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barrier so is the v.t.c. rally over or are we just taking a little breather here boom bust co-host christi i joined because christie is big quinn really going to reach that 20000 mark by the end of this year. i think there's still a very strong possibility we have 20004 year and i mean we've had a very strong rally so far so a little price correction in order to get under or and to cool off for a little bit so overall prices are down about 10 percent since touching its new all time high 10 days ago so a lot of it stems from the proposed regulations in the u.s. that's bringing a lot of fear and uncertainty in the markets and then you also have a lot of profit taking as we get into year end for tax purposes from traders who have made an absolute killing in the latest rally so i think you have a lot of good momentum here but got rejected at the 85 to 7 every 3 times and fell to next support level at 78 where i had a very good song so we had some technical support in this area and we also have a ton of how it's just on the horizon you have the launch of facebook's new d.m.
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going as we talked about and on top of that you have the maturing do you find that work which is also recreating traditional financial instruments such as loans and insurance on your network that is quickly maturing i know chris you said it's kind of part of the process here but what really caused big quaint to slowdown and dip here is it really just technicals. part of it is a lot technicals a lot of people rely on these technical momentums and the caterers a lot of it is also the psychological resistance at the $20000.00 mark which is also going to be very difficult to break as we know markets love these round numbers and the other part of it is the 540000000 and bitcoin option open interest that will expire today friday and the 93000000 in balance skewed to the downside so there are about 109000000 worth of calls i option stacked up against 282000000 worth of put cell options so it clearly favors the bear in the short term
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at this point and the past few days the sell side pressure has also intensified a little bit because miners has sold their holdings at a scale unseen for over 3 years and you also have the exchange inflows picking up 900000 is a very sweet spot for investors to start taking profit so the other part of that is the recovery of the u.s. dollar that has also been another callus the house also contribute to the short term correction the u.s. dollar rebounded after a multimillion holdback so as that was propelled by the news of pfizer's vaccine distribution so when the u.s.d. value increases alternative stories of value such as coin and gold drops but really this is a very short term movement as we all know that more stimulus and more money injections by the fed is inevitable and we will have the reverse effect on the market so big going thesis still remains very very firmly intact especially as there is so much uncertainty on how 2021 is going to shape out there still uncertain about bryce that there's this very negative q one so the downside is limited and there are many buyers waiting to accumulate during major right and
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a lot of analysts experts are predicting that the current will reach 222-5005 early next year which that number is obviously not surprising to hear but more of our companies we're seeing are starting to invest in bitcoin right massachusetts mutual life insurance they've just bought 100000000 quinn for a general investment account now we're seeing micro strategy to also doing another big purchase of big what are these companies seeing is it kind of just seeing the wall there it's going to make a lot of money for them in the long run. well what they're seeing is the best investment opportunity of the year and they're trying to jump on board a plane because look big quine is up 170 percent this year and that's on top of the 90 percent gain it's had 2019 is doing and has risen by 300 percent over the last 12 months so what other asset before this well there's really no comparison at all right now so these traditional institutional investors are trying very hard to
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catch up after sitting in silence for so long thinking that the currency is just another fad that will never last or never scale and yeah early on that was a good point one could argue that could just be another sell come out just like the drones are wearable tech seems like a burned out and overdone but no they've been proven dead wrong because no fad has ever lasted for 12 years gained international attention and strike fears with the reigning governments over the potential to replace so as you said micro strategy they are doubling down on its conviction and big client announcing friday that they raise 650000000 dollars worth of convertible bonds in order to finance more purchases and this was after it announced earlier this year that it would convert most of its balance sheet to big quite so that company currently sits on 40000 $824.00 big points with just over $700000000.00 worth own and they're one of the largest corporate owners now. allow a lot we're getting into here but you also mentioned that right now big question is
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kind of like the go to right will j.p. morgan just issued a report saying that growing big quinn adoption is going to continue to hurt the gold market as it has been lately do you think it will replace gold. well it has obviously i think we're talking about that drop goal a campaign almost 2 years ago only said that didn't quite takes every single box that goal provides and safety asset but performs even better and clearly 2020 is the year that institutional is recognized to 2 and you see it clearly with the mark with the declining and close of funds allocated to gold exchange fund since october as a flows as they flowed into it quite as almost simultaneously so that represented a transfer of billions in cash 7000000000 dollars in fact in outflows from gold the has now poured into big quite so clearly not something that peter schiff will like it here but we call it quite digital gold for a reason it's completely fungible like gold but it's also way more affordable
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durable divisible verifiable censorship resistance and scarcer than gold it's also just as durable and way more decentralized so as time goes on bit quiet becomes more established and it will clearly be the asset of choice in the future so the adoption of big institutional has just begun and in the medium to long term the price of gold will suffer from a structural head when as it will no longer be the facto safety asset so currently only accounts for point 18 percent of family office asset compared with $3.00 for gold yes so any small movement of funds from gold to point will represent billions fortunately we're out of time but co-host and big expert christy i thank you so much for being with us today. we may be in the last months of the trumpet ministration but that is not slowing down the push from the administration and its push against china and its tech companies so what's the goal here what is a trump and ministration hoping to accomplish joining us now to discuss.
