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tv   News  RT  December 9, 2020 2:00am-2:31am EST

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so join us in the depths. or remain in the shallows. the f.d.a. reveals that 6 people who took part in trials for pfizer vaccine have died. though say there is no cause for concern. the public purse is the police versus the president after weeks of violent protests in france officers voiced their anger over a perceived lack of support for them. as they face mounting public hostility we speak with the deputy secretary of the country's largest police union. he succeeded in the force he succeeded to aid the police 150000 policemen and 100000 gendarmes angry with his words unacceptable for a president of the republic. desperate for
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a deal the prime minister and the european commission president will be holding a meeting on a post deal that's after sides failed to work out a joint agreement despite a looming deadlock. confronting russia and china and imposing additional sanctions u.s. house of representatives approves hardline measures as part of america's on your defense bill with a majority. very good morning to you 10 am here in the russian capital you're watching international . 6 people have died during the phase of covert vaccine trials including 2 people who didn't get a placebo this was reported in the u.s. food and drug administration briefing document however the authority responsible for approving the vaccine doesn't raise safety concerns saying deaths represent
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events that occur in the general population at a similar right donald trump has signed an executive order aimed at ensuring americans have priority when it comes to access to vaccines produced in the u.s. both the outgoing and incoming presidents are upbeat about the prospects of mass vaccination signed the executive order to ensure that american citizens have 1st priority to receive american vaccines and then we're going to be working with other countries all over the world this team will help get at the latest at the last 100000000 covert 19 vaccine at least 100000000 covert vaccine shots into the arms of the american people in the 1st 100 days 100000000 shots in the 1st 100 days and this week finds his vaccines expected to become the 1st to be approved for emergency use in the u.s. for the plunder riffles very short of covering the needs of the nation and many doses having already been shipped abroad and that more picks up the story. top u.s.
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officials are reassuring us that there's enough vaccine to go around and every american can get a jab hundreds of millions of doses will be available every month and we expect to have enough vaccines for every american but by the end of march early april enough across all of our vaccine portfolio to have for every american who would like to be vaccinated 100 percent of americans that want to baxi will had the vaccine by that point time although not everyone is going to take it. really. kind of the kind of i mean it's nice to have a choice isn't it well as trump rolls out his vaccines for americans 1st policies there are mounting fears that washington will not be able to deliver on its
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promises a white house summit expected to celebrate the victory of the jab had 2 key guests missing pfizer and madonna pfizer is reported to have told the trumpet ministration that it cannot provide additional doses of the coded 19 vaccine until mid 2021 they say other countries beat the united states and bought up the supply global justice now by u.k. based group reported back in november that 80 percent of pfizer's vaccine over 1000000000 doses had already been sold the buyers some of the wealthiest governments around the world now the usa did get some but only 100000000 vaccines the u.s. government placed initial order over 100000000 doses for pfizer beyond techs covered 900 x.e. and pfizer is ready to begin ship an initial dose a soon after receiving an emergency use authorization from the u.s. food and drug administration any additional doses beyond the 100000000 subjected to
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separate. in mutually acceptable agreement rumors are circulating that after that pfizer offered to sell more to the united states but trump said no deal now the white house denies that lets do the math pfizer says you need 2 doses per person so $100000000.00 vaccines covers only $50000000.00 people roughly 15 percent of the u.s. population but u.s. officials say they check the numbers and there won't be any shortage we're confident that we'll have 100000000 doses of find this vaccine is agreed to in our contract and beyond that we have 5 other vaccine candidates including 100000000 doses on the way from london so what does this america 1st document really mean pfizer privately funded to work without u.s. government support so washington cannot force its will to be 1st on the company and its free to sell its vaccine across the planet private property and free markets
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something that america loves. canada's on terrio province people could face restrictions if they refuse supposedly voluntary vaccination against covert raising fears people will be pressured into taking that will break that down for you later this hour. let's turn to france now where divisions are deepening as tensions between the public police and the president escalate the new micron's now calling for urgent reforms to law enforcement this public mistrust of the police force mounts complaining about a lack of government support so the dubious explains. it's been described as a crisis of public confidence in the security forces amidst a violent protest against the global security law that was aimed at strengthening measures to protect the police there's been a renewed focus on police violence. that. 7 7
