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russia says its current job will cost less than $10.00 put down at present sputnik vitti un member states. for people often found dead after a large explosion at a wastewater treatment plant in the west of england. hello welcome this is art international the team and i here moscow are very glad you chose us today. well starting us off this hour less than $10.00 for covert immunity what's the price for russia sputnik the vaccine internationally as it was presented
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to the u.n. general assembly on wednesday moscow wants the job to be available to the whole wallet and has already agreed on deliveries to foreign countries we will be producing. those as it was a week seeing already starting from february in 4 q joerg in brazil. and argentina real rig reach supply agreement and production agreements with those countries more than 40 countries have expressed an interest in buying sputnik 3 however many western critics have already written off the russian front scene up next on your who can see looks why. the media today is full of big headlines pfizer's covert 19 vaccine is officially the 1st to be approved in a western country with the united kingdom leading the way there's a sense of excitement that lives can be saved on the 1st steps towards codewords
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final defeat have been taken i would like to tribute to and to thank with those who made this possible it is the protection. that will ultimately allow us to recruit our lives and get our recall of the movie again this is a victory but the real winner in the race for a covert job has been vaccine protectionism to many in western media and establishment only western produced vaccines can even be considered as part of a global solution to the pandemic and other break through from the last event is that there's a seneca high as pfizer makes a final push drug company pfizer says it is a great day for science c.e.o. of pfizer tweeting out his congratulations. but it was really a historic day we have pfizer we have take you up while the european medicines agency has confirmed it's in contact with the developers of sport nick v. the e.u. has also been clear it doesn't recommend any e.u. state makes up its own mind about importing the vaccine even if they wanted to the
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reason strong lobby against vaccines that are being developed outside the european union but that's life we're already used to it and it's in hundreds interest to get us a vaccine as quickly as possible hungary isn't alone this has been global since the sputnik ves existence was 1st announced back then media and members of the scientific community were quick to criticize russia for failing to provide public data on the vaccine safety and even when phase $1.00 and $2.00 clinical trial data up was later published in the lancet skepticism mistrust and suspicion of were still rife at any mention of sport mcvie moscow has been accused of cutting corners . using spies to steal western research russia rushed to register it as a world 1st raising eyebrows in the scientific community putin this might be his personal back through plenty even here still need persuading that sputnik v.
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is a reliable choice there's always room for healthy skepticism and critical thinking as with any new vaccine but it seems some require slightly more scrutiny than others take my den or the company has requested emergency approval from the american and european regulators for its vaccine 10 days before that pfizer and biotech sought the same clearance for their job yet neither company has publicly released full data from late stage clinical trials for peer review in any medical journal and it's not just about peer review moscow's been clear it's open to international corporation on covert vaccination to save lives and win the battle against corona virus we are ready to cooperate with others in terms of vaccination particularly on the council of europe platform the cruellest pandemic has made it clear that europeans need to know that in the feast of common threats these offers appear to fall on their fears whether it's a deep mistrust or the belief that sputnik views just the way for putin to gain political approval truly joint efforts to find
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a vaccine never materialized this is probably of little concern to develop state's most deliberative brought up the majority of vaccine surprise produced by their own companies while the rest of the world is unlikely to get access to the vaccines for years to come vaccine protectionism has truly try out with only western produced vaccines touted as world saving despite being unavailable to most and then alternatives trashed and dismissed from the outset the world never really stood a chance at making a united stand against coronavirus this isn't a competition between ourselves it's about doing the best for our world for the global population and that we must all want to. to get vaccines distributed i think there was a very good paper that was published in the peer review journal about the russian vaccine a long stick to the general issue about the rush to produce vaccines has been that many of the vaccines have been presented in press releases rather than in peer
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reviewed papers it's important that when you're doing clinical trials that these are reported properly i know that the vaccine is being trialled in india now as well and that's a great thing it's about sharing the responsibility we all have to ensure all vaccines are safe effective and that we share them particularly in parts of the world that are going to struggle like developing countries where we need to be helping with large populations when interviewed they had a pharmaceutical company responsible for the mass rollout of sputnik he says the western skepticism is groundless. it has up in this place to explode say that russians are russian was a back seat back seems to be tried and tested by a fairly long period of time and that we've done everything so fast. company called when a western counterparts make statements we need to look very closely it's who is saying it and exactly what they are saying for example they frequently complain that we
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institute hasn't published enough data and so on the same time we should realize that just a research institute is not a pharmaceutical giant like astra zeneca or pfizer a lot of p.r. specialists who are usually presenting the data selectively and in a favorable light so once again you shouldn't compare the data published by the government institute with the data published by western companies on the other hand if you still want to make a comparison that's compared to the oxford research group when it hadn't yet signed an agreement with astra zeneca no one knew them and no one saw the results until big pharma got involved. just how realistic is it to prove that the vaccine is safe . this point we've seen convincing the truth is it was proven during pre-clinical animal testing please consider that i'm talking about safety not effectiveness then it was proven during clinical trials on healthy volunteers we've done all that statistics to show that the vaccine is safe. than following
