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existences. u.k. regulators born people with severe allergies to avoid taking the fall. seen people who received. the warning from south america. people who took part in trials for the pfizer. president pushes ahead with a bill aimed at tackling islamic extremism with measures which include surveillance .
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broadcasting from moscow to the world this is r t international my names you know neal you're all welcome to the program our top story british health regulators are warning people with a history of allergic reactions against taking the pfizer vaccine it comes after 2 people who received the fell ill one day after the u.k. launched they must program. any person with a history of a significant allergic reaction to a vaccine medicine or food should not receive the pfizer beyond vaccine very unfortunate news for pfizer and this is piling on to what we've already learned about deaths and side effects but in this instance 2 nurses became very ill. after being injected with the vaccine they were apparently they had a history of allergies and they have vivid doing well now they're recovering but again this is something that somehow slipped clinical trials that people with
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previous conditions the history of severe allergies and reactions to allergies they are vulnerable they're vulnerable to the side effects tell us more about what the u.s. food and drug administration has revealed the problem is that we learned of these deaths not from pfizer whose vaccine sees i mean you'd think that they're obligated to go public and to tell people be open and transparent about how their trials are going how people are taking the vaccine you know these deaths 2 of the people who died received the jab while 4 of them politically cebu injection so they're saying that the vaccine is still safe they still believe it's safe it is effective. and that these deaths were it is unlikely that these deaths were caused by the vaccine a total of 6 of unrolled participants died during the reporting period all deaths represent advance that occur in the general population of the age groups where they
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occurred at a similar rate. well they believe that they're part of the statistical norm obviously you know we learn that people with severe allergies shouldn't take the prize of vaccine only today and after the fact of the vaccination public vaccination had gotten which is you know. alarm bells and people ought to know you know what they're getting into but the problem here is that there's there's heaps to be a lack of communication from. the press and bear in mind the visor never published in open sources never published in medical journals for peer review the data that it gathered throughout the clinical trial so they really gave that to to 3 various officials and watchdogs we greenlighted their vaccine and what else is there to be found in the f.d.a. as reported well the other scary thing i would say that has struck people and cause some concern is the side effects notably one side effect which is.
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paralysis it is a condition and not a lot known about what causes it but for people so there were 2 test groups the placebo test group and the test group that received the actual vaccine the interesting thing about these side effects is that nobody from the placebo group experience that nobody should any symptoms while 4 people in the group that received the real vaccine display the symptoms of partial paralysis among non-serious unsolicited adverse events there was a numerical imbalance of 4 cases of bell spell seen in the vaccine group compared with no cases on the placebo group though the 4 cases in the vaccine group do not represent a frequency above that expected in the general population. they've already dismissed these concerns saying this new scientific link between. may merely an anomaly why by some people suffered from these symptoms and others didn't do. a group or test group this large tens of thousands of people somebody with or without
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a vaccine should have experience that you have just statistics but you know it's piling on top of each other to these deaths these side effects and now we learn that people with severe allergies risk if they take the vaccine obviously it must be it is understood that every call to cut safety they believe had to be cut to get a room to rule a vaccine out as quickly as possible to get a vaccine out now before the end of the year less than a this is a process that usually takes decades it could take decades years at least to study the effects of the vaccine to study how people take it through throughout the years you know how it affects them and their life and obviously that didn't happen because of the agency because of the huge worldwide to get this vaccine out and this year successful vaccine return the world to more or less normal so there is you know a sense that people should approach vaccination with abundant caution but we also
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got the thoughts on this story from epidemiologists marcelo from the normally he say's the revelations pose grave concerns over the safety of the pfizer biotech job . brits if you supposedly want you need to buy it by decent race company summit corp it was they are so motivated by how the. owner market doesn't spoil sport there she orders behind the scenes that execution economy interest the star any other scenario divorced and doris we have terry in the case of the astra zeneca i see in the star serious things i mean there are not going to reports of oh no don't you go don't lose now i'm in the only report talking about big asians are nice and if people really suffering from memphis to the area an energy a men's issue some serious i mean it could be. these are are serious things they
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should be so don't investigate it this is not only a thing that gorman should know before they ordered. the scenes but also the party has to be formed for the intimate good and you have to see shouldn't a story where there are dangers to see who sent. well earlier dollars from signed an executive order aimed at ensuring americans have priority when it comes to access to vaccines produced in the u.s. both the ide going and incoming presidents are upbeat about the prospects of the last like summation. signed the executive order to ensure that american citizens have 1st priority to receive american vaccines and then we're going to be working with other countries all over the world this team will help get at the latest at the last 100000000 covert 9000 vaccine at least 100000000 covert vaccine shots into the arms of the american people in the 1st 100 days 100000000 shots in the 1st
