed to escape from the church to raise the alarm so it was as a result of her heroic actions the police were informed and able to come in apprehend the perpetrator she succumbed to her injuries last words were apparently tell my family that i love them president mark on has warned france's once again attack but when he visited nice on thursday he remained defiant that freedom and france would continue to up hold its valleys in something if we're attacked once again it is for our values for our taste of freedom for this possibility on our soil to believe freely and not to give into any mind of terror i say with great
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clarity once again today we will not give in this morning we decided to increase the vigilance everywhere in france to adapt to the terrorist threat i've decided that our soldiers will be more mobilized in the coming hours and we will up the mobilization within the framework of operational so. and to know from 30027000 soldiers on the ground from their referencing operation sentinel this is no permission that was set up back in 2015 when the 1st terror wave really hit france following the attacks at challis abdo and then later in the year in paris which saw the the battle plan attacked and those very many people who were killed in those coordinated attacks by terrorists 4000 extra security personnel now deployed across france particularly at sites like this church and also at schools and one of the reasons that religious sites are getting the priority when it comes to security is because there was a release earlier this week from a thought but which is
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a press agency linked to the terror network al qaeda which suggested that christian symbols should be attacked in nice is already been subjected to terror attacks in the past including that horrific attack back in 2016 that saw 86 people lose their lives when a truck plowed into a crowd of people who were celebrating the july 14th bus the day celebrations in nice is already had its fair share of terror people here disbelief shock once again that this could hit at the heart of the city but there is also anger to. the french the man justice who want these people to be deported to their country ok in security there is no safety 3 people are dead what will america do build another mosque sums up beach we are in a country that has witnessed atrocities teachers being beheaded priests having their throats slit people are beheaded in
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a church that's not france and even if we take in all possible security measures have been able to come in with a knife and do his deadly deed 0 risk does not exist and that's perhaps the most shocking thing for most people is that this is 3 people who are in this. church there in a place with that should have been sanctity they should have been safety instead they met there and people have been coming to the church and laying tributes since that attack took place but the reality is that this is a community that is still in complete shock over what's happened since those attacks back in $2815.00 which started this wave of terror in france we saw all those huge attacks and that this is but since then every few months there is another attack just in the last 5 weeks france has been subjected to 3 separate terror attacks it started with the stopping outside the form offices of charlotte that followed the fact that the magazine reprinted controversial cartoons of the
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prophet mohammed angering muslims across the world 2 weeks later we saw the beheading of history teacher patti who had used those images as part of a civics lesson to discuss freedom of speech and now we have this attack here in nice there have of course the anger spilling out on the streets too not just in this protests we've seen over the last few days in muslim majority countries but in the song thursday night there was a demonstration held by the anti immigrant group. identity they came out to the streets calling for islam to be out of europe so the really is a huge sense of anger here on the ground to. further details have emerged about the suspect and 21 year old tunisian initially arrived on the a tion island of lampedusa just over a month ago claiming to be a refugee in italy and has yet to comment on the case but the mayor of london has appealed for stricter migrant policies the suspect was reportedly carrying and
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document issued by the italian red cross after being processed at a refugee center on lampedusa italian authorities were reportedly going to expel him but lost track of his whereabouts the case is calling our prayer in rome where calls are growing for the interior minister to step down we discussed the background to the tragic events in the east with a panel of experts when you see what goes on with the stream of speach. and the people that sharing our terrorist attack they're not doing it because of charlie of doing it because of what's going on there they use it serves as a useful way of giving what they're planning to do anyway legitimacy you know there are a lot of people who disagree with charlie or do this all just thousands of what you would call is list is a mystic streamers. it's very few more terrorists there's very few people who actually do deal if he is charlie or do it was so offensive so horrible surely they
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could be thousands of people on the streets starving while another it's not it's a tiny tiny minority what is it about the tiny minority that distinguishes them from all the rest of them and that's why you have to look at this individual level when one starts it almost gives legitimacy to the others so the reason that france has raised its terrorism level is because it takes one and it's kind of like a rally around the flag now we're all going to go because it becomes rational you know when you think you will get legitimacy for it. 6000000 muslims living in france you have a certain percentage who are radical in the last year and then spent a whole business branch has developed on the model of as will there from seminars to all security act but what france needs right now is so much more.
