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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 11, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm EST

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going to see a serious decline of the dollar to see the chinese currency start to really outperform the dollar. hello and welcome across the uk, raul things are considered, i'm hearing about media claimed joe biden to be president elect. however, if that's not how it works, final vote tallies make that determination, and we aren't there yet. was the election free and fair? and what is the possibility? half the country will claim the election was stolen.
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to discuss the election and more i'm joined by my guest, jenny kerns in oklahoma city. she is a g.o.p. strategist and host of all american radio, with jennifer kearns and in san diego. we have laura fink, she is a democratic strategist, as well as founder and c.e.o. of rebel communications. right, cross up rules in effect. that means you can jump in anytime you want. and i always appreciate it. ok, let's go to lauren san diego. i had presented my interaction that probably the most basic question that needs to be answered at this point. do you think it was a free and fair election? go ahead laura. well, as of right now, we don't have any evidence of any sort of fraud. we have the widest participation in the history of the country. i think it was as free as humanly possible. and i think what it did was show us that we need to make ballots and balloting more, more accessible and not last in future elections. so i think with all of the votes cast, it was a triumph for the american people because they participated. and i mean on, on both sides on those that voted for chop record turnout, record number of slots,
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and those that voted for biden. obviously he had a significant as a but also record turnout. record number of facts game intended there, the number of lawsuits being filed and it could cover up to 10. so, i mean, this is all a fiction. this is all made up. i mean, people have made videos, people have made claims, people's statements are in front of law enforcement, which could be, you know, either a misdemeanor or felony assault. i mean, there is, i guess the used rays that mean there's a little bit of smoke here, is there some fire? oh, they're absolutely is a fire and you know, it has to work its way through the courts and look, i mean, we're an instant gratification. society and i think that's fine. see joe biden, supporters who are going out into the streets and best racist networks, declaring victory there, but there are some very serious lanes. you compare this to the bush versus gore
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case in 2000, that was not educated into the december 12th of 2000. and i mean, think of how far we are from that day. and that case was over one shouty and less than 500 votes here. and that is a stark contrast to what i've been working. my sources where the trump legal team is you reality seen even have at least they say 300 and sounds and ballots and selling it a lot on their app question that may have been counted after the 8 pm lawful deadline on election night. so that may not, i personally have written an investigative story on nearly 4000 people in las vegas, you know, who are on the experian credit bureau dead list and have moved out of the state. now that it will, we bounce that against voter rolls of you who voted nearly 4000 people in this state and imagine arch about it. and that's just my report. there are
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a poor he to campaign hundreds of people who. ringback come forward and add this moment peter. there are hundreds of people who signed affidavits, their name and their life on the line at come forward and say there was inappropriate loading, potential fraud, idols of a senate, you know las vegas where my own parents used to lay did said they serve people where they took the ballot to the book ballot box and asked the other if they could see their grandmother had voted because their grandmother rest and it's a silly he has insisted she vows election. and sure enough the grandmother and said, there is, i believe there are some fire that we have to let that were processed. and here's what i think the mainstream media has and they separated supporters out for a huge disappointment if this test translate, because their 1st trial has stolen the election from what will have been 10 and
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lora, i think that's the problem that we all face, that either side, you know, whoever wins that there's going to be the target of the election being stolen, and that's really setting very dangerous. ok. well laura, one of the things i don't understand, i think it's counter-intuitive. why doesn't joe biden? and his campaign now mount force me and say, yes, it's in a state all of these claims and listen to and talk to all of these people. because then you come out and are saying for transparency sake, ok, what light is of the, the campaign amount or force leave that way because they have the most to gain. i would go ahead more. well, i think they have the math on their side and so i don't think you need to follow up as, as, as my lawyer friends would sank. you got $25.00 in a can, you can file a lawsuit. and so, so far all of the things that janice, talking about there has not been evidence forward and submitted to the court. you have to have evidence for your lawsuit to move forward and we stopped out of the
