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tv   News  RT  December 6, 2020 7:00am-7:31am EST

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i. am france that a bill to ban filming place and increase of violence is the u.n. warns the law is incompatible with human rights paris pledges to rewrite it but only one claw also to come. let's go inside and talk to the 1st volunteers of the world's 1st and mass vaccination. also this hour we speak to one of the doctors 1st in line for russia's free mass and vaccinations that started on friday in the capital. to help people who are sick with hospitalizations and intensive care and needing long ventilators and i don't want to see this anymore become such
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a patient myself. and inhumane and degrading treatment to write screenplays cuse is the you with having it saying guantanamo by ignoring hundreds of its citizens in horrific kurdish held camps. hello there the latest news in a look back at what's been happening over the last 7 days to you watching the weekly here on r.t. international now in front stem straightest tore through the streets for a 2nd consecutive weekends setting fire to police and smashing shops and banks over a security bill to stop the public from filming the police officers respond with tear gas more than 60 protesters were arrested nationwide and several police injured shot if you can ski now reports from the french capital.
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well you can probably see behind me it's already getting pretty clear in paris was burning and you can hear the tear gas that's being left all 4 were in the middle of it at the moment and. streaming the we've already seen clashes between the police and the protesters at the very start of this protest police being pelted with the room next week plus portals with pink paint them responding with the tear gas.
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by fight as a trying to extinguish a number of fires that have been set these the fires of cause all along this street there are at least 3 or 4 vehicles that have been completely tool watched so you just have to move because the films are from the can a little bit too close for comfort but this protest still going on this is one of the prime 19 protests in france and against the global security law a law that's been much criticized not just by journalists and citizens in n.g.o.s but also by the european union and by the un many including your specialty move independent investigative the u.n. saying this is incompatible with international human rights law and they've called the whole law to be rewritten we know at the moment that only one part of that law is going to be written. that is article $24.00 but protesters say that that's not
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enough. so i would just get caught in the tear gas here just to have a look it's just been released by the police officers as they're trying to control the situation so the firefighters can do their job have you know many of the people who are against article 24 and the global security will say the problem we think is that there has been this is family issues in terms of violence within the police force and if succes can't say for example i'm still police officers will be no evil to show police brutality and not be problematic just outside a bank that was completely smashed up by some of the demonstrators you can see that a scooter or a motorcycle outside was there the bank itself was smashed people went inside they
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took the furniture from inside the bank brought it out and then they set these fires up outside the bank you see completely and utterly have trashed this particular bank that there have been other businesses that have been trashed like this on this street here in paris and we've also seen a number of causes as well there has been huge violence from the protesters towards the police to know that there is anger in the police generally that they feel that they reason enough protection for them they say they face this incredible threat of protest like this but generally in their job they face huge of months of threats and violence against them and they would actually like to see the laws strengthened more so so there's a real divide between what police want and what many public groups in lists and n.g.o.s are calling full. but a shell of mention that the french government has agreed to rewrite part of the
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controversial deal we discussed with guess they why the pledge hasn't calmed the situation day. this is not about taking pictures all video footage of demonstrations it is about showing the faces of the police after airing these they should blur the pictures to the faces of the policemen that's normal that should be expected because now with the with the social networks you have so many threats against policemen because they do their job and against their families something should be found it's a pity that article $24.00 was so badly written in the law that was badly prepared by the government of sri lanka stakes because not to see what happens in paris and of the interview with everybody the world that is terrible for president my prostrate. they have to be she. really he's an example of violence.
