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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 7, 2020 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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looking forward to your mention of them. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain don't let this you watch kaiser report. projections put joe biden in the white house says the 46th u.s. president has the key state of pennsylvania declares more of its vote counts the presumptive president elect has addressed his supporters declaring victory. people of this nation have spoken. they've delivered us a clear victory earlier donald trump declared victory for himself in the election there could still be a twist though as the republicans launch lawsuits over a late surge in postal ballots for by. the court. and the fallout from election night in america creates division
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we hear from new yorkers as claims of fraud hang over the u.s. democratic system. ole miss go annoy you know. what but to put it people the american people we trust is a direct threat to our looked at my pussy from he's frightened he's to find out what he's fighting for because to me some kind of fronts in this country. they're watching are to international special election coverage my name is donald quarter and i'll be joining you for the program. joe biden has addressed the american people after being declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election made major media outlets are projecting that the former vice president has been elected the 46th the president of the united states having secured 290 electoral votes just
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a reminder 270 are needed for victory and biden's projected win in pennsylvania has pushed him across that threshold president meanwhile stands with 214 with more on that with more on the latest here's our team america's bence one. joe biden has officially become the president elect for the united states it was saturday when that announcement was made by a number of media organizations after biden secured more than 270 electoral votes enough to put him over the top he spoke in wilmington delaware tonight alongside the 1st vice president of the united states come all the harris' 1st woman ever to ascend to the position of vice president here's what harry had to say in introducing the new president have elected a president who represents the best and. a leader the world will respect and our children will look up to a commander in chief will respect our troops and keep our country safe and
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a president for. america and the new president elect biden took to the stage tonight talked about the need for the nation to heal to come together and to be ready to move into a new chapter. joe biden becomes the oldest person ever to be elected president of the united states 5 days after voting 1st closed here's some of what biden had to say the people of this nation have spoken. to her they've delivered a clear victory a convention victory a victory. for we the people we've won with the most rooms ever cash in presidential ticket and there's tradition 74 years. now obviously this call doesn't come without controversy as i said a number of media organizations made this call but it doesn't officially become official until the vote is certified across the united states in 50 different
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states and that won't happen over the course of a number of days in the meantime on monday the trump campaign continues to push against this and will file a number of lawsuits in court including in michigan in pennsylvania. in arizona in nevada in all of those states the president's team is claiming there has been rampant and widespread voter fraud in the fraud to actually overturn the election here's what the president had to say tonight we all know why joe biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him they don't want the truth to be exposed the simple fact is this election is far from over now to be clear it's very difficult to have enough of these cases to be able to actually overturn the results of an election because it's more than just being able to prove fraud you would also have to be able to prove that there was enough fraud to actually change the outcome of the election and how far does it go does it go all the way to the u.s.
