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for tad as the electoral college casts its votes ceiling joe biden's when trump announces his attorney general will resign after voicing disappointment in his lack of action on voter fraud allegations and his handling of a probe into biden's son hunter. rolled out across the largest country in the world every region in russia prepares to give vaccinations in the hopes of avoiding a hard lockdowns over the festive period. hospitality workers in paris protest against a covert lockdown until mid january with many businesses on the verge of collapse. dirty dealing r t films the drug gangs taking over parts of berlin as police report
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a rise in their activity since last summer in the german capital. broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow recapping the week's top stories that was yesterday very. fresh news for you today let's start across the united states and members of the electoral college have met to cast their votes for the country's next president and put joe biden officially across the line in an address to the country biden emphasized the importance of his margin of victory. biggest voter turnout in the history of the united states of america a number so big that this election now ranks as the clearest demonstration of the true will of the american people one of the most amazing demonstrations of civic duty we've ever seen in our country should be celebrated not attacked
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meanwhile donald trump has announced the resignation of attorney general bill barr previously suggesting he had not done enough to investigate claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential race nor to look into allegations of corruption in the foreign business dealings of joe biden's son hunter artes and has more. well just as the electoral college votes are being cast paving the way for joe biden to take the oath of office this january we have reports that william barr the u.s. attorney general is stepping down he is resigning he will stop being the u.s. attorney general shortly before the christmas holiday a successor has been chosen now reports indicate that donald trump was increasingly unhappy with william barr william barr apparently advised prosecutors not to make public the fact that joe biden's son hunter biden was being investigated for his international business connections and possible foul play that donald trump was
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frustrated that that did not become public knowledge during the election he felt that this showed a level of partisanship toward joe biden furthermore we also understand donald trump has been unhappy with barr and his unwillingness to investigate allegations of voter fraud allegations of corruption allegations about the u.s. presidential election itself so amid reports that donald trump is increasingly frustrated with william barr we now see that he will be resigning shortly donald trump announcing that resignation on twitter it's important to note that you know at this point the electoral college has cast their votes and many people may not be aware that the usa does not have a popular vote to elect the president now doesn't really make a difference in this case because joe biden has won the popular vote is in the lead in the popular vote by roughly 7000000 votes but regardless every state every one of the u.s. states has a number of electors they then cast their vote in the electoral college and now occasionally in u.s. history there have been individuals they refer to as faithless electors who vote
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differently then their respective state assigned them to or however. they're generally not a factor there were some faithless electors in 2016 but this time around that does not appear to be the case but donald trump is still not conceding donald trump says he is the legitimate winner of the 2020 election this is donald trump. it's not over we keep going and we're going to continue to go forward we have numerous local cases where you know in some of the states a good rig from the from us now there was a last ditch effort to try and to try and you know when the white house for trump in the supreme court we saw the state of texas file to have the results in the state of georgia in pennsylvania michigan and wisconsin overturned based on allegations of fraud the supreme court opted not to hear the case they threw it out of court and as a result of today's electoral college voting proceeded and there was
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a vote and it joe biden has pulled ahead as the clear winner of that vote with a clear majority now in the aftermath of the supreme court turning down trumps trumps proposal and trumps case and the texas intervention we saw leaders of the texas republican party talk about the need to form some kind of union of what they're referring to as a law abiding states to the supreme court and tossing the texas lawsuit has decreed that a state can take unconstitutional actions and violate its own election law perhaps law abiding states should bond together and form a union of states that will abide by the constitution now divisions in the united states are intensifying there have been repeated clashes between the left wing and right wing protesters across the country just this weekend in olympia washington we saw crowds of proud boys that's a right wing organization clashing with left wing activists and there was violence the police actually declared the situation to be
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a riot after shots were fired let's review some of the unrest that's been taking place. it's pretty clear that on january 20th joe biden will be sworn in as the $46.00 president of the united states it'll be on january 6th that congress approves the electoral college votes and that seems to be pretty unstoppable at this point however that's unlikely to reunify the country there's a lot of distrust a lot of anger a lot of animosity from supporters feel this election was stolen from them trump's opponents are still very angry about things that have gone on over the last 4 years
