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tv   News  RT  December 11, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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farmer joins astra zeneca on the makers of russia's jab agreed to cooperate in starting the effect. with vaccines. in the u.s. sees a record coronavirus that's with figures now some passing the country's fatalities during world war 2. and the international criminal court drops a probe into alleged war crimes by u.k. forces in iraq despite having a reasonable basis to believe the atrocities took place. from moscow thanks for joining us tonight on r.t. international. wherever you are tonight welcome to the program. the russian and
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british scientists are set to combine their vaccines and the latest bird to tackle the global pandemic that's after astra zeneca said it's ready to work with the developers of russia's sputnik v. job for we hear maria from the new collaboration with my colleagues let's see the actual remarks today we announce a clinical trial program to assess safety and immunogenicity of combination of d 1222 developed by astra zeneca and oxford university and sputnik v. developed by russian research institute i think it is quite important that this sort of hear from both sides and we hear about this huge corporation between the developer of the bridge swedish and the russian drug at the time you have to understand a global call $1000.00 vaccine raise and both sides believe everybody will only benefit from that. they have a problem very vaccines efficacy isn't high enough this should be improved we have
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2 different ads novara says they will take one of them and use it as a booster collaboration with the gamma layer research institute is important to explore the potential of vaccine combinations unlocking synergies in protection and accessibility through a portfolio approach the head of russia's investment fund the company responsible for foreign distribution of rushes of vaccine also believes this is a breakthrough collaboration this unique example of cooperation between scientists from different countries will play a crucial role in achieving the final victory over the pandemic astra zeneca its decision to conduct clinical trials using one of the 2 sputnik vivax is to improve the effectiveness of its own vaccine is an important step towards joining forces in the fight against the virus and astra zeneca says that they are going to start enroll in adults aged 18 years and older very very soon and early on friday we heard what mr putin spokesperson the middle school of saying that competition is
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a very good thing of course but not when it comes to vaccine aimed at protecting the world these processes he believes should not be politicized and i think this is a very good example of what he meant these collaborations between us and again sputnik the so we have this unique cooperation how did developers come to the agreement actually it was the russian initiative and they made this offer after interim earlier results of astra zeneca clinical trials were announced showing that the drug is safe and has an overall efficacy of 70 percent in protecting against covered 19 if you remember the rush is vaccine is over 95 percent efficient $42.00 days after the 1st shot it is a 2 shot vaccine i think this is where the idea of combining these 2 vaccines came from and meanwhile mass exodus. and he in russia is in full swing and moscow is about to launch a huge factory able to produce $10000000.00 doses of the month and molecular
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oncology professor lawrence young believes cross border corp will be vital in ending the health crisis i think as i found that unity to work together in developing a more effective vaccine and there's lots of evidence that when you mix and match different vaccine platforms you get stronger and longer lasting immune responses to our competition so this is fantastic news and i think it will. raise confidence both in terms of the astra zeneca vaccine and also the sputnik vaccine it demonstrates the the power of scientists working collaboratively we're all very keen scientists around the world to work together and work in collaboration and i think this will provide an excellent opportunity for the very best people working in the u.k. in the very best people working in russia to actually work together and i hope that one of the consequences of something like this is the longer term collaboration in
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other areas of science and medicine so i think it's a very very important important day for us actually it's very exciting. more americans died of coburg unlike the last fighting in world war 2 almost 300000 of lost their lives to the virus kaleb more person has the latest. we've got 15000000 cases of covert 19 in the united states we've got hospitals overwhelmed 107000 people are in the hospital at this moment doctors say these numbers are going to keep getting worse on wednesday there were more deaths from covert 19 on one day than there were on september 11th these are pretty big numbers that people are looking on at the situation in and just appalled at how massively coded 1000 has expanded throughout the united states how much the pandemic seems to be completely out of control now joe biden is promising that when he takes office he will tackle
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this issue for his 1st 100 days in office he's talking about a mask a mandate but i'm absolutely convinced that in 100 days we can change the course of the disease and change life in america for the better i'm going to ask for a mask in place everyone for the 1st 100 days of my administration to wear a mask that will start with my signing in order on day one to require mass where i cannot be the law there is some concern about how a mask mandate would be enforced around the country where there are states and localities that have mandated masks be worn we've seen kind of rebellion among sheriffs and local police officers who are refusing to enforce it for example in california this local sheriff referred to a mask a mandate as dictatorial here is what he said he is expecting us to arrest anyone violating these orders cite them and take their money close their businesses make them stay in their homes and take away their civil liberties or he will punish all
