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similarly. if the majority of not they've got to leave again with the phone with the computer with the plane. come back to the police story you have to see. the best. you. you. must go slums the quote fabricated accusations against journalists of to russia affiliated news websites charged with violating a used sanctions. from supporters rally against what they call regs results and new witness testimony suggests they may have a point back as the ballots being ran through that have been waiting machines numerous times being counted 8 to 10 times i know it was
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a return addresses for thousands and from spans of further rounds by claims of massive mainstream media bias as tapes of c.n.n. briefings are leaked by a conservative group. i've been on these calls there's no diversity of opinion nobody objects nobody challenges. a warm welcome to your smart team here in moscow you're watching r t international with me they care. employees of the russian affiliated bolt news and sputnik fia news agencies are being released but ordered not to leave latvia as off to be accused of violating. from own culture of hers the details. all we know at the moment is that they've been accused of violating personal european union sanctions against the c.e.o.
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of russia's of receipt of the news agency. now the russian foreign ministry they have already reacted to what's happening in riga and they said that latvia's crackdown on russian speaking journalists under the pretext of the violation of a huge sanctions is absolutely unacceptable the foreign ministry also said that the e.u. restrictions are all of a personal nature against mr kissel off and they can multiply just about everyone who cooperates with the news outlets that are on there his managements and they consider their aggressive actions of. security service a blatant example of violating the foundations for democratic society which is freedom of media and expression it is a completely punitive action which leaves no doubt about the use of phobic subtext of the fabricated accusations now the accused journalists and their colleagues certainly. outraged and mind you this is
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a criminal indictment against germany against journalists and they're being persecuted for coal parading with russian news outlets now the crackdown on the russian speaking latvian journalist. well it had all of the intimidating attributes and features and there were searches in the homes and places over. there was confiscated personal property and equipment were interrogated which lasted for hours one person was interviewed for 8 hours. after all of that was done the journalists were released but they were asked to stay in latvia enough to leave the country and of course sign a non-disclosure agreement sputnik had a statement about this as well the long term citizens who are accused of violating the sanctions regime because of their work for the risk. civil with news agency because it's a lot of lithuania and estonia the agency subject to the personal sanctions of the
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imposed on the agency's general director joins ricky sort of in $24.00 scene now russian mission and the sea they also expressed their concern they tweeted out saying this is another flagrant violation by rigo of the o.e.c.d. commitments on freedom of speech and access to information persecution of russian speaking journalists in the baltic countries is not something new for example just the end of last year going into this year sputnik. there journalists were forced to break their contracts with sputnik because this tony and police were threatening them with jail terms of up to 5 years so basically they were forced to resign and the police also cited these 24 to you sanctions person begins mr he said however the outlets that we've been talking
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about today none of them have ever appeared on the sanctions list so that's what we have for now. let's go live to luke rivera independent journalist now thank you for joining us on the program luke should journalists be punished for that both if that both is what that bosses did or didn't do. of course the i mean this is ridiculous and everybody understands even in the mainstream media that would defend the governments of the baltic states everybody knows that this is purely political that you know the european union unfortunately has many countries in its midst and 27 member states that are not democracies the 3 baltic states are not democracies and are way mind words you know in belgian talking to you from from from brussels that offer you fishel languages dutch french and also german because the us sent $70000.00 german speakers in the east of the country and at the end of the year to
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king uses the 3 languages in its best wishes you know into the day have a low i.q. gee what i speak german switzerland we know is the perfect example in the baltic states the russian speaking population the minorities are not respected they are underdogs they don't speak their own language which is that bad and send it for father's language this is a disgrace for europe in all this is from the line as the word democracy in our mouth to criticize angry old bald for not respecting the rule of law but what is you doing here not of word from brussels about this but of course misses from the play and doesn't speak to our t.v. all too sputnik because they are not the mainstream media they are bad people. what do you make of this punishment for these 2 i left them not being allowed to leave the country. well. of course. persecution that's the only word you can use and you know 25 percent of the population may not feel are
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russian speakers to one out of 4 and these people now since last year they cannot teach russian anymore to let children safer universities you know slowly do nationalist government or in the ego is trying to kill the use of russian in their language and it's one 4th of the population that will be revolution in switzerland in belgium i mean the western europeans don't know about that but the 3 baltic states it's less so in lithuania because so many have something like 5 percent of russians speak its philosophy which is the worst case and to sonia it's incredible you know it's incredible that this happened happens in the 21st century so do you feel there's a rush the phobic subtext to know that yes clearly clearly that is of course the issue of the sanctions it could be evident even to normal or those that it is crazy i mean it's not possible to consider this the fact that i'm talking 'd to you
