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tv   News  RT  December 10, 2020 6:00am-6:31am EST

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pfizer shares plummet after the u.k. attaches a warning to its code for those with a history of severe allergies and america's drug regulator reveals 6 died during trials with facial paralysis a possible side effect. london in the legal fight the only other time is muslim women should not go on to do the talking don't believe that it was an. uncle of merkel gets emotional while calling for tougher coded restrictions in the book as germany sees a record high number of deaths a day at the chancellor's appeal has won over everyone. after 15 years of america germany's a country that does not want to protect its borders against illegal immigration and these instead imposing curfews on its citizens. rounding on facebook the u.s.
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government and almost every single u.s. state is taking legal action against the social media giant accusing it of breaking the law to maintain its online dominance. and today marks exactly 15 years that r.t. has been on the air throughout the day we'll be bringing you a look back at some of our major stories from a decade and a half of questioning more. a very warm welcome to the program from all of us here at r t h q in moscow let's get started with a lot of news update. sharp shares and pharmaceutical giant pfizer dropped nearly 2 percent on wednesday on the news of deaths and warnings in the u.k. people with a history of severe allergic reactions were advised against taking the company.
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coben job on the u.s. drug regulator f.d.a. revealed 6 people had died during trials that would stress that this was no cause for concern and within statistical expectations later on thursday its advisory panel is deciding whether the vaccine should be given approval for emergency use in the u.s. want to see it has more. this was very very bad for publicity at a time when people are already nervous with all the rush that scene's all the cut corners and now warnings any person with a history of a significant allergic reaction to a vaccine medicine or food should not receive the pfizer beyond vaccine how did they miss during clinical trials that people with severe allergies best stay the heck away from pfizer's vaccine was hardly a mere coincidence 2 british nurses went down with a severe reaction on the 1st day of public vaccination the question it begs is what
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outs that pfizer mean is that in addition to what we already knew that the vaccine can cause pain headaches fatigue fever swelling and potentially even paralysis among non-serious unsolicited adverse events there was a numerical imbalance of 4 cases of bell spell seen in the vaccine group compared with no cases on the placebo group though the 4 cases in the vaccine group do not represent a frequency above that expected in the general population look that sheens can take decades to test it is a miracle that so many have been developed so quickly a marvel of silence and rest assured if pfizer's vaccine most of these save this possible wouldn't be allowed anywhere near you heck the press sold it as well what a gift from god pfizer makes a final push drug company pfizer says it is a great day for science this is really a historic day we have pfizer the company's vaccine is not only safe it is
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effective authorities doctors scientists watchdogs a confident it's safe more or less and every death during clinical trials was thoroughly investigated a total of 6 of unrolled participants died during the reporting period all deaths represent events that occur in the general population of the. groups where they occurred at a similar rate again it's unlikely their words that the pfizer vaccine caused any deaths but what is me is that we learn that people had died during clinical trials and that others had developed think szell paralysis we learned this not from pfizer who made the vaccine but from the f.d.a. whose job it is to greenlight mass vaccinations and it's very safe to say that people would be grateful for a little more transparency when it comes to knowing what exactly it is that's being injected into their they be a suggestion of
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a serious not only functional incision but also most. targeted or that particular person to me question here is to assess what clinical association or an initial it dated coalition. between the doctors of defiance of the scene and the actual death of those people these are serious things that just has to be that they have they should be treated investigated. and the public and it probably should be informant i mean this is not only a thing that goldman should know before the order. but also for the party has to be formed. and you will decision as to whether or do you disagree that you can kind of understand those who are uncertain everyone's jump in march they were telling us that a vaccine would take years few months ago they were bashing the russian vaccine
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saying there's no way it could have been tested properly and now here we are guys it's vaccine is out albeit with undocumented side effects and surprisingly if unpleasantly eventful clinical trial history the end of the day the vaccine is as safe as it can be that's past european american. testing the rigorous standards there really isn't much to worry about but it would be nice to get a little more information in the future not have to learn about facial paralysis. vaccination has begun meanwhile new york lawmakers have introduced a bill to make over 1000 vaccination mandatory i'm in a storm of criticism the bill would require those in the state without sufficient immunity to have the job but only if it seems safe for them to get it is a station of american physicians and surgeons says it would amount to a violation of human rights here's what new yorkers think about the bill. well what
