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tv   News  RT  December 1, 2020 5:00am-5:31am EST

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sure, you got 2 eyes and ears and one now. so you should be seen in here and a whole lot more. if you don't take that advice, easy going to do it yourself. it came down, france agrees to drop part of an unpopular security bill to ban the filming of police following weeks of nationwide protests. in a landmark case in australia, authorities seize a child from parents who refuse to consent to sex change treatment. we put the issue up, the debates only are the parents being bullied, but their rights are literally being stripped away from them. would not cheat free trade suits or somebody 15 or 16. capable of making an informed,
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rational decision. we will hunt down criminals till the end doubles down the avenging the murder of its top nuclear scientists, as it's futile, takes place in tehran and shock. as it's revealed time's up. the group set up by hollywood celebrities with huge p.r. to find sexual harassment, spent just 10 percent of donations received on helping women a very warm welcome. you're watching r.t. international with me. now, our top story this hour, the french president's ruling parties agreed to remove a hugely unpopular article from the new security bill. it would have restricted the public, filming all sharing images of police spokesperson blamed misunderstandings in the law, which will now be reversed. and opponents have warned the measures violated freedom
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of expression and allowed officers to get away with brutality. the government's u. turn follows weeks of national uproar. please present my friend chad and the movement see meeting on monday. as part of that meeting, there was a french prime minister, the french interior minister, and also the leaders of the parliamentary parties. the majority the presidents of these parties. now they decided following that meeting, that this specific article, article 24 would be suspended from the bill. as i say, it follows
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a weekend of violent protests in france, where more than a 130000 people came out to the streets to say that they didn't want this particular part of the rule in that detailing talks with the anger that we saw during those protests and being think this, don't you incidence in the last 7 days, which showed extreme versions of police brutality. the 1st was a week ago on monday evening. here in paris, police were shown in videos using police ceased to dismantle on michael camp with one journalist saying that he'd been attacked 3 times during the evening by the security clearances, as he's trying to carry out his job. that was described as shocking by the interior minister and it was investigation rulz. then then the 2nd incident out of was that of a black music producer here in paris, who was shown on security footage being beaten up by offices. now the 4 officers involved in the incident have since been suspended into are in custody,
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but the reality is many say that without these images being broadcast, then perhaps they wouldn't be any comeuppance for the police. even president machen said that that's image of the black producer who was just trying to get into his studio, being beaten, was shameful. they did that more and more diffuse. it was very hard when they fired tear gas that was at the back. i tried to call my lawyer, i tried to call a lot of people opinion, even a neighborhood my screams. he called me and asked what's going on. i explain it, i've been attacked and he wanted to call the police, but it was the police who commits outrage and i can't even tell you what i'm waiting for. but i wish of course, that this never happens again to anyone. whether there are cameras or not, it should never happen, but we believe they're here to protect us as well. jirga lists and dangers it criticised often 24, saying essentially gave the green light to police officers to stop them from doing their job to stop them from filming. it had been previously backed up by the
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government. she said that this was a needed to protect the police officers who have been facing unprecedented levels of violence. the police unions have said this movie didn't go far enough. they wanted something stronger. but of course, that now has been back tracked with the announcement that this particular part all school 24 will be completely rewritten. the former interior minister, who is the president of the on last parliamentary group. christopher cassidy said that it was the day, the parliamentarians and most of the current close of fundamental rights. and this is freedom of expression and freedom of the press houses to china law say france, discuss the issue with senator sebastian moran's on france on party spokesperson. david gura the government is changing its message. why not at all? because interior minister is no longer right. but because of the mobilization of civilian forces,
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several 100000 people took to the streets to declare that liberties are not something secondary and unnecessary. the growth of the number of photos only confirm such abuses that have existed for many years. and the source of these abuses is not just one black sheep in the police ranks, but that there are political and public figures who did not want to arrange everything effectively. remember, one time interior minister dominate ensured us that there is no police violence. there is no racism that everything is in order and so on. and today reality collides with them and in and he changes his narrative. the problem is not police violence. some police officers do indeed commit reprehensible acts, but the violence does not come from them. we see how violence is cultivated in society. the 1st victims are police officers. hundreds of police officers are attacked every day. there is not the respect for law enforcement officials that there was in the past. gerard diviners problem is that he speaks in the way the president expects him to because you need to please both the right and the left. at