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supreme court in each one of these individual states that remains to be seen but in the meantime it seems that president trump is not yet conceding the race to president elect biden we should also mention that as these cases go forward there is some precedent for this back in the year 2000 when al gore and george w. bush ran against each other there was only one state that was ultimately contested that was the state of florida that race went on for 37 days while the new ballots were counted it remains to be seen how long this race could continue with all of these different court challenges across the nation i'm been one now to get some more election insight we go live now to dave perkins radio host and political analyst dave thank you very much for coming on the program so we've just seen a joe biden and kemal a harris give a triumphant address to their supporters do you think it's time for president trump to throw in the towel. not at all there is an enormous amount of circumstantial evidence of self evident mathematical mere impossibilities and of course no matter
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how much the media talks like it's a fait accompli it is necessary for secretaries of state in each state as your reporter said to sign off and certify this election and i would imagine there are quite a few of them who are very nervous about officially attaching their name to something that turns out to be it's overturned in court not too long from now and i have a strong feeling that some of the will be i don't want to go down to the list of individual evidences but i do want to point out there are teams of lawyers in every state with question marks on them and their purpose is to put together their part of a case that is going to be presented to the public and to justice as a full case that shows that the election outcome was altered by the fraud that it was that significant now going to give you just one of those mathematical mere impossibilities to show you how you can obviously see that things were done that
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are not right the vote for hillary clinton was very strong and a lot of democrats capital cities including the ones in the swing states joe biden got fewer votes than hillary clinton in every a major american city except for and those 4 are milwaukee detroit at the lanta and philadelphia the 4 cities where much of the obvious chicken or he is going on so joe biden got more votes than hillary clinton coincidentally in the 4 capital cities of the swing states but the lesser all across the rest of the country and still he gets a record number 74000000 popular votes for president how does that happen when only 4 cities have to make up a disadvantage to your previous candidate in the previous election it's just mathematically nearly. impossible i think there's a lot of circumstantial evidence a lot of self evident impossibilities like that and you have to assemble them all
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into a single detailed case and i think that's what president trump's team of lawyers is doing right now yeah you bring up a lot of interesting points in connection to the irregularities of the selection and that brings me on to my next question we can go back to 2016 when trump won the election but even though he won there was a lot of legal scrutiny and there was even a years long investigation so do you think now that trump himself suspects the election that there was a lection fraud will the political establishment and the justice system react in the same way as in 2016 i think the record shows that all of the things they suspected from 2016 on and let me tell you that actually began about a year and a half earlier when donald trump 1st announced he was running for president they began investigating him for a variety of different things hoping to pile up some dirt on him to either deflect him from winning or if he does win to get him out quickly but you can see up to impeachment up to the mall or investigation the big things that they pulled out to break on trumped before this 2nd election came they came to nothing the witnesses
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knew nothing nobody would swear on record and testified that trump did anything wrong it was essentially years of legal harassment over an election that was not subject to question and now the very same people who spent 4 years telling us we should not trust the 2016 election that somehow it was keating are telling us to accept this one without any question and rushing us on to declare biden and harris the president and vice president i hear that language even in the report that you got on your show just a few minutes ago the language changed from president elect a president to the 1st female vice president the presumptive languages they're all over the media even the people who aren't doing it on purpose are still doing it because they're there are essentially being led by the crowd in media and do. donald trump is still the president and nobody is the president elect until 50 secretary of state signed off on the final count the votes and i don't think any of
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them are going to be doing that any time soon i think there's a great risk to the credibility and the office of secretaries of state who signed off on an election that is visibly felt evidently got problems we need to investigate these as al gore did for 40 days back in the day against george bush in florida we need to do this in all the swing states and donald trump's legal team is up to it and getting it done. well if this election season has proven anything it's certainly that america's in a deeply divided divison of situation right now the population voting almost half and half are biden and trump and now joe biden is calling for unity saying that he'll be the president for all americans but what about his strong rhetoric before the election do you think that the you know biden and ministration would be able to mend the divisions in society. yeah people tend to forget what they said a month ago and just come out with what they think people need to hear now that's
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traditional in politics in america and everywhere else as the problem with joe biden is he's got ghosts of the zone and shadows chasing him around he's got the laptop from his son hunter biden with the evidence that they are all of him having sold influence to the chinese and enrich his family and that is not going to go away if the election is all the news right now and the media in america being so tilted toward the left would love for nobody to ever mention hunter biden swept up again but that's not going to happen joe biden is compromised as he as he attempts to ascend to the presidency he's bringing trailers full of balls all kinds of garbage along with the not just baggage garbage and those things are going to haunt him for the duration i would not be surprised just on general principles including mental competency and a variety of other issues joe biden gets convinced to retire quickly if in fact he becomes president and i think what we're looking at is the beginning of the harris administration. dave perkins radio host and political analyst thank you very much
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for your input thank you donald. now in lansing michigan hundreds of trump supporters turned out on the streets protesting against what they called a rigged election things got ugly when they were met by counter protesters. during . the course of 3. men wearing trump shirts could be seen landing blows on someone backed against a car before others intervened more than 500 people gathered waving trunk flags wearing maggette had sent chanting slogans such as for more years. meanwhile president trump has returned to the white house following media projections calling the race for biden he was given the cold shoulder as he entered washington.
