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landed her with the likes of putin no less was saying that women are women you know biologically. so the scientific definition of a woman but rollin cost a spell and then double down notice to the fury of fans we couldn't care less what people identifies you can be whatever you want to be for all i care obviously this is a more complicated issue but really 7th greatest disruptor for 2021 . i could theoretically keep going on about politico's cheap click baiting trying to tell the fortunes of an entire culture of the by during names out of the hat and assigning them to a category based on what they've already done so based on the past health i actually think political would have had more luck and be more accurate using t.v.'s . clashes have continued in albania for
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a month was sheltered by officers and forcing a coronavirus curfew in protestors through flares and fireworks people respond with water killing dozens of protesters being arrested a warning the next video contains disturbing images nearly 300 dead sealed up in phone along russia's. some scientists suspect a virus led to. all this is going on earlier this year and seals were part of russia's there's been danger. and finally a constant light show from the russian arctic these images were captured last night the city of mermaids the northern lights are another troll phenomenon caused by charged particles from the sun flushing with in the upper up must fear this time it was much brighter than usual due to a powerful my kinetic storm lasted a full 2 hours on. a proper don't stray too far more great
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programs get going in moments. her last for a. few . weeks. thank. you.
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thank you thank you thank you thank. you. for this collage columns laugh and ask was asked of me and seeing i downloaded it for the watch for the night they can post i'm going to do which is about the fun of most going out now because of anya had a what are you more show proof for that i mean will have to do if not stay at the show oh yeah. you. are so set on the open much to me mamma says that are. such.
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there is no solution. 8 children 6 brothers and 2 sisters from the of the shank of families suddenly became all fans. thought to walk to. the would. not. seen and on what is. in a mind whoosh the one you waited to him and you get. as if by a little magic child services did allow christina the eldest sister to keep the children in her camp when you budget. in the daily news but i didn't. need to page on me if you don't want me i wouldn't want to give the bride.
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one push scotto. you don't. see you. shoot on. your show. and christina is both mom and is already over 18 and independent producer joe still. visited. to raise a brother some younger sister christina dropped out of college she used to dream of becoming a pastry chef but instead became a mom what she. wanted what. paul
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west all of your show national all that if you live to teach d.t.h. . this family of children follows an adult routine the youngest go to school each morning all by themselves in a meal by a village and the oldest attend a vocational school in tone of voice you have interesting of science you don't because of us inside tickle but of course john stossel probably add. cut off any but if. you think you. just let.
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him. stay until he had a good idea. that. you are screwy for new. there that you know. while you are on the right thank you lynn against to sleep a little longer. he goes to school in his home village as they call it him. most of all costs so although much not so much moving.
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the children run a very adult farm so you have cowles peg's chickens rabbits 3 cats 2 dogs and cools you and moshe to those. that aren't mentioned. we're not pretty. good at math. me choke. you know. my question based on. that. visit or the seers you. buy yet or notion
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dashing out i knew the touch of water and the song but always surprised so boxers award their critics. so good on some but i pasted them way over those additional troops pleasing the c.e.o. of. this mobile plan we're only quite. sure when you buy it and goodness you should do those and as usual are good. for you i shall look with you all. we do with those who want dollars and i've now could you. do a bit of work usually. but . if. you don't come through she was.
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9 years ago. when the last letter after a long monday. was nowhere near. like you want to ask. him what. value it is only 11 but they call him paul for a reason for one it's difficult to do one that this frenzy to probably outsmart the evening. while the father was alive he told the boys everything milking kells chopping wood moping building fixing in a word to work and then i might have got off the elf. she said you i thank you for the job. jess. that you follow the cook talk that i know you don't feel i'm trying to feel close to know. someone you don't. know but i did later in the off to move in the oldest boys i'm dry on our return from
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vocational school thank god there where there are just 2 girls just ship the one portion of oman proper grown up with christian rich and. mature to use in this world as portion was false and i just know spiritual told them by my grandchildren what should the scar i vote for our votes for should. so it's created huge interest in. the supposed to be shorter than a g.p. elsewhere so far so it will mean. that. it will. be a point which you could move to by us betsy that you'll be the christina of the of
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the proud i don't come forth night school kid school was good q why don't you grade b. got. it. well the so it should shoot . was there but. no mate. yeah oh. yeah oh those who. made it great are best forward of what is your. home ground. when christina story hit the internet people from across the country offered support all asking the same question how can we help a kid that i mean you would see and they could both of you know that the mission i went on didn't take up in time to get
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a. as a vocalist he has to book a couple of the study out of what you got out of with instead of what you need it up but dog stand up ok oh boy in all honesty. see the dog 1st picture being me and want. to see little but sure will see will not all the people move. to group which are still around those to implement it was needed doing would be good to cook food to doom blue movie did. she. could keep that gently ask why though keep a good thought i did but as the place so i did but i told him one don't. stand so it's lois as though out of social or whatever then you brought on sort of
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what you mean as the folks by name yesterday 20 years thing you could upgrade to it would add to it when you finished. every once in a while the fish was visit the farm to make sure that christina can still handle being a foster mom. should. continue to. implement it no wonder you are shooting at us. oh oh shit i was a child. then just a good. one to like it and move on the right moment when you will get you in your car can you. actually know you can it's we do it. michelle because matthew don't just look at it like a prick if you just didn't know much and. you. have so much you want. to just trust the
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best then be just. the harshest. ok you chose that both of you not to feel. i'm. not going to finish i'm too much of a muslim that i'm i'm not i'm pretty good but still no person wanted to show her show. the 1st one to a 1000 years training and shall not one surprise have come to digits for your chums i knew my. chum went on up in the hundreds then you might wish to deal into well the most he's new. most of the christian able to cut. this from. their terms.
