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my words, that's what serapis some psychiatry's to tell us. the only question is, should we accept it as a fact? yes or no? by law. let's face mother. no, i divorced when he was 3. we haven't lived together since then but we have stayed in touch. still get a number in my throat. that's how he looked, then this is him. now. 23 hindus for sure. he would missions as us all to see if he did this is going or should you in the kind of a goodish coaches choose, has been a couple years ago. he moved in with me and only then did his condition become clear to his doctors. when much they heard that i was making a film about self. he wanted to be in it put on those harry potter glasses,
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but without lenses just with his interview, arranged their throats. the mission is to square cupola. you know, so when you were with us here recently, the only other ship me people with this condition have a deep fear of being abandoned to them. the entire world is divided into black and white. they have no real understanding of who they are, but i arranged for much faith to learn english and alone. and we traveled together to japan, jordan and israel to try to get him interested in something, at least, but to no avail. you know, the studies no works and hardly ever leaves home away from waco, this year. course, there is way to go, you know, physio in the studio. we have a visionary, but at that,
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tried as many institutions as we could. we went to the soup into a crisis stabilization unit in a city hospital. we did at least stop cutting himself or your vehicle for the when your call for that was given up with your scope so that you don't can you give us just as kira, she was born in 1909. the 20th century slammed the door right behind her in the 21st century, only opened its doors a little because no red carpet. yesterday, she broke a phone in a street brawl, forced to eat plenty of fish. curer has a stormy relationship with her parents. she's arranged to meet her father today, a 1000000000 things in a little under which the sun with the bundle, which flows it over as a form of immersion is one of those the cute couple of chatting they what's more,
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they're going to the latest thing when i joke with various white chefs. what i say, yeah. but i swear the look to you. if you're that's what it's you want that years ago. if the show not go somewhere and you idiots for a number of sweets, your worst branch of the puzzle. wish to put up to the boil, that's be a pain in my ass that my at the premier, what i supposed to skid in the mud. she's now trying to repair the relationship with her dad. and we're going to meet him about it when you know i have
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we're not that good at the new libya we woke up but your answers were neither about system your option, which does not believe you are the one. 'd with a nice nest in the sky. with no money. of course that's the cleaning. that is going to cook the fish. now it's almost all the lunch. when you get the setting out there at the dock, i thought it was you buy it up say yeah, it's just a few. do you think a 33 with
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a sober works is just fit i've always wanted to work out what was wrong with much way. i signed up for a course at a mental health center where doctors and therapists help children and their parents, that was actually where i met everyone in this film. believe me we're on our way to meet a yet another family. we've had to postpone filming several times because lira didn't film well. she's still a mere child, just 15 and lives with her mother and brother. the father left several years ago spends most of her time drawing and doesn't go to school. and it's just me until
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today as i stand with all groups, it's whether they're going to sell yet i have a deal which is more than would love to have start a study. so i took us to talk to doc, sustain a fault, just convert stuff. it goes up numbers, don't you know? when asked, how many years i was, your answer has to go be this pledge to school. but you know, when i was in the commissioner's courtier book and which is on point with welcome to the project. is that unlike the 1st one? so when you talk to students of boston, you know, it isn't just things going to look at the same sort of that's a traditional thing that should be up to date, but i'm going to be sure the shots,
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instead of sure senior he has gotten quite sure how to do is to bring us quickly up, not up the value you know, when you buy media, when we come down here pretty much to someone wall national doors and i think to do that, you've got the committee don't come to us because we don't come across the business will never be united, but i wish the program would it be any. why should they have it in dayton election, but now it's time to quit. sorry. just an account on their own. she stays in touch through whatever else she's well known in the neighborhood as a professional seamstress. and the 1st thing you do not know which is the news to the big of a, you know, you know, we just knew glued to the beach or if you sell your growth. sure
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. you because you know what one of the girls told us about that you trained to do so and you know, risk feeling better at least well enough to meetings. i think you might just do in your shoes even though it would seem you leave off. so what's the mood or 20 she lives with a mother and 5 cats. only one has had to rent this flat for because alina feels sick in the apartment, that they all go often has to water meals from a restaurant. because i'm in a county timecode food, the phrase was a duck. tried to be at the well,
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this is the most products that there was. no, you don't have to keep your brother who does it for us then yet here is the course of believing in. don't buy it's got left sitting orchard street course that quit
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it could even though there's a poor herschel at the what can you do when you're ready through the questions? you just because you know yourself russian emergencies can happen any time. so i try to find out where someone with borderline disorder might cool. if no one else is around because i typically waste more of the shots, i'm sure . but almost that if the there's a small, many of them were visited,
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went through it with still no sound did live with the when you put out that it did for sure there was a bit from yorkshire and they probably haven't eaten there. you guys that are going to supply the oem your produce pretty short as the short a c. short as we share some with the demick. no certainly no borders nationalities
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as a marine. we don't need to judge your commentary is the sentence we can do better. we should everyone is contributing way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenges, grateful for the response, has been so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. the or tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess, to crimes. they didn't commit. i don't even think people in the us really get that the police are allowed to lie to the person who falsely confessed,
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actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior. once a false confession is taken, the case is closed and nobody really can tell the difference between a good confession and one that isn't they know all this and we have what? we haven't yet put the seems to find a solution to problems spanked after trying new sanctions. she took up extreme bike
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racing. the results were good. she was even selected for the youth, an impact team from my mentor. and that's because of that if it is just a deal, snuggle up to it all we need a little bit is a better grip and there is making another attempt to do to build bridges with her family. she's visiting her grandma, who she hasn't seen for about a year, but just the mere idea of almost any way that we're all together. but that was that, and that for us then you will get something out of it. i thought
