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as our wrap up of the day's top news for now thanks for tuning in for every maybe. which is a planet with 5 moons and atmosphere highly active geology and evidence for a liquid water ocean let's ensure it could. be on those for biology is just far beyond our wildest imagination.
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her last voice. thank. you. for you. thank. you thank you.
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thank you thank you thank you thank. you. for this collage of all i'm glad that i asked was asked of me and seeing i downloaded this for the right for the night they can post i'm going to do which is about the fun of most going out now because i knew i had a water anymore show proof for that i am going to do it not stay at the show but oh my god. you. are so set on the open mind you mama says that i am yang and.
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those negotiations. children 6 brothers and 2 sisters from the you have to shrink a family suddenly became all forms on me and watched thought talk to me not the one . i don't i'm just not for bob oh boy what are. seen and. what is. the bhushan among them lucia when we don't need to get. as if by a little magic child services did allow christina the older sister to keep the children in her care when you but just writing on the daily news but i did miss it all for what i don't need to page on we should e.g.
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underwhelming i wouldn't want to give the bride. to push school so. she. learned to shoot through shoot on disc in the. show your show. goes to. christina reese both mom and dad is already over 18 and independent in pursuit of. visitors. to raise a brother some younger sister christina dropped out of college she used to dream of becoming a pastry chef but instead became a mom what she. cheats i went on what. love to be on the pop and the up and those of. all children to.
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all of us some of the washington nationals at all. that if you live to teach d.t.h. . this family of children follows an adult routine the youngest go to school each morning all by themselves in a meal by village and the oldest attend a vocational school in town with my voice just so you have to sing of sad you don't because of us he said tickle but of course john stossel. got off. me but if. you think you.
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were. 28 i. thought. you are screwy for new. but you are. well you are well thank you live against to sleep a little longer. he goes to school in his home village as they call it him. of all costs so ships all over much not so much moving.
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the children run of very adult farm so you have cowles pigs chickens rabbits 3 cats 2 dogs and calls you a mushroom the hamsters. that aren't mentioned. we're not pretty. but it. me choke. you know. my question based on. that.
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visit or the shears you. buy yet or your shush as a now i knew the touch a lot and the song but always surprised your core sense of boxers award the critics . so good on some broad based in the way those additional treats we see in the c.e.o. of. this plane were only going. to be new button good as you should do those and as you show are good. and you i shall look. to go. with those who want dollars and i've no idea. but i will usually. yeah. but. if. you don't come through she was.
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9 years ago. almost that are too long of the. us nowhere near. you want to ask. him what. value it is only 11 but they call him paul for a reason for one it's difficult to do one that this president or probably acts much evening. while their father was alive he told the boys everything milking kells chopping wood moping building fixing in a word to work when i might have got us the elf. she said to them i thank you for the job. jess. that you follow the cook talk that i know you don't feel i'm trying to feel close to knowing someone you don't.
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know but i did later in the off to move in the oldest boy's dragon are to return from vocational school thanks for that i just see girl just the one portion of all my people don't want to start a string which i knew. mature to use in this world as portion was false and i just know spiritual told them by my graduate job on which a scroll or a hole for the notes or should. screech it in the center. and the supposed to be shorter than a g.p. elsewhere or so it will mean. i am sure you. are all right in. fact. it will. be
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a point which lets you see who buddy us best see that actually because christina abrupt but i don't come forth night school kid school was good q why go my grade beaks got. it. will destroy it. should shoot. let it go it. was there but the good that i know mate. yeah. well. all of us who. made it great are best for we're going to put it in your. home ground. when christina story hit the internet people from across the country offered support all asking the same question how can we help a kid that i mean you would see. both of you know that the mission i went on to
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take up. as a vocalist he has to book up to up at the start i don't watch what i do with i'm proud of what dimly lit up but the orcs stand up ok oh boy and in all honesty go into the dorm room 1st picture being me and walk. to see little but sure you'll see well not all the people move. to see group which are still around the stupid monkey with was living doing would be good to cook food to doom blue movie because she. could keep their. cry though keep at it or do it as the play so i did but i thought of it in one of them. first and so it's lois as
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though i have social phobia of the new brought on so i don't want to miss the folks by name mr stanton yes tim you could upgrade to it but i would add to it when you're finished. every once in a while officials visit the farm to make sure that christina can still handle being a foster mom. can't you see that are. implemented no wonder you're shooting at us. oh oh shit i was a child. then just a good. one to like it and move on in that moment when you know that you're here can you. actually know you can it's we do it. michel because me too much to do just look at it like a prick it was to me just much. happier so i want. him. to just trust the
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best then be just the. harshest. thank you chad if that helps you not to feel. well i want to not go to finish until national muslim or so on that of my not on but i do i stand up us wanted to time what you mean as a horror show but i looked up just wanted a 1000 patients a strain and. when that one surprise had come to the age of. germs i knew lives of douma joementum up in the one of those i knew why they searched in jail and when the most teens need to know much of the focus and it went into touch. with . the spirit and i don't. care i don't know. it's going to.