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cohesion or sort of reconciliation and more polarized and here i would observe that things have been going more in a polarizing but again he is supported by the majority of the french many muslim countries are indignant over france a stance on freedom of expression protesters say they are offended by present micron's remarks on islam as well as by his defense of the right to mock religion the latest rallies took place in. libyan and israeli capitals as the islamic world celebrated the birthday of the prophet muhammad demonstrators carried banners condemning the french president earlier this month and proclaimed that islam was in crisis in libya one local business has gone as far as to place images of the french president on his shop floor for customers to stand on and there are calls from muslims across the world to boycott france as you see here. the country. it's a little bit angry because of what happened. in seoul doing the messenger of god
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prophet muhammad under the pretext of democracy is not considered democracy and it's for friends honestly we want to tell you that your statements are offensive to every arab muslim and to the whole world that we demand. that the road. is playing with fire and this things that 'd we do know is from a friend in the prophet therefore we do know this and believe quote every people do anything from france that comes to us. the outrage comes as french satirical magazine charlie whose caricature is are at the center of the row fuel to the fire with its latest front cover it features a cartoon of the turkish president and slammed the publication as disgusting signs abdo fingers are also being pointed at the french government's policy towards muslims. have takes
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a closer look. something in france is broken and it is france nowhere else in europe is there this much terror killing and a complete breakdown and mutual respect and understanding these latest attacks there just that the latest now marks the clearly it's inhumane it is highly reprehensible and i hope that justice will be so this attack who deserves it i do have words as a matter of fact it's really shocking. that when i feel sorrow it makes me crazy so crazy it's impossible to see this i'm speechless i don't know what to say. a year ago and warned against stigmatizing muslims we're all one people he said since then something has changed now he's talking about islam of separatism shutting down dozens and dozens of muslim charities and organizations and has unveiled a plan to domesticate is lot. of our citizens of the islamic
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faith must be protected against the evil of radical islam i say it here because the will of the islamists of its ideologues is precisely to turn a part of our citizens against the republic using their religion and we cannot let that happen. their religion and we cannot let that happen. macro's platen involves forbidding french moms from training overseas restricting foreign funding for religious organizations giving the government control over religious subsidies and you loon you get money if you sign a contract saying you respect french values he even has a name for this new french islam the islam of an lightman or everyone is challenged about macros little cult and specifically his cracked out on muslim charities and
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and geos if the government still goes on to divide us it will create separate groups in society and it is not the solution. association and i'm guilty maybe some people who come in but not everybody people have the right to practice their religion as they want so we can close a police who worship like that. expect our government to calm the tensions down today we have to be careful of not developing and then to muslim hatred it makes no sense and it is dangerous i don't think that there is an optimal solution it would be utopian to think the opposite but dialogue is a better solution for me muslims are not guilty for the terror attacks the government is not responsible either so precisely both have to discuss the problem find solutions and respect each other it is incredible how simple cartoons can cause this much bloodshed and hated misunderstanding one side sees these cartoons as nothing but an insult in the public city stunt which essentially they are
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intended only to insult and defend more than a 1000000000 people the other side including the french government sees it as an expression of free speech houllier than any god and free speech is a constitutional right of any french citizen and no one else and we will not give up caricaturists or drawing eve. if others retreat started this freedom and look at caricature is not necessarily of mohammad but we look at caricature has to show freedom of expression frankly i think it's horrible what happened where hampering our freedom of expression the freedom to learn to know for 14 years charlie has reprinted these cartoons at regular intervals a magazine with a very modest circulation has now found a cash cow to people's feelings and beliefs for which they themselves have paid a high price.
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and. the bill. that swore never to give up these characters and during so even if everyone else does only further angry muslims. needs a mental health treatment what else can be said to a head of state who does not understand freedom of belief and who behaves in this way to millions of people living in his country who are members of
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a different faith muslims are the primary victims of the cult of hatred empowered by colonial regimes and exported by their own clients in something 1100000000 muslims and their sanctities for the apparent crimes of such extremists is an opportunity to could use a freedom of speech that only fuels extremism the reason. statements that the leadership level and is students of this a creation of the holy qur'an a reflection of this increasing islamophobia that is spreading in european countries we must explain to the western world the value systems differ for different social and religious and ethnic groups in the world backgrounds tough talk has so far completely failed francis now seen as an enemy in the muslim world islam a book called spro tests and all that has been his little project his plan to essentially domesticated islam in france may be the most ambitious thing macron has undertaken
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. still had twitter flags in a party report on the election as potentially misleading for american voters look at why after this. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being. what is true what is right. in the world corrupted you need to
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descend. to join us in the death. or a make of the shallowness. join me every socially on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back to the program artie has asked social media platform twitter to explain why one of our reports on u.s. election fraud was labeled as potentially misleading from voters 4 years ago the site was plagued by allegations of facilitating election meddling earlier i discussed this with my colleague in the karen. thank you what's behind this decision by twitter well jacki as we know leading pretty much all the news cycles
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around the world right now is the upcoming u.s. presidential election this just days to go and reporters all over analyzing the process the polls and everything to do with this major political event and here at r.t. we've been doing pretty much the same but now for the 1st time one of our team's reporters been red flagged as a civic integrity label from twitter there is a warning if you like for readers that the reports might be disputed that the details might be misleading on closer inspection which is failing to see what it is about this report that is wrong alarm bells for the guys at twitter and the reporter our correspondent basically highlights all of the concerns that have already been discussed about voter fraud ahead of the election challenges that the sea has already raised itself and we quoted that in the report take a listen overall office for democratic institutions and human rights needs assessment mission interlocutors noted that the conduct of these elections will be