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of us the riverside county sheriff's department will not be blackmailed bullied or used as muscle against riverside county residents in the enforcement of the governor's orders unemployment numbers in the united states are actually the highest they've been since mid september we. we had a situation where this week 853000 people lost their jobs bringing the total number of unemployed to 10700000 according to the u.s. department of labor now despite this there is a deadlock in congress they're fighting over the stimulus package others not a clear agreement between the 2 major parties about how relief should be provided and of course we've got the 2 major parties blaming each other take a listen helpfully whatever we do can prevent more and the rate of the more death from occurring more death. pretty soon sad to say
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that one lost their lives and world war 2. how many more businesses have to shutter how many more dreams have to be shattered. how many more people have to be laid off. before to nancy pelosi and the democrats will act if we need more time to take more time but we have to have a bill and we cannot go home without it things are pretty out of control the rival parties are blaming each other joe biden is promising that he will turn things around however there's a strong amount of opposition to the measures he's already proposing even before he takes office quite a problematic and serious situation here in the united states. us president elect joe biden has unveiled his latest round of cabinet picks they include yet another bomb at your official told vilsack as a group old school secretary for secretary of agriculture nominee tom vilsack an
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outstanding 2 term governor of iowa the best secretary of agriculture i believe this country's ever had he was there with the great recession was. rumored. over 8 years she oversaw a record breaking investment to bring us back. the former iowa governor who was agriculture secretary under barack obama his tenure was plagued by accusations that he favored major industrial giants including monsanto bill sachs a for the number of controversial measures including the expansion of genetically modified crops helped ease industry restrictions bought in his cabinet a so far been packed with figures nick 2 big corporations film a c.n.n. contributor jen psaki has been chosen as the new white house press secretary lloyd austin is nomination as the fence secretary his spot concerns over his ties to supply rate fell while anthony lincoln's closeness with the big and powerful is being questioned over his nomination for such
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a 5th state biden received much of his funding for his campaign from the darks the billionaires and the corporations and wall street and so as cornell west warned said you know we were seeing black faces in high places more seeing other leaders and people of color who are saying we're seeing people in high places that aren't necessarily representing the people who've helped put joe biden into office and harrison that is the the progressive so we're seeing many people coming be there from raytheon the new general austin who was once on or is on the board of raytheon and was a 4 star general and then we're also seeing some people who had once worked at or still do work with blackrock coming on board so this is you know we'll call it business as usual for the corporate class in the corporate cronies that have been
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running the neo liberal democratic party for almost 40 years several senior democrats a voice their opposition to joe biden's pick for defense secretary the president elect name or time general lloyd austin on wednesday but as a point book explains it seems as concern often could still be too close to the army. not even his own caucus is happy with joe biden's choice as secretary of defense lloyd austin he's got. and that is great. well john you're right you very much at all since i retired 4 star general and that has raised a lot of lefty eyebrows. dozens ignore the longstanding tradition of having a civilian at the helm of the most well known clicked fighting force in the world america it's a great country we're drinking it is agreed so austin actually needs
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a special waiver from cloned grass to take the job because he only retired in 2016 he hasn't been out of active service for the required 7 years no one seems to care that you spent the last 4 years on the board of a massive defense contractor called great. deal with. the most interesting thing about biden picking austin is that alston is the. one she employed to the world with. pres picking to be secretary of defense is a little bit blurry by which i mean it's not progressive everyone expected find until point michelle through and i as secretary of defense because she's actually experienced she's a civilian she tells the 3rd brings civilian enjoyment into pentagon under obama she was head of defense policy she's an expert on china next year or is going to be
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china and china china china china and yes she's a she but donna is a full. she's linked to defense contractor and she's presided over a hot mess in the middle east so biden picked a guy. which was and shared he's linked to defense contractor has done and he's presided over a hot mess in the middle east if you're wondering how much of a hot mess he is admitting that the u.s. paid fine 100 $1000000.00 to train the syrian fighters numbering 4 people. it's a small number. the ones that are in the fight. is. we're talking 445 but before you talk about how corrupt the democrats are if you're
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looking for someone to blame for this story state of affairs played the orange one i think it would have been a good general that's right donald trump started the trend of an ex general and then actual moebius heading up his own ministry when he appointed james mattis on the board of another major defense contractor general dynamics. by the time we got to byron success. the head of the military and major weapons company could end up being the same joke i'll still be. still to come this hour classified documents show kind of it was planning to train chinese soldiers but the brunt of this keep on the pressure from the us story after the break.