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the same time. the problem is in the actions and the results that current policies lead to. it's difficult to imagine that during the quarantine period, hundreds of thousands of people could protest action where there are no social distancing measures with main problem is that the authorities are now completely helpless. they are experiencing a crisis of fooling authority is a landmark court decision sees that australian child from parents after they refused to requests for agenda change the couple are appealing and when they're being bullied into granting consent. the authorities say we will not allow her to change gender, so it's dangerous for her to come back to our house because we will mentally abused her. they want us to consent to testosterone treatment. now the child who cannot be named for legal reasons was born female, but at 15 told family members about wanting to become a boy. when the parents refused the child contemplated suicide in online posts and
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was seized from home by protection services. now is not the only case where parents clash with all thora t.'s on gender dysphoria a mismatch between people of birth and gender self identification. earlier this year, another australian child was allowed to feminize ation treatment. despite the mother's opposition, previous rulings had left the final decision to parents. my colleagues ask you, tell it, discuss the issue with death. you take a child at their most vulnerable age and you take them out of what is secure. we all know that teenagers make irrational mistakes, that's part of being a teenager. so to rip that authority away from parents is often the worst mistake that the courts can do. well, as luis de xcuse says, and we start from the assumption that somebody who seems to themselves has been transgender, is somehow making the mistake that they don't understand the things that the not capable of making a rush to informed decision on what not particularly to suit somebody 15 or 16
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she'd be incapable of making an informed, rational decision. the parents of the child say that they're being bullied into consenting to testosterone treatment, in your opinion. is that any justification for putting such pressure on gardens on the family? not only are the parents being bullied, but their rights are literally being stripped away from them by the government in this instance. and in australia to say that a child who's 12 years old has decided that they want to identify a certain way and that the parents are now going to be forced to allow this child to have hormone bear. r.p. . i mean, it literally slaps in the face of what the purpose of a parent actually is. when you consider the science, the real science, we know that a, sometimes these decisions people can regret later in life let the child wait until he's an adult to make a decision that may affect his health, his or her health for the rest of their life. if they're just waiting a few years,
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the parents should be the ones who have lovingly walk them through this. not a doctor, not a court. no one should trump the authority of a parent in this situation. in certain parts of the wales and scotland, 16 year olds can vote, they can make a decision tree. they can be members of the armed forces, they can pay turks and they can marry with rental, consumed, it will, and one now as a society 16 year olds to make those very mature decisions and more indian than as obsolete. you know, really just to take this old fashioned view that children on some of that shuttles a little more suck to the answer is most people who churns ition transition successfully. this for the parents should be the diviner foti, just because they gave birth to their channel to see more of 1000000, new cases misconceived when a child says to their parents, i believe that i'm
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a girl, even if that child is 8 years old, and they're physically a male, the current prevailing practice is to allow that child to determine what they want to do going forward to say anything different is considered abuse. and initiative abuse is being conflated and being very hard used in a way that's harmful to actual children who are being abused. these are things that a 12 year old and a 13 year old don't have the capacity to understand the longstanding implications of in the how do we provide a way out for children who are suffering from gender dysphoria? what should happen if there's a conflict with parents starting to fall on the parents to make the best most loving decision for their families? there are 2 things going against children. and these situations one is if they're ripped from the loving arms of their parents. and 2 is if they're forced to make a decision to young that they might regret the suicide rates are astonishingly higher for children that make this decision decisions. the younger they are when
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they make these decisions, the more high the suicide rate is for them later in life, once they transition to. so we need to be very careful about these children being exploited for political reasons. iran will hunt down those who assassinated his leading nuclear physicists. that's the warning from the country's defense minister at the scientists funeral. general, you do your crime, no association, and no foolish nation. we will certainly hunt down criminals until the end. they must know that they will be punished for their actions. the assault took place on friday when most and fuckers are, they was traveling in his car near to iran. he was shot in an ambush and died of his injuries in hospital iran immediately branded the attack an act of state terror . also saying it would continue what it called the scientists peaceful research. far from stopping to run, the murder appears to have only angered its leaders as daniel hawkins with force dr
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. morsi in factories. ardea was different things to different people, to his family, a husband and a father, to his country, a patriot, a prized and respected scientists to others though he was a threat affectively in charge of iran's alleged nuclear weapons program. we don't exactly know what motivated the killing, but if it had anything to do with removing a supposed threat in the interests of peace and stability, the result so far seems to be the reverse of the streets, a boiling over with anger. well, it was given a state funeral and granted martyr status. iran is out for revenge. some hardliners are calling for direct, massive retaliation against those who they think are responsible. even the strikes on israeli cities are on the table. a life for an eye says god's law and to ron is
