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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 2, 2020 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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biden have done so partly on the premise that once in power he will divest from his decades of support for arguably draconian criminal justice policies illegal wars in his siding with big business and move left but not everyone thinks it will work out that way jimmy door comic and host of the jimmy door show things it will in fact be quite the opposite and he joins me now via skype from his studio in california jamie thanks so much for coming on on this important day. angela davis that icon of resistance no i'm chomsky i don't know you know you've read so much of his work they say american voters need to vote for joe biden to kick trump out you don't agree. well joe biden as a worse record than donald trump joe biden was for the iraq war joe biden did libya joe biden did. a genocide in yemen joe biden prosecuted whistleblowers joe biden kicked 5100000 families out of their house in
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a similar economic decline when he had the chance joe biden open the arctic to drilling twice whenever a shot i'll ask joe biden took us from 2 wars to 7 joe biden made the banks bigger i can't joe biden bill cages that they're putting immigrant children in joe biden gas them at the border joe biden bombed muslim countries for 8 years straight which is why there is a muslim record refugee crisis at the airports and the only time the american people cared is when donald trump banned muslims at the airport they never bothered to ask themselves why are there refugee muslim refugees at the airport because barack obama joe biden just bombed them for 8 straight years so the idea that joe biden is the antidote to donald trump when he has a worse record to head out of trouble is a mental gymnastics games that people have to play in their head because they can't stand donald trump being such a jack on television that was when he was varicose mom as vice president what about come on a harris less woman of color to become vice president so. after
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a whole summer of protests against police brutality the democrats have decided to nominate joe biden who was the author of the 1994 crime bill which exploded the prison population filled with mostly black and brown people in the united states the united states is now the world's largest penal colony we have 5 percent of the world's population somewhere around 25 percent of its and cards are rated population thanks to joe biden and then kamali harris was also a top cop here in california and she was sued she had she she had a judge had to make her release people from prison because of the overcrowding she refused that order 3 times until finally she said it was because if that she will release prisoners it would upset their prison labor force so these are the people who they say the are the antidote to donald trump this is crazy not only that but
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before this election started there were lawn signs saying just we just need a competent person for president they can't even do that joe biden has dementia it's obvious to everyone which is why he's not campaigning and so they're they're trying they can't even give you a competent individual they're literally giving you a guy who exploded the prison population take people out of their houses is again is is guaranteeing you he's not going to ban fracking he's not going to listen to the science says these are the people that they're giving as an antidote to donald trump in many respects their words they say they're proud of their records obviously biden in his campaign it denies that he has dementia but then you're saying the donald trump given the practical situation where n. is better than joe biden well i'm just saying he has his record isn't as horrible as joe biden right now joe but by that we have so what people love to say is you have to vote for joe biden b. if you care about immigrant children while
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a study just came out. that donald trump is going to come anywhere near the deportations of hispanics that joe biden and barack obama did in their 1st term and the reason why it's because what i say on my show is i'd rather fight a wolf than what's clothing that a wolf in sheep's clothing and that's what barack obama and joe biden are and that's and so this is that proves my point because this study just came up barack obama was the chief importer he deported more hispanics he built cages he gassed immigrants at our border he put children in cages he built those cages and now and people now are aware of that people are now aware of our horrible immigration process process and our policy why because donald trump is doing it so now local law enforcement doesn't coordinate with the federal government anymore to help deport hispanics so that's why donald trump's deportation is almost is a little bit better than half of what barack obama's deportation how it is it is
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true that trump is as reduce the amount of caging ok in 2060 we heard from wiki leaks the sabotage when he's on his campaign against hillary clinton and of course clinton lost this time there wasn't any of those kinds of dirty tricks where they're against sonders or the candidate you would have preferred tools of government. of course the intelligence community the democratic party and the establishment media the corporate media of course mirrored bernie sanders left right gave him complete bogus coverage as usual along with telsey gabbert and of course what they did was they pushed this russia gate right so that's been debunked here finally they won't ever admit it they just kind of ignore it and move on to another thing but yes the establishment of that only that they do russia gate to try to smear and slander it's also a gabber which it worked they did the same thing to bernie sanders and burning standards and such jump he went along with it he read baiting himself during the
