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tv   News  RT  December 4, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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well crawling is a bird friends mccrone and friends are going through a very dangerous period actually the turkish president not just france to get rid of its leader it's relations between the countries hit new lows. drugs john buys up about to roll out its vaccine in britain seeks to prevent the u.s. and its chief executive admit it might not stop there if you take it right in the behind run. on local slums what it calls fabricated accusations against john that's up to russia deleted news agency charged with violating e.u. sanctions.
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making sure you never miss a story this is out international banks choosing us the silent good to have you with us. well to start a softy tuchis president has lashed out at his french counterpart claiming he's a button to his country and should step down it represents a new low when relations between ottawa and one comes as paris looks to crack down on radical islam following a wave of terrorism in france. micron is a burden on us and france are going through a very dangerous period actually my hope is that france gets rid of this mccraw in trouble as soon as possible well the spat between the turkish president at the one in france has been deepening for some time now you will remember that last week the french senate adopted a non-binding resolution in which they officially recognize the independence of nagorno karabakh and they called for azerbaijani forces to need war on terror trees that had been captured in the disputed territory from september the 27th they're
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also calling for an international investigation into war crimes and at the same time prohibited weapons and senators also recommended that the french government look into the role that anchor has played and has called for decisive action against turkey now it's it all of this while at the same time saying that france's foreign policy has not changed but of course this angered azerbaijan's closest ally turkey. because this you know maybe even as a budget any president to leave some advice for the french what did he say if they love the army in so much they should give more suits of the media was making the same recommendation if they love them so much give them are sick the french president also caused outrage last month in the muslim world when he defended the right to publish cartoons of prophet mohammed.
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his criticism of political islam comes in the wake of the killing of a french teacher samuel patty that angered at one end of the international leaders not everyone has responded by comparing the treatment of muslims to that of jews before world war 2 and he's also questioned the mental health of the french president at the same time you have a deepening of tensions between a turkey. and the european union and in recent years we've seen the relations get increasingly walk here brussels has repeatedly expressed concern and protested of turkey's exploration of natural gas off the coast of cyprus and greece reached out to turkey. susman does negative with the continuation of you know where true acts and horse rhetoric have the debate of the european summit on december the term and we're ready to use the means to tell disposal turkey must stop its provocations and its hostile rhetoric and as we heard there the european union summit on the 10th of
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the samantha and e.u. member states potentially discussing retaliating measures that they can take against and. for president. asking for the move all of. it's a nonsense because we still have a mandate of 2 years to go but what micron is trying to do is his trying to fight against radical islam and. the french prison macron has has been criticized by other. political opponents because they say that macron was too soft. radical islam or the muslim population i can tell you and they can show you that prison micron is not. islam is not a muslim he's just a radical islam and he wants to control radical islam prison michael went on fewer t.v. in order to explain to this population what freedom of speech is what freedom of
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satire is that you can make everyone every religion it's not a one religion in particular but every religion and this is part of the freedom of speech of france president refused to be drawn on are the ones comments in an interview earlier though he did highlight that france is under attack for protecting free speech. i'm never a good person and this is the difference between us i believe in respect my point is that becoming more violent and saw the with a leader given the violent example i think of these abuse of a broad between political leaders is a room where president michael attempting to take the higher ground in that long wide ranging interview broadcast over the internet on friday he talked about what was happening in turkey he didn't address it directly but what he did say is that he was clear that there was
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a fundamental difference between france and turkey says suggesting that turkey was a north or a terry in state that was when he was talking relation to issues over freedom of the press and he also in that interview touched on things such as police violence saying that he understood that there was violence within the police forces but he didn't think that that was an institutional problem he thought that was an individual problem just like you said there is violence in the general society there's also violence within the police but he also admitted that discrimination has played into a lot of the problems here in france particularly when it comes to the issue surrounding islam isn't saying that france was not against islam but he was aware that some of the problems here were home grown and he was looking to tackle those now he also talked at length about the global security bill this is a hugely controversial subject here in france and we've seen protests about that
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much criticized law over the past 2 weeks now with the protests are because many individuals journalists groups n.g.o.s and even. have criticized article 20. from an allies the publication of images of the police had there been intent to harm. now the out rule as a result of that has resulted in the ruling party saying they will now look at rewriting that specific old article the part of the law the present back room being quite clear in that interview on friday that while it may be written the essence of what article 24 stood for will not change now that is likely to infuriate many people who say that it would even pinch freedom of the press that it would allow the police to have the green light to stop the press from filming to stop that the
