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in it together. the mass protests over from his new security bill at the u.n. expo sworn i think compatible with international human rights on call on paris to reconsider. back on is a burden to friends the crown and france are going through a very dangerous period actually mccraw now to paris and to retire his rock bottom as turkey's president tells wrongs to dump its quota burdens on the president. leave the country used to britain's help fiji born veterans who fought for the union jack in iraq and afghanistan to get out r.t. captures the heart wrenching moment that the young children of one of the soldiers find out. on the list maybe
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a mysterious metallic structures pop up across the globe social media have a field day conspiring over where they come from. a very good morning to you from my team here in moscow you're watching r t international with me the king air. france is hugely controversial security bill does not meet international human rights standards the damning conclusion by u.n. experts with fury over the legislation spreading beyond the streets of the country and showed it by the ski finds out. it's one of the most contentious new rules that france has proposed and the president and now it seems it's about to become even more controversial the global security law has been pulled apart by a group of independent u.n.
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experts who have run did it incompatible with international human rights legislation and while they welcome the fact the parliamentarian say that they will be right article $24.00 which would criminalize the publication of images of the police if there is intent to harm the experts say that that doesn't go far enough. simply rewriting article $24.00 will not solve its flaws and the provision is certainly not the only one that infringes on fundamental human rights images of police abuse captured by the public play a vital role in oversight of public institutions which is fundamental to the rule of law approval over the law over a week ago spoke to huge fieri tens of thousands took to the streets in cities across the country journalists groups n.g.o.s and the e.u. all raised concerns about article 24 in the same week shocking new video has emerged of new acts of police violence during sure focus on the draft bill.
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but these are from one un special rapporteur whose job it is to report to the human rights council say that their concern goes deeper than just article $24.00 true surveillance is being problematic here in france at the start of the curve 19 pandemic trains are being used by security forces to keep an eye on the public but they knew since she was shot down by france's highest administrative court the current state it was deemed that there was no proper legal basis for their deployment. among many other provisions in the bill that could limit human rights article $22.00 permitting use of drone surveillance in the name of security and counterterrorism would permit widespread surveillance in particular of
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demonstrators article $22.00 was supposed to change that and give the french authorities the right to use drones to monitor citizens and while perhaps it has flown under the radar as they spilled out over publishing police images it wasn't missed by those u.n. experts. this has serious implications for the right to privacy freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression in the country as well as in any other country that might be inspired by this legislation these 5 un experts have now called to the whole global security bill to be revised comprehensively piling even more pressure on president markov and his ruling party as the own get towards the bill continues here in france so much even ski r.t. paris. mccrone is a burden to ask the shockingly under plastic language from turkey's president who called on the french to remove their president from office the new low in relations
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comes amid friction on the karabakh war and france has cracked down on its muslim population. macron is a burden on france and france are going through a very dangerous period actually my hope is that france gets rid of this mccraw in trouble as soon as possible well the spat between the turkish president at the one in france has been deepening for some time now you will remember that last week the french senate adopted a non binding resolution in which they officially recognize the independence of nagorno karabakh and they called for as a big shiny forces to need to leave the wall from territories that had been captured in the disputed territory from september the 27th they're also calling for an international investigation into war crimes and at the same time prohibited weapons and senators also recommended that the french government look into the role that an career has played and has called for decisive action against turkey now
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it's it all of this while at the same time saying that france's foreign policy has not changed but of course this angered azerbaijan's closest ally turkey. because this you know much as a budget any president to leave had some advice for the french what did he say if they love the armenian so much they should give more say to the media was i making the same recommendation if they love them so much give them our seats the french president also caused outrage last month in the muslim world when he defended the right to publish cartoons of prophet mohammed. his criticism of political islam comes in the wake of the killing of a french teacher samuel patty that angered adeline and other international leaders not everyone has responded by comparing the treatment of muslims to that of jews before world war 2 and he's also questioned the mental health of the french
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president at the same time you have a deepening of tensions between a turkey. and the european union and in recent years we've seen the relations get increasingly right here brussels has repeatedly expressed concern and protested of turkey's exploration of natural gas off the coast of cyprus and greece reached out to turkey. susman does negative with the continuation of you know where true at some hostile rhetoric new have a debate of the european summit and some of the term and we're ready to use the means to tell disposal turkey must stop its provocations and its hostile rhetoric and as we heard there the european union summit on the 10th of us month and e.u. member states potentially discussing. measures that they can take against and. for president. asking for the move all of. it's
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a nonsense because we still have a mandate of 2 years to go but what micron is trying to do is his trying to fight against radical islam and. the french prison macron has has been criticized by other. political opponents because they say that macron was too soft. radical islam on the muslim population 'd i can tell you and they can show you that prison micron is not. islam is not a muslim he's just a radical islam and he wants to control radical islam prison michael went on fewer t.v. in order to explain to this population what freedom of speech is what freedom of satire is that you can make everyone every religion it's not the world religion in political or but religion and this is part of the freedom of speech of france.