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lawsuits that have been filed. officially i'll show you, i did 3 were rejected, rejected as having no evidence. the one that the trump campaign, when she said that there are observers which were present were a good move, a little bit closer to the people, counting the ballots. so not a result of victory and not not, not impacting the outcome. so right now, so far it's all smoke and mirrors while we're on the smoke metaphor by the truck campaign. and then the goal is your fault. it's not to win in court because i can't make any lawyer worth their salt. they're just next case here, where they would have printed presenting all of this. instead, actual evidence, that's a legend to exist. it really is a p.r. war, casting a legitimacy on b election really riling up the base, giving them these pieces of just information so that they can move forward and feel that even though their candidate lost the election was stolen from them. always knowing that under oath, but under multimillion that undermines democracy, but that is the goal because i haven't seen these receipts. i haven't seen this
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evidence and the courts haven't seen them because these cases are not proceeding. they are getting so far rejected out of hand. yes, but more and gen their no one has been elected, no one has won and no one has lost gen. i find it unconscionable and irresponsible . and that's the media. the media doesn't care who's president and this is this,, you know, just lighting the color when b., when yes, that's true. when the electors sit down at the electro college and they vote that we have here, we have a transition team. it is quite every election as i know, not when it's props, not when it's frocked. ok, this is a throb election and i find it very. yeah, i see a problem. what evidence? because i didn't hear because we don't have the evidence of a winner or loser, get ok. they show we have the advantage of a winner. we don't have evidence of this fraud. we have no evidence being put forward. we have no witnesses talking to cameras. we have no, we have, we have just, you feel like a should have known or louisiana and doesn't have the right. doesn't have any legal
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right to call an election. ok jenny, how do you see the meet because of this? just gaslighting people there making the situation worse. well, you know this laura says, you know, if you have the math, then you don't need to investigate that brought this is, i think that's not what it was. i said you had to have evidence. i did not say i said we had to match don't conflate, those are 2 separate things and you don't have it. if you have the map to follow up on the set. no, i didn't buy it. that's not your problem here in this exact problem. if the democrats did in fact stuff, the ballot box as they appear to do, you are saying that you know it out yet rudy giuliani. there were not. i had an early night out here in the dark and i'm filled up. yes. i'm sorry. i was ready to, leave under there and the r.c.c., and there were actually a 169000 ballots. they can never have
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a happy go between for it. so what that will challenge the age where everyone has a cell phone, if they didn't keep it, shana has the record here. we'll be able to tell it like piecing together public policies that are coming in. all right, that's what you want. and that will start being that case will start being made in court today, so stated in order that you can go around gates here. and for more of that, i'm just going to try to still be here. but obviously we're making up lies that employ a clock and rudy giuliani answer, sorry witness. oh your god. i don't hang on. i don't like it when someone calls someone a liar on this program. ok. we have, we have was, we have procedures and people are making claims. that's why we have the lawns and that's why we have the procedures. i say nothing wrong in investigating them. you're not ration day is down the road we have time. and that's why we have these procedures because in my place to have been,
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so maybe i'm going to end this here. ok. i think most think, you know, most people want to know who won and we have this mechanism to get there. and i think that's very reasonable wage were pro-choice. why can't you, laura? why can't you just say, yeah, we just let it go, let it go to the courts because well, it will get you noticed you believe you have the map on your side. you have the theory of the future, it will go to the courts. it will go to the courts and it will proceed and all of this, the legend, cell phone videos and rudy giuliani is the star witness may come forward. and so far the courts have rejected 2 out of 3 cases. i was objecting to it moving forward . i'm not objecting to president trump exhausting his legal remedies. but what i am saying is that, that when you, when you allege things that are better, truly have no basis in evidence, you don't put forward the evidence along with your names and a headache. well, you're right. i have again, i have it, let me finish. i haven't seen the evidence because you haven't shown any. it's simply just a lot of talk. it's not in talk with no evidence. and so if you had every right