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doesn't mean that i'm a bad guy is it or maybe tomorrow it will be so this is unacceptable from readout from tallinn oh it's totally unacceptable and do you to pin union should react about this about the use of language in these countries because the multi moccasins and and we must intervene if europe is to be respected i think the journalists have become some kind of political pawns in the western sanctions game is that something you would agree way then if so how can that be changed. well they must be told by the european union by brussels by the european commission that this cannot go on that the language policy of the state must change the same for ukraine by the way are which is also hoping one day to join europe so the use of language is unacceptable as it is now and of course the. punishing
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intimidation. that is is carried out against the press it's a scandal but of course archie and sputnik are in the eye of the storm also in france in other places because they say truth that are not very much liked by the people in power like pursue mccoll who criticized officially our teams but victory in front of let me to putin when he was welcomed in venice i for example. they were very independent journalist thank you for your time. u.s. president elect joe biden's invited don't try to his inauguration claiming it will give a positive sign that the post-election chaos is ending but it's unclear whether the millions he is the one thing victory was stolen from trump think this me will heal the divisions. well. chum
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support is a still coming out challenging still the steal and citing multiple irregularities as just mind officials in swing state jul just saying a 2nd recount should confirm biden as the winner on course i looks at how the reputation of the us elections as a whole maybe starting to get a little tarnished. is only about a month left until the big transition of power in the white house and yet it looks like the battle for the presidency is not yet over this may be the most important speech i've ever made i want to provide an update on our own going efforts to expose the tremendous voter fraud and irregularities which took place during the ridiculous legal nov 3rd elections if we are right about the fraud. joe biden can't be president trump is sticking to his guns still insisting he was cheated out of the election and calling on the supreme court to overturn the results his lawyers though have yet to prove their case and the justice department says the
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current administration is full of baloney so what is it that the trumpet ministration is making such a fuss about while in new york one u.s.p.s. driver claimed a trailer with thousands of ballots disappeared into thin air i knew it with return addresses filled out thousands of them while in wisconsin an x. postal worker even claimed his coworkers were ordered to backdate the ballots u.s.p.s. employees were ordered to backdate ballots that were received too late to be lawfully counted ballots in liveries in the middle of the night people filling in the blank ballots for by misplacing duplicate souther wisconsin poll workers claim similar violations as well as the widely shared testimony from this michigan election contractor who claimed she blew the lid off some dodgy dealings in detroit there was. back as the ballots being ran through that had been waiting machines numerous times being counted 8 to 10 times her testimony has already been put through the wringer of public opinion and the justice department's also made up its
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mind about these claims we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election. the thing is though the d.o.j. won't say why what does raise the eyebrows of conservative officials all we're asking for is own where there is evidence of improper impropriety that you examine and we want the transparency we want to understand is investigation going on. what kind of investigation what are you looking for for years americans have been told evil russian meddling is undermining democracy and now that biden seems to have won the election there's not so much as a whisper on that front that the russians really just decide to sit out this very important election or perhaps the very system itself is at fault here it's clear that these elections are corrupt through and through but not for the reasons that donald trump highlights the corrupt through and through because there's an electoral college that does not recognize the popular vote there's already
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a complete lack of trust people do not respect the electoral college most americans can't even explain the electoral college or provide any type of justification or logic for which there is none many americans don't even participate in presidential elections because they understand that it's. a choice between 2 oppresses for the next 4 years between tweedle dee tweedle dum trump is just expose the system from the right in created these issues that have long existed. proof of sand and bias against donald trump that's what a u.s. conservative groups calling leaked tapes off the news networks conference calls and one clip released by project very tassel c.n.n. special correspondent describing how say he's been advised by low make his to avoid giving too much time. i just keep hearing the same thing bugs from republicans
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who have not been there to congratulate biden. but also to to you know who have been the democrats and that is there needs to be you know news organizations the very curable and the response was all about not keeping track of too much of a platform. here. to heating. the trolls additional to go forward a correspondent herself hasn't commented on the released tapes yet however the network's communications team has tweeted that project veritas may have broken the law by snooping on its staff and have referred the case to nor enforcement but communications manager for project fire a task gave my tolex ask a tale of his views on the tapes and whether he faces legal action. you'll hear the outgoing president of c.n.n. jeff zucker dictating to his hosts reporters editors and producers what the
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news will be not based on whether it is true not based on whether it's important but whether or not it fits jeff zucker's world view and personal political agenda there's no diversity of opinion nobody objects nobody challenges c.n.n. did react very quickly on twitter that said that is going to get your enforcement involved my question is are you ready and t. think the door is on your side i don't believe for a minute that the police are to come knocking on our door everything that project veritas does is legal we have a very well trained and very well paid legal staff and i'm highly confident that everything we did was within the legal guard rails you know and no one has called us from from law enforcement that's just something they said that tweet came from cnn's p.r. staff and i think you can call that a p.r.