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and. he's black finagles badly beaten by the police and that was only possible because their leaders that's why we love. it so they didn't have to be she'd in the idea of the problem of again the police as to the separately but you know this government is supposed to deal with in fact is a very very a place you never seen such repression the creation. government in the west. that on friday mosque i began writing at the sputnik thing and vaccination infections across the country have been rising since september and now exceed 28000 new cases a day. takes us through the process and spoke to a doctor among the 1st to receive the jap. this is one of 70 most true clinics where fully equipped vaccination centers opened on such a day they will work from 8 am to 8 pm vaccinating hundreds of people daily i don't
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need it because i am one of thousands of volunteers who go to take mean jackson with phase 3 of its clinical trials but let's go inside and talk for the 1st time in 2 years of world courage and you called me. nation by the way as soon as you were in my mouth. or it's crowded here one reporting earlier said that teachers and doctors will be the 1st to receive sputnik we of course it's all a voluntary basis but not everybody can get injections a candidate should be good health 1st or worst aged between 18 and 60 and this is why i urge all new coverage to physician. this is the time that. we 1st need to be checked to see if they fully. believe.
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that you know kind of the proceeds to the vaccination will. cause you trouble with . the facts and is kept in a special freezer or they bring the freezers together with the doses you can see it's minus $26.00 degrees celsius. up to the freezer the vaccine should stay in the room temperature for 1015 minutes meaning we have some time to talk about enough. when we decided to get vaccinated. because i'm a doctor i'm in contact with covered positive patients i commute to work and come
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to potential contact with others who are sick and fortunately not everyone protect themselves that everyone's wearing masks. i got sick once and i don't want to get it again. thank god not to have really had a typical pneumonia not too severe thanks to my good immunity when i saw how sick hospitalizations intensive care and needing long ventilators and i don't want to see this anymore or become such a patient myself would be in phase 3 of its clinical trials still but in truth the early results show that the drug is 95 percent effective $42.00 days after the 1st shot you have a moment is approaching this is the real work seen no placebos used because this is not clinical the real vaccination by the way those who took part in phase 3 of the clinical trials of real life like i do. with will not be allowed to be vaccinated until the trials are rolled.
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going into how do you grade good do you feel now is just like any other vaccine congratulations thank you. we'll be back. to her now getting the flu shot and. * they will have her new year to get her back and. when you want. to go back to nation center. well the president of the international federation of the red cross and red crescent is governments to combat the spread of false information. which he calls a 2nd pandemic. did the public who looked. and to take the job could store letters to counter the virus. we believe that the massive coordinated efforts that will be
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needed to roll out the covert vaccine in an acquittal manner need to be paralleled by equally massive efforts to proactively build and maintain trust iraq aside survey showing that in many countries at the moment most are unwilling to take a cave in fact seen and as examples of fake news he highlighted a popular belief that the virus doesn't affect young people or africans and also claims that the virus has dissipated and the pandemic is over the red cross director for health care told us he believes public acceptance of vaccines will emerge over time. while the reason one element these a new prime to make a new virus that behaves in ways that we didn't know until a year ago and we've been discovering it slowly slowly by slowly and so science is that the optic and it will be and communicating able being science is difficult and that's why i think media scientists critiquer role to play to try to explain in
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very simple terms that what is happening and why changes may be happening people at the moment of a very high level of vaccine hesitancy and so right now we see that the only 30 percent of population in many countries would actually be ready to take the vaccine we know that these these will increase our time passes by and people get more confident and i think we have a role to play to ensure that people feel comfortable confortable that people feel trust towards the air of authority used words that this scientist and words that means that we putting in place to keep everybody safe from all around the world watching at the weekly are not able have more stories in a couple of minutes. so
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is on of the spear in dramatic development only going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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hello again 1000000 dollar fines and even jail the punishment facing those who help our fleet to dope under a new act signed into law by donald trump the road chunk of which passed through the senate unopposed alliance washington jail people involved in developing an international sports events we appreciate congress efforts to address such injustices and we are committed to supporting the continuing development of international tools and initiatives needed to root out fraud identify bad actors and help ensure integrity in global sport however the lower is heavily opposed by the world anti-doping agency which is disruption to the global anti doping framework it also question to why the act actually excludes america's own sports leagues. world and you do bring agency wishes to understand why this legislation