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u.k. army veterans who risked their lives serving in iraq and afghanistan have lost their legal battle to stay in britain the high court rejected appeals from 8 fiji born soldiers in 5th thing they were in the country illegally due to bureaucratic errors artie's these are captured the heartbreaking moment a decision was broken to the 4 young girls of one of the soldiers. the judge said that he wasn't concerned with any misadministration on the part of the government and only eat galaxy and that he didn't see how the government had behaved in an illegal manner but. to a minute she's the wife of one of the soldiers at swat say she brought me to stark on trent says see the moment when she breaks the news of that ruling to the daughters of some of those soldiers to hit home exactly how devastating that news has been to these young girls. so you know that we were going to be going to court to ask the judge if our case could be heard at the high court ok
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so we were all there on tuesday in her dad's house and sadly the judge has said that our case cannot be heard in court. ok and i'm sorry about that. we you know we've tried our best to. do ask the judge to look at your case is sympathetically and also for the men right and. that doesn't mean that it's the end. they will sort cheer up. but we'll just have to wait to be here. because i know it's relieved it's really her name so terry and lily it's a rather calico of the 3 daughters of tate to see who's facing the potential of 850000 pound medical bill because he hasn't got legal status in the u.k.
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grayson kelly is a 20 under seats his daughter despite what is clearly a major setback the girls remain committed to their cause and. this decision is now like you don't realize what he's doing is actually affecting families the government maintains that they've acted properly and that they continue to work with veterans in order to understand how best to apply the home office and ministry of defense work closely or with our foreign and commonwealth recruits to make sure they are aware of how they and their families can attain settlements in the u.k. and the costs involved the seats i had wanted us to come and see as she broke the news to those girls to hit home the impact that this is going to have on those men's family she stated that the judge at the high court didn't take into account the impact that it would have on the families and that she said that rather than focusing on the legalities there's
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a moral imperative particularly on the government to allow those men to remain essentially odds u.k. and stoke on trent. conspiracy theorists have gone and gone to town of a strange metal objects known as monoliths that have been ever paid in various and often remote parts of the planet taylor does some digging to find out what this all means. if you're an ag i'm thinking of popping down to for a visit don't. write. that more or less might have met its biblical end but the monoliths mysteries continue to seize the imagination of om tech conspiracists world wide 10 feet tall 3 sided metal structures apparent as quickly as they vanish into the night fast in the utah desert then poof gone well ok ok not quite.