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public from filming is well i know my prince said that this wasn't about reducing freedom in the press this wasn't about reducing the rights of citizens but this is about protecting the police and there are more pressed yes do local security bill over the weekend and it comes when there is even more pressure on my own and the ruling party and with god's to not just article 24 but also the entirety of the bill as a un panel of experts has said that they don't believe that this bill is in line with issues surrounding human rights situation in fact they said it was incompatible with international human rights legislation and they've called for the entire bill to be completely rewritten. one of the latest vaccines being put forward to tackle quote a virus in the u.k. has come under increasing scrutiny the chief executive of one of the drugs behind it has admitted that the job may not stop those who take it from spreading the
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virus when asked directly by u.s. news channel. though it's good that protection and most. other people i think this is something that needs to be examined we are not certain about that right now 2 days ago it was the news we were all awaiting for it was described as a historic moment but now it seems like it's historic so all the wrong reasons the approval of course of the kind of it 1000 vaccination just a few days ago by the british medical regulated meant that as soon as next week the vaccine could be rolled out but now it's been proved almost too good to be true of course the united kingdom was celebrating being world beating well leading and now it seems as though it potentially is just a guinea pig in the science of all of it not because pfizer has come out to admit that actually while the job might be 95 percent effective against david $900.00 there is by no means any guarantee that it can prevent carrying the transmission of 19 as well now interestingly the e.u. regulator and the u.s.
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top health officials have both come out say the u.k. has entirely jumped the gun here it's been far too quick and its procedures because for their for their every settings they think that approval process is necessary to ensure safety and effective it's kind of a real around the corner of the marathon because. they really rushed out of well you heard from the top u.s. immunologist who has since apologized for slamming the u.k.'s too hasty oversee private trucking saying it was all a misunderstanding however the initial statement sparked some controversy and apparently put the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases on the defensive well regardless 40000000 doses have been preordered by the united kingdom the 1st batch the 1st supply will head towards the united kingdom as soon as next week it could be around the figure of $400000.00 doses many immunization could start within the next few weeks now top of the list is those
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most vulnerable those over the age of 80 plus care home residents and staff. of course those n.h.s. workers on the front line however there were many people gassed costing doubt even right here within the united kingdom particularly over the logistics whether or not there may be a lag as soon as next week is just around the corner but also in terms of the distribution of the vaccine as well considering it needs to be stored in conditions of minus 70 degrees so those handling the vaccine argue that they need to be instructed exactly how to do so then of course there's the political narrative in all of this because the government has been criticized for many a failure throughout the 1000 pandemic from self-imposed targets and deadlines satin missed to really just handling the crisis in general now many people would argue that we really need to see these promises being delivered and at this point in time it's more of a case of more talk rather than action especially when we're hearing rhetoric like this from cabinet ministers i just reckon we've got the very best people in this
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country we've got the best medical regulators much better than the french better than the belgians have much better than the americans and that doesn't surprise me as well because we are much better country than every single one of that also so it did help but we've recruited far and using will in. the number of births in the u.k. must prove that we are in march worse come true than france and belgium not the us obviously what the facile boast that sort of thing you hear in the playground not from an m.p. on national radio well beaching jingoism brits got it 1st because of how badly they're doing and controlling covered 19 so exactly the opposite of what they're claiming to their government williamson saying that the united kingdom is leading and is a much better nation than any other but at what is the question the public really have we talked to a clinical expert on a political analyst about whether a rushed approval is a rush approval. rushing through and cutting safety corners are 2 separate issues
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so as long as no safety corners have been cut at the and patient people's health and well being have not been put at risk then getting it through rushed in and the words is not a wrong thing to do what we want to ask the question is we hope you have not cut any corners to put people's health and wellbeing at risk and i don't think so i have faith in the m h r a as an independent body to her work very hard to have rushed it but not cut health and safety concerns about giving that scene to otherwise fit and healthy people i don't think the m h r a how cut any safety concerns or safety corners and i don't think they would ever authorize a vaccine that was not safe so i would say to members of the public if it is authorized by a group presented to or torah t.v. then please rest assured they would have gone through it terribly they might have
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rushed but that doesn't mean they cut corners or she struck those fast wraps this agreeable on the basis that it for emergency situation for pandemic i think such a barrier to brace for because we are the sorts of america he just made here. which is a fact so even among the proportion of the population normally what they mean with them and make use of the whole population use potentially are groups so i don't think this really qualify as surgery of astra but. only how to look at the that absent the great 30000 with a population of 67000000. we know or you might. well i predict on t.v. so it's sure to read by the reaction we're going to be.