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and it's very unlikely that the inauguration of joe biden is going to simply heal these wounds a lot of deep divisions and u.s. society. russia has fast tracked the rollout of that sputnik can be vaccine to reach every region for the new year period in some parts of the country the vaccination program is already underway it is hoped it will bring down daily infections which peaked here in russia at the start of the month and he's done quarter has more on today's developments. today's the day that sputnik vs finally made its way to every single region of russia president putin spokes person said that unlike many countries in the west there will be no strict lockdown measures for this holiday season and that likely has to do with the russian health ministries latest achievement the president's order has been executed and vaccines but she's from aspects a nation would deliver today to every region in russia vaccination is the path we should take if we have to break the spread of the disease now russia's prime
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minister has made it clear the vaccine is voluntary however it will be offered free of charge to all russian citizens medics teachers and social workers are at the front of the line to be vaccinated since their work is specifically high risk but we also heard from the prime minister that he promised 480000 vaccinations will be delivered across the country in december although inoculations have already begun in key regions like novosibirsk for example where medical workers have already taken the shot and i know just how people get to that stuff this way we're waiting for the vaccine and we're happy to be free is to know and to get the champ let's not forget sputnik he has an over 90 percent efficacy rate and russia's health minister is also saying that the latest information coming out about it is very encouraging so with over 27000 more cases recorded in the country within the past 24 hours alone this is certainly good news for the russian people it's crucially important the actual aid is bringing people as possible know that it.
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in the social you simply. can see results. on to france now where hospitality workers have gathered in paris against prolong the lockdown measures which they say are crippling their industry although some restrictions will be lifted on tuesday restaurants bars and cafes will have to stay shut right across the holidays earlier my colleague andrew farmer discussed this with archie's show dubinsky who was a protest force. of individuals from a number of different sectors the restaurant cafe impost sector but also from the tourism sector to a nervous people only entertainment venues like. venues all come out to tell the government they want to open up their business because they have had. 2020 men women saying they. see with some recent report showing that some
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90200 thousands almost half of the business is. saying that they could be closing up shop for good in the next 3 months. so i know there is some authority for businesses with up to 10000. or 20 percent. from last year but many say that that is simply not enough on the cooling on the government to do. the government has provided financial assistance but not everyone meets the criteria some restaurants tours and hotel owners just recently opened and they're not receiving help there's not enough help anyway. so popular professor cicle if the problem isn't the government's not doing enough of it the problem is that bars and restaurants are closed this is not normal there's no reason for a pandemic is not spreading from other research in france has proven the boston
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restaurants a hot spot for the virus we've come here today not to demand help for it but we reopen for what i don't. know work expenses continue to multiply accumulate but we don't have money to pay for them and we don't have money for children to do just what we can to work but we still have to flee with the current economic balance is and if it's for life that the condom on money from us if we can't earn. the current situation here are fronds is concerning the government there are almost $60000.00 individuals who could be considered to died as a result of 19 every day the infection rate is still around $10000.00 cases that is. what president papa was hoping it would be at this point the government is starting a massive screening situation in some cities across france although there have been
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criticisms over that too and of course the new part she phase of the decompile it starts on tuesday with trucks now many to consider. starting on tuesday which means that you could see that starts at 8 pm in the even knowing pm is a racially charged but there is concern that on tuesday cultural institutions were supposed to be opening they won't be opened up because traditionally many western. it is a concern that there's a possibility that january 28th which is the date they would ritually projected to be opening may not be the time when there. are many issues are there at the moment in france that a spring people act on to the streets to protest not least at the weekend we saw people. in protest over the new global security little more expected at their own more protests expected we've seen this protest over the last few weeks about the global security law and then to add fuel to the fire that there's this new
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promoting republican values law that many of the protesters who came out of the weekend said that there were certain aspects of that more which used to be known as the separatism rule which ramos they tend to cool article $24.00 from the global security bill which is incredibly controversial this idea that you would criminalize publishing people who publish images where individuals can be identified and there is no intent to harm them now there was also a huge criticism of the protest over the weekend with the police using new tactics to try and avoid similar violence we have seen over the past few weeks essentially carrying out what i would describe as a smash and grab this is where the police ram into the crowds and they take out individuals who they think are trouble makers.