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campaign actually that's nonsense on his because here in britain german corpsman has been suspended from the name of party over an anti semitism control mysie anything to suggest that. bernie sanders was playing to and d.c. might as he was accused of when he was running for the primaries for tomorrow's election yeah i think if the you know when it when it gets to accusing a jewish guy of being an anti semite i mean that that's just about as low as it could go i mean what what most recently happened is nancy pelosi who's the speaker of the house or the united states the most powerful democrat in the country her daughter accused andrew yang of sexism because he referred to nancy pelosi by her 1st name so that's how bad it's gotten when neal liberals don't have a policy to run against they smear you as an anti semite or a sexist that's the what that's just par for the course but what about this idea of pressuring once joe biden wins i mean of course biden has flip flopped on fracking
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the existential crisis the earth has do you think. like chomsky that he can be lobbied heavier or angela davis said he can mean a lot mean once he's in the white house well. i don't know what angela davis what history books she's been reading but that's nuts joe biden is going to move to the right he's already said but promised he's bought out he's going to veto medicare for all even if it passes the congress and 80 to 90 percent of the people in the country are forty's already vowed to do that and why did he vote to do that because he's in the pocket of wall street and the health insurance companies his record is not ever being able to be moved to the left his record is he moves to the right and then farther to the right he's not moving to the left before he has your vote the idea that he's going to move to the left after you voted for him is as just nuts it's him it sure it's ridiculous and we've got to snap americans out of this idea
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because once joe biden gets elected we just have another problem to fight you know what they're saying is it's the equivalent does i'm going to go buy a car after i give the car dealer all my money now i'm going to negotiate the price and he's going to give me some of my money back that never happens this is which is why joe biden is never going to move to the left which is why these people have trumped arrangement syndrome to think that joe biden is anything what an exact warmongering fast yes neal liberal who's going to workers and take care of the billionaire class joe biden denies he's a fascist trump famously wanted some kind of approach more with putin only insomuch as talking given that they both have more nuclear weapons than any other countries on earth and biden says putin must pay to think there's an existential threat to the earth of by who wins. yes i do i honestly do joe biden is a warmonger he's been for every war i can ever think of and he's even shame people who spoke out and told the truth about the iraq war joe biden is proud about committing a genocide in yemen he they dropped so many bombs in syria they ran out of bombs so
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yeah it's a joe biden no better who gets elected is an existential threat i say it's a worse with joe biden because he has a worse record on war nations involved in the many conflict unites a genocide branco marketed children yesterday's man the case against joe biden about the presidential candidate he said that biden remains one of the least scrutinized presidential candidates in history and why why do you think that's the case. because the it's because we only have 6 media companies in america and they all work for the same handful of billionaire class people and so they control the narrative in america and the narrative is that wall street is happier with joe biden than they are with donald trump right now so wall street and the military industrial complex they control the media and also they that's the message that gets pushed that's what that's exactly what's going on well i'm going to ask you
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this a whole mainstream media question of who is going to win who are the trump as a johnson. i can tell you whom. goldman sachs and the military industrial complex and the health insurance companies that's who's winning yet when they've won every election in my lifetime but do you think it's very much on biden and his shadow cabinet team payback for all of corporate donations of course yet joe biden and now i mean he kicked off his his campaign at a fundraiser with a bunch of comcast executives comcast again the one the biggest media companies in the world right one of the 6 companies in america that control all the media they control n.b.c. m.-s. n.b.c. so yes you know nothing's going to change joe biden is going to be a horrible corporate says he's going to be an enemy of workers and students and the elderly he is not your friends and let alone what happens to the workers of the united states if it is joe biden who wins tomorrow what advice would you give
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workers struggling in venezuela bolivia syria belarus any country that washington and its a say temperate a operators is down like. i would say be be very skeptical be aware be afraid of any aid that the united states wants to send your people because when they truth when they do that's always the god the guise of them trying to overthrow a socialist government and install a corporatist puppet regime of the united states you know venezuela when i found out the deal venezuela has twice the amount of oil reserves as saudi arabia and i feel they have i'm that twice but they have more oil reserves than saudi arabia when i found that out i knew it was just a matter of time before the united states brought some democracy to their people and as whistleblowers undermine president saying. well if if past is prologue i mean if we if we can look at the past joe biden loves prosecuting whistleblowers they use the espionage act in the united states joe biden and barack
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obama to prosecute whistleblowers meaning people who are talking about blowing the whistle on crimes being committed by our government they prosecuted them as traitors to our country more than any other you administration in history and they tortured chelsea manning barack obama and joe biden tortured chelsea manning they ran a torture program that tortured a whistleblower so if you think those guys are going to uphold journalism you're nuts to me nor thank you you're welcome. after the break do democrats deserve the votes of america's poor huddled masses we speak to a senior advisor just socialist presidential candidate senator bernie sanders philip agnew also more coming up to him going on the ground.