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thoughts there are going to be big amounts of money to be made all right these producers were. going to say. libor should be rationed. because most people don't actually need it. still i had john list from russia link news outlets a relief stop to question and wrap the i'm told they call it the country will tell you why i am here reaction of course in just a moment. those and the big community are extremely positive about the future because big coin solves a lot of the problems that we face because of money because of central banks even though the nation state itself as
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a unit of governance has kind of outgrown its useful. is you'll be a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. high salacious community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is right. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. oram. in the shallows.
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why employees of 2 russia affiliated news agencies have been released from interrogation on the condition they don't leave lot fia the jobless from bull news on that lotfi what charged with violating e.u. sanctions and culture of ha's the details. all we know at the moment is that they've been accused of violating personal european union sanctions against a c.e.o. of russia's a receipt a seaboard a news agency be tricky still for now russian foreign ministry they have already reacted to what's happening in riga and they said that latvia's crackdown on russian speaking journalists under the pretext of the violation of a huge sanctions is absolutely unacceptable the foreign ministry also said that the e.u. restrictions are of a personal nature against mr kissel off and they cannot apply to just about
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everyone who cooperates with the news outlets that are on there his managements and they consider the aggressive actions of the security service a blatant example of violating the foundations for democratic society which is freedom of media and expression it is a completely punitive action which leaves no doubt about the use of 4 big subtext of the fabricated accusations you would think a crackdown on dissent overt violation of the fundamental principles of freedom of speech were totally incompatible with the status of an enlightened european state but that's the case and that the complaint of for so dissenting media is gaining momentum now the accused journalists and their colleagues are certainly. outraged and mind you this is a criminal indictment against journalists and they're being persecuted for cole parading with russian news outlets now the crackdown on the russian speaking latvian journalist. well it had all of the intimidating attributes and features and
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they were there were searches in the homes and places of work there was confiscated of personal property and equipment there were interrogated which lasted for hours one person was interviewed for 8 hours. after all of that was done the journalists were released but they were asked to. in latvia enough to leave the country and of course sign a non-disclosure agreement sputnik had a statement about this as well the lot and citizens are accused of violating the sanctions regime because of their work for the receipt of civil and news agency because it's a lot of money and is tonia the agency subject to the personal sanctions of the imposed on the agency's general director jim it's really sort of intuitive for scene now russian mission and the sea they also expressed their concern they tweeted out saying this is another flagrant violation by rigo of the o.e.c.d.
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commitments on freedom of speech and access to information and persecution of russian speaking journalists in the baltic countries is not something new for example just the end of last year going into this year. as. now their journalists were forced to break their contracts with the sputnik because this tony and. police were threatening them with jail terms of up to 5 years so basically they were forced to resign and the police also cited these 2014 new sanctions person begins mr he said however the outlets that we've been talking about today none of them have ever appeared on the sanctions list so that's what we have for now well there was some small protest and read that south against the charges we also heard often reaction from veterans. state affiliated
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media. are all over in the united states in israel in many other places what is the army regular news reel what is the b.b.c. what is the voice of america if one starts a tripping journalists are 'd other then media persons just because our their livelihood depends on the state or. our reach person who owns the network that is unfair and journalists the world over should rise up against the question that was question is why have they done this no of course to the war the question is is it legitimate to use sanctions as a means of preventing the terms of use that you don't like and of course at the most extreme we saw the us in the news for you slowly the bombing of the serbian national t.v. station or the missiles that were used to take
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a 0. in kabul during the the afghan war. a change in tone more than half a century after the u.s. became the fascination to plant its flag on the moon china has planted and picked its own during a mission to collect all material now these images of the chinese 5 spacecraft touching down sorley after it began drilling and collecting rock and soil samples that will help scientists learn more about the origins of the moon now the video was captured by an onboard camera before leaving on stage if it's where time is successful it will be the fast samples brought back to earth since the soviet union's mission in $197625.00 is expected to bump back down in a month earlier this month. finally u.s. president elect joe biden has invited donald trump to his inauguration and claims