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happened with england yesterday that's could be huge i think depending on how that goes we're going to be more inspired and feel safer to take it and that's that part of it too we're already questioning. you know if people have their decree actions to accedes should even try and get it so you know there's still questions that are answered as it's going to do for people who actually. i'm sure there's many pitfalls and fully support personal real civil liberties hard for our bill of rights fully fully support those rights but i also have to consider that there are public health risks for a flu vaccine is important but it's not mandatory as the common thing can be the same way mandating it seems like it might actually like cause more problems than a texas just because it might get people. to it their backs against the wall but i think everyone should take it i mean it is concerning. the only way forward is
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trial and error so obviously i want i want to keep my freedom and i but i don't think there's a way that has been is it's proven to be safe for people even medical exceptions that are real medical exceptions yeah i would be in favor of it. the festive season in germany has had some of the shine taken out of it with the grim specter of the pandemic looming over it on tuesday the country saw a record of nearly 600 daily deaths discussing the need for tougher response in the bundestag chancellor angela merkel became an character uncharacteristically emotional. does what this is i don't know my nothing up in the student and weeks in the field and yes i'm lloyd's it begins with lessons on affiliation exists in london then with the goals ideals we know that i use most i don't live in if you're not going to do that i target really didn't do this it's. over the chancellor's lockdown proposals have drawn outrage from opposition politicians who have lashed
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out at merkel's government for failing to provide effective covert measures that are all over reports. it was an impassioned angler merkel an emotional german chancellor who addressed the german bundestag on wednesday that she was speaking to the people of germany as well as the lawmakers do implore them to agree to much stricter covert 19 restrictions this is after 590 people died on tuesday that's a record for germany. when a crucial phase of the pandemic control all historical experience shows that the 2nd wave of the pandemic is much more difficult than the 1st one if it was i'd like to simply say if we now have too many contacts before christmas and afterwards it will be the last christmas with the grandparents then we will have failed we should not do that the german chancellor is in agreement with the german academy of sciences and the plan that they put forward for
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a stricter lockdown they would want to see all schools and kindergartens finished on the 14th of december for an extended christmas new year break they would also want to see all non-essential retail close with as many people as possible working from home or the chancellor's plea was integrated very well now after 15 years of america germany is a country that does not want to protect its borders against illegal immigration and its instead imposing curfews and its citizens and dispatching legions of police officers to control mask wearing on the trains. these are purely symbolic restrictions which firstly are ineffective secondly the interfere disproportionately with people's freedoms and thirdly there are any intended to simulate a planned course of action for the audience but heading into the christmas and new year's holidays the chancellor implored german citizens to be responsible the country had done exceptionally well in the 1st wave of the coronavirus those days
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same a long way away. now. social media giant facebook won't be hitting the like button over news it's being sued by almost every state in the u.s. over antitrust concerns the country's federal trade commission has filed a lawsuit as a while and is pushing for a breakup of the company something that facebook has likened to revisionist history the legal action targets facebook's acquisitions of the instagram and whatsapp platforms facebook is really coming under fire now that it is facing an antitrust lawsuit from the state's attorneys general of 48 different states across the united states the allegation that's being made in this lawsuit essentially states that facebook has violated the law and violated competitive behavior during its acquisition in the early 201314 of instagram and whatsapp at the time that facebook acquired instagram it had about 30000000 users today it has over
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a 1000000000 users worldwide at the time that it acquired facebook said that instagram wasn't really a competitor but today instagram has become very much a competitor to facebook and fully integrated into the facebook system for advertising data collection of users and even cross promotion of post here's what some of those states attorneys general had to say about the lawsuit today we are sending a clear and strong message to facebook and every other company that any efforts to stifle competition and hurt small businesses reduce innovation and creativity will be met with the full force of our offices the f.t.c. filed their own lawsuit against facebook today as well. and we look forward to collaborating with them in the litigation process the state's attorneys general are calling for an actual divestment of instagram and whatsapp what does that mean it means that if these states attorneys general when their lawsuit they would force facebook to actually sell off the assets of whatsapp and instagram