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that comes forward to our country and you know, 100000 acres or had laura, i think i just, i just want to say if you have the evidence, you would put it forward and we'd be talking about that evidence and we talked about you'd be talking about the litany of it are just are we have nothing have our doubt i but i'm not going to go on your word when i why. if there were hundreds of thousands of ballots of voter fraud, you should have some evidence of that. and instead what we're hearing from campaign officials saying as well, we need to look a little harder. so maybe find this evidence. i mean, i'm not part of that, is it? because as i watched it on fire it's killer project that records on average apps. but in the meantime our democracy is being undermined when we do see that by the math, joe biden has one. but i have that i have it, democrats likely not is how i played so when i left, they don't know you to use or i didn't share added over the weekend. they owe it to
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a judge and american people to share in the court of law x. ray here in about an hour starting a american court system. let ice skater example i publish up on my right of the voter file, an operation that a clerk out and watch said, county in reno to get that experience credit list. there were nearly 4000 people and i'm just one person who just cited you that the work on that station is right. but overall on it did the math. how many other cases are there? we don't know. it will seem that if you take a tour of the back to peter slight lead electoral college doesn't even need to re-enter the center for their t.v. . i predict peter and i wanted to have your prediction. you will see the cases are going by the rate you will see the light bulb start to gather in the cul de sacs
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told us that every electoral college elector and every secretary of state who cares to not certify this job like that's what's county and believe me, the crowds that are out d.n.c. around and having fun on saturday are just like those who turned my life in a heartbeat as that's how the democratic party operates. not going to comment in our great leader, but you have to say they had a lot of practice during the summer here. ok, i'm going to jump in here. we're going to go to a short break now, but that's all right. we'll continue our discussion on the election as they are her
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seemed wrong. to shape out and in again, the trail find themselves worlds apart of common ground. this is a story of women and women with troubled histories and complex court cases. you know, some believe the
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person that she's innocent, be considered the most dangerous of criminals. she's in a still the ball, the 23 hours of the day. tell me the world of women on death row, the end. welcome back to crossfire all things are considered 900. discussing the election. ok, let's go back to laura. laura, what i think for a lot of trump voters, if they can, they look how, particularly the media and obviously the democrats treated trump and his administration. there's a whole lot of lack of faith here. ok. we went through this russia gate hoax,
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we went through this impeachment hoax and then there's, there's, i just, i'm giving a perception. ok, i'm giving a perception. ok. and so when it comes down to this, when, when, when people are presented and we need evidence for, i'm going to go and jen, hopefully, and her friends can generate and, but you know, when ballots come out of nowhere or housings of ballots, they have the president being voted for and i think, i mean if you listen discover if that's true. but can't you at least concede that you have a lot of trump, voters seeing how their guy was treated for 4 years and they look at this? is that something is something that's akin to a 2nd to impeachment? i mean, can you at least give credence to how they may feel? i can concede that no one likes to lose an election and, and i can conceive that,
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but it doesn't equal. and you didn't see hillary clinton, supporters, legin, widespread voter fraud, big 73, it was authentic, and it was not right that they came out. and so let's listen. i am not going to litigate every trump, you know, scandal, that he's fomenting that were based on his own actions. so, but what i will say is that, you know, in america, we cast power from one party to the other. we've done it time and again, and it's a, we're a stone of our democracy, which means that when you're just appointed an election doesn't mean you have a right to change the results because you're upset that your guy ritchie's you and that's, and that is one of the most americans are things that we have that exists in our country. i mean, it's a fundamental american principle show. and so what i, what i would say is that we have to accept the results of this election and just say, i mean, one of the most serious things to me if there is this widespread voter fraud, is how the democrats didn't manage to take the senate that time and again, the republican senators were reelected, and mitch mcconnell can see it's