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come up with. some demonstrators right now the propaganda machine. is always you are sure. you. will go away who. are in the building itself. but i. don't want to cause. you to do well.
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the job for a child the d.j. jamie had pushed at the start of the layout of what i mean my of india to give their stuff and yes that is directing if we have mommy and.
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that girl will you wish he was a little unusual in the division we'll eat. when you go yet when you which would be only years ago. decided to pierce the internet in this part of the book. that's what which the book was no climates at rb don't tell but she views of time we haven't been made to reveal we're putting your trust in the niche in the cornish. quests at the. thought a look at the ocean on which. the good folk ogres during the. little . it's not just the show for the motion it's. but who.
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is it about you know if you want to send it on you go into any of those things you need there's a. quiz. just some good ideas but is yes so are you up do you have that thing that i missed that my mind in the next my own bible when we had to bend is now and then they're going to come out . and which thought. elizabeth a poke of it gingerly up and scream was founded by call 642. which
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would you put them well because i know but they're not exactly going to be profane what will make you better the village did have a church which was destroyed but it has 2 wooden school buildings locals recently restored the church that now stands next to a memorial to the great patriotic wall the monument is scrupulously careful and today is voluntary cleanup day. that you have to show because of having a clean up day to day need to tidy the yard and that most of us doesn't personally i don't want to say well but here don't worry as it said the residents now moved out of course but went the way you do when you know we'll ask.
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today does a village meeting to elect. it's no joking matter without one the lifestyle could be stolen the only candidate so your just pulled out saying he has no horse and you can't be a good man without a horse. to hold. this. job it is usually your idea that here we are actually you know a lot of various they don't want you to do the only one you know will still be faithful. still that was. what it is but is a man. that loves you dearly 1st so good. yet
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you. physically deal with you're going. to be. that very night a cow escaped from the opposition cause that's what happens when there's no village . that thinks. that the. yeah. right while the older boys argue about who'll be. goes looking for the runaway cow. we've got of you go. still. plus we peel good night up and then you boys. are.
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well done i was mad at me when you're not. you. know what. we're back. after spending an hour looking for the cow all around the village. is that it came back ages ago. it. was in within the scope. of this whole you know nobody knows the way if we said that. the next morning the children learn that they have lost one of the 2 hamsters and never. hear.
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you seen. i don't know that he does he do you have to show. to your demetrius the need to but i don't want to share. a laugh. so that christine the red violet a combined budgie they go to the district capitol cuts a leap which is an hour away. the older brothers are ready waiting and without knowing a thing about it the search begins but finding bugs in a small town isn't as easy as they thought.
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it might be a long and telling him. that i think i'm safe it's a. bit different. but not feed to the space in a mushroom. don't. own
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home. we think. one of the our. the younger one pretends to be asleep as soon as the show falls asleep thank god not to blow up buildings they want tomorrow to be a day full of surprises for the show. mulder. position at. the end but after a minute mr armstrong i don't think. 6
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he. wants. that is she. is. what i've done that made you buy the only that's who. it was for me cheaper. where are. you know. yes. like
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being yes yes. yes being yes. yes i'm glad i didn't go i mean just know i tell you i'm going to enjoy that's what you got it was for you and there is this question mr president as the rest didn't go in their shoes edition is that. there is no use you think that we're still far ahead of the we're going to go here . that i. know you really think. that you don't you call him or did wall grab all of you suits you morning to both
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of you since you want to cue ball go and all of a model who is who is not almost. small you are you. going to costco who comes. down. they're going to squabble between. the 2 which is how you need to cook with it was to look down upon the guys to continue with the phone look at. the most because they don't want to see it out that's who planted him you're going to let me show you this and you want to do now because that just when i showed him a good tip. because they. could be. and you. can't.
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make this. come about a lot of people need it to be staff. 7 could both see what. you. do is. in january there may be a new american president but what won't change is washington stance towards iran is military conflict inevitable what is the value of diplomacy if one side they was full of recriminations what are iran's.
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was. coming together british farmer a giant astra zeneca the makers of russia's sputnik v. job agreed to cooperate to study the effectiveness of combining their corona seems. the u.s. sees a record surge in code with 19 fatalities which. countries praful deaths during world war. america struggles with the pandemic and its economic consequences the nation's billionaires have increased their wealth by more than a trillion dollars that's a some big enough to cover a major relief bill.


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