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well almost $150.00 individuals were detained at the protests on saturday many of these detentions coming in the 1st hour or so of protests before it was really too much trouble and all of those detained. would journalists now there's been huge criticism about from many oprah's issues sides also from human rights groups i'm generally speaks as well and that comes as the new press freedom index between 20 shootings france is down the scale yet again it's now what number it's and for the world it was previously at number 32 in bases meaning. journalists treated in 2019 the government says it is freedom of the press he would front but these
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rankings certainly is diminishing. as parts of the u.k. face strict code of 1000 restrictions this holiday season it has been revealed that the british prime minister boris johnson was warned by top health officials that easing measures for christmas would spark a 3rd wave a relaxation of restrictions on social contact combined with the natural desire to celebrate inevitably increases the spread of the virus whilst we are not at this point asking for a change in the proposed christmas rules we are concerned that the current public debate on those rules is ignoring the significant extra risk involved. in a new 3 tier system came into force on december 2nd in england with many parts of the southeast including london now being moved into the top alert level this 3rd tier is applied to regions where the infection rate is higher while it strictly prohibited households mixing with each other and allows restaurants and bars to
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open for takeaway and delivery only all other shops and public services can remain open that includes anything from hair and beauty salons to churches and jim. well spite hoping to reduce covert cases and allow some celebrations infections are still on the rise u.k. officials have even confirmed a new variant of the virus has been detected national health service chiefs however say that they warned the government back in september about easing out of lockdown restrictions at the time the n.h.s. was reportedly treating around 500 hospitalized over 1000 patients but by december 10th the figure had soared 213000 patients we spoke to senior clinical lecturer dr bharat punk kamiya about the importance of safety measures in a month associated with families coming together. the lawyer says their case numbers are that we need to have a very restricted christmas what is important is that you are only and believable
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and trusted and you tell your people that we have a problem it is not possible to meet on 23rd 2425th of december however very soon in the new year it will become possible so that is being truthful and honest and you explain to people that the vaccines are coming and when the vaccines are coming and most people have been immunized it will be safe easy and better to meet up you don't want to be raising your glasses to say hey we miss our departed friends. the german capital has seen a massive rise in drug use as a police attempted to pin down entire districts that are said to be under the control of dealers in our sister channel r.t. german captured the troubling trend that has been building up since last year using hidden cameras.
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the intimidated me a well built young man came into my kiosk i told him to get out but he refused to and then she started grabbing me i called the police but they arrived too late so i gave a statement but nothing has changed. if nothing you can see them looking out for a potential victim and if somebody is not paying attention. to me they smash their bag or wallets.
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that i move on when i go to the station looking for a dealer i tell him what i need he takes a rubbed elbows out of his mouth the standard price for a job is just $20.00 euros i give him the money and then we go our separate ways. hugh bronson from the alternative for germany party told us of the drug problem has it deteriorated due to an insufficient response from the local authorities. the most important reason for this. trafficking is a very lenient city government they instructed police to turn a blind eye towards the drug dealers that gurlitz up ethnic groups from africa most of them rejected asylum seekers not be ported recording to them all the acting the africans are acting out. and trying to make
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a living but no illegal immigrants looking for decent work but as i said most of them rejected you saw him saying he is and should not be in this country secondly. it's arab who are dominating certain areas and. they're very very well organized and organized crime and. their word is the law and this happens not just in berlin but also in other cities in germany. the u.s. has put sanctions on its nato ally turkey over the purchase of russian f. 400 surface to air missile system u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o made the announcement on monday. turkey is a valued ally and an important regional security partner for the united states and we seek to continue our decades long history of productive defense sector cooperation by removing the obstacle of turkey's s 400 possession as soon as possible the sanctions that put a ban on all u.s.