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seemed wrong but. just don't call. me. yet to stamp out the adjective and engage. the trail. when some find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground.
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welcome back on the eve of a potential joe biden and ministration is the key to a blue white house socialism joining me now via skype from miami is one of socialist presidential candidate senator bernie sanders senior advisers for the bag me thanks so much for coming on before i even get to the election there's been a lot of trouble in your cities in the states ahead of this general election what was your understanding what happened in philadelphia once again one of our nation's police officer saw it it shoot somebody who was mentally disturbed or seen mentally disturbed and that person is black usually when that it is a black person they wind up getting an interaction with the police and so what we're seeing is people once again reacting as any human beings would when they see one of their all gunned down for no reason in cold blood obviously the police say he was holding a knife but i'm sure your very conversant with the the whole deal made of
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a black lives matter now that started that's just get to the election as you know the white house as turning a corner what have you made of trump's response to coronaviruses going to destroy his election chances you know i think there's a number of factors that can destroy his election chances not least of which just boggle pandemic response you know they continuously say we're turning a corner of this thing doesn't matter it'll be gone away by the summer to be got away by that webster and i think next day will be senator be gone away by the middle of next year what we see here is that the united states is in the middle in undoing and that undoing is in the has been in the makings for many many decades we have we're one of the only industrialized nation without a health care plan or health care program that allows for everybody to receive the care that they need and that they deserve and frankly that they already pay for and so the white house continuously tries to spin game but the the the truth is in the
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numbers we've got hundreds of the. thousands of people who are dead we've got millions of people who contracted it and no other nation is facing it in the way we are we're supposed to be a superpower we're supposed to be the leader of the free world and of course you want americans watching this interview right now to vote for a candidate who opposed medicare for all. i think as usual black people poor people in this country have abysmal choices at the top of the ticket on our on both sides but what we're asking for is there we cannot continue to move further further back closer to the door of terri unism closer to fascism in we've got to choose an opponent and not a champion and unfortunately the candidate on the democratic side is not one that i would have prefer you know i support senator sanders it is a candidate that affords us favorable to rein organize on and so i have no love and really no appreciation for what the democrats have done once again in choosing
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a candidate that a majority of young people were not excited about we still have to do what we've got to do and this is the choice faced by many people at the end of them up we've got to often choose between gas and we've got to choose between insulin but you don't choose neither one choose one of them and hope that things can get better and that's what we're doing we got a vote on november the 3rd because candidate trump president jhumpa denies he's a fascist regarding covert socialist countries like cuba vietnam china self claimed socialist countries have much lower death rates why does the candidate you support joe biden see it is so important to deny he has ever been a socialist well because he never has been one you know he's always been a shill for business but also because we still live in the shadow of mccarthyism in this country we've been victims of 506070 years of propaganda against leftist policies against leftist leaning countries in the cold war really never ended. here
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in this country by way of propaganda and policy ice president biden was so convincing continue to try to recruit and play on that red scare in this country and also i live in florida i live in miami florida to be exact and so there are still a very very strong contingent of cubans here who really dictate a lot of what flies politically in the state of florida and so this is an unabashed attempt to make sure that he can ingratiate favor with those folks as well my nervously denies he's a shill for big business too we had angela davis that. of the civil rights struggle on this show who said like you we need to vote for biden what do you think these massive multinational banks investment banks corporations what do you think they expect from a biden presidency if he wins given they're the ones donating to his campaign well despite what a lot of businesses say when they talk about disruptive tech businesses etc they