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stunt and i want to ask you one of the tables what todd and you'll private discussions with that is his workspace to do you support as well don. who who is objecting c.n.n. i mean they ran secretly recorded tapes of 1st lady malani a trump just weeks ago they were in the access hollywood tapes they ran tapes secretly recorded of mitt romney when he was the 2012 republican candidate for president the idea that c.n.n. is suddenly upset. about somebody were chris secretly recording a meeting or a conference call and put and putting out to the public that's absolutely absurd. the leaks also appeared to show c.n.n. chief as jeff zucker ordering employees not to normalize chums claims on the election illegally media analysts lionel told us he believes that news outlets which shout the most about their impartiality usually show the least. so the
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question is what role did o'keefe play because if he if he just got the number himself from somebody let's say just gave it to him and he dialed in himself never being a part of us i think you may have legal problems but this is weird because now we have zoom cause and now we have new areas of conversation and conference it's not a one on one conversation and don't forget lionel's law the law always lags behind technology if we had done the same thing let's say to. or an actor or a in or something i'll bet you we would maybe hear something maybe not as blatant as that but certainly a journalistic bias and there are other people who say this is the brand the idea of you tuning into c.n.n. you want to hear a liberal anti trump stuff i'm sorry but that's a fact so being true to the bank brand to the shareholders they have to produce but here's the thing which is amazing when you look at people who go out of their way
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to see we are the news we are unbiased fair and balanced is this in essence a form of trademark law is this perjury to say enjoy any kind of liability for misleading the consumer if i tell you something is 100 calories but it's 200 you've got to believe i may get a lawsuit well if i'm lying about the content why shouldn't it apply otherwise watch this being addressed in the courts coming up. the family of palestinian brothers severely injured by an israeli raid on the home the state is found now describes it as a mistake many most tory think critic this one coming up right after the break. is your media a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a made in the shallowness. things become more extreme which leads to great when this is like breaking norms not necessarily in a good way. those the. right strain is the reality of.
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welcome back to your brother's house sustained horrific injuries off the israeli soldiers apparently detonated an explosive device at their refugee camp home one of the men who are still in hospital shared his story with us the clip of us at the so the army came at around 6 am while me and my family were asleep the soldiers placed an explosive device at the door and blew it up i woke up from the pain in my legs and found out that my brother was injured as well that's what i remember i was injured and then arrested while i was on the stretcher. i was in a coma for 18 days i had surgery 9 times i even wanted to amputate my leg a month and a half later my father visited me and i didn't recognize him at 1st and then i slowly started to improve but it's now been 3 months mohammad's brother has been
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detained without trial according to his family their father described to us the shock of seeing his injured son's and questions why it happened where the real birth came those tears and from both my sons droning in their blood their legs shredded with pieces of flesh the wounds in the soldiers i couldn't handle seeing my children it is brutal and human why did they have to use this huge explosive device even on the bus from 2 kilometers away heard the explosion i was allowed to visit my sons in the hospital a week later they were in a serious condition and then they arrested one of them without charge or trial he was sent to prison when i visited him he was walking on crutches he had platinum in his legs replacing the bones because he shouted. israel says it was carrying out an anti terror raid seizing armed military operatives weapons and ammunition a statement describes the brothers as activists sounding are committed will be held in administrative detention until march dr levin bercow an israel defense forces
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reserve officer says he has little sympathy for them. i can tell you and testify form the field that the army do not wake up in the morning look for what looking for what door to break into they have intelligence they do they do beautifully went to death house precisely and you know that a policy to deliberately hide beyond metal doors or human shields like women and children how common is it for the innocent palestinians to be injured by israel i didn't make any research about how common but i can tell you for sure that it's very common to any jihad islamic activist to hurt innocent people in israel and the job of these early army is not to count innocent palestinian terrorists is only to take care of our citizens and prevent any attempt to kill them deliberately
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to kill innocent citizens in this world this is the mission of i.d.f. we're not looking to hurt innocent people we're not waking up in the morning and say oh it's a long time we haven't been in geneva it's time to break could go in geneva in its intelligence police sites intelligence we went to. to find this special there are always we to break to bring them into prison that what we did and we proceed to do so one of the brothers says the army acknowledged that rate was a mistake that doesn't one sciences as to why our clients in jail. well it's a model for the treat everybody seen innocent through and so we went to court because of the way the soldiers burst in and for ahmed they said his case is classified and accused him of being a member of the islamic jihad movement even though there was nothing against him.