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investigative journalist ben swan and jeffrey tucker editorial director of the american institute for economic research don't i feel like we keep talking about this time and time again there are always new updates to this news jeffrey how do you see i know i've talked about this before with ben but i want your take on how you see the incoming biden administration's relationship with china are they going to continue this hard line relationship fostered by president trump. the rhetoric will be there but the reality won't be what you see in these last months of the trumpet ministration and some x. and i must tell you from a personal point of view it all breaks my heart because of in many great aspects of the trumpet ministration but there is somehow some reason the chap administration is special lies in now in what it's worse than that which is you know this protectionist nationalism in particular the campaign against china look he promised this when he ran in 2016 and he wants to make good on his promises of but the problem is this is going to massive the isolate the us even more cell from you know
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a future of technology a flute shooter of globalism we're recreating huge walls that's only going to increase the isolation of of american companies and it's going to drive capital out of this country and this is what trump administration has done and it's what's weird to me is that it's all happening in the singular influence of this basically this $11.00 man donald trump and his his absurd obsession with with driving a wall between the u.s. and china is what he promised to do so 2016 so that's what is going to try to do before the india i mean i i i i i actually wonder to what extent did the turn against the trump ministration last 3 years on the part of the u.s. corporate establishment and and the beer and the diplomatic establishment was driven by the horror of the decline of u.s.
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china relations that that has been seen and that part of the impetus for behind the by administrations in fact to try to repair that relationship well then slowly and carefully it's interesting because both the republicans and democrats they had or at least the push to try to get china or at least confront them on these tariffs they said they've been a beatrice all along on these tariffs so that's why trump. this so-called trade war much like jeffrey said it it's like trying to do this here because he's running out of time and make good on his promises what exactly is a reason or another reason the term administration really is continuing to push on these policies weeks before he's out of office i think it is a couple of things i think it's summonses legacy but it also kind of puts biden in the corner a little bit but before we go to that couple things on this you know democrats and republicans your rights are have talked about it for a long time no one's ever done anything about it i mean american leadership has
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done nothing to rein in china no i would say almost verbatim everything that jeffrey just said at my core i agree with but here's where i would reserve myself is to say maybe i'm wrong maybe there is something that this administration sees or that donald trump himself sees that history will prove him correct i don't necessarily know that will be the case but maybe it will but maybe there is something that we'll find out about chinese tech in about his effort because whether you agree with him or not here's the indisputable facts the trump administration has absolutely greatly slowed chinese tack and has has stopped chinese tech from outpacing the u.s. for the last 4 years there's no question that's happened while way way ahead of the rest of the world in terms of phones and yet now they barely are able to get an operating system put together we didn't think it would work i did not think that the troubled ministrations plan would work out at mit but i was wrong it absolutely has work doesn't mean i agree with it but it has worked same thing with the chip manufacturers in semiconductors that you the drug administration has prevented
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chinese largest. chip maker and similarly conductor chip maker to no longer be able to get parts in order to create semiconductor chips they were able to do that and here's the thing that goes on from here is that forget about whether or not you know it ties the biden administration's hands what trump has very successfully done is he has gotten the rest of the world to go along with this cutting while way out of 5 g. technology stopping the purchase of these. the world not just here in the usa with biden decides he wants to go back and restore a lot of these trade agreements he'll be doing so oh part from the rest of the world which i find fascinating again i'm not saying i agree with it or even advocate for it but certainly has been successful and part of it could be trying to shore himself up if he does decide to run again in 4 years to say see i was tough on china and these guys let him loose and look what they did over the last 4 years i hear exactly what you're saying and it does sound like they're kind of cornering biden up and setting himself setting him up to see what he does or what that
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ministration we know we talked about it with richard wolffe earlier this week about how he was invited ministration a split on how to confront china and how to proceed and handle it jeffrey biden has said that he will work with china if they play by these international rules but what about everything that ben just said the restoration has created this international agreement to really boycott chinese tech with other countries. i see this is a lot of cosmetics to tell you the truth i think there's a lot of things that are going on behind the scenes the u.s. china integration had had gone a very very long way over the previous 10 years trump what trump did flew in the face of of like the most powerful interests in the world and by that i don't mean they're all bad guys are right we're talking about diplomacy and global technology and what we're trying to do is really quite shocking and fact i think that's probably why he's not going to be president you know which sounds a lot maybe