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really like consistency what business leaders hate and really really despise is chaos and what they hope is that joe biden will represent a return to normalcy a return to predictability where their profits and the money that they intend to make where the markets that they intend to open up around the world are continuously supported and subsidized by the united states government they actually love socialist policies many of the businesses receive great great great amounts of money from us from our government to support me i'm sure that's what corporate socialism corporate welfare you mean corporate welfare yes corporate welfare this is another euphemism for but quite frankly they enjoy many of the benefits there are millions of us have been asking for and they take all the profit you've been campaigning how easy is it to get african-americans who may be the maybe the deciding factor in this presidential election to vote to turn out on tuesday given that biden supported school segregation mass in cousin. nation that learned more
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than in libya grenada panama the destruction of yugoslavia you know the record the list goes on and on you know right now talking to people one of my favorite quotes mama carter brought he says claim no easy victory so the people know lies and so truth is the order of the day when you're talking to people and i think you have to say yes this is a whore issue this is not an exciting choice this doesn't propel you to the ballot box but what we've seen is that millions of black people are waiting in very long lines in georgia and in florida and texas around the country to do that very thing to go our vote because we understand that when the united states catches a cold we catch pneumonia the right wing government that is in control of the u.s. it's done it's inflamed frankly physical violence in the streets and this is a time there are many black people were alive to remember when this was the order of the day and so it's it's not been that hard to convince people that this is what we have to do the excitement is going to follow and i think many people are going
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to hold their nose and bought a bubble in that bubble i mean on foreign policy i mean you know the trump curb the war in syria maybe a clinton presidency would have gone to bombarding syria trampas really has kept on saying we need to talk with russia biden says putin must pay you surely not campaigning for someone who can exist then surely threaten the entire world what want to be very very clear i am not campaigning for joe biden i will never campaign for joe biden what i'm campaigning for their people have to make decisions that afford us conditions as social movements to organize but i want to be clear that. what is represented on the right is. $300.00 or so judges that have been a point it's a lifetime appointments many of which will be facing when we go before those judges in the future and so we the conditions afforded us on the left or on the democratic
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side not. the leftward on the democratic side are slightly more favorable and that's what i'm working in pushing i mean do you think that biden would even appoint bernie sanders to a cabinet level position if you won the presidency of course i would mean you presumably be an advisor to the next u.s. government do you think even that limited role may be acceptable to have risen by them well i want to be clear i don't have any continuing enduring relationship with senator sanders on the campaign of my tenure a senior adviser in it when he conceded the race but i don't i don't see a high probability of someone like joe biden having someone like senator sanders as a part of his cabinet senator vice president biden is incredibly arrogant and has taken on the mantle of being the person who defeated socialism is not a friend of socialism in any way so i would be very very surprised if that was something that joe biden the it would be you know a who many people would be surprised and excited about because senator sanders is
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represented the knees of working people for so long we've seen the liberal hollywood elite coming out for biden or did you make a skewed in 50 cent cultural icons in their own right saying vote trump the thing that will affect the vote you know i can't say i had the honor of talking to the ice cube last week as a part of another park ass and i'll say what i said then and now that you know you can't for anybody for doing their best if they think justice is on the other side of the conversation to take a call or so i don't fall them but i don't know. that people take their political. advice from from people who are maybe millions of dollars over the over their lives and you've got to make the decisions that are best for your family and not just for your family book for your community somebody who may advertise themselves as helping your bottom line maybe doing that at the expense of immigrants at the
