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thank you john thank you thank. you. for those collaged along with a lot of fans that ask was asked of me and seeing i downloaded it for the brides for the night they conversed i'm going to do which is a but i. don't know now because i'm running in a way that i want to anymore show proof for that i mean blow to not stay at the show. you. know a new car so said i'm not going much to you mamma says that i'm yang and.
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there is this edition. of. 3 children 6 brothers and 2 sisters from the you have the strength of families suddenly became all forms powerful move lots thought to walk to but not the word. blood that's adopted us to not stall or babo board our. mama don't but also when you can you change to. tina. what is short. when we don't need to get. does if by a little magic child services did allow christina the oldest sister to keep the children in her care when you buy just. the dynamics but i didn't settle for why
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don't we show on we should push you on the one thing i wouldn't want to give the bride. to push school so. she was. going to choose to shoot on disc in the. show your show. goes to. kristina ribose mom and is already over 18 and independent. to raise a brotherson youngest sister christina dropped out of college she used to dream of becoming a pastry chef but instead became a mom what she. cheats i went on what. love to be on that pop on the
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up and those. 4 children. all of us from of. all that have lived to teach today. this family of children follows an adult routine the youngest go to school each morning. all by themselves in a nearby village and the oldest attend a vocational school in tone of voice you just thought you had to sing of sad you don't because of us decide to compose of course john stossel. cut off quoting me to me but if. c you think you do but.
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first let. me add a. thought. you are screwy for new. but you. know our. thank you against to sleep a little longer. he goes to school in his home village as they call it him. bus loads of all cars so ships all over much not so much moving.
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the children run a very adult farm so you have cowles pigs chickens rabbits 3 cats 2 dogs and calls you a mushroom the hamsters. that aren't mentioned. now. but it. me choke.
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you know. this. that. is it. is seriously. by yet or notion. i knew the touch of water and the song but always surprised so boxers award their critics. so good on some but i pasted them way over those additional troops policing the c.e.o. of. this plan molly oh. sure it's a menu button good as you should do those are good sure to. you i shall look at both of you. with those who want dollars and i've no idea. but i will usually. yeah.
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but. if. you don't come through she was. 9 years ago. one last question after a long monday. who was nowhere near. yes. valuer is only 11 but they call him paul for a reason for one it's difficult to do one that this frenzy to probably outsmart the evening. while their father was alive he told the boys everything milking kells chopping wood moping building fixing in a word to work and then i might have got off the elf. she said you i thank you for the job. jeff. that you follow the cook talk that
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i know you don't feel i'm trying to feel close to knowing someone you don't. know but i did later in the off to move in the oldest boys i'm dry on our return from vocational school thank you otoh where there are just 2 girl just the one or course we're both people don't work with christian rich and. mature to use in this world as fortunate as that's from the sun i just know it's their actual building by migrants doing just what should the score i vote for our votes for sure. so it's created huge interest in. this president is shorter than a g.p. elsewhere so far so it will mean. that if you. are all right in. fact.
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it will. be a point which lets you see who buddy at its best see because christina put out a little boy's night school kids clear because it's human rights going to great beaks got. it. it will destroy it should shoot. let it go it. was there but. no mate but yeah. all of us who. made it great are the forwards who didn't you know. when christina story hit the internet people from across the country offered
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support all asking the same question how could we help a kid that i mean you would see and they could both of you know that the mission i went on didn't take that up. in the. as a vocalist he asked for the book up to look at the stereo to watch her daughter with instead of looking at them but dog standing ok oh boy when the long is the up see the dog 1st picture being me of our. little but sure soon will not all the people moved here to see them put charles to those to implement it was needed doing would be good to cook food to doom blue movie because she. could keep their. cry though. to do it as the place so i did but i told him one
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don't. stand so it's lois as though i was so shocked or whatever then you brought on so i don't want to miss the folks by name mr stanton yes tim you could upgrade to it but i would add to it when you finished. every once in a while officials visit the farm to make sure that christina can still handle being a foster mom. should. continue. into one that had no one noticing it yet. oh oh shit i was a child. then just a good book i'm. sure like it didn't move us for the right moment when you know that you have got a new contract and you can it's we really can't solution because not too much to do just look at regular if you just didn't know much and. you.
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have so much want. to just trust the best but then be just. so harsh. thank you south i'm not upset enough to be up and down. the road not going to punish them too much and a muslim or so on that monotone but i don't i stand there plus wanted to from watching man stop so what are strong but i do keep us monty at times a question is financial. will not run fast but i have come to dangerous for you tom jones and he lives of doma joementum up to no one knows any minus the jail and well the most teenager. most of the christian able to to cut. the skin of an. airplane to own homes.
