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tv   News  RT  November 1, 2020 9:00am-9:30am EST

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sure there is. an orthodox priest was in severe condition after being shot by a gunman outside a church in the front of the of the on on saturday. that incident comes 2 days after an islamic extremist killed 3 people out of a silica a meat. has called on friends to denounce radicalism. 4 times once again it is from taste of freedom for this possibility on our soil to believe freely and not to give meaning to terrorists so. muslims around the world rage against the money to fund something right to parody diligent and his previous remarks on islam. also this hour thousands protest in the british capital as the prime minister puts england back into lockdown following a spike in covington infections. and russia becomes one of the 1st countries to
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apply to the world health organization to register 1000 vaccine for emergency vehicles. this is the weekly here on r t international welcome to a roundup of the headlines that shape the week. we start in the french city of new york where a greek orthodox priest is in intensive care after being shot outside his church on saturday the gunman fled the scene sparking a manhunt our police now say they have a suspect in custody incident took place as the priest was closing his church motive for the attack is unclear and the suspects identity has yet to be revealed an investigation into attempted murder has been opened and anti-terrorism authorities are cooperating with local police we heard from people who witnessed the shooting. was good own them. i live in the area i heard gunshots but at 1st i
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thought it was firecrackers we didn't take it seriously and then i saw the motorbikes the roadblocks and the police and i realized that it was serious because there is a church here and the priest who is 47 years old was shot. while i was i. was watching t.v. at home and suddenly i heard something like how muslims some big boom in noises so it was a might be kids playing out so i started to figure out what was going on but then i heard someone screaming when i went downstairs i saw the police and realized what was happening but unfortunately this time it's only what's going to happen next that's what we're now asking that. this latest incident came as friends was still trying to come to terms the tragedy struck on thursday morning in the city of nice when a kid like ben rampage through a church killing 3 people came just 2 weeks after the brutal beheading of a teacher in paris a teacher had shown his class caricature of the prophet muhammad president emanuel
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mccrone described the attack in east as an islamist terror incident here's how it all unfolded. because you're going to send it. on for the siren of the firemen the police arrived quickly so it's really good with bikers and everything that followed then they set up a security decision i went down with my scooter and i saw the guy come in take refuge in the cathedral afterwards i heard a lot of gunshots. tradin filmmaking the people who do know what happened i lost my son and i lost my life and i demand in the midst of a shit about who stands behind the scenes today and i want to know who committed my son my son does not do such things we are enormously shocked we are good people we
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stand against terrorism and we denounce one half of what we know about him is that he is a more real and well racist person and we do not believe that he has suspicious connections and this is why. we should i was in that church of the time of the attack it was almost 19 yeah i get a call from the police and was told that the terror attack has been committed in the not one number closed down your church they said you know happened so quickly. but in this new tragedy today you see victims of islamofascism repeatedly denounced . the main suspect behind the attack in the east has been identified as
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a 21 year old tunisian migrant he was not previously known to french intelligence he arrived in europe. last month via italy where he claimed to be a refugee of our he was served in the expulsion notice and then dropped off the authorities radar 3 others have been arrested in connection with the case with reports on sunday of 2 more suspects having been taken into custody or to charlotte devinsky reports from nice. the anti terror prosecutors said on thursday evening that they were still exploring lines in regards to the perpetrator behind the brutal attack in the priscilla behind me not to a dumbass silica in the heart of nice with 3 people were brutally murdered i just want to take you through some of the details we know about the victims of this latest terror attack france one was a 60 year old woman who had gone to the church for prayers for the 1st mass of the morning we heard from the anti terror prosecutor that she was almost beheaded by the perpetrator a 2nd was 55 year old man who also worked as
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a sexton at the church she'd been here for 10 years and the 3rd person was a woman she was stabbed she managed to escape from the church to raise the alarm so it was as a result of her heroic actions the police were informed and able to come and apprehend the perpetrator she succumbed to her injuries her last words were apparently tell my family that i love them president mark on has warned france's once again an attack but when he visited nice on thursday he remained defiant that freedom and france would continue to up hold its valleys and some said that if we're attacked once again it is for our values for our taste of freedom for this possibility on our soil to believe freely and not to give in to any mind of terror when i say with great clarity once again today we will not give you 4000 the extra security personnel now deployed across france particularly at sites like this
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church and also at schools and one of the reasons that religious sites are getting the priority when it comes to security is because there was a release earlier this week from a 3rd but which is a press agency linked to the terror network al qaeda which suggested that christian symbols should be attacked people here disbelief shocker. once again this could hit the heart of the city but there is also anger to. the months of the fringe the man just want these people to be deported to their country all are hoping security there is no safety 3 people are dead what will or marry didn't build another mosque people have been coming to the church in laying truth since that attack took place but the reality is that this is a community that is still in complete shock over what's happened we spoke with middle east expert who says freedom of speech is being questioned more than ever
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tensions are mounting every day between the slimy word france in france we have the french government saying that we have the freedom of speech we have the freedom to do any said about anyone we want and on the other side we have the slimy word which says ok you can have the freedom of speech but you do you shouldn't be insulting our prophet so this 2 points of view are opposing each other and these 2 communities don't understand each other if we want to stop the radical islam here in france we should prove and we should show them that france is a neutral country that what we call here. no religion has the right to interfere with the government or the state of affairs in france muslims across the world have protested against president micron's crackdown on hardline islam tensions have also been heightened by the french satirical magazine charlie does