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the most challenging in recent decades they expect that election officials will face serious challenges prior to and on election day due to new measures in response to covert 900 pandemic and expressed concerns over their ability to overcome them now the r.t. news agency has subject to broadcasting standards which means that every report must be balanced and fair and this report kaleb our correspondent has it here to those rules ensuring to use key words like allegedly and sharing to keep it analytical yet balanced and referencing all reports and official channels now what we like to do here at r.t. is we like to bring a range of reports together dig a little deeper try to salvage some accuracy and call out any hypocrisy is why our tug line here is questioned more but twitter did say early this month that it was going to be ramping up its use of these warning labels on tweets to help curb any misinformation ahead of the election. take a lesson you may not use to it is services with the purpose of manipulating or
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interfering in elections all of the civic processes this includes posting was sharing content that may suppress participation will mislead people about when where or how to participate in the civic process we believe we have a responsibility to protect the integrity of twitter conversations from interference and manipulation now as part of this twitter has announced that disputed claims in the election process would be flagged or removed tweets that include any premise your claims will be labeled as and used as what we directed to the official us election page to tweet same to inciting interference in the election process and all the results such as calls for violent action may be removed and as we've seen recently it's not just r.t. that has raised red flags for the guys at twitter this comes just a week or so ago since twitter and facebook i decided to remove links to a story being run by the new york post regarding alleged e-mails on an old laptop of hunter biden now this is a story that was rubbished by his father joe biden and yet you know it could have
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cast a shadow over his chances in the race to the white house but twitter wasn't the only one to shun this story and after this twitter as well as other major internet companies have come under intense scrutiny and faced a grilling in the senate your position is that you can sit and hear your time and. you can tell them what stories they can publish or you could tell the american people what reporting they can hear is that right. out. to terms of service you're still blocked me there right now you're blocking their posts now the senate hearing as you can see was pretty intense it's all the republicans and democrats interrogate the heads of twitter facebook and google and it really exposed this deep distrust in the power of silicon valley to police the web. now this isn't the 1st time that r.t. has received a twitter label those who follow us on the platform will know that our account has
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been branded as state affiliated media tell us about that you write here twitter has previously labeled artes editor in chief margarita simonyan as russian language twitter account as russia's state affiliated media which struck many as a little bit unfair considering that other news groups that are also state finance which is the b.b.c. and n.p.r. were not given similar titles facebook has also labeled artie's account of state affiliated media again failing to do the same for other foreign state media such is the voice of america or al-jazeera facebook's position back then its stated was to provide greater transparency into publishers that combine the influence of a media organization with the strategic backing of the state so i think the double standards are quite apparent there nonetheless whether it's stories being run by the new york post by r.t. or anybody else questions are increasingly being raised over how much power social media hasn't it to mean what people read or don't read and what they trust now we have requested comment from twitter and we will bring it to you when we get it.
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when our cross live to independent journalist martin summers to dig deeper into this story now as nicky just mentioned we have asked twitter for comment do you think we'll hear from them and if so what exactly. well twitter is a is a private organization but it's got a great deal of market power and you know the new york post obviously publish stuff of that onto biden's. lap top twitter refused to to run with it in unst jested that it was a russian this information and of course there's the whole troop in u.s. politics of accusing the russian state of trying to control election outcomes in the us which seems pretty crazy to me but there's an awful lot of people talking in those kind of terms in the us and the really is no green way to to to to talk about this i mean you know all t's this could boil for called television stations are
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supposed to follow certain rules of balance but of course social media is basically a jungle and there's this clearly an agenda being pushed for the silicon valley big 4 as it were and you know they squeeze and it's all sorts of controversial views in their opinion but it's the snow and the doesn't seem to be any clarity about what's what is allowed and what isn't allowed and on what basis. do you think it's possible that twitter is just trying to swing too far to the other side after having been caught up in so many scandals back in 26 team around the elections around allegations of foreign interference. well i mean twitter comes under pressure for all the truly you know the states in the u.s. to fulfill various u.s. policy goals so you know all all that we know that happened in 2016 is that some people in russia apparently that went on social media commons in only the election
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and it was not there was never proved to laws such as for action that was anything to do the russian government it's all you know all she is a an internationally recognized t.v. station like other international t.v. stations you're reporting on the most important political contest on the planet at the moment and it inevitably it's controversial because lots of things about the election law controversial but you know in a sense that the flogging of the aussie is a state funded media it isn't fair because of course as you say the b.b.c. and other state funded media are not so not so labeled but on the other hand in a sense it's not so it's not really that relevant because everybody knows that anyone that says sell it you know it's total is so the real problem is it's the partisanship of everybody involved in the attempts to try and steer the media in the direction they want to go in and suppress things that they don't want to be. in
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the pan and journalists martin summers thank you for your time and your comments. as a breakdown of today's top headlines for now but if you're looking for more you can always had to our website r.t. dot com thanks for tuning in this hour. this is a story of women women with troubled histories and complex court cases you know. where not. the person that. if she's innocent be considered the most dangerous of criminals she's in a still. well below 23 hours of the day tell me that it's not enough and it.
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will give women on death row. a match geysers financial survival guide liquid those that you can burn in to cast quite easily. to keep in mind no acid for me into a place. for. sputnik 5 has the world. just like its namesake the original sport. the forest craft of off to leave. orbit the world. many questions remain unanswered about russia's new vaccine the authorities are confident enough to go forward with mass production. model for. what the from which they please when you speak of it makes me want to know because i would
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