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tv   News  RT  December 3, 2020 8:00am-8:31am EST

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the world's the world's most available vaccine russia says its covered job will cost less than $10.00 per dose as a present sputnik the 2 u.n. member states. i am determined to protect our election system which is now under coordinated assault and she. brands the us election a total catastrophe as he pleads with the supreme court to overturn the result. also this hour france announces unprecedented raids on more than 70 mosques morning it will shut down any found to be influenced by radical islam. and a most unlikely venue looks to take holy orders as an english bar finds a devout way to dodge a lockdown restrictions. which says it's
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a race to the venue is a person of ok should race to the venue as a place of worship. as the church of the full and the drivers. watching are to international coming to you straight from the russian capital welcome to the program. less than $10.00 for a coded immunity that's the price for russia sputnik the vaccine internationally as it was presented to the un general assembly on wednesday wants the job to be available to the whole world and has already agreed supplies to foreign countries. we will be producing bands of millions of dollars us dollars of exceeding already just starting from february in 4 key jaw gryphus in brazil china korea and argentina will radiate reach supply agreement and production agreements rizzo's
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countries more than 40 countries have expressed interest in buying sputnik the however western media and establishment seem to have written off the russian vaccine without even giving it a shot and hawkins ask why. the media today is full of big headlines pfizer's covert 19 vaccine is officially the 1st to be approved in a western country with the united kingdom leading the way there's a sense of excitement that lives can be saved on the 1st steps towards codewords final defeat have been taken i would like to pay tribute to and to thank with those who've made this possible it is the protection. that will ultimately allow us to recruit our lives and get our economy moving again this is a victory but the real winner in the race for a covert job has been vaccine protectionism to many in western media and establishment only western produced vaccines can even be considered as part of a global solution to the pandemic and now there are
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a break from that's developed is that field shares are seneca higher as pfizer makes a final push drug company pfizer says it is a great day for science c.e.o. of pfizer tweeting out his congratulations. this is really a historic day we have pfizer we have are take you up while the european medicines agency has confirmed it's in contact with the developers of sport mc v the e.u. has also been clear it doesn't recommend any e.u. state makes up its own mind about importing the vaccine even if they wanted to the reason strong lobby against vaccines that are being developed outside the european union but that's life we're already used to it and it in hungary is interest to get us a vaccine as quickly as possible hungary isn't alone this has been global since the sputnik viz existence was 1st announced back then media and members of the scientific community were quick to criticize russia for failing to provide public data on the vaccine safety and even when phase one and 2 clinical trial data up was
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later published in the lancet skepticism mistrust and suspicion of were still rife at any mention of sport mcvie moscow has been accused of cutting corners user. by the steal western research russia rushed to register it as a world 1st raising eyebrows in the scientific community put in this might be his personal back through plenty even here still need persuading that sputnik v. is a reliable choice there's always room for healthy skepticism and critical thinking as with any new vaccine but it seems some require slightly more scrutiny than others take my den or the company has requested emergency approval from the american and european regulators for its vaccine 10 days before that pfizer and biotech sought the same clearance for their job yet neither company has publicly released full data from clinical trials for peer review in any medical journal and
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it's not just about peer review moscow's been clear it's open to international cooperation on covert vaccination to save lives and to win the battle against corona virus we are ready to cooperate with others in terms of vaccination particularly on the council of europe platform the cruellest pandemic has made it clear that europeans need to know it in the face of common threats these offers appear to fall on their fears whether it's a deep mistrust or the belief that sport that views just the way for putin to gain political approval truly joint efforts to find a vaccine never materialized this is probably of little concern to develop states most will really have brought up the majority of vaccine surprise produced by their own companies while the rest of the world is unlikely to get access to the vaccines for years to come vaccine protectionism has truly try out with only western produced vaccines touted as world saving despite being unavailable to most and then alternatives trashed and dismissed from the outset the world never really stood
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a chance at making a united stand against corona virus in an interview with r.t. the had a pharmaceutical company a company responsible for the mass rollout of sputnik he says western skepticism is groundless. boy triangle what has happened is placed in exploited say that russians are rushing with a back seat back seem to be tried and tested by a fairly long period of time and that we've done everything so fast. company can win a western counterparts make statements we need to look very closely at who is saying it and exactly what they are saying for example they frequently complain that the gamma layer institute hasn't published enough data and so all of the same time we should realize that is just a research institute is not a pharmaceutical giant like astra zeneca or pfizer a lot of p.r. specialists who are usually presenting the data selectively and in a favorable light so once again you shouldn't compare the data published by the government institute with the data published by western companies when the other
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hand if you still want to make a comparison let's compare gamma layer to the oxford research group when they hadn't yet signed an agreement with astra zeneca no one knew them and no one saw the results until big pharma got involved. just how realistic is it to prove that the vaccine is safe. at this point we've seen convincing data the proof is safe it was proven during pre-clinical animal testing please consider that i'm talking about safety mail not effectiveness then it was proven during clinical trials on healthy volunteers we've done all that statistics to show that the vaccine is safe . the most unexpected of places once to take holy orders to get around the lock to on the $400.00 rabbits to kill bar in central england applied for a church license and a tongue in cheek bed to highlight what it calls the absurdity of selective restrictions as places of worship can stay open restaurants and bars cannot.