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a whole the range of the senators that some real service you can go to try to talk about. it only exists in places where there is a narrow election count. and somehow trump lost should you know, this is a magic, this is a magic, certainly not a republican or straight line. you're credence to doubt because, you know, all of the polls were, you know, lindsey graham was on his last leg eccentrics, cedric and then there actually, there was no blue wave at all. the republicans actually did really well considering everything. it's just the for the presidency and that's what a lot of people are and are curious about generally i don't understand it, but i think they look at how do you not acknowledge snow, but he just sat in the weeds, but he's there. that's what makes up a lot of people very curious there. i mean, if all of these polls are often the, the republicans actually get really fight well and they say, well, then there was no doubt that there was no down take effect here. i mean, that's kind of on it. so all i want is evidence to present to me, you know, were they had 3 years of russia? again, i just said, what's the evidence,
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they never came up with any evidence. and so i know you demand evidence of this yet, and right now you're not demanding evidence now, then your state, then there's a system and there are laws. and jen, and, and people like are given the opportunity to go and peter, your colleagues are showing. no, i go by the law. i emotion. ok jenny, you have that? that's a great point. like i don't respect the results of the election if the election was too late. duly process it here saying it is not about her feelings. i am actually slightly better for my business model to not have tried in office for the next 4 years. and i know it's just speaking as a political consultant celeb. this is not hers. this is about the american system in and sharing their checks and balances. work really just pointed out overnight that the boxer joe frazier, who some years passed, was actually seen on the go to rolls and silly ad boated as was will smith's
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grandmother? i mean, these are just random examples and i just have to say are now they are and so is, not really giuliani or s., it is little or these bulbs are showing as have been noted, there are hundreds of thousands more and rudy giuliani says there are 350000, you know that leave us a leave rudy giuliani. i have a bridge in new jersey with chris christie governing it to sell you. a chris christie had nothing to do with rudy giuliani. that place is not a president runs campaign team. it's funny how democrats don't like rudy giuliani when they love him for a day job to anyone. any jury alley administration and your city will tell you, no. rudy has time to go. you know what i am the left wing of the party has really had an say, this is the man you as a u.s. attorney who are jealous of cases has tried to detonate hundreds of cases. and of
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course the all eyes are on rudy giuliani. this is going to be nothing short of the o.j. simpson trial. i think peter, this will be televised or in a day and some courts that allow cameras in there. and if it's not allowed inside the courtroom, you will see a presentation by rudy giuliani on the steps of all the story houses. they have that they have no responsibility to share with the needy yet they just went against them for any state certified any election. but they will be if you can see this in court, and again, remember that december 12th date and bush versus gore. what is your day and night where a lot of wait until that date. so let me added speed and let the court trials begin . and i think we're, yes, he had nightmare that happened in philadelphia in the darkest nights and a lot of americans don't appreciate their being disenfranchised because for every voter that commits fraud and, and yes, challenge it. that's why i know while driving and yes,
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exhausted from the lack of gavin and rudy giuliani, the only i don't know what i have to agree and i think having giuliani leading the charge, it's precarious at best looking. rudy is, is good what he did and what he does. he's not ok and he's good at it. ok. and this is too important for the american people in my opinion. and i want to play and how do you know, not just when he says the more territory i want to cover some more here please. i'm glad that laura brought about the peaceful transition of power and how can he 100 for the 1st time, going to set a tradition that we all admire. ok, and if this point in time the country has so developed divided here, what are, what's going to happen if we, if there isn't a consensus or who won the election here, you brought up the word emotion. yes, there's a lot of emotion on all sides. ok. but it, what i find it really tragic that we're in an environment where there's someone so
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many doubts about how institutions are run. and by whom here do you think that we're, we can tell that we still transition of power that started in $800.00. so going to happen and 2021 or had oh, i believe that the forces of democracy will overcome whatever forces radical forces trump decides to you know, 3 that and that morning because i can't predict what he's going to do. but i know that the institutions remain and, and the systematic undermining of american institutions is at the hands of this president. and certainly he's not, i would give him credit. he's done an incredibly successful job and undermining authority and undermining sort of the american institutions that we, that we rely upon to do things like the peaceful transition of power. so. so will it be inside of china? absolutely. will it happen? absolutely. ribbit chan. we have hillary clinton to quote, reelection telling joe biden not to except and not to make any kind of concession,