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export licenses for turkey's defense agency presidency of defense industries and asset freezes and visa restrictions on its president is mile at a mere and 3 other top employees the sanctions threaten to damage turkey's economy while the country is struggling to cope with the coronavirus russian foreign minister sergey lavrov says the u.s. move goes against international law yet he says it comes as no surprise. i should move through this is of course another example of arrogance towards international law a manifestation of illegitimate unilateral coercive measures that the united states has been using for many years even decades left and right and of course it doesn't increase us or thora t. on the international arena where it is a responsible participant in the international division of labor including military and technical cooperation. purchased the russian s 400 defense system in july 2019
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washington had threatened to turkey with sanctions ever since claiming the system poses a threat to nato the s 400 is configured in a different way from other ground to air systems used by the alliance which means it cannot easily be incorporated into nato as wider air defenses in the region historian gerald horne believes that the u.s. stance is all about business. the only way for 30 to satisfy washington would be disciplined or sovereignty and basically a mile to the 51st us need turkey wants to buy this is $400.00 system from russia united states does not want turkey to do so because in many ways nature was just a weapons racket it's just a way for a member states to poor money into their own estates. complex know what's your read material from u.s. contractors like raytheon and boeing and all the rest turkey no longer wants to participate in that racket and they're in the conflict with regard to nato
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the expansion of nato for example to the former soviet republic of georgia may not only be to target moscow it may be in itself to target turkey as well following an expulsion of the from nato or putting further pressure or need to with regard to accepting georgia as a nato member this is a very serious conflict. anti-racism campaigners have set their sights on the leading art gallery in britain over a mural that shows and slave to black child tate britain now except that the work is offensive the chair of the ethics committee noted that members were unequivocal in their view that the imagery of their work is offensive trustees discuss the need to acknowledge the strength of failing around the miro and the harm that is imagery has cost the miro which covers the wall of
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a gallery restaurant is called the expedition in pursuit of rare means it is by rex whistler and it shows a hunting expedition characters in the piece include a captured black boy being led with a chain around his neck campaigners want the work removed or the restaurant closed and the gallery says it is considering how to respond. we're taking this time to consult internally and externally on the future of the room and the miro and we will keep the public informed of future plans. now it has polarized opinion between those who want the mural to stay and those who call it an unacceptable carry over from britain's colonial past who put the issue for debate. but we need to debate and leave these things where they are so people can understand history and understand how far we have drawn from these images they may now. sensitive well know the current. situation if you're just going to hide things away and you never going to educate people is passive which is also passive blackish.
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what you looking out. deeply offensive work placed in one of the most prodigious practices or is in a country post black lives matter that the whole paradigm shift in thinking is that what was formerly acceptable used to be acceptable is now no longer except. that you can move. to some sort of the museum of colonialism or british shaman you could provide the education context there. to have the super soft slavery why you retain your 45 grew up in a premier arts establishment of the country you can be moved and it can be praised the proper education of context but he certainly not in a public space in the credit prestigious art gallery or just a creep saying it's british colonialism is not to mislead an essentially folse
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because you misleading people of blackish do it earned because you are to be alone it is a left win matches political party which should go to a party now so the actual movement for black lives is lost its momentum as being any credibility for less vegetate people about the entire history of the slave don't hide the fucked up black african tribes were complicit in it well before europeans got there and it wasn't just british colonialism can we just be absolutely clear because you know no longer used to be misled that chattel slave chance that led to each. wasn't the periodic a slaven of warring tribes that could be released in the negotiation between different villages it was the most brutal at long last the exploitation probably one of the greatest crimes each human history sold a 50000000 africans explode from west africa and the interior what we will to do
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which is create history away so sadly our friends are the chinese a 19th century i'm not going to hide anything away i want to put it you know. in a museum of colonialism and slavery. proper context and you my friend would be the 1st customer to get educated because your ignorance is so profound as to be absolutely shocking about 31 minutes and 45 seconds is when i'll be back with another look at the news this is our to international like that with us. but the pandemic no certainly no border to nationalities. doesn't work with the e.u.
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we don't look like. commentary this is. something. we can do better we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each of our own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenge is great for the response has been so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. join me every thursday on the alex simon schill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see event.
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in 1996 something happened different a company called purdue pharmaceuticals came out with a drug called oxycontin and they started a myth and falsely promoted that opioids were rarely addict maybe only one percent of the time could you get a addicted to no. that was not true then and it is not true now and never was true that was a false statement and the other companies jumped on the bandwagon of making money and the false lies spread and the false marketing spread that they are guilty of lying about these tricks and they cause this step i believe that with every fiber of my being. back in 1906 the 1st promotional at campaign for an opioid was broadcast and we found it.


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