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under the new to this is that we will be allowed to i. could be months and months as we don't have a substantial future for it i have a kitchen so there's no need to do that and so we look to other ways all the other businesses in the news that i can under all that is a place of worship was one of them so we've reached the branch to define you as a or send off cation to register the venue as a place of worship. as the church of the 4 drives. the main reason is to sort of point out that the contradictory nature of the rules our everything from jim. church is in massage parlors every shop we've got a christmas market happening in ochsner outside of it all for us to go ahead while
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we're well we have a show that. we just myself starting to finish is like was completely viable we need more government support. to get us through so the weiss. as we've seen in the news the last couple of days the high street is already with ok here in devon m's. it's been decimated and hospitality next to the guys that will. present trump has urged the supreme court to intervene in the u.s. election and overturn the results in multiple states and a 46 minute speech posted online he repeated his claim that the vote was stolen. this may be the most important speech i've ever made i want to provide an update
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on our own going efforts to expose the tremendous voter fraud and irregularities which took place during the ridiculous lee long nov 3rd elections i am determined to protect our election system which is now under coordinated assault and see if we are right about the fraud joe biden can't be president tom pointed to what he called of regularities in the voting system claiming millions of illegal votes and dead people have been casting ballots he is democrat run areas of voter corruption and changing the results he added he'd accept any outcome as long as it's accurate but his attorney general's already undercut some of his claims we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election meanwhile president elect joe biden and his team are dismissing the allegations of voter fraud calling the election result fair . we're joined live now by professor of latin american studies daniel shaw for more
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on this now trump said in his speech that he runs the supreme court to quote do what's right intervening on his behalf and overturn the election result could the supreme court justices do that even if they wanted too. this is another extremely dangerous speech which we've grown accustomed to from donald trump a divisive speech this can play out in georgia in across the country in wild racist. attacks or attacks on voting officials officials in georgia who have pleaded with the president practically begging the president to cease to give these types of declarations on twitter and now on facebook because we know how it's going to play out it's clear that these elections are corrupt through and through but not for the reasons that donald trump highlights the corrupt are going through because there's an electoral college that does not recognize the popular vote but either way that you analyze this election donald trump did not win
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we're talking about 81000000 votes for joe biden 7000000 more than 4 trumped by the one the electoral college with 305 votes to trumps 230 so really it was in this point it's not even a close election and yes it's very significant that william barr you know the republicans so split trump at this point trump is dead in the water is very isolated well exactly at the beginning right after the election much of the republicans seem to be holding rank and saying we need to wait for refusing to say something like the incoming administration or what not but as you're saying there even the attorney general has said there was no significant election violations doesn't that the story any case trump thought he might have had. that's correct jacqueline the fact that william barring fox news and really it's only the hardcore right wing like the bright parts. is now working with called for a boycott of fox he said that fox is now
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a fake news to is if he gets to deem what is fake news and what is critical real news that would be a joke. at this point he's way too isolated to wage the war he wants to in the media but in the streets he's very very dangerous. with over 70000000 people voting for him this is a country where fascism and white supremacy have been latent for a long time but trump became a unifying factor for this white supremacy and fascism and unless the democrats democrats get it together if they continue to be the other party of neo liberalism and of austerity and of social cuts in cuz the social programs. the democrats are going to have normal mansome in looking forward towards 2024 trump or a trump white candidate could very well take advantage of the lack of momentum of the of the democrats and the democrats are very very afraid of a bernie sanders or alexander because you quit is anyone that can bring the party
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to the left given the fact that it really seems like there is no way for this to be changed at this point do you think claims will permanently undermine public trust and electoral system which is of course the exact opposite of what he's saying he's trying to achieve. yeah those are the contradictions inherent in this system trump is really exposed this system though he is critiques of coming from the left wing it's significant that in the media right now there's no conversation about what the electoral college is what it represents historically there's no conversation about the systematic disenfranchisement of how many millions and millions of african-americans of immigrants of people of color so trump is thrown a massive wrench into the every day workings and dynamics of this unjust unequal system he's done it from the right wing it's upon the forces of the left to find a way to resist the democratic party as long ceased to be has never been