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a developing story 4 people have been confirmed dead after a large explosion in the west of england the blast occurred a few hours to go to waste water treatment facility just outside of north pole well of course live now to our chief who is in the area for us if this latest information confirming those deaths what more can you tell us about the incident itself. around 1120 this morning local time emergency services to this water treatment facility here. in the 3rd. west of england been an explosion at a chemical plant the. we've had a press conference being held by the local chief of police and the local head of the fire service sadly confirming that 4 people have lost their lives have been reports that a number of workers were standing on top of that chemical silo at the time when it
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exploded. we also understand that one other person has injuries they're not understood to be life threatening the police have confirmed that. the no longer looking for missing people we don't expect there to be any more casualties in terms of deaths or injuries one thing that was interesting that came out from the press conference held long ago was a plea by the police not for people for people not to jump to conclusions not to listen to any of rumors or anything that they've had on social media this is not being treated as an act of terrorism he said but of course those investigations acidy exact cause of that explosion will be going on over the next coming days and weeks the services do remain on the scene for that express purpose absolutely will thank you bring up for bring us up to speed on all of that latest.
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president trying the passage of the supreme court to intervene in the u.s. election and over time the results in multiple states and a 46 minute speech posted online he repeated his claim that the vote. this may be the most important speech i've ever made i want to provide an update on our own going efforts to expose the tremendous voter fraud and irregularities which took place during the ridiculous lee long nov 3rd elections i am determined to protect our election system which is now under coordinated assault and see if we're right about the fraud joe biden can't be president trying pointed to regularities in the voting system including millions of illegal votes and dead people costing ballots he accused democrat run are is a vote to corruption and changing the results trumpeted he'd accept any outcome as
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long as it is accurate but is a tiny general to ready on to cut this a few of those claims we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election meanwhile president elect joe biden and his team are dismissing the allegations of voter fraud courting the election result fast professor of latin american studies daniel schorr believes the ford claims are a distraction from the real problems that underlie the u.s. voting system. it's clear that these elections are corrupt through and through but not for the reasons that donald trump highlights the corrupt are going through because there's an electoral college that does not recognize the popular vote there's already a complete lack of trust people do not respect the electoral college most americans can't even explain the electoral college or provide any type of justification or logic for which there is none many americans don't even participate in presidential elections because they understand that it's. a choice between 2 oppresses for the
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next 4 years between tweedle dee tweedle dum trump is just expose the system from the right in created these decisions that have long existed. on the left on expected of places want to take only want to get round the lot down to 400 rabbits to kill and central england has applied for a touch life than a tongue in cheek bit just to highlight what it calls the absurdity of selective restrictions as place of washup can stay open but restaurants and bars can't. under the new to this is that we would be about 20 who. could be months and months
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as we don't have a substantial future for a kitchen says no to the opportunity to do that and so we look to other ways all the other businesses in the news that i can under all that is the place of worship was one of them so we've reached the bridge to define you as a or send off cation to register there and here is a place of worship. as the church of the 400. main reason is to sort of point out that the contradictory nature of the rules our everything from. church is in my part is every show we've got a christmas market happening in us here outside at all for us to go ahead while we're what we have to say shows that. you just might have to start a business is closed doors completely unavoidable but we need more government support. to get us through this otherwise. as we've seen in the news let's look at days to our street is already here with arcadia and devon and. it's been
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decimated. if the government does that will. be a conservative web site in the u.s. has leaked recordings of morning briefings from the news network c.n.n. now the tape speech shot company president jeff zucker and project. claims they prove the network is biased against president. but i just want to read. that. you know i think we cannot know. what has happened here. in the last week. and his behavior and i go back to what david said to tell you that this look president knows he's losing those he's in trouble. is. maybe is. the aftereffects of steroids or not i don't know but he is
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you know radically and desperately and we need we need to. we need to we need to normalize. well the network has responded to the need threatening legal action against a project and it's defended the language used in the recording saying diversity of possible opinion is what makes c.n.n. strong we welcome and embrace it well let's get now some inside scoop from neil my cave communications manager for project on who i'm if i'm not mistake was actually involved in producing these really says welcome to the program stuff i want to ask you the published recordings would seem to show you that c.n.n. is not trump's greatest fan. which probably for some doesn't come as a here surprise so what's new here well i think what's new here is that you'll hear the outgoing president of c.n.n.