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lead this front cover featuring a cartoon of the turkish president. has a story. something in france is broken and it is france nowhere else in europe is there this much terror killing and a complete breakdown and mutual respect and understanding a year ago macron warned against stigmatizing muslims we're all one people he said since then something has changed now he's talking about islam of separatism shutting down dozens and dozens of muslim charities and organizations and has unveiled a plan to domesticate is law. our citizens of the islamic faith must be protected against the evil of a radical islamic i say it here because the will of the islamists of its ideologues is precisely to the heart of our citizens of and against the republic using their
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religion and we cannot let that happen macro's platen involves forbidding french moms from training overseas restricting foreign funding for religious organizations giving the government control over religious subsidies and you loon you get money if you sign a contract saying you respect french values he even has a name for this new french islam the islam of enlightenment or everyone is challenged about macros little cult and specifically his cracked out on muslim charities and and geos if the government still goes on to divide us it will create separate groups in society and it is not the solution. to some guilty maybe some people who come in but not everybody to have the right to practice their religion is they want our government to calm the tensions down today we have to be careful of not developing and then to muslim hatred it makes no sense and it is
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dangerous it is incredible how simple cartoons can cause this much bloodshed and hated misunderstanding one side sees these. it's nothing but an insult and a public stunt which essentially they are intended only to insult and offend more than a 1000000000 people the other side including the french government sees it as an expression of free speech. than any god and free speech is a constitutional right of any french citizen for 14 years charlie has reprinted these cartoons at regular intervals a magazine with a very modest circulation has now found a cash cow people's feelings and beliefs for which they themselves have paid a high price.
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and. swore never to give up these characters and even if everyone else does. angry muslims. needs a mental health treatment what else can be said the head of state who does not understand freedom of belief and paves in this way to millions of people living in his country who are members of a different faith muslims are the primary victims of the cult of hatred empowered
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by colonial regimes and exported by their own clients the recent statements that the leadership level is the dence of this a creation of the holy qur'an or reflects. of this increasing islamophobia that is spreading in european countries we must explain to the western world the value systems differ for different social and religious and ethnic groups in the world backgrounds tough talk has so far completely thale francis that i've seen as an enemy in the muslim world islam a phobic so boycotts protests and all that as for his little project his plan to essentially domesticate islam in france may yet be the most ambitious thing macron has undertaken. thousands of people have rallied in central london against the government's new coronavirus restrictions. people held up banners accusing your thirty's of tyranny for restricting the movement of people and protests happen as the british prime minister announced
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a new lockdown for england. we've got to be humble in the face of nature and in this country alas as across much of europe the virus is spreading even faster than the reasonable worst case scenario of our scientific advisors and so now is the time to take action because there is no alternative from thursday until the start of december you must stay at home you may only leave home for specific reasons we're not going back to the full scale of march and april the measures that i've outlined the less prove it even less restrictive but i'm afraid from thursday . the basic message is that the city stay at home protect the n.h.s. and save lives the new rules take effect on thursday and will last until they 2nd of december all non-essential shops will close along with entertainment venues
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restaurants and pubs people will be required to work from home where possible however schools colleges and universities will be allowed to stay open after 4 weeks of lockdown the plan is to return england to a system of local targeted restrictions as and where the need arises since the start of the pandemic the u.k. has been hit with more than a 1000000 coated 1000 cases and over 46000 deaths highest number in europe and over the past week the u.k.'s daily infection rate has exceeded 20000 political commentator anthony webber believes the proposed cure may well be worse than the disease even before this lockdown responds how about the situation more how much more and jerked we become and are certainly are we going to be compensated more because the government can somehow afford to ignore the months photo which the taxpayer will have to pay for the young people who look at this film tree without
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a penny for the future. what will they do or don't see go into this notion what is it going to be crispy because they are being offered contrary well where there's charlotte's full. but all through these disasters what government should be is the best movie in the house the beautiful. tree even any people have to carry for their 1st person in search of our expense. still to come russia becomes one of the 1st countries to apply to the world health organization burnham urgency license for its feet. after the break.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and
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talk. welcome back 2 people have been killed and 5 injured during a night from page on holloway night in the canadian city of comeback witnesses say the attacker was dressed in a medieval costume and carrying a sword he lashed out at passers by outside the regional parliament building a suspect in his mid twenty's has been arrested her back city police have said there's no indication of a link to terrorist groups and the killer appears to have been acting out of personal motives. a russian covert 19 vaccine sputnik v has been distributed to the 1st group of volunteers older than 60 of the trial said none of the participants showed any serious side effects after getting the initial dose you know all this week russia was among the 1st countries