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a very big deal in the tech world. another large tech firm you tube has been criticized by some for supposedly stifling free speech after the platform took the decision to remove videos alleging voter fraud in the us election this is what the company had to say we also work to make sure that the line between what is removed and what is allowed is drawn in the right place our policies prohibit misleading viewers about where and how to vote we also disallow content alleging widespread fraud or aries change the outcome of a historical us presidential election this isn't comes after the so called the safe harbor deadline that's the last day of which states can challenge the election you tube says the passing of the deadline was one of the reasons for believing the videos though the platform has actually been removing thousands of election videos since september and this all comes as the top administration takes the election all the way to the supreme court meanwhile many videos containing unproven allegations
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remain up on you tube these include claims a russian collusion and the 26000 u.s. election and conspiracy theories about 911 terror attacks your tapes decision to remove vote fraud allegations has rubbed some the wrong way starting today they will remove content about election fraud even though there are court cases about election fraud going through the system at this very moment adios free speech the bindings are coming google on you tube officially announcing free speech no longer allowed if you have concerns about election integrity you must sit down and shut up repeal section $230.00 and break these companies up. corporate media and liberal politicians claimed for years trump's election was illegitimate due to russian collusion and you tube promoted them right now what we see is that you tube has declared itself the arbiter of the 2020 election even though there are still active
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court cases going on in the supreme court challenging results so it's if you're really anywhere not just the us this should scare you we do not want an elected officials like the people who work at youtube and at google deciding what we can and cannot say in regard to politics slowly but surely we've seen tech companies like you tube but facebook and twitter as well start to exert more control and more censoring of what their users say this is concerning this is absolutely a threat to free speech and if you're someone who believes that you should be able to say whatever opinions you want then you need to look at this seriously because yes these are private companies but at the same time the way the public discourse has evolved a century these online platforms function as the public square. and while we're talking about the us elections texas has filed a lawsuit with the supreme court against 4 ballot ground states one by joe biden and a look into that story just after this break. is
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back texas has filed a lawsuit with the supreme court against 4 key states won by president elect joe biden the case is now being supported by 17 more states as well the attorney general of texas alleges that wisconsin pennsylvania georgia and michigan illegally changed their election laws compromising the result of the 2020 presidential vote certain officials in the defendant states presented the pandemic as the justification for ignoring state laws regarding absentee and mail in voting the
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defendant states flooded the citizenry with tens of millions of ballots applications and ballots in derogation of statutory controls as to how they're lawfully received evaluated and counted the lawsuit doesn't allege voter fraud but points out that there were voting irregularities we asked legal and political analyst lionel why the case is important. the reason why this is important is that under article 3 of our constitution the supreme court is the site have the original jurisdiction meaning you go directly to the supreme court in cases of lawsuit or dispute between states was very rare for the supreme court to hear or the answer anything but in this particular case the supreme court is acting not as an appellate court not as an appeals court but as the original court and this is unlike any other case and the reason that they are facing
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this lawsuit the reason for this is that it is alleged. that it is against the constitution for the court to change the rules of elections they should be done so by legislatures this is unlike any other case because it goes directly to the supreme court and it's being brought by states and not people that's quick. elon musk's space x. starship project has suffered a setback after a prototype exploded while attempting to land the incident happened on wednesday evening after a high altitude sub orbital flight test in texas. i. the flight which was to task things ranging from engine performance to aerodynamic
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capabilities have gone well so much so the space x. founder has already called the launch a success adding the company got all the data it needed a starship project has a number of goals including space tourism and mars colonization and while some early tests of the starship went badly this year the company started receiving nasa funding for launching a new system. today marks a special birthday for r.t. with our channel celebrating its 15th anniversary. i. was back in 2005 that archie burst into broadcasting life and it's fair to say since those humble beginnings we've made something of an impression on the world.