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excludes vast areas of u.s. sport in particular of the professional leagues and or college sport if it is not good enough for american sports why is it fine for the rest of the world. ok let's get some reaction to this now and speak with the sports writer and broadcaster alan moore good afternoon alan what's your reaction to this huge surprise this rule has gone through in the united states despite all the concern raised by water. not least. you know we're speakers one bit of want to go and it was proposed and it was signed into law is just another step in the civil war of the usa trying to take over. that movement are basically the gravy train that is at the joking i'm not surprised at all it was just space iraq needed. just i think it just goes to show us how research or sports is a moment. i mean on the face of it she would say i cave is going to go after those
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people who are involved in dieting it's a good thing but when you look at the detail it doesn't actually go after athletes it seems to discourage whistle blows from coming forward and doesn't actually prosecutes any of the american sports leagues in the sportsman that might be dying thing in america itself. you know there is a we know once in this where the american sports league and college and high school are not covered by i.o.c. and there are a lot of so they kind of reader to understand that why it's not within this bill of course to be named after a criminal on the gravy ranch and who you know he himself would be in jail for 10 years should be in jail for 10 years for his crimes however you know it's it really doesn't make sense and i think one thing that we have to look at as well is that if they really wanted to make a change of the remarks to make it it. was in america just forget it where else like your list i would like if they were doing america it would immediately to
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rescue the doors and is not as simple as hundreds or your house could actually see every year who are dying from doping because they're under pressure to do it in order going to college and into hospital make a pro career so you know i think if we look at the way that realistically this law is not about sports it's simply a most taking control of water and the i.o.c. i mean if you look at some of the quotes that have come out of america just rude to someone with an ash era with a new sheriff in cable sport how do you think other countries will react because i mean you've got to question the the partiality here would america be impartial when it's looking at typing it may just sports events would it actually go after it same same if it's finish top of the medals table for example. only if it suits because we still have example for example they took down chill laser in feet but there was an awful lot of americans who were dirty hands and dirty views in relation to the
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they all got a car lunch. no i mean you know logic of major statements you know that there's a new sheriff in town. like myself was on a western movies knows that not all sheriffs are groups and we have logical speaking out praising us and i know who is in hiding supposedly in fear is like what he needs he's always available for statements except. you know when he's being questioned but he's like deeds so you know i think nobody knew or believed this and i think it's an awful bad day for world sport but i think it's also a stain on american sport and american law but then again they don't really care because they are in the sense we are so lazy. i can just funny and you think anything can be done to stop this t. think other countries around the world can act in some way to prevent america becoming the new sheriff in town. no i mean we see some of the most sophisticated
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and really it doping organizations have it rooted in american out of america that's that's just you know if you look at the n.f.l. this weekend they're going to most of this a good thing going on anywhere that's professions or which is course not legislated by the vertical act i think the only thing the water can do is to hold your cider if you try to force and it is not compliant and that's already a deployed law and so there noncompliance under. u.s. teams can take part in world sport so honestly state thereby astley's. to let us know what you're trying to get out of the state will be a part of world championships or after that what would happen down because we know most of the money is coming from america so we're going to be a big split so this is going to it's always this time of year where usada trying to collude big runs against a lot and i think what's going to happen now is we'll see a takedown of the water leadership that's what your side are going for and if you go tomorrow is on site then they route to it so we could see
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a complete dismantling of water and us taking money in order sports net i just coming back to that scene of the control that america has in world sport that is purely it seems down to the money involved when you look at the broad company sponsorships the amount of money they contribute to water itself that they obviously think they have to help the shelves. ok do what they do because they live let's put this we even aware in the arab states where they were saying you're going you know death to america america but coca-cola not your source selling so this is not going to change you see no easy to build theater dealings and still do americans of course. there are the standard towards our troops. are going to be homes. for gotten through so called i mean you know there's so many questions of how the money did not occur and of course they have english language which the most important thing of all so carry a big stick i did speak very loudly as well and good to talk she would talk much
