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tv   News  RT  November 30, 2020 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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the french president's party withdraws a bill that would have restricted the filming of police officers after weeks of nationwide protests. a rights report says, hundreds of myself, family members with european citizenship, are being held in, inhumane conditions at kurdish controlled refugee camps in syria. and us president elect joe biden makes another key appointment to jen psaki will be the white house press secretary, a familiar face from the obama era, and to remember for more than just a few gaffes. there are flows of gas, natural gas, i should say. they go through from western europe through king crane to russia, and we will, i'm sorry,
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the other way from russia to western europe or from birth of refugees from russia. and i've seen new evidence to prove who are fleeing to russia, sorry, broadcasting live coverage from our studios in moscow. this is our team international. i'm sean thomas. really glad to have you with us. and the french president's ruling party has withdrawn a parliamentary bill that would have severely restricted the filming of police officers. opponents said the measure named article 24 would have violated press freedom and allowed the police to cover up acts of brutality. the apparent u. turn follows 2 weeks of nationwide unrest. my
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it, it it, it was president might crunch had and the movement see meeting on monday. as part of that meeting, there was the french prime minister, the french interior minister, and also the leaders of the parliamentary parties of the majority, the presidents of these parties. now they decided following that meeting, that this specific article, article 24 would be suspended from the bill. as i say, it follows a weekend of violent protests in france where more than a 130000 people came out to the streets. while the anger that we saw in those protests had been focused on 2 incidents in the last 7 days, which showed extreme versions of police brutality. the 1st was a week ago on monday evening. here in paris, when police would show him videos using brute force to dismantle
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a michael camp with one journalist saying that he had been attacked 3 times during the evening by the security forces as he was trying to carry out his job. that was described as shocking by the interior minister and it was investigation rulz. then . then the 2nd incident was that of a black music producer here in paris, who was shown on security footage being beaten up by officers. now the 4 officers involved in the incident have since been suspended in turin, custody, but the reality is many say that without these images being broadcast, then perhaps they wouldn't be any comeuppance for the police. even president machen said that that image of the black producer who was just trying to get into his studio, being beaten, was shameful. it was very hard when they fired tear gas that was at the back. i tried to call my lawyer. i tried to call a lot of people, even
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a neighbor heard my screams. he called me and asked what's going on. i explain it, i've been attacked and he wanted to call the police might. it was the police. it's outrageous. i can't even tell you what i'm waiting for. i wish, of course, that this never happens again to anyone. whether there are cameras or not, it should never happen. the police are here to protect us with journalists and dangers. it criticised article 24, saying essentially gave the green light to police officers just stopped them from doing their job to stop them from filming. it had been previously backed up by the government to said that this was needed to protect the police officers who have been facing unprecedented levels of violence. the police unions that said, this move didn't go far enough. they wanted something stronger. but of course, that now has been back tracked with the announcement that this particular part all school 24 hoopy completely agree with the former interior minister who is the president of the on parliamentary group. christopher cassaday said that it was
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the parliamentarians and must be the current tools of fundamental rights. and this is freedom of expression and freedom of the press and human rights group is accusing europe of creating its own one tonne a moment by allowing its citizens to be subjected to human rights abuses at camps in syria. according to a write in security international report, there are $640.00 european children and $230.00 european women being held illegally and without charge at kurdish run camps for terror suspects in north east of syria . and the report contains eyewitness accounts of inhumane and degrading treatment comment. just look at this sea of tents enormous dubbed in the report as the new get mo, europe's kuantan, a mole because of the citizenship or the origin of many of the families there. but here's why this place could outdo the infamous prison in reputation for the horrors
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happening inside. and pretty much every tent. there are kids since the start of 2019, more than $400.00 children have died in the main camp long after eisel was wiped out. and this part of syria families of suspected terrorists are paying the price some die because of gruesome conditions. it can be anything from bad food to tent fires. last winter, 3 and children were burnt alive. we saw the bodies, so the babies. if someone dares to speak out against the conditions, the guards, as it's been reported, resort to gunfire, we never feel safe here. my main worry is that my children are injured or dying from gunshot wounds. one day a bullet landed between my neighbor's tents. i'm afraid of the bullet enters my tanned and winds of one of us. one children, especially boys grow older. they could end up being forcibly removed,
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just in case 2 men in military uniforms who had their faces covered with these cards and carrying kalashnikovs and very fast. they took my son who was asleep. i screamed, they said, don't scream. local authorities have admitted they are removing troublemakers, which could be justified by the detainees all in violent behavior. at times, imagine scuffles between those who reject eisel ideology and those who remain brainwashed. it's an explosive mix. the question is whether the threat from these clashes is an excuse for any humane treatment bordering on torture. the syrian democratic forces that are running the camp, say such practices are banned, but they are admitting mistakes and keep complaining about the resources they have or lack to keep the whole mess under control. we'll soley responsible for the safety and security of thousands of families of militants in the whole camps.