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earlier it was a good girl is gone another researcher is. left until they go to a new spirit until there. is a way to marry. the young girl benji these are the suzan's little devices or the jewels if you really are going to allow her to come to you you don't need to be able to kill your mother. or look to the east coast of the division because. you'll start to glasgow little. 6 year old. 7 to. 8 and up through your community. undercover to this day.
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if you will get exposed to latino kids with gays in germany july was alcohol used as parades it was unclear. where mary. you can defend yourself i enjoyed of the ones from the work in the us communications. with the teeth. of the enemy interview earlier. during our 15 years on air are to have been reporting on major events around the globe and showing that voices are heard on all 5 as part of our anniversary coverage day here's a look back at archie's focus on the u.k. and the joy of the song saga. do you remember when julian a song was dragged out of london's ecuadorian embassy
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i the images are now iconic or rather notorious our video agency ruptly worked round the clock for weeks constantly monitoring this building in order to make sure that the ecuadorian government eviction of the wiki leaks founder as well as his name will take any of the rest of the british police with captured for all the world to see. the channel's reporter is also worked tirelessly but i would say that to bring view as news on a story that the establishment and the mainstream media was keen to forget. holed up inside the ecuadorian embassy in london for years on end he has heard all after hurdle to overcome julian assange is found guilty by a scathing judge could carry a maximum sentence of 175 years behind bars 2 police officers
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and a prosecutor from the state that are going to be head going through his things there are thousands of supporters here in the middle of central london credibly important day for both truth and justice as wiki leaks founder julian assange is back here in court. in fact julian assange how does own show on r t u k r t gave that we said to that platform today we're on a quest for revolution. but then again according to think tanks than the mainstream media r.t. has bred an army of useful idiots. useful idiots including jeremy called nigel farage the president of afghanistan hamid karzai and. rudy giuliani
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one very clear signal you could do is stop appearing on russia today which is we describe the one of the road business as a kremlin propaganda vehicle and i think that's right because i think from what we've seen from washington times goes beyond objective journalism i way this is good boris johnson attacked labor m.p.'s for doing interviews on on t.v. before learning that his father stanley had a parrot only channel on numerous occasions i do notice how you take sides in this book what does this mean or take kerry stokes the former mayor of london how he was absolutely living up to the expectations people have a real wowing the crowds were everywhere and he could be serious too if it was absolutely necessary who is this former mayor of character and look i'm not saying that that particular character is a 1000000 miles away from another member of my family it's not just the guests though one headline accuses artsy of spreading
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a multitude of the law is and absurd stories sure if you call observe the stories and the perspectives that the almighty news channels on showing back in 2040 r.t. covered the scottish independence referendum some reports allege that it moskos request so-called operatives to the flames of independence if that's what you call reporting both sides of the debate not just the pro union side that dominated the mainstream media 2 years later the accusations came flying again this time our team had poured oil on to b. and c. . why reporting on what was happening around the country not just on the phone. thoughts of those in the westminster bubble fishermen in scotland farm as in kent
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industrial workers in the midlands all of them told us the same thing when the banking crash happened london may have recovered but they been left behind but giving a voice to the people that were being listened to was apparently russian propaganda as was artie's reporting of a whistleblower as concerns about safety on the trident nucleus submarine i mean don't comply protests remember them on t.v. covered the movement on an almost daily basis in the wake of the 2008 banking crash i want about the crippling austerity cuts of the cameron is auti brought you stories from the demonstrations against them and from the people and the organizations most affected by them that's when our breakdown of the things top news for now thanks for tuning in wherever you may be.
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sure seems wrong why don't we just don't. let me. get to shape out just didn't come out to. and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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yes. in this context i'm almost laughed samson asked for the last 70 and seeing anti-militarist today for the match promotion of christian. religion shifts. shoot on disk in the. green zone teach it mom. i know you care so sit on the opening much to me mama is just back yanno.
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when they start crossing for this area in the desert this is where the most of the fatalities happen and it's different reasons they hit or the cold like it's very cold at night and it was very hot that the day nobody can carry enough water to survive. to me it's so easy to connect because i'm coming from there but it's also so hard to see like. to see that people don't understand here and it's hard every day is. a struggle because this.


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