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is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. tyson nation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is. in the world corrupted you need to do and. so join us in the. forum maybe in the shallows. you are discussing a new school of economics alien economics and this is really brought about by
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negative interest rates means contact with the galactic federation. program several people have been injured offer car plowed into a crowd of about 50 protesters in manhattan new york 6 people needed hospital treatment though their injuries are not thought to be life threatening it seems been cordoned off by police and people are being told to avoid the area media reports claim the cause was taken into custody reasons for the incident at the moment to remain unclear. and the international criminal court has dropped on us to go shouldn't one edge to war crimes forces in iraq despite the prosecutor having a reasonable basis to believe offenses did take place. and that story after 6 years of what was called a preliminary examination of allegations of war crimes by the u.k.
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motel in iraq the international criminal court says it's not going to proceed and so just before calling the british justice system one of the best in the world this is the way you case proud defense secretary reacts their statement today indicates our efforts to pursue justice were allegations have been founded i'm pleased that work we have done and continue to do in improving the quality and assurances around investigations has been recognized by the international criminal court what i suggest though is reading beyond the 1st 2 lines of what the i.c.c. prosecutor ruled it will only take a few seconds to get to the part that says the office has previously found and today confirmed that there is a reasonable basis to believe members of the british armed forces are responsible for the following.
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i'll continue reading out bits from pretty much every paragraph one after another civilian supervisory and military command fail or contributed to the commission of crimes against detainees the end missile response of the british army and theater at the time of the alleged offenses was inadequate not a single case being submitted for prosecution today a result that has deprived the victims of justice i could keep going but it's already clear that these conclusions sound like they're from a different report not from one that leads to a major case being dropped or
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a senior cabinet member bragging about an amazing justice system the judgment is it is a travesty given the actual content of the report which not only says. very reasonable evidence of all sorts of systematic violence against people in the british news hounds during the iraq war but it also makes clear that being thousands of on occasions and not one of those cases has been prosecuted how they can say at the same time when the report can say the same time that there has been no shield to be no cover up what i recommend is that people read the report itself it's an indictment of the british army it's an indictment of the british justice system and it's also in a strange way an indictment of the international criminal court the south however if that's the way things are in the world of international criminal law london tick
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the boxes by launching domestic probes and the i.c.c. couldn't prove any seal doing. or deliberate covering up so the rest is out of the tribunals jurisdiction which only makes you wonder following up on the i.c.c. zone statement does it all mean the iraqi victims will never get justice the u.k. government has repeatedly shown precious little interest in investigating and prosecuting atrocities committed abroad by british troops the prosecutor's decision to close a u.k. inquiry will doubtless fuel perceptions and an ugly double standard in justice one approach to powerful states and quite another for those with less clout the news from the i.c.c. comes as london pushes for a controversial overseas operations bill it's supposed to quote unquote protect british troops in overseas conflicts from big safe says litigation and repeat investigations critics though say it would allow more offenders to escape the law the overseas operations bill will do nothing to address the issue of repeat
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investigations of u.k. armed forces personnel list will do is make arifin cases like the death of iraqi national even more difficult to prosecute. the u.k. would also be violating numerous human rights treaties by not ensuring abuses are properly dealt with but even without the bill as we now know the international criminal court has pulled the brakes on probing the british military earlier when the court was going to look into potential abuses by the us troops in war zones washington simply paid back by sanctioning senior staff members at the i.c.c. what if after that the tribunal just didn't want to go too far with investigating uncle sam's number one ally in iraq well there's no way of knowing. senior u.s. politicians are demanding action after a member of the intelligence committee was targeted by suspected chinese spying
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this comes as u.s. intel chiefs have identified beijing as washington's number one threat as the if has more. so trumps out and the russia gate thing is slamming shut behind him because there's a new scare story in town china you know it doesn't take long to dig up dirt in a town like washington q us democrat representative eric swalwell until now moves through well this crist so far the evidence is on contradicted that the president used taxpayer dollars to ask the ukrainians to help him choose an election this time around it's his links to a suspected chinese spy who is in the stink not least because and this is awkward he sits on the house intelligence committee not the only shall be removed from the intel he should be removed from congress as well yes house minority leader kevin mccarthy there spotted an opportunity to claim his 1st victim so the background in