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miley what i could say if all let's remember the words in the front. just a bit, do the dishes for the 50 you don't need to ask is that just in the soup? i went to the 051 center in court myself, thinking that people with borderline personality disorders wouldn't look for help. you'd rather do it on the internet. among their own words of the do is google,
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go to what it will soon do, and i'm not sure how many times i have money and why it's so hard to show you over start. so many times i can tell you that it had cost us $700.00 just i'm tired and stressed out all of us out. i am active about 12 years. i'm not suffering, i mean any more out that are coming up in a better way. like i'm pretty well actually and i have finally and there is a bench to push the crests and you should see dave there up with back across the google sites. if there are one thing or use a chip, you need to deal with the evidence that it's a potion on the disk loop. since he's complicit with it, isn't this a big ordeal, sue, or what to do to even notice that only a month you ups was always you will buy these in quite
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a bit more than you think. oh cool. so pretty leniency was that on the idea that the jews were using authors of your swear, you who are to go to stay with your door. so who needs you more reason? someone will go to some women knew who was in the ocean, floors or should not wear shoes there, which you know will salute which were so near. you weren't on the scene, you don't go what is leading up to men and i'm going to address that and wished i would put the do your groundwork, you know,
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when you're in the media groups and if we're going to enjoy the categorization of people as the common dandelions on the special kids use a psychological theory of a developed into something real from all she's studying to be a florist is very stupid, is the worst. you know your eyes, you go, go, go and you do it in the digital do you wish to continue to put real life assurance that it was new york, you know this
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is much this friend nastia. she's also 23 guests rest of the business had numerous threats to throw it to bring at the show in the book, you firmly in my 2 sons of pre-marital sam, what song yang, you know, no wonder you're needed in a school that's missed here among us from which but today this is nope, the most
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serene to me it's not just your discomfort the car going to go it's. it's one of the spiritual mom in the moon. you know, it's the moment it's a simple question of the was the end of this. it is the love, but the girl wanted to show us the way she used to be with it when she 1st thought of harming herself off with more. so now i don't think that even little sam lining up at the end of cricket for us to know whether the table is here with each other. so sure. sure.
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is that what you're going to do? you know what you really did by mists and i was up to 20 to play. some of them will be me if i'm no good interesting that i don't mean i don't think you go up shaving no money down to no one to get them. but you get the, bring you all the building up your will, but not mine yet to meet. you could usual down. well, you bitch about the top of that. of course, if you're going to the bush with your symbol of don't want to brazil will never go to those who've written any joke or should be. he gave you shoes. this is a jewish view of
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the thing more when he says this is a printer and our biggest fight was about half a year ago when he went out onto the balcony, saying he felt so sick. he could kill himself. i made clear if a top was his responsibility this your board or should she, you know, be a book or should be still be there before you worship service or yes, i'm giving up. despite the crisis, she leaves home to show us one of her favorite places where the body is at the middle. and she does this break somewhere in the breast more students, if you're one of them and i just was going to put in you what i mean. yeah. but
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that doesn't work. i would keep just a kid. you just don't use leading to the brain. you got to meet and you were too close for you to be able to continue, but you can achieve this who you are? this is a this vicious to the question really? all right, alina is coloring an apron pocket for a mother. she's keeping myself busy and mom has her number one assistant today.
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that won't use perfect. yeah, we should use they should say what i wish the goodwill could tell us by the us that it's doubly so lovable was if you are just let me show you tonight. we've had 12 sessions and i'm still confused. i don't know if i can accept match me for want to use you will live usually to choose from. and i mark at least one that doesn't capture a message that would have been the most of my given. it's just the most misunderstood by much to be clear, but then you buy meat and then go kill
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a device to divide among all hero to the caribbean, it means when human oh boy, you know what? they could bring it in another which we just some of the other that at the very big no at the tell me as they compare them. here you put a look at a balloon, but you're still in play over here. you put a roof, a blue moon, plenty of room to move you into the loop or you move into the room, but don't blame your own survival. knew you didn't hear you grow. yeah, the snow was just the decrease in your wealth and lesser nationalist and you listen, you should believe that the chicago media and i
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do, but by the story new version of the quiet, the more you should be more scared, you could be stupid to call you just a muse 1st new book, which so we will sure of though is the us pulls the countries he'll yeah, you know who we were making the argument out in our parents' group chap that her daughter had graduated from grenoble
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university and now has a degree did you just see your sick although she did good, gail wasn't well existent, somebody. ready on election night, you may know whether the margin for the winner is so large that it is impossible
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for the defeated candidate to catch up. so there may still be 10000 votes to count, but the margin is 80000 votes. it doesn't matter if all 10000 votes went for the defeated candidate, they cannot possibly catch up and that's where we are today. joe biden's margin is so large. all of the states are being contested. that even though some of the states have not finished county, they still don't know who won. and joe biden won, a majority of the electoral college votes here is that all these big guns are really taking a position against the u.s. dollar. they've got stand, stand to give god. also the dollar is great value. he's heading into gold. thanks. dollar is going to be a bad situation going forward. he has not yet jumped into the big point both,
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but i predict you will very soon. you've got warren buffett. he doesn't like big point, but he is putting a lot of money to work in japan to get out of the dollar. and the jones is having to go so all of the titanic, you know, movers and shakers of the global financial world are showing away from the dollar. this is a story of women, women with troubled histories and complex court cases. you know, the person that would be considered the most dangerous of criminals. she's all the off 23 hours of the day. tell me that is not enough punishment.
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commemorating the armenian capital pays final respects to those who died in the war with those days or protests over the signing of the which many armenians are russian peacekeepers along the border. but peace, local officials say their arrival in the war on the program turned in their sins in washington d.c.
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to rally against the results of the 2020 president.


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