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he got 6 months in prison. because really army told me that i was injured by mistake a mistake made by one of the soldiers who thought there was someone inside the house so they decided to burst into the house in a brutal way which none of us expected but after we were injured the soldiers started arguing with each other about why it happened but when i reached hospital they paid for everything and when the lawyer arrived he also said that the army had knowledge is that it's there for. me and my brother were both because of a mistake that he was arrested because he'd been arrested before. one in 3 small businesses have called time in some us states in one of the most disturbing effects of the pandemic but america is that mega billionaires are making unprecedented cash as the rest of the country suffers unheard of levels artie's kell of more pain takes a closer look. american politicians love to sing the praises of small businesses
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however with a pandemic going on we've got small businesses disappearing very fast at this point one 3rd of small businesses in both new york and new jersey have gone under with more expected to disappear soon it's really bad and without federal dollars coming into new jersey the monsters tool is not the establishment going to make it through the winter while small businesses are falling on hard times other folks have been raking in the benjamin's.
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things are going great for amazon with people stuck at home and shopping online the corporate giant has been on a hiring been with 427300 new employees in just 10 months it appears they're not afraid to kick the little guys even when they're down many small companies have told us during this year long investigation that they were mistreated abused and tossed aside by amazon the evidence we've collected the shoes that amazon is only interested in exploiting its monopoly power over the e-commerce marketplace now on the surface of it looks like this is just simply a pandemic it's a case of bigger boat staying afloat during a storm however if you look a little bit deeper it seems like things have been rigged. could be radical lefty if you'd like but i refuse to accept a system that enables jeff bezos to grow his wealth by $66000000000.00 in 5 months
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during a pandemic the slip full $2000000.00 americans on the brink of eviction american politicians have been talking about imposing restrictions and regulations and raising taxes on the rich however it all seems to just be talk those rich corporations are getting richer while the american middle class is dying off small businesses have to be competitive they don't have the money to buy the politicians they don't have the money to get the laws written for them think of it this way we have to capitalism we have one capitalism for the big companies the jews heard about tesla or you lie march or amazon or eagles those you've heard about and then we have another capitalism much more complicated and much more reliable you'll actually is there's a man who will go there to try to find a way or the i.r.s. has a completely different system has different needs as different limits to itself and
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legally to the system in which these g. co-exist with and much bitterness between it and the irony. very dangerous for the united states of america is that for our inner sanctum is why eaten too deep in the quality of the rich have gotten much much richer and the millions of people have gotten to the united states often likes to hate all the accoutrements of the free market and free competition however it seems like when certain people rise to the top they often like to change the rules in order to make sure they stay there caleb oppen r.t. new york. many thanks for joining us here on r.t. international this friday 1000 all for me for today but understand the we'll be with you in 30 minutes with all the latest.
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we are segregated and they're all my social class lower middle class people who are also in poverty by 1st place if you're born into a poor family. born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has
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a single parent that really constrains your life chances people die on average 15 years younger than if you're born into generational poverty. it's a fight every day to meet your needs and the needs of your family. because the one business show you can't afford to miss. and washington coming up in a bipartisan bill against china cleared legislation threatening to kick chinese companies off u.s. stock exchange to bill is now in president obama's hands to find. 737 it will
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return to the guys many are still concerned about it. all.


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