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100 days well this week the pfizer biotech vaccine is expected to become the 1st to be approved for emergency use in the u.s. but supplies will be limited as many doses have already being shipped abroad picking up the story kill up and. pop u.s. officials are reassuring us that there's enough vaccine to go around and every american can get a jab hundreds of millions of doses will be available every month and we expect to have enough vaccines for every american but by the end of march early april enough across all of our vaccine portfolio to have for every american who would like to be dux it and 100 percent of americans that want to back c. will had the vaccine by that point time although not everyone is going to take it. 6
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really got to see. how kind of the kind of i mean it's nice to have a choice isn't it well as trump rolls out his vaccines for americans 1st policies there are mounting fears that washington will not be able to deliver on its promises a white house summit expected to celebrate the victory of the jab had 2 key guests missing pfizer and madonna pfizer is reported to have told the trumpet administration that it cannot provide additional doses of the coded 19 vaccine until mid 2021 they say other countries beat the united states and bought up the supply of global justice now by u.k. based group reported back in november that 80 percent of pfizer's vaccine over 1000000000 doses had already been sold the buyers some of the wealthiest governments around the world now the usa did get some but only 100000000 vaccines
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the u.s. government placed an initial order of 100000000 doses for pfizer beyond techs covered $900.00 facts seen and pfizer is ready to begin ship an initial dose a soon after receiving an emergency use authorization from the u.s. food and drug administration any additional doses beyond the 100000000 subjected to separate. in mutually acceptable agreement rumors are circulating that after that pfizer offered to sell more to the united states but trump said no deal now the white house denies that lets do the math pfizer says you need 2 doses per person so $100000000.00 vaccines covers only $50000000.00 people roughly 15 percent of the u.s. population but u.s. officials say they checked the numbers and there won't be any shortage we're confident that it will have one $100000000.00 digits of pfizer's vaccine is agreed to in the contract and beyond that we have 5 other vaccine candidates including $100000000.00 just on the way from them so what does this america 1st document
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really mean pfizer privately funded its work without u.s. government support so washington cannot force its will to be 1st on the company and its free to sell its backplane across the planet private property and free markets something that america loves. the human rights groups are warning of an upcoming shortage of covert vaccines in low income countries choose hoarding by rich nations a report by the peoples of vaccine line stuff includes a list international oxfam chart it says will fund wealthy nations of reserves enough vaccines to cover their populations 3 times over until the end of next year as a result only woman 10 people in the 70 per risk on trees will have access to cobra jumps the group is urging pharma giants to share their intellectual property to allow other firms to produce the drugs out into the workforce earlier i spoke with marc slawson head of inequality policy of oxfam. you know it would be
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a suicidal politician who did not look at all the citizens our point is we do not think for rich countries not united states for the united kingdom to protect the profits and the intellectual property in the monopoly of these big pharmaceutical companies so that they have enough vaccine for themselves but they don't allow vaccination for the world all the leading candidates that we're hearing. were funded using tax payers money leave them to public property and not the property private trying to be a lot of old versus realism and if you're going to give away your intellectual property you've got these big big companies who are spending billions or you're saying that from the public purse as well but what incentive do they actually have to do all that work bring it to market and then just give it away it's not going to happen is it everyone makes their money no one is going to give these things away for free that's the point the point is the intellectual property and the barriers that puts up on behalf of these big pharmaceutical companies need to enormous
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profit where you beyond what is reasonable and in this situation is public money in the public good i think as the months and we see rich nations making their population and we still see many many people dying in poor countries the pressure on the brands of these pharmaceutical firms the kind of moral arguments are we think we can move beyond the profit tax into a people's vaccine which is always to me in the interest of the global economy it doesn't make sense to us to kind of hobble the global economy in the interest of protecting the profits. and moving the program on muslim groups in france of lashed out at the government over a new bill which targets islamic radicalism they measure is being pushed by president kroll and follow a wave of terrorist attacks that will include tougher surveillance from mosques and curbs on home schooling and partners here charlatans. it was presented to the