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in no mood to let this crime go unpunished. and image of around the world that the rainy nation and the country's officials are brave enough to respond to this criminal action. when the term is raid, the relevant officials can respond to this crime. but this is now bigger than just tit for tat violence. it was in iran's alleged nuclear program, was the goal that's failed. iran is government has vowed to continue this. scientists work with redoubled efforts. we will be more united will be more determined even for the continuation of your path. we will carry on with more speed and more power and the nuclear deal already in tatters after the us withdrawal is quickly fading. as the country's parliament looks to stop inspections at its nuclear sites, with the consent of m.p.'s to urgent action plans were adopted to lift sanctions in order to return to the era of the nuclear energy boom. and to stop surveillance by i.a.e.a. spies with biden's incoming administration aiming for a new deal with
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a rod in looking like they could get no deal at all by them. we'll have to put it in simple terms, apologize. in some ways he will have to come up, perhaps with even more of a diplomatic concession than simply restoring the agreement. i think iran will need far more guarantees after all, even when president obama signed the deal. not all sanctions were removed and iran never of quite benefit economically hoped. and why would the iranians choose compromise in a rare moment of unity? they now have the support of everyone from turkey and iraq to the u.a.e. and even europe. we condemn this heinous murder and extend our condolences to the government of iran and the family of the deceased. the emirates condemns the crime
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of the assassination. it causes nor sites to practice the greatest possible restraint, so as to avoid dragging the region to new levels of instability and threats to peace. this is a criminal act and runs counter to the principle of respect for human rights. the e.u. stands for, for every action equal and opposite reaction. it was clear assassinating a scientist on a rainy in the soil would store up a hornet's nest reaction across the region and beyond. still to come this hour, it's revealed a huge hollywood charity to help sexual harassment victims that spent just a fraction of donations. helping the victims themselves will tell you more after the way the world is driven by dreamers shaped by
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buderus thinks we dare to ask anyone else seemed wrong? why don't we just don't call any yet to shape out the attic. and in again trade equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. welcome
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back. there's a major embarrassment for time's up a sexual harassment charity set up by hollywood celebrities with massive publicity . after it was revealed is spent just 10 percent of donations on 20 helping women and its operation talks filings show the group raised more than $3500000.00 in 2018 . but almost hoff went on salaries alone with huge sums also spent on luxury resorts, conferences, and fact. just $312000.00 went to the victims of sexual harassment, received this response from the organization. our $28.00 in expenses were mostly related to our startup costs, such as legal costs and recruiting start of that would establish initiatives that
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would be launched in 2019. times that was formed in the wake of this scandal of a harvey weinstein. a former top hollywood producer, found guilty of sexual assault. the foundation itself claims it's gone on to help thousands of victims, including committing millions of dollars in legal and pay our support. but lawyer, money, how last 3rd thinks new rules are needed for such nonprofit organizations. i would say this really is not a good battle for an hour profit organization. this is what i would call in and discipline profit and basically lost their way. and really what they're trying mission was, and it seemed like the nonprofit was sort of using the organization as a slush fund. the golden rule for not profits is that 75 percent of its funding really should go to its mission. ma 25 percent go to goes toward the ministration, but here 38 percent went to salaries and let the c.e.o.
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should earn was to see this imbalance and actually take a pay cut. here's what happens with nonprofit organizations. as there are, there are very sort of like self-regulation. i think the best thing that a nonprofit actually can do is put their taxes right on their web site for the public to see. and also, i mean, i think for these sort of large nonprofit organizations that, you know, get a lot of media attention. you know, what they really should do is put sort of mechanisms in place where, you know, you have like an independent board. you have an independent auditor,, you put controls, internal controls in place. u.s., president elect, joe biden, surprised many with his new white house press secretary, secretary, pig, john flock is not only a carry over from the obama era. she's also become notorious for her gaffes. more playing, of course, as joe biden edges toward inauguration, despite republican efforts to derail it. at this point,
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it's pretty clear the transition is underway. biden is appointing his cabinet and he's got internet, social justice warriors beaming with pride about the fact that he has selected an all female senior press team. so the white house communications will be headed up by a familiar face. jennifer psaki, now she knows the office well, having worked under the administration of barack obama and then moving to the u.s. state department. but exactly how good she is at communicating accurate information is another matter. there are flows of gas, the natural gas, i should say. they go through from western europe, through cain train to russia, and we are, i'm sorry, the other way from russia. 3, a crane to western europe. i don't have anything, any specific comment on the case that point to egypt in government? so it's very easy to have a conversation with the department of justice. i don't have anything to add the state to say, i don't have anything is there. and i don't have more details on who are members of faculties, russia, and see no evidence to prove who are really into russia.