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jeff zucker dictating to his hosts reporters editors and producers what the news will be not based on whether it is true not based on whether it's important but whether or not it fits jeff zucker's world view and personal political agenda. now you just read a statement from c.n.n. saying that they welcome a diversity of opinion i've been on these calls there's no diversity of opinion nobody objects nobody challenges when since any hutson says that cuban americans are supporting donald trump because their track to devote lease nobody says hey said that's a little outrageous why don't you dial that back i mean i don't think that's what they're well welcoming as diversity of opinion basically everybody agrees with everything that zucker says and his executives and everybody else on the call the
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one time he was challenge during this exercise is when james o'keefe called john jeff zucker on wednesday and asked him how can you still consider yourself the most trusted name in news that one challenge the response came from c.n.n. we're going to call the police it's outrageous now some have questioned whether it was as a cool or appropriate to leak these schools what's your response to that and i want to ask you one of the tables what todd and annual private discussions with out of his workspace would do you support it as well. who who is objecting c.n.n. i mean they ran secretly recorded tapes of 1st lady malani a trump just weeks ago they were in the access hollywood tapes they ran tapes secretly recorded of mitt romney when he was the 2012 republican candidate for president the idea that c.n.n.
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is suddenly upset. about somebody were chris secretly recording a meeting or a conference call and put and putting out to the public that's absolutely absurd and of course i have to go back to the whole idea that we are journalists project veritas we practice undercover journalism and we work with insiders and we are journalists and c.n.n. is journalist they claim to be journalists themselves their response is what to call the police they said they reported us to law enforcement it's an absolute joke watch you picking up will not seen and didn't react very quickly on twitter no last said that is going to get your enforcement involved my question is are you ready and t. think the door is on your side. i don't believe for a minute that the police are to come knocking on our door everything the project veritas does is legal we have
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a very well trained and very well paid legal staff and i'm highly confident that everything we did was within the legal guard rails and certainly we have a license given to us by the bill of rights called the 1st amendment and the supreme court has been very generous when when someone's right to express the 1st amendment has been questioned especially among journalists so no one no one has called us from from law enforcement that's just something they said that tweet came from cnn's p.r. staff and i think you can call that a p.r. stunt i don't think the white to pick to head of this team particularly with trump at the helm why fake news has come up a lot of discussions of bias anita have become really commonplace i want to ask you do you think the thoughts and inevitability that we have to accept now do we need to fight against it actively. well you know the marketplace of ideas is where the
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stuff is supposed to be sorted out. you know c.n.n. has a bias and that bias is revealed on the tapes it's not necessarily republican or democrat conservative or republican it's do you agree with jeff zucker or not if you don't agree with jeff zucker and his worldview and his agenda you are crazy and you he tells them we will not normalize you he talks about going after senator lindsey graham why because senator lindsey graham does not huge to his narrative and everybody on the call says yes jeff fantastic jeff where with you jeff nobody nobody challenges him nobody objects nobody says hey i'm on the ground here and state whatever and saying jeff that story isn't right you never hear people correct jeff zucker he is dictating the news and when he leaves we'll see what happens to
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c.n.n. maybe they'll change and finally i just want to ask you i know you want to keep people in anticipation but can you tell us come expect more tapes and how far you've got a willing to go to expose what some say is a rigged system. well let me say this this is the advent season and so project very tossed in our founder james o'keefe have decided to give the people an advent calendar of c.n.n. releases so there will be 3 more releases tonight and then from here through christmas we will be releasing one or 2 tapes every day which will be the c.n.n. rock tapes not the edited down for the so those clips but the entire meetings will be posted online and people can see for themselves or hear for themselves and frankly we're accused of all sorts of editing tricks they're going to wish that we had edited their meetings because people hear them in the raw and that's hash tag c.n.n.