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a party that represents the masses of workers sing in people so they need to be some type of viable 3rd party alternative the green party the socialist parties that can unify the democrats didn't didn't win because of wide invite not come out harris they won because of an anti trump program and that's what this last election really was so the democrats have to move in a different direction or they're going to continue to lose because this base of trump is very frustrated with the neo liberal democrats and for good reason. we've been speaking with professor of latin american studies daniel thank you for your time and your comments thank you. and other news in a particularly horrific case of neglect amid social media obsession a russian internet streamers broadcast his discovery and moving a female friend dead body and only calling an ambulance later blogger stanislav who
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goes by the name on his youtube channel streams about online gambling a pregnant woman called valentino's appeared in several of his videos where he shockingly boasted about beating her and tipping a bucket of water over the woman and forcing her out of the apartment without a coat into the cold later in the video he seen carrying her body back but only later calling an ambulance paramedics declared her dead and the broadcast went on to police arrived and forced him to stop that's far from the only case of lifestream broadcast now featuring extremely disturbing content. something happened to us when we ventured into this new world of social media it's
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as though 2 things happened nothing happened and that's our record and also this thing i'm holding up my miles here distortion media platform this camera accompanies every thing that we do a couple of years ago it would have been horrendous to we're talking about it as if it's almost every day i'm trying to understand the motives someone who would voluntarily want 'd to engage in this kind of production and then share it with an unknown number of other people i think there must be people who in the everyday lives of not recognized they don't have all 30. of indistinguishable from a great many other people in society and so what the seeking to do is try to discover some way in which they can be no you know is inside is something that was going to live. to intervene you need to human or even a machine analyzing the content that there's been streamed and these might take
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might take a while so it's very difficult to to sponsor thing footage is crew of footage is and take action straightaway to try to explain to these people who are in the video what they did they would look at you and they'd say i just recorded it i didn't do anything i just merely recorded it and then you've asked the question why do we do this why do we watch this is it the rubbernecking thing do we look at accident do we want to see somebody jump off a ledge because it's just different or are we so joe dupré ved and so have bigger waited to this horror that we can't. what she excessive the watch not i think when we asked these kind of questions about the motivations of people who produce it we also have to turn the mirror on ourselves and wonder why do we want you to in the 1st place is it something deeper is it something that when stripped away reveals that we have nakedly a rather
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a ruthless merciless horrible streak inside us we need to do to use what we call computer vision which years or so before going to war to people intelligence which is basically that part of it that try to recognize potter in this case that we can never be technology that could recognize the movements of the body the pasta robbed of the person. still had over 70 mosques in france are facing closure as the government cracks down on radical islam as story and more after the break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on spilling dramatic developing the only closely and going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful
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very critical time to sit down and talk. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to get out of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you there. when things become more extreme then you too used to do it when this is like breaking norms not necessarily a good way. to reach satire he goes the. right is an extremist but the reality is.
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welcome back france is threatening to shut huge numbers of mosques after announcing massive and unprecedented raids on more than 70 islamic places of worship a stated goals to fight quote separatism and liberate french islam from foreign influences reports well this fight against separatism is something we've covered many times here but now it seems that $76.00 moon mosques him fronts are going to be cooled in the cross fire off that the interior minister has confirmed the reports in french newspapers that those mosques are now in the next few days going to see what he described as being unprecedented action. in accordance with my instructions the student services will launch massive precedented action against separatism 76 mosques suspected of supporters must be checked in the coming days and those that have to be closed will be where the mosques that are due to be targeted are said to have clandestine rooms or have more in moms who are on alert
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for the prevention of terrorist radicalization these are some of the reasons why these mosques are said to be targeted now muslims have already been saying that they fear of reprisals and there have been allegations of attacks taking place on muslims because of their faith most recent emerged on wednesday of this week this took place at a mosque just in the south of paris and as you can see from the images it said that the car deliberately drove into the front of the mosque smashing those windows of the doors now the tensions have come at a time when the council of ministers is in the next few days due to look at this new law to promote republican values it was previously called the separatism or prevent separatism law here in france it's a long time coming present my confers talked about it earlier on this year but the law itself the draft law was released in the weeks following the brutal beheading