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president might call him though while acknowledging issues refused to politicize the subject. on a society there is violence in society there is racism in french society today this is a fact and as the police reflects a society some members of the force display violent behavior and we must go after and punish them but hari profile incidents including that of black music producer michel in his studio have not only shocked those at the very top they've also led to fresh questions about the police's own internal disciplinary body a body that has been routinely criticized for siding with its own and now to add
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fuel to the fire surroundings eccles case the 4 officers implicated ought to be given financial support from the police as they are investigated by the body all have admitted his beating was not justified there was no reason for the police union to dish out funds from its money part of the paris police profit d.d.l. amount granted protection to the 4 police officers indicted in the michaud it's a clear case this should not be done the default decision. we are not on the same side he picked his side that of the violent police he has crossed the line of republican dignity that he should have in his position i want him to go once and for all the only felt right now though is much wider the police to offer furious week of the week violence on the streets at demonstrations has seen them injured. it's been over 2 years that we've been suffering demonstrations every saturday
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demonstrations for economic and social reasons which eventually turned into police violence and we've become the center point of recriminations from demonstrators they openly attacked the police not only by words if it was only that it wouldn't even matter but it's also acts of physical violence against our colleagues they've been several 100 injured over the past 2 years so this is completely unacceptable of course today to be a policeman is extremely difficult in all of france not only in paris because there's no place in france where police are not singled out and not violated and not a target for that certain segment of the population which is extremely violent because today we see it the demonstrations and protests and no longer peaceful then insult was added to injury when president mccaul and this. we're going to set up a survey online so people can say where and why they were discriminated against it's about police i.d. controls based on racial profiling housing unemployment and daily life other
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comments he made suggesting that officers carry out more checks on people who are not white made the police unions furious one called on its members to stop carrying out identity checks all together. he succeeded in this tour de force he succeeded to alienate the police 150000 policemen and 100000 gendarmes angry with macro him his words are unacceptable for a president of the republic he acted just like an average citizen he gave a personal opinion on the subject but if our colleagues have done something illegal it's up to the justice system to sanction them and they would accept the sanction if they must be one the issue now is so controversial that mccall himself is to intervene it's been announced in january he'll hold a top level meeting bringing elected officials together with citizens earned the
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police in a bid to find a way to reform the force so it didn't ski r.t. paris. desperate for a deal the british prime minister boris johnson will meet with the european commission president live on the line later on wednesday this is in a bid to again try to reach a post briggs's agreement the deadline has been set for december 31st time is running out previous negotiations between the 2 ended in deadlock on europe correspondent peter oliver pix of the story it's another important day in breaks in negotiations between the u.k. and the e.u. it seems we've said that quite a few times over the last few years but now time really is running out the sense that the 31st at midnight brussels time the transition period ends and britain leaves all of the regulations of the european union if there isn't a deal that would mean tariffs on all trade between the u.k. and the e.u. that's why boris johnson the british prime minister is heading to brussels he'll be
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having dinner on wednesday night with underline the e.u. commission president they hope they can get over the current impasse better in person than they were able to do over the phone at the weekend. as agreed on saturday we took stock today of their go in negotiations we agreed that the conditions for finalizing an agreement i'm not there due to the remaining significant differences still a number of big issues for them to sort out though fish is one of them probably more of an emotive issue than it is an economic issue senshi what the 8 year wants to happen is they want to keep a hold of fishing rights in u.k. waters that they currently have the u.k. says no they don't want that in return brussels is saying well in that case you can't sell your fish to us then there's the issue over what's called the level playing field brussels essentially doesn't want the u.k. outside of e.u. regulations but part of the single market able to undercut e.u.