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to apply to the world health organization for an emergency license for the vaccine but movie was developed by the institute in moscow about stage 3 trials with 55000 volunteers are still underway if russia gets w.h.o. approval it will speed up the availability of the job globally and despite skepticism about the vaccine in the west including claims that corners were cut to russia into production osco says it has confidence in the drug this comes as russia sees a spike in coping 1000 and factions with over 2000 new cases registered in the last 24 hours and the total number of cases exceeding one point $6000000.00 the country remains among the worst hit in the world together with the us india and brazil. with coded tightening its grip both in russia and worldwide r t has heard from a leading evolutionary biologist has conducted extensive studies into the virus he explains how it mutates and how outbreaks can be dealt with you can check the full
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interview out on our website but here's a quick preview. i think it's a blessing the crown of arses evolve more slowly than other r.n.a. viruses but still it's a very quick process because the virus mutates every 2 weeks but in one specific lineage what is a specific lineage thus infects musher mush infects pets and pets infix tanya in such a lineage the virus mutates once but at the same time a similar process is taking place across the globe since different viruses acquire different mutations in total we see tens of thousands of mutations but we can already see approximately 20000 mutations. that is $20000.00 versions of the same corona virus that is believed to have a regenerated and. we now see that the common ancestor was around in december or january the genomes of
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all the coronaviruses we are sequencing and studying right now which show that they are all descended from one common ancestor which existed back then so it seems to me very unlikely that the parson fact that a person before that time. so. there is a widespread belief that the virus does not exist in order to kill the owner but in order to somehow perfectly adapt to it and live quietly inside them. actually this is not what the virus cares about the most we know a huge number of examples one of our success didn't put place for many many is many centuries and did not we can smooth alex for example in which is fatal in a large proportion of cases if there is no treatment but generally it often happens that the mortality rate does not change at all. so there is no guarantee that covert 19 will somehow become less dangerous. when you are in the near.
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future there are no guarantees at that. with just 2 days to go until the us presidential election polls show americans are losing trust in government institutions and regard the country as response to the pandemic as a national failure on to scale and reports whether it's donald trump or joe biden who's sworn in on january 21st next year the pillars of u.s. society will not stop shaking just for that covert 19 may be ravaging the united states but americans think that their government and its institutions could be just as dangerous to the country in an earlier poll when asked to name the greatest disappointments the u.s. congress and the us president came up top that might be because on capitol hill they seem to spend more time in name calling than actually getting things done is following the radical left agenda no religion no anything hurt the bible
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heard god. as prisoners we've had in modern history joe biden is the puppet of left wing extremists trying to erase our borders eliminate our police we have racists and they've existed then tried to get elected president the 1st one that has this fits into a greater pattern of distrust and the failure of essential institutions in us society whether they favor conservative or liberal policies when it comes to health care americans agree that the centers for disease control and other government institutions designed to protect public health have completely failed the country in the face of coded 19 centers for disease control and r.u. . department of homeland security this john these 2 track global pandemic you know what they do they fear you from their chaotic early response to underestimating the danger to the lack of testing kits and accusations
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of becoming a political tool the center. as for disease control or being hit from all sides other essential institutions of u.s. society are affected by a deep crisis for example law enforcement. from the. recent protests sparked by the killing of george floyd as well as a long history of police brutality have many americans asking whether or not they're really safe and protected public trust in the police as an institution has been in decline intelligence agencies are yet another example they are expected to gather information and then provide it to the military but lately they seem to have been getting caught up in political squabbles if the 1st people you met from so-called american intelligence were dirty cops who have now proven to be sleaze bags at the highest level you could perhaps understand my reluctance to embrace the
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intelligence agencies seem to be competing with each other rather than being focused on getting the job done many wonder if they are up to the task of taking on china which has now been labeled the new big threat the us government and intelligence community will fail to achieve the outcomes required to enable continued u.s. competition with china on the global stage for decades to come and to protect the us health and security none of this started with donald trump it's been a long pattern of dk and demoralization americans just don't seem to have faith in their leaders and their government like they once did it looks like a lot of key institutions in the united states need a reboot and fast or else who knows what kind of disaster could await america next caleb mop and r.t. new york that's a recap of just some of the stories that helped shape the world these last 7 days as always thanks for tuning in.
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when it comes to cope with 19 the most common physiological symptoms all fever dry cough and fatigue but the psychological effects of this well known. with infections on the rise again and new looked looming how will the novel coronavirus affect all mental health could the home and lost the pandemic itself. some control from middle class to homeless overnight muslim are very hardworking people who want to get ahead that have either have some some health issues or have some of it out of trick about luck the whole time julep won't always pay for
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a place to live and missing just a month's rent can get you a victim to gunpoint if anything bad happens to any thing that just throws your budget off slightly. better catch up real quick or you're going to have a judgment of possession against you and get addicted anyone that's homeless is treated like garbage people look at you like a monster or someone bad or you chose to be there most of the time it's not the case see how it is to be in the world's richest country. in the wild. why don't you go down with the white. house. in the swamp on how you would think if the fall okolona the middle of that and then . top that off on a full $2.00 my.
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