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expense of women at the. sense of queer people and solidarity must be the for many people on the left and so we've got to remember that as well we know from wiki leaks how hillary clinton sabotaged bernie sanders as 2016 campaign and i'm sure when the election's over sanders maybe even don't come out and how the d.n.c. try to stop him being the democrat presidential candidate if biden loses during the d.n.c. will look at itself and allow a socialist to run against trump no i think the d.n.c. has no incentive in protecting establishment interests in allowing for a leftist to assumed or allowing that to happen i think what we are going to have to continue to do is fight to force a fracture in the party to move the party farther left for people to primary democrats in local races who are not in line with the needs and with the desires of the millions of people who make up the rising majority of the democratic party i
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think what we're witnessing is a dying party and it's fracturing in every single way and they're going to have to face who they are and whether they want to remain a viable political interest in the country and we hope that they'll make the right decision but they're recalcitrant in almost every way and nothing power concedes nothing without a demand so i don't think that they're going to look in the mirror and say hey let's welcome this i think it's going to be a fight and we're going to have to continue to fight and organize a viable faction within the party that sort legitimized by winning races up and down the bout just finally hey you know the trump talks the talk he talked it last time to the poorest americans in the rust belt this time around he's talking about drug pricing big pharma big pharma is supporting biden what do you think that means for vaccine research the cost of medicines during this pandemic if biden wins versus of trump wins well for i think we're going to have the fight no matter who is the president we're going to have to continuously fight the pharma industry. i
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don't know i don't know if they're donating a trunk or not i'm absolutely sure they're hedging their bets and donating to both candidates but i can't really buy does one get an announcement by these the one getting the most corporate donations ok ok i'm not here to defend joe biden in any way and so i believe that to be true i think no matter what it's going to be a fight for us to continue to push for what we deserve and what we've already earned you know these pharmaceutical companies make millions of dollars in taxpayer money in their funding their research and then when the medicine is prepared to go to market after we pay for the research pay for the trials pay for it to go to market at the end they expect to get paid on the other you know out of our pockets and i don't think that's. that's going to be a viable option for the forseeable future for millions of americans so we're going to have to continue to fight but i do not believe it no matter who is getting the most money that either candidate is not support of making sure that americans catch
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up with the great majority of the industrialized world in making sure their body has access to their medicine from the bag man thank you thank you and that's it for the show will be back on wednesday as the world wakes up to fall out from the u.s. election result until then for the aftershocks by joining the underground on you tube twitter facebook instagram and sam. the u.s. has a history of complicated and heated presidential election what's different this time is that the biggest political events of the last 4 years is happening amid the coronavirus spend that makes the last of them to the level of civil unrest sparked by the death of george floyd and the law of the radical groups on both sides of the political setbacks are. right there. if you want it's. what you
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think. these groups attract. members who have taken to the streets making protests look like full scale what you see here was only the face of what's about. this demonstrators are sometimes heavily armed and they are not afraid of violence or law enforcement. if you will of war let it begin with us. or go in to meet those groups and their leaders to find out how far they're ready to go to fight for what they believe the stupid for this country. sputnik 5 has to the world. just like its namesake the original. the 1st draft of a to leave. orbit the world's sidewall many questions remain
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unanswered about russia's new vaccine the authorities are confident enough to go forward with mass production. puzzles for. less than the family states please when you listen to life in the because no one from the. real radio received. interest in preliminary requests. williams those of us from fort st. all right this is happening all the way go on the reaction has been exactly the same as it was waved by. journalists in the us . the world reaction is made of green cheese. but. it's.
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donald trump's code good advice is forced to apologize for giving an interview to r t after being rounded on by the mainstream media scott thomas was branded a russian propagandist for warning against tough containment measures. the argument is undeniable the lockdowns are chilling people. shutdowns of the civil unrest across europe following a reckless encoded infections. on protests sweeping the muslim world against the french president's crackdown on hardline islamic.


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