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a nutshell swalwell hod a chinese national called thang fag in his early political career and this person quickly started raising suspicions within the intel community he got rid of her but his recently refused to answer whether he slept with her which probably means yes but before we burn mr swalwell at the stake at sea we're out might have to join him once this chinese witch hunt really gains momentum it's got a feel for mitch mcconnell he survived the title most good image but can he now survive the fact that is wife secretary of transportation elaine chao is from one of china's most prominent political families that would be one hell of a honey trap and you and jean shall have served on the board of the holding company for china's teach to build in a state owned enterprise that makes chips for the chinese military. is also on the board at the bank of china and top lender to the ship builder remember also the
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former speaker of the house john boehner aka the original orange man is days the high. republicans actually give john boehner a harder time than they give me. which means orange really is the new black. these days the former speaker of the house just happens to be a lot b. is for a certain people's republic of china is this guy aggie purdie chief security officer who are way the u.s. is ready for china on a number of issues and they want to hurt one way to hurt china the very afraid of the competition between china and the u.s. so they're focusing on hurting while way before getting professionally agri for you our way for a living and you purdy was a member of the white house start team that helped draft the u.s. national strategy to secure cyberspace this is just the tip of the iceberg therefore the head of u.s. intelligence has declared open season on beijing calling it threat number one if i
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could communicate one thing to the american people it is that the people's republic of china poses the greatest threats to america today and the greatest threat to democracy and freedom worldwide since world war 2 what they might find is that there aren't many politicians left who don't have links to this new enemy because they used to be friends we is getting hard to keep up one kind of scrap military exercises with china last year it was doing washington's bidding that's according at least the classified documents revealed by the media trudeau government plan to invite chinese troops to train and just months off the 2 canadians were arrested in china a chinese military contingent was expected to study cold weather military tactics classified documents obtained by rebel news show the event was cancelled at the request of the u.s. state department. we recall for example the back in december department of national
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defense and canadian forces looking to cancel the people's liberation army participation in the winter survival training following their request from the d.o.d. to do so that winter survival training will not take place this winter the security concerns originated primarily from the us we do not have a record of other 5 i countries expressing this concern 6 canada the documents also suggest the exercise was cancelled directly by canadian armed forces bypassing trudeau's liberal government we've contacted the canadian government for comment i'll bring you any response we do get in while we did ask analysts why kind of that maybe seeking better toys with china. relationship between canada and china is. reasonably good so this is my as world history real this exercise planned in 2090 might as well be an event well planned from a larger share of the g.
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point of view i'm not surprised at all for the pressure of us on canada in fact it's not just canada even the u.k. australia new sea than they always say if pressure these countries are no longer acting like an independent countries with independent foreign policies from the actions of prince trudeau canada is clearly much more inclined towards the pressure. from the united states i'm not surprised that they're that the united states is putting pressure on canada. regards to its relations with china and someone decided that it was not in canada's interest and that is the more unusual part is how that the military if these reports are correct managed to supersede the prime minister that is perhaps the more interesting question to ask and of course i don't have any answers for that who does but this is it looks like
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a case of insubordination canada's long term success will rely more on china than it will perhaps on the united states up next thought your comment 3 brings big system the story of a 19 year old girl becoming head of our family of 6 after losing both her parents within a year that coming up in just a few moments time the team and i are back in 30 minutes to bring you another hour of news join us again that.
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in january there may be a new american president but what won't change is washington stance towards iran is military conflict inevitable what is the value of diplomacy if one side fails phone or agreement what are iran's. girl up for i. love all of. this. for. the fish.
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good. thanks. called us collage too long i'm glad i asked because i was still going to download it with a grudge for the bacon goes i'm going to do which is a but. now because of onion. pneumonia show proof for that i. do not see it. now in your car so sit on the open munch to you mom says that i am yes.


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