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something far beyond this capabilities, due to the failure of the international community to cooperate with us and their refusal to repatriate this it's so where do these families belong? who bears the ultimate responsibility for the woman and children? many of whom never chose to be an islamic state, but ended up in its jaws. e.u. members don't want the families back flying them as a security threat, revoking citizenships. it is more than turning a blind eye. these states are actively engaging in a policy that is leaving these people in these dire conditions outside of the law. they're actively doing it because they've said that the security approach is to leave them, that this is a strategic policy. it is a moral aberration to have a strategic policy, which is leaving mostly children in a detention camp to die. there is no easy solution and maybe there is no way out europe with its own. i still sleep or sells an unprecedented. 2 numbers of
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terrorist attacks in recent years isn't looking forward to any extra fuel on the fire. the decision was that the dutch government does not have to pick up these children and these women from syria. right now. what the judge says is that it is a political decision, and that it is not up to the judge to decide whether they should do this or not. i emphasize that a national security threat means the threat of the most serious kind to the public . the resists, serious risk from anyone who's aligned with so for now, unfortunately it looks and evitable that more blood will be spilt in the sea of tents. the u.s. state of wisconsin has confirmed joe biden's election victory following on from arizona. the president elect is plowing on with appointments and has revealed his pick for white house press secretary. and as with almost all of his nominees so far,
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it's a familiar face from the obama era. more on that from our well presumptive president elect joe biden has achieved what's being hailed as an identity. tarion breakthrough with an all female press team and it will be headed up by and none other than jennifer psaki. now folks will remember. jennifer psaki from 2013 in 2014, when she was a spokeswoman for the u.s. state department. and she actually became notorious for a number of her, a number of her blunders that she delivered from the state department podium. let's review jennifer psaki career. there are flows of gas, the natural gas, i should say. they go through from western europe, through cain train to russia, and we are, i'm sorry, the other way from russia, through ukraine to western europe. and i don't have anything, any specific comment on the case that point to the egyptian government. and i was very due to have a conversation with the department of justice. i don't have any teeth. and the
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stage is instead of having things there, and i don't have more details on who are members of strategies russia and see new evidence to go through who are really to russia. sorry. i see methodology was also highly suspect. with reports of carousel boarding pre-marked ballots, which are still you know, i'm not sure this is i was reading that i'm not familiar with that term either way . it may be that people weren't checking and i'll check and see what, what our team meant, specifically by the way, to the state where they were sitting on the issues for the answers. but i don't think it's a reference to that matter. this is just the tip of the iceberg. there are many other examples of misc sakis, mindblowing way with words. however, she seems to have taken it upon herself to regain the trust of the american people . take a listen. i can't imagine a smarter savi, or better human, to partner with, than careen, john be here to rebuild. trust of the american people communicate the biden, harris agenda, and main. the work of the us government more accessible to the people who all serve
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. jennifer psaki is not the only individual in the new white house indications, seen whose will have come out of the obama administration. true, for instance, you've got the communications director for the white house as well as the communications director for the 1st lady. both being individuals who worked with joe biden, when he was vice president, and when he was a u.s. senator. furthermore, you've got the deputy press secretary being someone who served in the cabinet of the obama administration. and it's important to note there is one outlier. there is an individual who will be serving as a senior advisor to camila harris, who did come out of the bernie sanders campaigns. however, this individual is the exception. now in addition to their ties to the obama white house, these individuals seem to also have pretty clear ties to us mainstream media. jennifer psaki herself, has been a c.n.n. contributor in addition to that, you've got corinne jean-guy here. now she has worked as
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a political analyst for m s n b c and n.b.c. news. now, simone sanders has been a c.n.n. commentator before she moved on to the biden harris campaign, and she will also be part of the communications team of the biden harris administration. so lots of familiar faces from the obama era and from us mainstream media will be moving into the executive branch and working in the media team of joe, biden's presidential administration. speaking to us earlier, the u.s., the libertarian parties, are going vote, described the makeup of the new communications team as a distraction tactic. she has the ability to keep giving the exact same message that the last several presidents have given. i mean, she has practiced from the obama era she is proud of the campaign. she's not to be saying a thing different or new or interesting. this is an obvious distraction tactic. the idea i assume, is to create such a highly noticeable identity shift that the content of the message is different.