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a little bit like conspiracy theory you know but but but trump literally reversed 70 years of progress towards an integrated global economy and he did it on his own and i don't think you would you do something like that without pain some sort of price so what i'm guessing the is that under biden yeah there may be splits within the administration but but you know there's a reason the chamber of commerce and so on did not endorse trump right and it's not just immigration it's u.s. trade relations with china and diplomatic relations with china over the long term you know pay no attention the headlines and so on there's a lot of things going on underneath the surface the biden ministration is going to try to repair some of the damage that's been done to us china relations over the last 3 years. and i think it's the start of a of a new era a lot of people are not going to like that and maybe ben's right that there could be some downside to it but whatever the short term riff here i think in 5 years
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where you see is that this this strange 3 years we've been through will be a kind of a blip on the. and a long trajectory towards the complete integration of the global economy technologically and industrially and other lines covering a lot of the trade war that you know for the past 4 years myself travel to china i'm really interested to see how this plays out and how the biden minutes. mission handles that one thing's for sure that we know at least is that biden is a little or could be more predictable than president trump so i'm going to continue to follow this gentleman i was a great discussion thank you both so much for your time but ben swan and jeffrey tucker. thank you. time now for a quick break but when we come back it looks like astra zeneca is now working with the highly criticized russian sputnik 5 sharing data on the current a virus vaccine we have a full report on what that looks like as we go to break here the numbers at the close.
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are discussing a new school of economics alium economics this israeli brought about by negative interest rates means contact with the galactic federation. of libya souza say. the people there won't be cheap 1st and then through and through all that come through so let's the idea is their right to scold us come he said to me give them everything to do to bust.
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this country because this is what we don't understand how we are in such contracts . etc since in the months of the us in terms of noticing i'm going to. assume to run up a little similar symbol. why do you need one because if you feel if the middle of kong were not that god can we believe again with the phone about the computer with the plane. to come back to the place story you have to see. it at least in the best. you don't mind just the commission on that.
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along today much of the not of. the economic time ever more than last sept is that. most of the. global markets are mixed this week despite progress on a covert 19 vaccine
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a lot of uncertainty still over us stimulus talks and no deal bragged that we start in russia where the molex is up hitting record highs on vaccine needed the ruble fell off 4 month highs russian toy retailer debt's key mirror was up 6 percent on friday as all tos capital looked to buy a 29.9 percent stake in the company china's shanghai composite lost nearly 3 percent on the week iron and steel shares took a hit showing talk new materials co lost more than 6 percent on friday alone 2 others shed more than 4 percent during the week final session soybean stocks did however see some gains in hong kong we hung saying. down 1.2 percent with some gains on friday after chief executive carrie lamb announced hong kong reached huge deals with vaccine manufacturers in iraq and pfizer securing 15000000 doses in japan we're seeing the same here a red arrow it's down losing under half a percent on friday toyota did gain 4 and
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a half percent on friday alone softbank nearly 11 percent on thursday on its door dash steak hitting some record highs india's sense x. is in the green this week on thursday the index saw its 1st decline though in 5 days agriculture comical maker u p l lost 11 percent on thursday its largest decline since march on news that the company siphoned off money in australia the a.s.x. is of for the 6th straight week on friday the index struggled on news the university of queensland and c.s.l. stopped kovan one team vaccine trials this came after data showed it could interfere with hiv diagnosis c.s.l. lost 3 percent on the news in south africa the all share is down with a big drop in manufacturing the rand hit 10 month highs earlier this week after data showed a better than expected recovery in the 3rd quarter of 2020 in europe we start in london where the footsie is green the pan here p.
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and stocks $600.00 fell one percent on friday after british prime minister boris johnson said there is a strong possibility of a no deal drugs it but pfizer and biotechs 1st stage vaccine rollout helped push those markets up the german dax and the the french cac however there in the red on friday both fell on e.u. u.k. concerns and that lack of us stimulus germany's inflation rate fell to negative point 3 percent in november that's the 4th month this year the number has been negative over to brazil that hugo best buy in the green the real rallied on thursday after the country's central bank kept its benchmark interest rate at a record low. low of 2 percent but it did point to a positive rate hike in the future just north of mexico where the b.m.v. is down the government said it could order an additional $22000000.00 doses of a covert back seen from johnson and johnson but those stimulus woes in the u.s.