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as the presidential motorcade entered the nation's capitol it was met by boos with demonstrators chanting loser trump spent saturday morning taking some time out of the golf course and he so far refused to concede the election and is promising continued legal challenges it's been an election season that seemingly deepened the rift sanda vision of u.s. society the 2 camps are out in their hundreds in support of biden and trump right now with crowds gathering in washington d.c. new york philadelphia and other major cities across the country delays and claims of voter fraud have created rifts and raised questions about the u.s. democratic system got reaction from some people in new york because the whole mess go annoy you know. you've got to do what better put it the american people you know i just want to put american people and what the white person is to see good do good put a people of america that dish out is a direct threat to alec democracy to laugh freedom and to out everything that we
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live for and everything everybody went flying this country well i think he's already proven himself to be a threat to democracy my goal is that we can get past. this all the hysterics of the last 4 years and start moving forward as a country there's no light at this point even though he's going to these losses which is probably going to delay the presidency from he's frightened he needs to find out what he's fighting for because there is some kind of fronts in this country so we need to make sure we do split in the us does a murderer who who remains my whole point is that where we people have freedom job. maybe care and they can be free to be whoever they want to. earlier my colleagues taylor and i put the election up outcome up for debate with a couple of our guests. we've had media lie to us over the last 4 years extensively and so i'm not very surprised that the media is calling an election which has yet
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decided once all the votes are counted certainly then someone will have a right to pop some quirks but for right now it's a little premature at this point in time what we're looking at simply is the math the math is simply not there anymore we're this president to claim any irregular you regularity the bath is not there for him it will be what appears to be president elect biden's lead in states like pennsylvania georgia in the bottom and potentially arizona do you think there needs to be some serious changes or a serious political overhaul after this 2020 a lecture and i think the system works and i think i think it will work itself out i think that our electoral system works i think that our electoral college works i believe in it when it doesn't work for my party and i believe in it when it does work for my party i also feel the same way about our rule of law and about our constitution or about our court system which will sort out this election as well i think that it's time for us to look at that and to look at new systems they're going to make sure that the majority of the people's votes is that much is the will
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of the majority of the people that's not the key it's right now we were able to engineer victories when the majority of the people. have not voted for particular candidate and that's going to continue to be a problem if we are indeed seeing sort of the waning days of the troubles presidency a lot of people have blamed 10 for the divisiveness on polarization in society in jena do you think that he is to blame and i think that the evidence speaks for itself that he is gaining the president is gaining minority votes intro's and i don't believe that we're seeing the waning days of his presidency i believe we're seeing the beginning of the 2nd term of his presidency and i believe that you'll only see him bringing together more and more people no other president all these other democrat and republican. i might add administrations have said they were going to do all these things through minority populations they have it i will agree with the madam in that donald trump did not create the did business of this country but did benefit from the the business of this country and utilize the business of
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this country i think that this country was founded on freedom and free markets and that's what's beautiful about this country is that we can come together as martin luther king jr sad people not by the color of their skin but the content of their character i hope we can get there we have to stop deodorizing in theater martin luther king when it seems as yes it was founded on free markets and that commodity of the free market were slaves we have to be honest and tell the full story and that's going to be the process of us maybe being able to come together we can't have justice without peace but we can't have peace or justice without truth. well the reaction to joe biden's projected victory has gone far beyond the u.s. with a range of world leaders sending their congratulations to both biden and come all the european politicians were among the 1st to react to the projections and earlier charlotte dubinsky told my colleague saw taylor about what's been said. in europe have been quick to flock to congratulate biden on his victory will start off with