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council of ministers on wednesday and it has now been approved by the prime minister care sticks was giving his press conference following that outlining parts of the bill he said that this is about promoting republican values fighting against separatism that has been something that has been coming from certain parts of the muslim community here in france the largest muslim community in europe and the prime minister said that france had to defend itself and it had to emancipate its citizens from the yoke of religion. radical islam islam is an ideology directed to dividing people and spreading hatred and violence in society as you faced with this republic intends to defend itself the party's local authorities now will have more power to deal with religious spend news where they say there is hate speech coming from them whether there is a call to violence this bill will also fight against clandestine schools and it
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will make homeschooling much much more difficult the idea of ensuring that all children have access to their right a right to education we know that doctors issue virginity certificates will now face prison and fines possibly as well and we know that the religious associations will now have to declare foreign funding now muslims have long criticized this law it's been debated for the last few months saying that they are unfairly targeted by it and in fact this will has already provoked a huge reaction in some muslim majority countries who've also been unhappy about the fact that president mackarness defended the fact that blasphemy is not illegal here in france now islamic scholars have described president macaroons views as being racist while the turkish president talked about this law specifically and said that it was open provocation for micron as
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a burden on. france macron and france are going through a very dangerous period actually so my hope is that france gets rid of this mccraw in trouble as soon as possible but some here in france say that this doesn't go far enough they say that there needs to be a real declaration on a war against islam ist separatism here in france so they will be huge about reaction to this this bill now after being approved by the council of ministers will go to the parliament in 2021 where it will be debated and i'm sure those debates at going to be incredibly heated as well the reaction on the street. this is a key international still to come u.s. president elect joe biden ports controversy as he nominates a retired general for secretary of the spencer role which normally goes to the civility and more of that.
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which is the planet would find. an atmosphere highly active geology and
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evidence for the border of the ocean in syria or it could. be of those for biology is just far beyond our wildest imagination. imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century what are the chapters called gun violence school shootings. first it was my job it was my bill it was my savings i have nothing i have nothing it is not like i don't try aloof or resources i look for jobs i look for everything i can to make this house. annoying the doing is. the road to the american dream paved with good refused and so this very idealized image. makes americans look possed the deaths that happen every single day this is
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a history of the usa america. 19 minutes into the program welcome back russian authorities are cracking down on bars and restaurants that fail to abide by covert 19 restrictions police conducted several raids in st petersburg on tuesday night targeting bars thought to legally remained open after 11 pm the searches were part of citywide police inspections ahead of the new year holidays when all food drink establishments will be shut many cafe owners in some petersburg have said they'll have to define the rules and stay open or face financial collapse. given much sense of moving to count of as an tardio province where people 'd who refuse supposedly voluntary vaccination against covert 19 could face
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a number of restrictions that's they warning of the provinces health minister. there may be some restrictions in terms of travel or other restrictions that may arise as a result of not having a vaccination but that's going to be up to the person themselves to make that decision on the basis of what's more important to them the health officials remarks come amid concerns that people will be made to have the job but the authorities are insisting that vaccination will be voluntary earlier account of this prime minister announced that the country would receive its 1st doses of pfizer vaccines next week political aisle this always summer brewer though sees that they threaten restrictions they aren't the best way to make people trust in a vaccine i think. forcing people to be vaccinated with the. premise that we've heard in ontario is not the best way to persuade the population to consider being vaccinated in fact it is the worst way to do it
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especially now that we are in the very early stages of the rollout of the vaccine nobody has been vaccinated yet and that any rate the 1st people who will be vaccinated will be medical staff and personnel in high risk places for example or the jones and. other similar facilities so i think the until you health minister position was irresponsible in fact because i myself become even more. concerned about this. us president elect joe biden has chosen a retired general as his defense secretary if approved by the senate 67 year old lloyd austin would become the 1st black person to head the political. i chose lloyd austin as my nominee for secretary of defense because he will do whatever it takes
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to defend the american people when the islamic state emerged as a terrorist threat in iraq and syria president obama and i tend to austin who then lead us central command he designed and executed the campaign did ultimately beat back isis lloyd austin served under the obama administration leading the u.s. central command he was the main military architect of the u.s. led offensive against islamic state in syria under a rock and he's widely remembered for admitting that a 500000000 dollar training program in syria had failed back in 2015 it was shut down enough for producing literally $100.00 full of train fighters instead of the several 1000 plan can you tell us what the total number of trained fighters remains it's a small number and. the ones that are in the fight. is is we're talking 445 so is that still the goal to have about $12000.00 of them there