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they just keep dragging down the index and here in the united states we have all red arrows the dow the s. and p. and the nasdaq and best years are concerned over stimulus and an omnibus spending bill the vaccine optimism remains after the f.d.a. gave the green light to pfizer's oxygene finally in canada the ts x. is in the green it's after 68 days of gains the index slightly dropped on wednesday going into thursday it knocked off its highest point since the start of the pandemic and that is a global market walk. global coronavirus cases are currently just under 70000000 the death toll is near 1600000 and it continues to climb the u.s. saw its worst week of cases and deaths those numbers are at record highs and some say it's only going to get worse and now russia sputnik by vaccine is gaining
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acceptance outside of the obvious circles but this doesn't include the united states the anti kovan $1000.00 vaccine will now play a part in a study which includes russian and u.k. scientists who hope to utilize their competing products to create a more effective mix made up of the 2 artes alex mahela which has a story that's called the 19 infections reached new heights around the world scientists are putting their heads together to fight the pandemic bruce from a surgical giant astra zeneca announced a clinical trial program to assess the safety immunogenicity of a combination of easier. 1222 developed by astra zeneca at oxford university and sputnik be developed by the russian government research institute in the unexpected move russian and british scientists are teaming up to see if protection against the corona virus can be improved by combining russia's sputnik vaccine with the astra
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zeneca virus fighter developed at oxford university hopes are that a cocktail of the 2 might create a stronger and or longer lasting vaccine for many up to now the idea of russians and brits working together to fight covert 19 may have seemed implausible in august the b.b.c. wrote russia's registration of sputnik has raised concerns about short cutting the normal process and just days ago the b.b.c. reported that sputnik v. has been rushed out to where we russians while backing the fast tracking of domestic vaccines the western media has worked hard to discredit the russian jab venture the competition is firstly being politicized and secondly dirty methods are being used to discredit our vaccine however sputnik is the 1st vaccine to have been produced it's secure good and in demand both the oxford and sputnik vaccines used harmless adenoviruses to fight covert 19 meanwhile russia's vaccine is
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growing in popularity as a solo contender about 50 countries have expressed interest in purchasing sputnik v argentina has already made a major investment. we will be able to count on enough doses to vaccinate $10000000.00 argentines between january and february and while russian citizens are getting vaccinated for free the world's 1st registered coronavirus vaccine is priced at a competitive 10 dollars per shot for international buyers as sputnik v. seems to be taking the world by storm other vaccines have also been given the thumbs up for distribution. among others china has rolled out a homegrown vaccine in that country and as far away as the middle east in the u.s. the f.d.a. voted to approve the pfizer beyond tech vaccine which was also given the green light in canada the u.k. bus train and saudi arabia the e.u. is also moving in that direction as it waits for the word from the european medical
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agency we aim to also rise the biotech size of vaccine by the end of the subject to and most opinion and most opinion on the more down the vaccine should we come before general re and a rolling review of data doesn't it to oxford and johnson and johnson vaccines is ongoing countries around the world are eager to stop the virus in its tracks and many are betting on back scenes to do the job for boom bust on alex my high leverage. the latest space x. launch ended in a spectacular fireball but c.e.o. elon musk is calling it a success this week the space x. starship of launch several miles into the atmosphere this part is a major accomplishment musk is hoping this will be the ship which will then carry people to mars and as little as 6 years but once a ship came down from it why it landed just a little too fast it's expected to be
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a total loss of the prototype however compare that to earlier prototype which never actually left the ground that's all for now a catch boom bust on demand on a brand new portable t.v. app i see you next time. russian television is on the demonstrators right now the propaganda machine. it's always russia. miracle. legal. i'm feeling the saw. the lawyers.
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branches just shoot on disk in the. least you. know new car so said i'm not going to much to me mamma is just our. human history has always seen continuous war open source but in recent years it seems to have become more intense the platforming is no common practice and public scrutiny of a permanent feature where do we all stand on the battlefield of belief. the
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us drug regulator upriver surprise or is kodak team for emergency use amid reports of the agency's head being threatened by the white house today our nation has achieved a medical miracle it will save millions of lives and soon end the pandemic once and for all. the new though projects the use of emergency authorization saying that safety it must come 1st and also wants to roll out certificates for those who have been inoculated. again. people will feel pressured into getting the vaccine i guess debate the issue. but one thing i would say to the european union is if you stop having so much bureaucracy.


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