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we are discussing a new school of economics alium economics this is really brought about by big debaters traits be it's contact with the galactic federation. e.g. . at the start of a way out of what i mean why it did to all the charge india. and yes the listeria thing if we have new mom in power. we should. be sure. that there were you usual. on the new you were really proud of
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what we. would tell you got us up when you which would be only years ago. decided to push through into the night to this one of the. water which the book was no climates at the. time we haven't been laid to. rest on finishing in the. car so it. looks at the ocean on which. i'm a good focal guus during the new production zone lieut. it's not just the show for the audition it's. but who. is it i'm you know if you want to
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send it to or you go into any of those things you know that was a. quiz show. just some good ideas that is yes so are you up do you have the thing that i missed the way mine in the national bible when we had to bring is now and then they're going to come out that is i mean. which thought. elizabeth a poke a village and she up in screen was founded by call 642. which would you put them well because i know but they're not exactly going to be profane
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when we speak maybe you are from the village did have a church which was destroyed but it has 2 wooden school buildings locals recently restored the church that now stands next to a memorial to the great patriotic wall the monument is scrupulously careful and today it's been 3 cleanup day. you have to show because of having to clean up day to day need to tidy the yard and that's why we set us 1000 plus i don't want to say well but here don't worry as it said the residents now moved out of course but went the way he did so when you know we'll ask. you.
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today does a village meeting to elect. it's no joking matter without one the lifestyle could be stolen the only candidate so your just pulled out saying he has no horse and you can't be a herdsman without a horse. to pull. this off. surely it's usually your idea that here we are actually you know we're out there yes nature what did you do the only one you know was still before. you go that was. what it is a man. that loves you dearly for. sure. yet you. did a good deal with your
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a guy who it could. be. that very night a cow escaped from the optician cause that's what happens when there's no village or. nothing. you know. very well the older boys argue about who'll be. goes looking for the runaway cow. we've got of you go. still. plus we peel good night upon the new boys. on our.
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own but of course. as more you must act. what is. normal. for the next. after spending an hour looking for the cow all around the village. is that it came back ages ago. it. was in within the sky they looked at those holes you know nobody will go and if we said them. the next morning the children learn that they have lost one of the 2 hamsters i never. hear. you seen. i don't know that he does he do you have to show.
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yes they need to but i don't see any way to share. a laugh. so that christine the red violet combined budgie they go to the district capital cuts a leap which is an hour away. the older brothers are ready waiting and without knowing a thing about it the search begins but finding bugs in a small town isn't as easy as they thought.
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it might be a long in coming in. that i think i'll see that it's a. bit different. but i feed to the face in a mushroom. that you. can hold. we think 0.
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one of the our. the younger one pretends to be asleep as soon as joshua falls asleep thank god not to blow up the looms they want tomorrow to be a day full of surprises for the show. all the. same. but minute mr armstrong i don't think.
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6 he. wants. that she. is. but i know that if you put in only a. few interest for me cheaper. who are. you know. yes. right
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it is being yes. yes being yes i believe. yes i'm not up to no good i mean just so i tell you i'm going to try my shot 1st you know and here is this question mr president as numerous didn't do in this decision is that. there is no do you think that we're still far ahead of the don't think of your character here. 'd that i. believe anything. that. says you do or do you call him or did walled garden walls do you think it's you morning to both of you since you want to cue ball going all of the local.
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mall you are you. going to costco come in. and the town. is going to squabble between. the 2 which is how they're going to cook with it was to look down upon the guys to continue with the foam ok. you must because it could be an additional don't want to see it out that's who planted him you're going to the nation's thing you might see democracy because that but those foundations gnashed recession would seem to. lucas because they mention. so who are those could be. you. can. make this. number i would. be sure. 7 i could go see him
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go ask you for his. israel media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us
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in the depths. or inmate in the shallowness. demonstrators clashed with police in paris in protest against the new security bill those rallying say it would make it harder to prosecute cases of abuse scores of arrests something made so far today. armenian forces are accused. of a telling their military positions in the disputed region and in a part of violation of a month long cease far we've got a reaction on coming up. on the u.s. drug regulator approves the by.


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