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somehow the fact that the messengers are all female will distract the american people. listen, the american people aren't dead. if you keep the failed policy going, it won't matter who announces it, what matters is how bad the policies themselves are. look at this, you know, very obvious thing, but don't look at this other thing that's almost just as obvious. so in other words, pay attention to who's delivering the message, pay attention to the messenger, look at the identity of the messenger, but don't pay too much attention to that message because exactly the same as what you've seen under the last democrat and republican administration. still to come this hour iran seeks threat to british an over the killing of its top nuclear scientist, while regional powers fear a new crisis. one that when we come back to safeguard the international world
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thinks we are here to ask so seems wrong. we just don't get to shape out active and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. welcome
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back. this is our 2 international. now, russia is accusing western powers of unleashing a mass. does information campaign over the alleged poisoning of opposition figure election a volley? the claim came out during day one of the annual conference of the global chemical weapons watchdog, the o.p.c. w, at which 56 nations demanded answers from moscow. here's how to put all of russia has accused the o.p.c. w. of politicizing, the investigation into what happened to alexei novelli. russia says that the hague based chemical weapons watchdog is serving the agenda of all the nations. instead of trying to look into what had happened, germany and its allies resulted to make
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a phony diplomacy, unleashed a mass disinflation campaign against russia, and started to demand some independent international investigations under the, auspices of the o.p.c., w. $56.00 o, p. c, w. member states put their signatures to a statement saying that the russian opposition figure mr. volley was poisoned in russia using a chemical weapon, a nerve agent from the novacek group. mr. valley was flying from siberia to moscow back in august of this year when he took ill on the flight and had to make an emergency landing in the city of. he eventually ended up here in berlin to receive treatment.
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moscow has made numerous requests that share data that is at the very heart of the allegations against russia. so far those requests have fallen on deaf ears. the kremlin, says berlin is actively trying to derail an investigation by the russian side, but where this leaves us is with a deep divide between russia on one side, the o.p.c. w. on the other when it comes to trying to get to the bottom of what happened to alexina valmy, we sounded out a few european politicians and analysts for their thoughts on the latest accusations against russia over the not only case this nation. we urge russia to
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cooperate and to investigate the case and russia tells. so we don't have any findings share the results with us. so it's, it's the same procedure we have seen in the last month. but no, it is a new step. 'd of pressure against russia. so obviously forces who want to have a more strict approach against russia. try to keep that case of life to play their road to play the game in anti russian sanctions and in the entire russian policy. this is a declarative statement. and without hollow countries, it is quite sympathetic and understanding aggression. why do this resolution? it is only because the resolution is it has no significance whatsoever except to discredit the o.p.c. w. legitimate international organization. and it looks like the whole of humanity is
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aligned against the united arab emirates has condemned last friday's assassination of iran's top nuclear scientist, the gulf monarchy, called it a threat to regional peace. the emirates condemns the crime of the assassination. it kosher no sides to practice the greatest possible restraint. so as to avoid dragging the region to new levels of instability and threats to peace. tehran blames the killing on israel and the us, and it has sparked a days of rioting with people burning both american and israeli flags and torching portraits of donald trump. and joe biden. here is what is known about the assault
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with iran valen retaliation. there are fears of deeper hostilities with the u.s. and israel, and as our he goes down of comments, it could pose a major challenge for the incoming by the administration. so far it's been up to iran to make accusations, and they israel alongside with the u.s. quite expected lee. are its prime suspects. warning against any adventurist stick measures by the united states and israel against my country. particularly during the remaining period of the current administration of the united states in office. the islamic republic of iran reserves its right to take all necessary measures to defend its people and secure its interests. in response. israel, the one country whose spies might actually know more about iran than iran knows about itself. has had this to say. i have no clue who did it is not that my lips