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it will send a positive signal that the post-election chaos but it's unclear whether the millions who still think victory was stolen from believe this move will heal the divisions. now. tom supporters all still coming out chanting stop this deal while i'm fighting multiple irregularities officials in the swing state of georgia though say a 2nd recount. total courts and how the dispute is affecting the reputation of the u.s. election. was only about a month left until the big transition of power in the white house and yet it looks like the battle for the presidency is not yet over this may be the most important speech i've ever made i want to provide an update on our own going efforts to expose the tremendous voter fraud and irregularities which took place during the ridiculous lead in november 3rd elections if we're right about the fraud. joe biden
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can't be president trump is sticking to his guns still insisting he was cheated out of the election and calling on the supreme court to overturn the results his lawyers though have yet to prove their case and the justice department says the current administration is full of baloney so what is it that the trumpet ministration is making such a fuss about while in new york one u.s.p.s. driver claimed a trailer with thousands of ballots disappeared into thin air i knew it with return addresses filled out thousands of them while in wisconsin an x. postal worker even claimed his coworkers were ordered to backdate the ballots u.s.p.s. employees were ordered to backdate ballots that were received too late to be lawfully counted ballots in liveries in the middle of the night people filling in the blank ballots for by misplacing duplicate souther wisconsin poll workers claim similar violations as well as the widely shared testimony from this michigan
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election contractor who claimed she blew the lid off some dodgy dealings in detroit there was. batches the ballots being ran through the tabulating machines numerous times being counted 8 to 10 times her testimony has already been put through the wringer of public opinion and the justice department's also made up its mind about these claims we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election. the thing is though the d.o.j. won't say why what does raise the eyebrows of conservative officials all we're asking for is own where there is evidence of improper impropriety that you examine and we want to transparency we want to understand is investigation going on. what kind of investigation what are you looking for for years americans have been told evil russian meddling is undermining democracy and now that biden seems to have won the election there's not so much as a whisper on that front to the russians really just decide to sit out this very
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important election or perhaps the very system itself is at fault here it's clear that these elections are corrupt through and through but not for the reasons that donald trump highlights they corrupt through and through because there's an electoral college that does not recognize the popular vote there's already a complete lack of trust people do not respect the electoral college most americans can't even explain the electoral college provide any type of justification or logic for which there is none many americans don't even participate in presidential elections because they understand that it's. a choice between 2 oppresses for the next 4 years between tweedle dee tweedle dum trump is just expose the system from the right and created these fissures that have long existed that's made for the day over the next house so when thomas will be head supreme confidence attack. us and say.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics. i'm sure. i'll see you then. always be polite never engage with a negative a good or confrontational. don't get into any conversation or start answering questions just ask for an attorney. survivor tara geisha. definitely don't want to.
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show. you're more likely to walk free if you're rich. or if you're poor and. you've got 2 eyes 2 ears and one mouth. so you should be seen in here and a whole lot more than you're saying if you don't take that advice easy going to do it yourself all. right folks next up on that us miller plus one i smell or we're going to talk to marianna benzoyl or i know you're saying. brilliant show that they're doing on national geographic it's called trafficked with marianna. and it sort of follows the so of contraband. how or when pimping guns she follows the triptych on it's pretty fascinating very dangerous pretty invigorating and we'll talk to marianna van zyl or about it right
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after this on dennis miller plus why. folks welcome to dennis miller plus one this will be fascinating i love the concept of the show our guest is investigate to. that's how i say it barrier opinions those opposed to investigative investigate to journalist marianna. marianna is emmy nominated praise for her gripping and informative work best known for her investigates a documentary seen the one death by sentinel i have not seen the oxycontin express but i believe that was her 1st bike one chasing el chapo says a new series and i love this idea trafficked with marianna van seller now on
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national geographic marianna welcome to the show ain't you dan it's wonderful to be here. i love the idea of sort of a reverse engineering of the socorro that brings in essence contraband or off brand goods and threw it into our world what a great conceit tell me more about the show. yeah i mean you know i've been reporting on sort of the underworld and black markets my whole life and. i decided that i really wanted to do sort of a whole series about this and i approached national geographic with it and they were interested in any concern about my security so the idea behind it is that in each episode it's trafficked and in each episode i go around the world and i sort of gain access into these criminal networks around the world and we explore a different theme with each episode so $11.00 is spent in l. there's another one about him send go again and gun.


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