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companies so proselytes wants to say london have the same rules when it comes to things like workers' rights environmental regulations and state subsidies the u.k. side say well the whole point of us leaving the e.u. is that we wouldn't have to be part of brussels as regulation so they're not agreeing on that at the moment and then there's the issue of what happens when there are disputes the europeans want to see the european court of justice play a role not a chance says the british side and they've been going backwards and forwards over these issues for quite a while now an agreement between u.k. and europe are new in seems unlikely. i simply do not understand why we are risking value. they want the continued ability to control our lives is to do freedom our fisheries in a way that is completely unacceptable to an independent country since it is the
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united kingdom who wish to leave and is leaving the european union they need the greenman much more than we do the deal can only be done if the e.u. recognises that the u.k. is a sovereign independent nation progress has been. in many areas nevertheless significant differences remain it's not all bad news though away from trait there was some progress made over what to do about northern ireland and the british border on the island of ireland an agreement was struck on tuesday between the u.k. and the a you over the allowing goods and medicines to move across that border this came after the british side was willing to remove clauses from legislation that's currently going through parliament that if it hadn't been removed could have allowed the british government to essentially break international law that was taken out an agreement in principle was reached the european side happy with that
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but states say there's still a long way to go i hope. this will create a positive momentum also for the discussions on the free trade agreement as you know they are still very far apart than we are not hiding this from from any one agreement there but certainly not still when it comes to trade this dinner between boris johnson and sort of on the line will hopefully allow the 2 sides face to face to agree on what they're willing to concede on then they can go back to their respective negotiating teams who will then have more ammunition to continue these negotiations as time of time continues to tick away. stephen k. from the center for briggs studies at birmingham city university says the u.k.'s divorce from the european union was always going to be difficult for. briggs it's the story that keeps giving and it's a soap opera that there's a part of me that thinks this whole sort of thing is
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a big charade we're being played here that the something is going to happen quickly we've got some of. you to try and sort of stimulate the sort of the discussions and again that was something for me this is said their perfect pitch should there be no agreement to continue discussions into the new year the reality is if we get a new deal it can't remain us that we then have to start having sort of side agreements what we're into is a sort of a huge cry of graphing of some sort of really skinny data you know it's not quite hard i mean we'll avoid the tariffs but to say it will be so the pretty poor and i think they'll get plenty of opportunity should a new prime minister in 2024. hour to want to revisit this opportunity to come back and so that it will say but again i would not put a lot of money on anything at the moment. the u.s. house of representatives has approved the annual defense bill which includes some
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new hardline initiatives the senate's going to vote on legislation in coming days as a summary of what's contained. this year as a bipartisan and a a conference agreement focuses on the following priorities implementing the national defense strategy to confront current and future security challenges from china russia trans national terrorism and beyond regaining a wide margin of military superiority. specifically defense act will expand sanctions on russia's north stream to gas pipeline project as well as to impose mandatory sanctions on turkey for its purchasing of the russian s $400.00 missile system but also allocates 250 $1000000.00 to the ukraine security assistance initiative now more than 2 thirds of the house voted in support of the legislation that majority would be enough to overturn a veto if donald trump was to use that right the outgoing president expressed concern the bill seeks to slow down u.s.
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troop reductions and rename monuments and bases honoring confederate figures and he worked with richard baucus as the initiatives in the bill could amount to implicit aggression. this is a continuation of this very hostile and very dangerous for a technician u.s. military and foreign policy i wish you know can be missed in directions which will be could be catastrophic for the world but either way it will pass it always has bipartisan support every year for the last 6070 years news you know are missed military i just get passed by a bipartisan majority of democrats and republicans i would say this out while. the aspiration is about i don't think that the russia and the chinese leadership it's a war with the united states if it were to happen it would be a disaster for all humanity we have a continuation of this very hostile policy and the 250000000 tory so called your
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credit security is really another manifestation of that hostility toward russia toward china. thanks again cracks down on foreign agents he was widely seen as we tally a shoo in for the rest of its former defense secretary and the us drug sting will take a closer look at the spot after the break. the world. which is a planet with finite moods and atmosphere highly active geology and get in store a little corner of the ocean its interior it could. be of those for biology is just far beyond our wildest imagination.
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seemed wrong wrong wrong just tell all. let me. get to shape. how does this come out. and in again trade equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back in the canada's ontario province people who refuse supposedly voluntary vaccination against kovi could face certain restrictions such as the
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warning coming from the provinces hope minister there may be some restrictions in terms of travel or other restrictions that may arise as a result of not having a vaccination but that's going to be up to the person themselves to make that decision on the basis of what's more important to them the health officials remarks came amid concerns people would be made to have a job their thirty's though insists that vaccination will be voluntary earlier canada's prime minister announced the country would receive his 1st doses of fines as banks say next week political analyst alice under bruno says the threatened restrictions on the best way to make people trust the job. i think. forcing people to be vaccinated with the. premise that we've heard in ontario is not the best way to persuade the population to consider being vaccinated in fact it is the worst way to do it especially now that we are in the very early