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ra while we'll be waiting to hear or not thank you so much for coming on to the program and speaking to us that was neil mccabe communications manager for project veritas good luck. on the lawn now the attorney and government is resisting widespread calls to reopen high schools off to a sudden corona virus infections are expected to stay closed at least until the 7th of january for the past month parents and students have been putting the government to reconsider and newfound bust unions gathered outside a school in turin with the laptops braving the cold weather and demanding the right to go back to clos well let's bring in now john let's shoot it down be no columnist and publish up front. and naomi bennett and not us in the u.k. or if you welcome to the program oh look i'm going to thank you and welcome and you know i want to start with you now. european countries have allowed their schools to reopen they say we think it's safe let's go ahead why is it to be taking such
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a drastically different approach here. i think it's been wise from the italian government to call partially in fact because most of the students can still go to class so i think it's been wiser from a kind of government to actually suspend access to schools since students are mainly those who can be at a crucial vector in you know widespread and they can cadre and so in other words if you don't let students be allowed to go to school in a security safe way that can be a dramatic cowardy. situation let me add one very last thing which is this do not forget that during the summer when i was
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a ready saying this. it really had the chance to adapt to the fact that people could start standing also from home not only in maryland from home that means that if you had to let students you know fok use on a computer for example or locked up just the study from there for a couple of months it couldn't be. a tragedy the only problem with me and with the students going to school is the fact that there is a situation not control so if we want to let students go back to school which we whole want we want students go to school then it's ok we all want them back in school but he that he needs to be done safely and that plan doesn't exist so far and now i mean i want to ask you from obviously a medical perspective what's your take on this do you think that such in schools is
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a reasonable way to try and slow the spread. well are you getting really depends on the numbers gives if numbers are going up then it would be sensible to put some thinking right however you know we don't really want to just reached people from contracted it so i guess it's really a school bus school all of them the whole. car blanket so of decision i think it should be done on an individual area because some areas you made for and have out grades where. a not have many incidents all the code 90. 1 francesco compared to northern europe for example italy has a lot of multi general generational rather households so you've got grandparents mixing with children if there are an argument that if the children go to school they can catch the virus they can give it to that grandparents who are obviously more risk that that is actually quite serious. yes the situation is quite serious
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but is also confused because of the elementary and the secondary school are now hoping that in some regions but in other regions are closer to high school are all over the country and they will hold in the generate but that is not rational to close the school especially is not rational to close their high school and in the meantime the supermarkets for example are open so all the young people can go to in the supermarket and the view in censorship or market but not consistent because the can't book in school and i think that during the summer our government spend billions of iraq to try to restart the school during the ultimate but now this school. is not an option we must invest in education and we must invest it in the right. for the future of the young people so it think
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that we must reopen the school obviously in the city condition and peter i want to pick up on what francesca thought about the future of the children at the world bank released a report yesterday saying that coverts related school closures could risk putting 72000000 primary school children into learning poverty and saying they can't read they can't understand a simple text by the age of 10 is that not a huge concern. it's a huge concern in that we have to take into account all of that and in fact i can i . repeat and recreate this i.q. meant we want children and everyone under 18 a man to go to go back to school and fact that i really hope this will happen my only concern with school is schooling in general is the fact that you have to take into consideration the fact that they're going to school when boces transport and
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hold that thought whereas in other counties this happened in a war they way and in the right now we could not guarantee that plug we asked with my newspaper several times for a coherent plan that plan never came up never occurred never never we still didn't don't fit it's not up there a problem with government as you know because it's it's a fact region so italian. local regions should come up with a coherent plan that everyone. approved and then let students go to school you know fade. away. with regard to your argument which i think it's very. it's very it's very interesting the problem is that you cannot have i mean you have to trade off you know it's education or. have and safety
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so if you want to have people go to school with their right to study we try achree and it's still married porton because we read the news too we really reached to lose a generation not going to school for a year and more. we really we really need to make sure that they can go to school and make sure that they are not terrible for a combined years either. winds it's going to be a tragedy and there is something you greedy have to consider it's not that people really have to say you guys you should not go to school but it's important to take that into account and to make sure that people are able to lead you to go to school at when they have back into their families imagine that they're not a potential. to be a logic bomb they're going back to a county tree which is super l.
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there are older that and nearly people where school of elderly people walk where you guys are going back so i mean i'm trying to say it's important that people go to school it's important to be there to read it's important everything but it's also important that right now that we don't have to back you know whatever people should know or go. without a plan would have a safe from the school was upset that he had said things like a situation forced me have run out of time that was childless chicken being a columnist and publisher francesca to be out of course naomi bennett and not in the u.k. thanks so much for your time thank you well that's a wrap thanks for sticking with us ron paul teutul com is the place for you if you want more on any more stories we have is top bison.


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