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longer to you but we have to leave it there that was an a more sports writer and broadcaster thanks you tell. our rights group is accusing the e.u. of creating its own grand turnabout by ignoring its citizens in kurdish held camps in syria rights and security international says there are 230 european women and 640 european children held illegally and without charge at facilities for terror suspects in northeast syria the report contains eyewitness accounts to detailing inhumane and degrading treatment is it frank or explains. just look at this sea of tents enormous dubbed in the report as the new get mo europe's kuantan a mole because of the citizenship or the origin of many of the families there but here's why this place could outdo the infamous prison in reputation for the horrors happening inside and pretty much every tent there are kids since the start of 2019
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more than 400 children have died in the main camp long after i saw was wiped out in this part of syria families of suspected terrorists are paying the price some die because of gruesome conditions it can be anything from bad food to tent fires last winter 3 and children were burnt alive we saw the bodies so the babies if someone dares to speak out against the conditions the guards as it's been reported resort to gunfire we never feel safe here my main worry is that my children are injured or dying from gunshot wounds one day a bullet landed between my neighbor's tents i'm afraid of the bullet enters my tanned and winds of one of us one children especially boys grow older they could end up being forcibly removed just in case 2 men in military uniforms who had their
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faces covered with these cards and carrying kalashnikovs and very fast they took my son who was asleep i screamed they said don't scream. local authorities have admitted they are removing troublemakers which could be justified by the detainees all in violent behavior at times imagine scuffles between those who reject eisel ideology and those who remain brainwashed it's an explosive mix the question is whether the threat from these clashes is an excuse for any humane treatment bordering on torture the syrian democratic forces that are running the camp say such practices are banned but they are admitting mistakes and keep complaining about the resources they have or lack to keep the whole mess under control we'll soley responsible for the safety and security of thousands of families of militants in the whole camps something far beyond this capabilities
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due to the failure of the international community to cooperate with us and their refusal to repatriate this it's. so where do these families belong who bears the ultimate responsibility for the woman and children many of whom never chose to be an islamic state but ended up in its jaws e.u. members don't want the families back flying them as a security threat revoking citizenships it is more than turning a blind eye the state's actively engaging in a policy that is leaving these people in these dire conditions outside of the law they're actively doing it because they've said that the security approach is to leave them that this is a strategic policy it is a moral aberration to have a strategic policy which is leaving mostly children in a detention camp to die. there is no easy solution and maybe there is no way out europe with its own i saw sleeper cells and unprecedented numbers of terrorist
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attacks in recent years isn't looking forward to any extra fuel on the fire. the fusion was that the dutch government does not have to pick up these children and these women from syria right now what the judge says is that these are political decision and that it is not up to the judge to decide whether they should do this or not i emphasize that a national security threat means the threat of the most serious kind to the public the resists serious risk from anyone who's aligned with ours so so for now unfortunately it looks and navigable that more blood will be spilt and the endless sea of tents in a prank that will a former vice chair of the european council on refugees does say that even if some detainees are suspected of crimes they must be tried in their home countries human rights is something that you just cannot contain in one country or whatever it is universal and leads always about human rights should be applied in the diversity
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and that includes in these counts rather than leaving those even if they 'd are accused of crimes or accused of having gone to court. an action or group or terrorist group which is contrary to the laws also the country of which there are citizens of those people should be a probe actually come prosecuted and try so that in a sense in their country of which they are national i can understand the reluctance of security services wanting these people to come back but at the end of the day. you have to deal with your citizens as you find them rather than just forgot all left to be forgotten about. and that's something we looking at this hour thanks for your company today we're back again in a back 30. join
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me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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so we raised the following question what if we get every kid 3 simple. graduate from high school. get a job and continue work and don't have the room till you're 21 and right now we've walked out at the entire country and we've classified people according to whether they broke all those rules or they followed one or 2 or all 3 of the rules the results are astounding. the.
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celebrant you know to be. the biggest. so i started talking to judges and lawyers and doctors and health providers and interviewing people and literally asked thousands of people how many of you had the course istria part of the united states and. we are segregated in america by social class it is think about it what a middle class people hang out with. most middle class people don't know someone in poverty by 1st names fit in down to dinner together. today millions of american families are caught in circumstances beyond their control. their children will be compelled to live lives of poverty.


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