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of teachers patti who had been targeted for showing controversial images of the muslim prophet during a civics class back in october now following his brutal assassination there was a clampdown on muslim associations here in france and the closure of a mosque in punk we went to that mosque and spoke to the congregation there who said that they felt that they had been unfairly targeted on are crucial to man we have a very kind of man who speaks to us in erratic and french and doesn't tell people what to do it never gathered us together to tell us to do anything bad. for the bush regime for george orwell i don't know if i told people you should go on by. a weapon and then they go and buy weapons and kill someone i'm not responsible for that. i'm not happy about the mosques closure i mean just what happened to the teacher i condemn it i do not agree with those who committed the crime but for the mosque it's a shame. well these clampdowns who france are provoked huge reaction elsewhere
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particularly in some muslim majority countries where there have been protests with tens of thousands of people turning up effigies of president back home burned and a call for a boycott on french products being sold in their countries many muslims are concerned they are living in an element of fear at the moment and they feel that they are being targeted by this law and for many this announcement that $76.00 more mosques will be either closed or subject to new restrictions will make them feel that even more so france is becoming an unfriendly place to live. every t. activists are demanding the boycott of british based cosmetics brown lush after the retailer donated to a women's rights group woman's place u.k. is an organization that tackles violence against women and works for equal pay and access to health care groups are fuming that it wants trans women excluded from women only spaces as opposed to employee trans person and
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a customer i will no longer buy from los u.k. australia and new zealand etc or this is disgusting and law should be ashamed you cannot complain for transfer ojt and then turn around to donate to an end to chance organization last u.k. needs to apologize no christmas presents from lush no shopping again from l'arche this is so sad i'm disgusted but go to lush now. apologize unreservedly saying it's not proud to support such policies companies are increasingly being forced to tread a fine line on which campaigns they back we discussed the issue with women's rights activists paul of the conservative political campaigner brendan straka who describes himself as a gay former liberal. i don't think that companies are going to stay silent i think that companies are going to feel like they have are compelled to go along with leftist ideology we actually see companies constantly feeling the need to virtue
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signal based off of whatever the latest leftist demands are they're donating money to these organizations because they're afraid of facing leftist backlash progressives seem to feel that they have carte blanche to go out and stamp their feet and make demands and even threaten bully and intimidate people into going along with what they want and if organizations and businesses don't comply they'll be driven out of business they'll be picketed they'll be defunded they'll be they'll be in such a backlash on social media that they'll be permanently damaged so i know i feel that it's actually compelled speech that's being put forward by the leftist and progressive people all businesses should be involved in politics and also in social impact absolutely 100 percent it's a matter of social responsibility on an intrapreneur as well you know i try to donate as much as i can because we have to give back to the community unfortunately we know that this state funding is not to now so we need to companies and big
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enterprises that to be sensitive and help you know organizations that are trying to do something right it's really gone far beyond justice it's gone far beyond equality it's now about really trying to control other people and it's particularly sad in this instance because now they've actually just completely shamed and made a target of an organization that's trying to help abused women it is an injustice especially unfortunately in the united states and he's a structure in joss's so we have to hear the voices of these people when they are actually. demanding change and i think this is the right moment to change and that's maybe why you know companies now they're doing that i don't think that is because they feel intimidated or not i think actually because they understood that there may be experiencing and you enlighten them to. they understand that we have to get back into come control of the fortune you know i'm going to have all that we launched so it's a matter of balance i think we have to balance our rights and get back to what
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didn't happen. that's our breakdown of the day's top headlines for now thanks for tuning it. was a pandemic no certainly no borders just lying to nationalities. has emerged with turkey we took a back seat world peace to be. judged as coming close to sleep listening to. we can do better we should. everyone is contributing each of our own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges created with the response has been masked so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together
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. what happens when people lose trust in the family and the central banks in the badger begin to find out thanks. i am. welcome to the alex salmond shoo in this year of many tragedies perhaps the passing of join him did not get the prominence it deserved during humor is widely regarded as one of the most important
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figures in the recent political history of ireland as one of the architects of the northern ireland peace process and he took the day he was a finding member of the social democratic and labor party the s.-t. o.-p. and served as a 2nd leader from 1989 to 2001 he also served as a member of the european parliament i'm to member of the u.k. parliament i don't so as a member of the northern ireland assembly today we look at the contribution of john hume by contrasting the position of disaster reached in the province and the early 1970 s. at the height of the troubles with the peace which still holds tittie despite the intense strains caused by bricks it 1st we speak toward winning journalist david blake knox about his new book on the killing of thomas needham our manager of northern ireland factory and then we examine with alice to mcdonnell one of john hume successors as leader of the s.-t. o.-p. about how the northern island was pulled.


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