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sorry, geography is not sakis best subject now. she raises some eyebrows when she condemned forces in eastern ukraine, saying that they were engaged in an election rigging, scheme called carousel voting, which she had no idea what that actually meant. perhaps this tendency to make a verbal blunders is something that the new administration will find enduring. after all, this is going to be the man at the top, but what's not to like about 4 months terms of the beauty of it and what it means term. watch what happens when those kids suplex and came up to see most post-prison that they want a new and something, some new coverage of international leaders. you had people like more people like the syrian time syrian who's, who's a friend, she's been my friend, jen psaki says that she is proud of her new to lauding them loudly on twitter. i can't imagine a smarter savi or better human to partner with, than korean john p.
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here to rebuild trust of the american people, communicate by the harris agenda and main, the work of the u.s. government more accessible to the people who serve. now this is no surprise as the, team is made up of d.c., a holdovers from the obama years, including a few who have been part of biden's d.c. posse for decades. one of the guys or who is coming in to work with incoming v.p. . camila harris is someone who has been an adviser working with democratic veteran bernie sanders for a long time. but the rest are just simply washington regulars. they'll be swapping seats in the ongoing game of musical chairs on capitol hill. and they also have ties to us mainstream media. jen psaki spent some time at c.n.n. as did simone sanders, corinne, jean peer has worked at m. s. n, b, c. the cozy relationship between the incoming administration and the mainstream media is going to be something. it's rather hard to dispute, but that doesn't mean there won't be
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a few entertaining moments. kaleb up and archie, new york, a former vice chair of the u.s. libertarian policy. national committee thinks the makeup of the new communications team is a distraction tactic. she has the ability to keep giving the exact same message that the last several presidents have given. i mean, she has practiced from the obama era. she is proud of the campaign. she's not to be saying a thing different or new or interesting. this is an obvious distraction tactic. the idea i assume, is to create such a highly noticeable identity shift that the content of the message is different. somehow the fact that the messages are all female will distract the american people . listen, the american people aren't dead. if you keep the failed policy going, it won't matter who announces it, what matters is how bad the policies themselves are. look at this very obvious thing, but don't look at this other thing that all those just as obvious. so in other
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words, pay attention to who's delivering the message, pay attention to the messenger, look at the identity of the messenger, but don't pay too much attention to the message or because of exactly the same as what you've seen under the last democrat and republican administrations. in the heart of new york's a kind of defiance approach to things that knock down declaring a south, an autonomous, so exempt from all thought restrictions on public dining give me something that i can generate. i can have where i could just pay my rent and my utilities, so i don't have to shut down. so i'm not totally in the rent where i have a lot to make up or say ok, you know, i'm sure they can find money to do that. we're
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going to live what their lives are you still stir, you know, run a business and everything like, you know, we've got to buy that. if it was normal that these people expect people to do it on need to go to the holidays. you know, you got to see the fans the time you saw here how you feel about it. i feel a lot of, i don't think it's going to work toward a fine for student album. thanks for joining us here on r.t. international this tuesday. we hope you're having a great day wherever you are. that's all for me for today. but jacqueline vehicle will be with you at the top of the hour with all the latest.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy. let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development. only really i'm going to resist . i don't see how that strategy will be successful. ready to sit.
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thank you. but it will take you to humble the image of what might happen when nobody will
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this is a boom bust the one business show you can't afford to miss. i'm going to washington coming up. my journal became the latest biotech company to submit an emergency use authorization application for the food and drug administration. data showed the vaccine is 94 percent effective. on monday, u.s. stocks tumbled closing out a record setting month. so we will we see a rally in the summer, or if another pullback we have an expert panel standing by have a lot to get to. so let's get started. the united states is facing a possible surge in coven 1000 cases. after a busy week of travel surrounding thanksgiving,
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many health officials fear that infection numbers may see a sharp rise, as was the case in canada just a few weeks ago when the country celebrated the same holiday well fears around growing infections come just as a number of vaccine candidates get closer to federal proveable, artie's alex, one hell of a child. the story. as thousands of americans took to the sky, this thanksgiving travel season was like no other. it's still a little scary, but you know, we try to sanitize a lot like use hand sanitizer as much as we can. and we just keep our masks on pretty much the whole time. even with the 2nd wave of the corona virus in full swing, more people jumped on board planes than any other day since mid march. according to the t.s.a. 1170000, people traveled by air in the u.s. on sunday alone. lots of flyers but a big drop from the same day in 2019 when 2900000 people were screened by the t.s.a. .


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