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are sealed because i'm being responsible. i really have no clue. and the united states, the same united states that kicked off 2020 with an open assassination of iran's top general has been completely mute this time. and it would be perfectly fine given the total lack of evidence and nation thousands of miles away from iran had anything to do with the killing except in the past 2 weeks. several unconfirmed reports claim that donald trump was seeking options to attack iran to further detail its nuclear program. factories that there would make a perfect target given he was quite a celebrity for israeli intelligence in member then moon 5 years ago. so here's this director right here and who serves the journalism is to announce the closure project. but then the special activities, you know, what the special activities will be carried out under the title of scientific know
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how developments. and in fact, this is exactly what iran proceeded to do. it continued this work in a series of organizations over the years. i know for preside a well, he doesn't know how well i know him. if i met him in the street, most likely i would recognize him. he does not have a minute. he did not have immunity, and i don't think he will have immunity by aggravating iran. trump would also be throwing a spanner in the machinery of joe biden's foreign policy. given that the president elect has hinted at a friendly, a stance on to iran would offer to iran a credible path back to diplomacy. if iran returns to strict compliance with the nuclear deal, the united states would rejoin the agreement as a starting point for follow on negotiations. with our allies, we will work to strengthen and extend the nuclear deals provisions while also addressing other issues of concern and europe, whose leaders probably still have
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a p.t.s.d. over january's prospects of world war 3. have been pointing out that this latest killing creates a tough road ahead for biden, a few weeks before the new u.s. administration takes office. it is important to preserve the scope for talks with iran, so that the dispute over iran's nuclear program can be resolved through negotiations . we therefore urge all parties to refrain from any steps that could lead to a further escalation of the situation. during the past 4 years, trump has sent america's relations with iran, back into the path of us, tell it by unilaterally tearing up the nuclear deal, recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital. and sending his top diplomat on a charm offensive to all of the middle eastern nations that oppose iran. that's definitely what the israelis were aiming for. i mean, they're there, they're sure and hope is that the united states gets involved in a military action against iraq. that's,
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that's their ultimate goal. that's their ultimate objective. you know, boy, that the next best thing is to ensure that the united ates doesn't improve relations with iran, by rejoining the iranian nuclear agreement. and the way you do that is to sabotage any effort at diplomacy. i mean, when you knock off the number one scientist in iran's nuclear program, in a suburb of tehran in a cold, daring daylight attack, you're not going to have the iranians go. that's ok. let's, let's get on with diplomacy. it's going to get the reaction. it's getting right now, a hard line iranian response that will further restrict the efforts of not only shut down the efforts of international inspectors and only increase international concern that iran might be edging towards. a military weapon is ation effort. this new high profile death, even though there's no hard evidence to reveal the culprits will only once again prove to tehran, that the raw power as hell bent on destroying it,
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and with the wounds from the assassination of gen, son, imani, still fresh in the mind. no one can be expecting restraint from iran and that does it for me this hour. i'll be back in about 34 minutes with another full and fresh look at your news. stay with us. this is our turn to join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics, small business, i'm show business. i'll see you then give
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me one
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gauge with just surviving. you're more likely to walk free if you're rich or if you're poor you got one now. so you should be seen here and a whole lot more. if you don't take advice, easy going to dig yourself a hole. financialization
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has its limits, the accounting tricks of stock buybacks and money printing have their limits. and in saudi arabia, we see a brilliant example of what happens when a country decides to go into financialization, instead of let's say, diversifying into actual productive economic activity.
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so we raise the following question, what if we could get every kid to follow 3 simple rules, graduate from high school, get a job and continue work and don't have children, so you're 21 and right now we won't out at the entire country and we classify people according to whether they broke all those rules or they followed one or 2 or all 3 of the rules. the results are astounding. but she's being celebrated, you know, to go to.


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