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is that still the goal what's the expectation then for them at the pace we're going we want to reach the goal that we had initially established for shelves but what about the the overall goal is to make sure that we have enough mass to be able to get work done on the ground while a potential stumbling block for lloyd austin is counter to see is the fact he retired 4 years ago u.s. law states officer must have left the service at least 7 years before becoming secretary of defense but senior research fellow at the global policy institute georgia merely thinks 6 to sions will be made to the. general mattis would begin trumps the defense secretary also had to overcome this horrible and he overcame it without too much difficulty and of course that was senators of the time which said this is just a long haul we're not going to do this again you know we really mean it this time
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but we don't have to take this very seriously so having said all that about matters i don't like it that on or around. i'm a difficult these all all stand but peculiarly as you know will be honest about it i mean he is old so the would be the 1st black man who would be head of the pentagon so i don't think anyone's going to want any horribles and. see how that one develops that is our lot but if any of those stories this hour do you want to have your say why not do so on artie's facebook page leave a comment or to keep the conversation really always good to see what you're thinking about there by foot. what is the fate of the progressive movement can it continue to co-exist with the
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mainstream establishment left is this current trajectory intellectual dead end and temperance recipe part of a greater political real. problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies too in every state in the united states we seem very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids invaded america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers all the government.
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seemed wrong. just don't call. me. yet to shape out just the application and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. i'm after a times are we going underground is britain's code recovered pm boris johnson flies to brussels to try to negotiate with the largest trading block in the world and as this country tries desperately to stem a worse coronavirus death for capita rate than trumps usa or both scenarios brazil coming out of the show 42 years since the communist party of china voted deng
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xiaoping paramount leader of the people's republic paving the way for lifting 800000000 people out of poverty we speak to the britain who introduced foster care to the global superpower of the 21st century that is routinely defamed in the west for terminating us at your money to power and is the un predicts coronavirus may push of a 200000000 more people into extreme poverty we speak to a book along with the novelist about his portrayal of london's underbelly of ultraviolet crime arguably created by upper class political ideology and ask why politicians in the media get violent crimes so wrong all this more coming up in today's going underground of 1st as china looks to the stars after a successful moon landing and with its public health vaccine program looking to be the largest in history on top of lifting 800000000 people out of poverty will nations look to the people's republic not just for public health but for the organization of society itself joining me now is robert glover o.b.e. whose new book as many as the stars a story of change for the children of china charts the openness of china to respond
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to new methods of development for children he joins me now from norwich in norfolk rubber welcome to going underground china in the news probably more of a coronavirus but people will know that china's one child policy arguably may have helped it become the superpower of the 21st century people are going to be surprised when reading your new book that there was no fostering. and for children one of the side effects of that one child policy before you turned up on the scene well that's right thank you very much for having me yes when we landed in china they were quite musea had known no understanding of source again of course most of the children that were either abandoned or found their way into care ended up in institutions and for the very little younger babies got the opportunity for international doctrine but there was nothing happening in the message in china now
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i know you write about your child in oratory is mean to me from now but the book tells of how you were a navy and royal navy submarine a juror in the cold war why is it you didn't seem to have any of the prejudices which are arguably being thrown about now i mean boris johnson has just put 6 enough 1000000000 extra into the military budget and says china is an adversary well why did it not affect you that china is an enemy it's not some country that you need to go out there and help the hundreds of thousands of children that you've helped after all work from an early stage when i was a teenager most teenagers look to hollywood and the united states you know for their attraction are i was just fascinated by this this culture that had gone for centuries very mysterious very interesting their interests and i think once i found i was there you know how we perceive the chinese is not the way the people on the
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ground are the people i certainly were work with are are the most humble generous kind hearted and seeing the culturally intricate nature of their family networks and how they make up traditionally the community was fascinating because as we said god and football big facets of this story. take us back to when you arrive in hong kong because you paint a nightmarish picture of british rule dong kong you talk about. triad gangs and. the kind of crime ridden on kong that was very different we see today when we talk about hong kong being encroached by the chinese authorities what was on home like well i mean again today hong kong is my favorite city emerging it is a city in a sense it has everything it has a cinch.


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