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oh yeah it's wild down here at the moment if the bible belters don't get you the tree huggers well but then something eerie similar rocked up 9000 clung to the way in a small village in romania then poof gone that one ready to go poof before finally crossing back across the atlantic to california well just to remind us the most unholy and. the 1st why did they come from is it a prank is that all who put them out why is this happening no one knows except drag to people on twitter all. good. and just like the
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simpsons foretold the trump presidency an ebola outbreak and faulty voting machines but of a small topic in the white house the moment but that's a conspiracy for another day was space odyssey is stanley cook brick in the know the reaction of a lot on all sides of the old one for the leader eager for bring. in space odyssey the monoliths were left by aliens to guide us from one stage of evolution to the next but this time let me be the guy e.t. if the monolith was you and your testing the waters postpone your flight 2020 is not the year to take a risk trust me just stay away. thanks chasing off international this saturday we're back with more stories after the break.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is on the spear in dramatic development only to me i'm going to i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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to. welcome back registration for this but make the vaccine opens in moscow on saturday for key workers in health and education it will ease the pressures on hospitals as one particularly worrying incident in russia exposed aunties and one across all ski travel to the region to find out what happens. good question you should. on the 27th of october at 10 pm 3 ambulances came here to the office local health department they parked like this too along the curb and the 3rd drove right up to the entrance for 12 hours they
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would be driving around the town to hospitalize the sick and every hospital refused yet. i'm standing right now in front of the health department there already 3 ambulances here as you can hear they've switched on their sirens they drove up and stopped right here 123. so there were 3 ambulances here yes 3 to have patients and they brought oxygen to the 3rd one. because when you drive the same patient around for 12 hours the oxygen tank runs out in 4 hours i will haven't exactly why are they driving in circles for 12 hours i've been speaking to a paramedic he said who works like this they are decoded 19 brigade essentially they're on sort an ordinary course and then they realize the person has community acquired pneumonia and double pneumonia that person is 17 years old that's the situation. they're going to die right yes they take the patient they take an oxygen
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tank they start calling the ambulances and dispatch from the hospital it comes from the ambulance station so they start calling the station saying that we have a patient here 1st of all if they don't have p.p.d. themselves i took pictures loaded that they only had their usual uniforms. they weren't ready for anything not at all they only had ordinary masks the disposable ones so she says guys we have a coated patient and they say wait we're looking for sort of wait we're looking just goes on for 12 hours straight at some point they lost their patience and drove here that we couldn't get to know and say knew where else we just started to ask directly maybe someone will respond. 100 percent he's hospitalisation. i cannot send her home user for humane or medical reasons there's no where to drive her to because war and given the necessary information we hope to be able to search something here. the west's 1st corona virus vaccine have arrived in britain however it worries over the fine is the job a growing particularly when
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a us news host also the pharmaceutical giants boss whether those who get the vaccine can still pass the virus on. even though it's good that protection and most . of the people i think this is something that needs to be examined we are not certain about that right now 2 days ago it was the news we were all awaiting for it was described as a historic moment but now it seems like it's historic so all the wrong reasons the approval of course of the kind of it 1000 vaccination just a few days ago by the british medical regulated meant that as soon as next week the vaccine could be rolled out but now it's been proved almost too good to be true of course the united kingdom was celebrating being world beating well leading and now it seems as though it potentially is just a guinea pig in the science of all of it not because pfizer has come out to admit that actually while the job might be 95 percent effective against private 19 there is by no means any guarantee that it can prevent carrying and the transmission of
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19 as well now interestingly the e.u. regulator and the u.s. top health officials have both come out say that the u.k. has entirely jumped the gun here it's been far too quick in its procedures because for their for their every settings they think that approval process is necessary to ensure safety and effective it's the kind of a real around the corner of the marathon because. they really rushed. well there you heard from the top u.s. immunologist who has since apologized for slamming the u.k.'s too hastily obviously backtracking saying it was all a misunderstanding however the initial statement sparked some controversy and apparently put the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases on the defensive but regardless 48000000 doses have been preordered by the united kingdom the 1st batch the 1st supply will head towards the united kingdom as soon as next week it could be around the figure of $400000.00 doses many
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immunization could start within the next few weeks now top of the list is those most vulnerable those over the age of 80 plus care home residents and stop. and of course those n.h.s. workers on the front line however there were many people gossip casting doubt even right here within the united kingdom particularly over the logistics whether or not there may be a lag as soon as next week is just around the corner but also in terms of the distribution of the vaccine as well considering it needs to be stored in conditions of minus 70 degrees so those handling the vaccine argue that they need to be instructed exactly how to do so then of course there's the political narrative in all of this because the government has been criticized for many a failure throughout the $1000.00 pandemic from self-imposed targets and deadlines satin missed to really just handling the crisis in general now many people would argue that we really need to see these promises being delivered and at this point in time it's more of a case of more talk rather than action especially when we're hearing rhetoric like
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this from cabinet ministers i just reckon we've got the very best people in this country and we've got the best. is much better than the french better than the belgians have much better than the americans and that doesn't surprise me as well because we are much better country than every single one of so it did help but we've recruited for a user willing to rue the number of births in the u.k. must prove that we are in march worse come true than france and belgium not the us obviously what the facile boast that sort of thing you hear in the playground not from an m.p. on national radio well beaching jingoism brits got it 1st because of how badly they're doing in controlling covered 19 so exactly the opposite of what they're claiming to their government williamson saying that the united kingdom is world's leading and is a much better nation than any other but at what is the question the public really have become it kind of makes that another bleak record in the us this week with more than 100000 taken to hospital with the virus on thursday alone and there's
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rising public anger at how lawmakers are breaking the very lockdown rules they set for others while putting people in danger. i need to do a much better job of showing folks how to follow the rules i failed. it doesn't matter whether something is technically allowed or not i need to hold myself to a higher standard and i will do better. i regret the throw even though it's violated nor did the bad example which i.