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little simple spiros mean sure you read all of those lists nissho to show you just what that also has been. but so the progress we're doing wants to roll. the video
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that you will quickly see the us will do quickly and you months alone. when you wash the body but it's all profit and you must write up the quote above though but i will use well most of them to stay do it in you mustn't those legit want to keep the most of them there will still police and you will roll it over to sheldon what all the money. will have to still stood still is like god that only goes with that in the us those days i need some i would put in that would know more than the buddhists. the world is driven by a dream shaped person. who
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. the jaffa chastity genius. at the status of my i don't want to i mean my own time. and yes that is directing you can't be mommy. you should keep the monkey you saw at least you. lungs please he should. not go will you push your mortal on the new one reason foundation will eat.
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up when you which would be only years i. decided to push through into the night of this cordoba. walk which the book was no climates at the. time we haven't been in a. car so. much news the news i'm a good folk. who lieut. it's not just the show but the others and if it's. but who. is it i'm you know if you want to send it to all you go into any of those things you need to. quit.
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just a bit of this but as yet so are you up do you have this thing that i wish them a minute in the next 5 when we had to bend is now and then they're going to come out. and which thought. elizabeth a poke of in a gypsy up in screen was founded by cossacks in 842. which would you put them well because i know that they're not exactly going to be profane what will make you better the village did have a church which was destroyed but it has 2 wooden school buildings locals recently
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restored the church that now stands next to a memorial to the great patriotic wall the monument is scrupulously careful and today is voluntary cleanup day. that you have to show because of having a clean up day too they need to tidy the yard and the 3rd 1000 plus they don't want to hear don't worry as it said the residents now moved out of course but when there was no one yeah we'll ask.
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today there's a village meeting to elect. it's no joking matter without one the livestock could be stolen the only candidate so you just pulled out saying he has no horse and you can't be a herdsman without a horse. surely if you show your id that you actually actually do you know a lot of various they just want you to do it a bit later when you know it was still before. you go that was. what it is a man. that loves you dearly for. sure. yet you. feel with your god who would cook. you would you be.
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very nice a cow escaped from the fishing cause that's what happens when there's no village. yeah. right while the older boys argue about who'll be. goes looking for the runaway cow. whoop good of you go. plus we peel good night and then you put. on our. arab allies that are supposed to do when you're not.
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you. know what. we're. after spending an hour looking for the cow all around the village. is that it came back ages ago. it. was in within the sky they looked at those holes you know nobody knows the way if we said that. the next morning the children that they've lost one of the 2 hamsters . here. you see in. i don't know that he does he do you have to show.
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your d.v.d.'s they need to but i don't want to share. a laugh. so that christine the red violet combined budgie they go to the district capitol cuts a leap which is an hour away. the older brothers are ready waiting and without knowing a thing about it the search begins but finding bugs in a small town isn't as easy as they thought. of my coupon mom and telling him. that i think i'm safe that it's
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a. bit different. but i feed to the. towel. and hope. if you.
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bill are. the younger one pretends to be asleep as soon as the show falls asleep they've got to blow up the looms so you want tomorrow to be a day full of surprises for the show. mulder. position at. the end but minute news that i'm wrong. that. 6 he.
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wants and. that she. is. but i know that the only that's who. it was for me. who are. you know. yes. right and you know it is being. read being yeah i read.
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yes i'm glad i didn't i mean just so i tell you i'm going to try my shot for you. and here is this question mr but there are terrorists in there with their shoes edition is that. there is no you do you think we're still far ahead of the don't think of your character here. that i. believe anything. that you do don't you call him or did wall garden walls you think it's you morning to both of you since you want to cue ball gone all mobile.
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small you are you. going to come in. and the town. is going to squabble between. the 2 which is how they're going to cook with it was to go down by my guys to continue with the film ok. you must because they don't want to see it up as who planted him you're going to then you shouldn't say new line cinema was because that but those conditions nasht recession would even. lucas cause a national. so who are. there could be. in. this. number i would. be sure. to all say have got to go see you. he
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is doing. we are discussing a new school of economics alium economics this israeli brought about by negative interest rates means contact with the galactic federation. saying. look there won't be cheap. and then through and through all the countries so let's. get right to go through this company he said to me give them everything you do to pass. this country. this is what we don't understand how we are in such contracts.
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let us until the month of the same time. you're saying i'm going to. the soon to run up a similar symbol. why do you need one of those if you feel if the minerals of kong were not there got a good mood believe me again with the phone about the food stamp with the flame. would come back to the place story you have to see. to. move. human history has always seen continuous war opensource but in recent years it seems to have become more intense the platforming is no common practice and public scrutiny a permanent feature of where do we all stand on the battlefield of belief. i
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. demonstrated this clash with police. critics say it would make it harder to prosecute police brutality. accused of attacking its military positions in the disputed region an apparent violation of the cease fire. and republican. presidential elections were shot down by the supreme court party officials. within the country. from moscow thanks for joining us.


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