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you know. and then donald trump was accused in 2016 of not accepting the electoral outcome. hillary clinton still hasn't made me. she thinks she's still president for something like that. and then you have that be a break in our system. you made it. you say it's not. it's and you made a statement. i think it's easily refuted. ok, we look at what the f.b.i. did to the truck, campaign, destroying institutions. what was the f.b.i. and the intelligence community doing, reveling in that election year? that's the kind of institutional wearing a jacket, a i'm talking about i have ever seen. and what you see also, i mean, you know, you have all these anonymous sources and it was, these are people in state institution constantly attacking the administration. so, you know, you know, that's a bit rich, claiming you are relating gate receipts or anyplace because of the u.k. my hands and asked her initial guidance to be investigated with our american tax dollars. and as far as a conference, i mean i can't talk about hunter's laptop,
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but go ahead jim. well, rudy can help you. i have that. i have it here. a question here. i mean, i'm just saying is that if you want to, you know, anyone pointing the finger about hurting the integrity of institutions. i mean that the democrats have a lot to answer for a whole lot and ask any sanders what he thinks about how the democratic party is from. go ahead, john. ok, i mean look they, they have troops that are in this election. what they did to bernie sanders, not once but twice by putting the establishment's candidate into place and let again, this is not about her feelings and this is, i doubt what i believe. i do think it is a screw minute. he lost gracefully exit. he has much more to do in this, like he can go start from where he actually wanted to do in the regular trial 60. i think he actually had a better place for that now and again, you know,
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then jan i get it now that you mention it. i think he would run a t.v. station better than the united states of america as a late night. early lot of other people did on him. well, i think it cost a lot, but he could certainly do that for a 1000000 people. let's face it. fox news is basically yesterday all our own hardware, crasher me. so there's certainly a market there. you get all the delegates are truck. happy to make and have much less responsibility and a lot more fun during that rallies population. so this isn't about i owed you what's donald trump going to do that? he loses, this is about the sanctity of our american democracy. and i can tell you, i was just in secretary of state or california on a small team of 6 or 7 people were charged with ensuring be integrity at the election and ensure any tyree of every single vote there was someone in south south central los angeles who had been disenfranchised. we sent a team to go investigate that one vote. and i didn't, i have time to, i'm going to add on the boats. and i say,
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arguing has to stop the count. and when you're sick, when you do that, everybody knows. and he wants the votes to count in some places and not in other places. ok. i don't know. what about parenting? i mean, you know, we, you know, we, in the theory as we have only 30 seconds up here is that they claim that they, they, they were looking for a certain number of votes where they needed to win. ok, that's the claim that they're making. ok, i don't know, the thing is that we're all talking about jane. you probably know more physical evidence that certainly than i do here. and in the last 15 seconds here, i want to bring us together and hope that they get a winner, and that people can believe then and maybe start afresh next year. but i don't think it's going to happen. ok, i don't want people to say not my president, so they get to trump art if it's buying that hope, it doesn't happen as all the time we have. i want to thank my guests. i want to, or viewers are watching us here our next hour. remember
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the world is driven by shaped the day or thinks we dare to ask you know, those little sleep will push your children to do w. clubbable was she who i am sure come back when i can afford to show me my bench to
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put a gun you get that when you discuss all of this to do just about because those told me to tell you when i was in the thick of these with it would seem all senior moments he was by his emotions. a bit someone put in your city's come home and used you the 20th century was thing in a revolution. the great depression, world war, the 21st question
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headline stories authorities in the u.s. state of georgia border margin of victory in several other states. the presidential election police fired tear gas in the armenian capital. crowds accuse the government.


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