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well i think punishment won't work so well here in the united states for those officials we're going to have to persuade them actually to participate in mass wearing and not going to large group gatherings persuasion over the long term will work much better i think than punishment i think actually we need to get a whole coalition of people i think all leaders medical leaders leaders leaders business people all together saying the same thing and then slowly but surely i think our citizens will comply. the trump ministrations ramping up anti china masha's as close 5 cultural exchange programs in the us accusing them of being a propaganda tool and secretary of state might pump
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a announced fresh visa restrictions on chinese citizens. today i announce to be's of restrictions on united front work department officials who can gauge to malign activities to co-opt and coerce those who oppose beijing's policies we call on the p.r.c. to end it to use of coercion to suppress freedom of expression pompei allege that the beijing controlled group called united front was working internationally to quote bully those who raise chinese human rights issues it comes after the trumpet ministration limited visas stays for chinese communist party members and their families in the u.s. to just one month well the u.s. director of national security has also branded china as america's greatest threat and john mark cliffe claimed beijing plans to dominate america and the world technologically economically and militarily but the chinese foreign ministry spokesperson says he has different motives for his attack the us practices of
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integrated military and civilian development dates back to before world war one the us groundless accusations against china are typical double standards it's true purpose is to create excuses to justify high tech market against china and this will eventually damage the interests of china the u.s. and the whole world. let's go live to victor gao a director of the china at national association of international studies thank you for joining us on the program what do you make of all these new u.s. sanctions against chinese citizens and entities. well 1st of all channel u.s. relations have never been as bad as it is for the last 41 years secondly the reason to do 2 aeration in china u.s. relations is very much cost of mind of cars made by president trump and his followers in the us administration both china and the united states told the chant his people and the american people have been victims of such close knit of
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relations between china and the united states the 3rd point is that good riddance president trump and his senior officials are leaving very slim and this crew mates are very rare opportunity for china and the united states under presidents of biden to reset their relations after all i firmly believe the chinese people are not enemies of the american people and china is not an enemy of the united states therefore i believe china and the united states need to figure out a way to get along with each other i have confidence in china u.s. relations for the medium and long term well armed pompei is claims of working for the chinese human rights something to be praised. human rights should include the rights of people to be free from infection and the government of any country need to do their job to protect their people from dying from the cause of the 19 virus as well as the contaminated i think the current government in the united
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states including president trump and his senior officials have spilled out miserably in protecting the human rights or human human life of the american people this is for the record everyone in the world should know they completely become negligent in protecting. lives of the american people we are the most important parts of anything right you talk about and the us national intelligence chief says that china is the biggest threat to the us and the world what do you make of that. well if mr up going to believe that china will become a larger economy than the united states he is right china is rising and we are all in a few years time be larger than the united states but he is completely misguided even believing now the logic of china will be a larger threat united states are larger china will be an enemy of the united
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states on the chinese sides would you not see the united states as a and if we want to even get to the united states the chinese people out there is friendly towards the american people therefore i think. people like you will go into the dustbin of history because they misc idea american people the misguided their allies the b. sky the whole world try to make the believe that china has an enemy of the united states why because they are afraid of a larger china but the rise of china is a megatrend that you cannot stop child who will be large and then the united states but a larger china doesn't make china and enemy of the united states or wake up wake up to the realities in the world thanks to galloping china national association of international studies thank you for your time thank you for having me and thank you for joining us here on our to international web back in 30 minutes with the latest headlines.
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from when i was so wrong. i don't know just don't call. me early to say how does that kind of attitude. and it dangerous. to trade. winds are going to find themselves worlds apart when just of the common ground.


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