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stages of the rollout of the vaccine nobody has been vaccinated yet and at any rate the 1st people who will be vaccinated will be medical staff and personnel in high risk places for example or the jones and. other similar facilities so i think the health minister position was irresponsible in fact because i myself become even more. concerned about this. 2020 draws to a close media alice are rushing to get predictions about the year to come the journal politico is no exception it just published a list of who are things with the most powerful people in europe dividing them into certain groups do is dreamers and disruptors some of the choices could leave you puzzled on his right guess they have explained what politico has done is put
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together a list of 28 people who they predict will shape europe in 2020 want to make these pointless activity less dull they further divide them into totally unnecessary categories so do is dreamers and disruptors to make the unnecessary categories even more useless they apparently consciously put people into the wrong categories. a free speech haven telegram reflects the ideals of its and it matic globetrotting 36 year old created in 2013 to compete with whatsapp and invade kremlin snooping telegram has long been on european governments radar as a tool for terrorists plotting and propaganda lately it's become increasingly popular full denies in mass movements in the west and its immediate backyard what do you mean the west telegram is the goo to opt for protest worldwide from hong
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kong to better us to bolivia for the simple reason that it doesn't preach to its uses what's right and what's wrong and doesn't up politically charged moderators to filter people's opinions doesn't set off user data and privacy to market manipulators you'd think doer of would have been a dream up for creating telegraph a free app for free people hell even do it considering what an impact telegram this ad worldwide but that's rob. then again if you consider that this entire exercise makes no sense the shrub there is a great choice and speaking of disruptors. putin has been ascribed withholding vast powers to hack american elections to trick millions into believing in vast conspiracy theories to move governments like chess pieces around the middle east and eastern europe all this without necessarily even lifting a finger the russian president is likely happy and right so far on reputation alone because when it comes to actually doing things well lately he doesn't seem to be
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able to make much of an impact at least not in europe poisoning the opposition leader alexina valmy neither killed in a valley nor the controversial nordstrom to pipeline wage of course makes no sense again if putin isn't actually disrupting it in and they say themselves he hasn't made much of an impact lately perhaps he's busy being a dream up but the answer is obvious in any other category putin wouldn't have an evil redback crowd around him and you can't have the least of influential people without a bad putin in it turkish president there do on you might be interested to learn also made the list is a do a bad get this yet for example he reportedly sent thousands of syrian mercenaries and terrorists to fight against armenians on the side of us at about john for money that apparently is a disruption but doing a real goo getter by the way you'll never guess who is the 2nd most this right the
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person putin. j.k. rowling is destructing her own creation and militantly tolerant generation of millennial who grew up reading her books a ghastly comments on transgender rights and her deployment of women's rights and fears as part of her argument j.k. rowlings great scene which landed her with the likes of putin no less was saying that women are women you know biologically no wired chromosomes so the scientific definition of a woman but rollin cost her own spell and then double down notice to the fury of fans we couldn't care less what people identify as you can be whatever you want to be an all male it for all i care obviously this is a more complicated issue but really 7th greatest disruptor for 2021. i could theoretically keep going on about politico's cheap click baiting trying to
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tell the fortunes of an entire quarter to buy during names out of the hat and assigning them to a category based on what they've already done so based on the past hell i actually think politico would have had more luck and be more accurate using sheaves. mexico's planning to crack down on foreign agents operating in the country it's a move that could seriously hamper the work of us narcotics agents the bill submitted by the president comes after a top mexican official was busted in a drug sting in l.a. the draft law requires agents to share information with the mexican or thirty's and would deny them immunity for any crimes they commit contacts with potential informants would also come into greater scrutiny the former head of international operations at the u.s. drug enforcement administration says that the changes will be harmful. recruiting informants can come to
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a screeching halt which would be more detrimental to mexico than the u.s. we have a large platform of informants in mexico. and the proposal comes after the arrest of a former mexican defense secretary in l.a. in october he was detained in the u.s. on charges including drug trafficking and money laundering that prompted mexico to accuse the u.s. of violating in 1902 packed as it hadn't been informed about the investigation mexico based professor bartlett correctly barry says the proposed restrictions on foreign agents are driven by mistrust this investigation was not shared with mexico because there was supposedly a mistrust between the 2 governments so these investigations and you know all with mexico has caught elaborated mexico has collaborated very closely with the united states with information and even we mean we allowing them to be in the mexican territory even armed and collaborating in operations that they have not share the
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information and this information that has not been checked has what. mexican law enforcement agencies and the stability of the country under risk so the reason why mexico is is limiting of the participation of u.s. law enforcement agencies probably this has more to do with the d.n.a. has to do with this lack of collaboration the illegal. you know recordings and operations and that brings you right up today don't forget though we do have plenty more news stories covered on our web site check them out at r.t. dot com. what is the fate of the progressive movement can it continue to co-exist with the mainstream establishment left is this current trajectory in
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a link. and temperance recipe part of a greater political reality. free water and we go to the streets. so make them feel that their fellow human beings the people in their communities cared for them go. to them you know fredo god or.


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