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vanderlyn who is the european commission president she offered her warm congratulations to the biden harris team and she talked about the u.s. and the e.u. as being allies and friends sebastian kurtz who is the austrian chancellor tweeted about the shared values between the 2 countries it just. prime minister talked about the us being able to count on italy is being solid like an evening there was a note from stoltenberg who is the chief of nato saying that he knows that joe biden is a strong supporter of the organization also congratulations coming through from the prime minister of the u.k. the french president and the german chancellor congratulations to joe biden on his election as president of the united states and to come our harris on her historic achievement the u.s. is our most important ally and i look forward to working closely together on our
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shared priorities from climate change to trade and security the americans have chosen their president congratulations joe biden and come all of ours we have a lot to do to overcome today's challenges let's work together i look forward to future cooperation with president biden our transatlantic friendship is irreplaceable if we are to master of the great challenges of our time well so much congratulations but let's be clear not everybody is going to be welcoming a biden presidency and one person's perhaps not feeling too great about that right now is a slovenian prime minister who this week could actually tweeted that he was congratulating trump for his win he's also talked about biden in the past suggesting that biden as president would be one of the weakest u.s. presidents in history but let's not forget he has a personal ties in the game he. because milan a trump the current 1st lady is of course from slovenia we heard there about
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reaction from angola michel and so let's take a look how to biden presidency change relations with germany for example well i'm glad merkel is a staunch politician somebody who would work with anyone and we've seen her try to work with trump over the last few years but clearly germany is hoping for easier relations in the next 4 years it wants to perhaps strengthen the transatlantic cooperation between the 2 countries some of the issues that germany is going to be most concerned about is the fact of the trade was that donald trump was famously have these trade rules with the e.u. over various issues there's also the issue of a nude stream to this gas pipeline coming straight from russia into germany the u.s. currently has sanctions on companies that are working with that and they're also the bigger issues issues of nato iran all of these germany will be hoping that they
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will be able to work with an ally we know that obviously over the last couple of years we've seen how trump has been pulling out of some international agreement so the paris climate accords that drew a lot of criticism of the iran nuclear deal how do you think biden coming into the oval office could see things change getting the e.u. all hope that maybe some decisions will be even reversed well we know already that biden has been incredibly clear what t. makes of some of these agreements you mentioned that the paris climate accord donald trump famously pulled the u.s. out of saying he wasn't happy with it that sort of caused a bit of a fraction in the relationship between him and france's president emanuel not corn now biden has been clear that the 1st day of his presidency he would reenter into that agreement one of the things that many of the european leaders the m.p.c. any piece of been talking about on social media is the fact the. they're welcoming that the u.s. would be back it would be their part of the paris climate to quote in regards to
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the uranium nuclear deal again not something that trump pulled the u.s. away from something that was negotiated and if you bomb a presidency when of course joe biden was vice president so there is that joe biden if he is the $46.00 president of the u.s. will be somebody who will want to go back to the negotiating table and trying to smooth over those relations but there is a big concern here that if biden is the 46 president he's going to have so much on his plate when it comes to domestic issues whether that's the fallout from the election with that that's the 1000 pandemic whether that's the economy that europe may be waiting before those issues are dealt with. all the media are projecting that joe biden has been elected the 46 the president of the united states having secured 290 electoral college votes just a reminder 270 are needed for victory the former v.p. is win in his home state of pennsylvania has pushed him across that threshold
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donald trump at the same time stands with 214 jubilation there but donald trump's legal team has filed lawsuits in pennsylvania georgia michigan arizona and nevada and it says that this could go all the way to the supreme court earlier trump claimed he had won on social media after criticizing biden for laying early claims to the white house if trump gets the supreme court to consider his case it would echo the election 20 years ago when it effectively handed the presidency to george w. bush is going underground host option rotund see spoke with trump's impeachment lawyer on the president's chances of winning any legal battle. if you lose is the election by losing pennsylvania there's a strong argument that his lawyers 'd can make that pennsylvania should not count ballots that came in late it's a technical argument but it's the argument that prevailed in bush versus gore and
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there are already 3 or 4 justices who agree with that argument but it would take a combination of circumstances during the election to bring that case into a posture where you would win in the court so i think it's unlikely you will prevail in the courts but that's his best shot what sort of time scale are we talking about would be about a month as it was in 2000 with the bush and gore i think we'll have a result within weeks not months if pennsylvania becomes a key state then i think it will take months do you think trump always had in mind the 300 judges that were appointed under his administration given that he had already been suspecting vote tampering well i think he there are a lot of reasons why he wanted to appoint lots of judges his base wants conservative judges but i think part of the reason may very well have been as a backstop as a protection in the event that he had to take the election to court any president would think in those terms supporters of term say he shouldn't have given that
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press conference on the night saying there is fraud and waited a little bit do you think that will affect any court outcome because he was alleging both i'm afraid even before the election and of course on the night rather than saying this is the state of play at the moment we'll wait and see i don't think that kind of statement affects the course it was done after the polls 'd will close so i think it was just him saying what he believed and i don't think it will have any impact either electorally or traditionally. well this election has been anything but smooth ilia to trying to looks at whether the disorder could tarnish america's democratic image. of all the adjectives to describe democracy which stands for giving the people the right to choose who is in charge the man who stood up to take over the white house didn't pick fair stable or strong democracy sometimes messy it sometimes requires
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a little patience as well but that patience has been rewarded now for more than 240 years but the system of government governance has been the envy of the world just messy or it's just gotten way too messy and his country we have received reports of many irregularities we believe that there are dead voters that have been counted this is fraud this is absolute fraud trump campaign says they're going to court the biden campaign says it's ready for court fights protests by trump supporters and a series of vote fraud allegations by the president himself trump will go to war over this election and that is dangerous for this country there is quite a list of things appearing as cracks in the system take the mail in voting in times of covert when the nation was meant to rely on it at one point the postal service warned it couldn't cope the president flushed the method altogether saying it would
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lead to a rigged poll if you read some of these pieces there have been plenty of such the media has been questioning the confidence in us democracy europe's been watching the mess in the wings with raised eyebrows but the polarization of america should be a warning for europe we are successful because we preach differences between countries and peoples so we benefit together if we lose the ability to compromise i would receive are in danger it was a blink in america does not quite correspond to the democratic culture we know from the united states it's important that the result is the accepted by everyone is easy to be a winner but sometimes it is hoped to be. trumps late night speech puts a question mark over his possible 2nd term in office it is hard to imagine what the 2nd sound would look like when the president directly code for the abolition of the rules of democracy he's cool to stop counting votes is a blow to the essence of american democracy here's a voice of concern from allies to pat. we can say for the united states to get into
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turmoil and confusion because of the election is a minus for its allies and like minded countries but perhaps the most fascinating thing to observe is the sneer by america's foes after so many times washington told them how wrong things are with their elections what a spectacle one says this is the most fraudulent election in u.s. history who says that the president who is currently you know this is a rival says trump intends to rig the election this is how u.s. elections and u.s. democracy are we do not interfere in the internal affairs of the united states and we hate it when they pretend to give lessons in democracy to the world these beauts chaos and refusal of election results were supposed to only take place in developing states things have changed over this have occurred in the us which is no longer synonymous with a stable civilized and consensus based society now just for
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a giggle let me read out one tweet as an official one country a calls on country b s leaders to show commitment to the democratic process and rule of law we urge all parties groups and individuals to engage in inclusive dialogue to find peaceful solutions to their disagreements to heal national divisions full stop it's a tweet by the u.s. embassy country a in ivory coast country b. from the 4th oh the irony. now just to recap the u.s. media has named joe biden the new president elect topping $270.00 electoral votes with the addition of pennsylvania vote counting and legal challenges by the campaign looks set to continue for many days meanwhile biden and running mate come all iris have given a victory speech after the race was called in their favor stay with r.t. as we keep on top of the latest in the 2020 u.s.
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presidential election.
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