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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  December 16, 2020 7:30am-8:00am EST

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imagen days rich the topics are important for both governments and business topics include strategies for entering new markets through electronic trading platforms as well as digital services developments and also stake supports for exports as both its federal and regional levels but the success of each of us is the success of russia. he would most notably it's the most valuable thing for us in this forum is that the government has heard the concerns that exporters how worried about.
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greetings and salutation we are a little over a week and a half before christmas but the gifts are already were raining down on the corridors of power here in washington d.c. monday brought us the gift of the resignation of the presidential power mongering attorney general himself mr william barr yes the mastermind behind the infamous let's clear lafayette square of protesters with chemical weapons for a campaign photo op. is finally calling it quits just in time for the new year i guess the poll of his inevitable news media make over through multimillion dollar book deals speaking engagements and future appearances on the ellen show was just too much to resist for the attorney general meanwhile time magazine bestowed their gift of person of the year on president elect joe biden and his running mate kamel harris for putting their lives on the line in hospitals and health care facilities
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across the nation every day since koch who. will wait i'm sorry no. they didn't really do that no no no no time magazine awarded them persons of the year for putting their lives and their freedom on the line for protesting the killing of black men and women by police in cities across the no way. bad they didn't really do that either so what did camila harris and joe biden do to deserve time's person of the year award. thoughts questions i guess the editors of time magazine considered easily winning an election against a wildly unpopular president presiding over a terrible economy and i gigantic health care crisis well i guess they thought that was more heroic and difficult than working on the front lines of code 19 or practicing free speech in the face of police brutality and pepper spray but the biggest gift of the holiday season so far has got to be the corporate power brokers
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in d.c. who will be getting the gift of immunity as democrats and republicans appear to now be in agreement on including sweeping and retroactive immunity from coronavirus related lawsuits in the latest edition of their covert relief bill that is set to be passed by congress in the next few weeks and trust me folks legal immunity from creating unsafe working environments and failing to keep employees safe during a pandemic that is indeed the gift that keeps on giving. i think it's time to start watching them. on a cd the streets. are so let's see the crisis joyce state. strays see this sleaze systemic deception leak show which. brings up.
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welcome everyone to watch dogs i am i robot and i'm. so ms are going to ask do you think i mentioned it was in the start do you thing you know. to make attorney general barr we're going to see kind of the white washing of his time in history like we've seen with george bush bill kristol you know another kind of bush era people you going to like how he's going out is going to bring you know kind of like fame and fortune but they received in the next few years actually no i think that poor individuals who are tied to the trump administration it's going to be very hard partially because of the because of the alliances that hollywood has with with being on the left anyway george bush has a little bit different because he came from a plethora of money and connections before he was ever president but i also feel like he was smart enough to know when to be quiet george bush was not a public figure for a long time after he after he left the white house he was paving or do whatever he
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was doing with his grandkids at that time and he was being altruistic island i think that for bill barr because he was such a close friend of donald trump and he was he was part and parcel acting not only as the chief judicial response for america but he also acted as though he was the personal lawyer in p.r. person for president and i think that a lot of the things that came that come with that are him actually getting involved in things that we haven't seen attorney generals get ball with in the in the past and that's going to be tough for him especially since he didn't go out shouting against donald trump on his way out even though. we know what was going to fire him be a plant on fire and we talked about firing him bill barr to his credit he went out still trying to represent this man in the best light he possibly could and i'm not so sure that's going to play well for him and his future see i disagree i think that is going to be one of those situations where he if he if he if with the like you said if he kind of relegate some self to the background maybe a few speaking engagement things like that over the next 22 years washington seems to have a very short memory if you told me having like grown up and being in my early
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twenty's when the iraq war and bush and cheney and all of that and rummy and all them if you told me that they'd been there being celebrated 20 years later you're crazy but now they are so anything can happen when it comes to rectifying your past sins and suddenly putting on a brand new hat i also want to ask you though about this the time persons of the year to me it's absolutely ridiculous that they gave that to joe biden in kabul harris for simply winning an election so we've talked about this you know off screen i think that you know this was a decisive year with a lot of differences and changes not only in america but across the globe but considering who was nominated we're talking about b. you know you know the protests the uprisings that happened over the summer day i think changed the course of how the world sees america and its long ranging issues with race also the frontline workers who are literally risking their lives every day in a pandemic in america at the level that we have never seen any type of health care crisis. taking those to intrude into consideration i personally don't feel as
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though president and vice president elect should have taken home that honor yeah and i think you actually said it's merely that they thought would be brilliant as they should have they should have said no we don't accept we would rather give it to the covert workers we rather give it to the protesters and let's not impressed that i mean time did chose the a bowl of fighters in 2014 during the obama administration to give them the award and the official criteria for a person of the year is simply according to time magazine is the person or persons who most affected the news. our lives for good or ill and embodied what was important about that you're either looking at that criteria i think is crazy that you give a comma i think it does go to the covert 19 front line workers and those people who you know really done their best to try to hold back the tide and this isn't taking anything from you know from them or their campaign or you know the importance of this election actually when it comes to the criteria you just mentioned i would probably also have expanded the candidate you know territory to include people like
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latasha brown who was able to organize and get black people across america to vote who had never voted before and i might include you know stacey abrams in their fight with they've been able to do in georgia there are a lot of things i think that have changed the course of how we look at america and american politics i'm not necessarily sure that candidates themselves especially this year would have been the choice and i will just say this that the it's hard for me not to see that is one of the worst gifts but the greatest gift for corporations moving in the year with the fact that they've been fighting over this coronavirus relief package and what are they. we don't know if it'll make it what are they slide in there is simply we're going to let all corporations who may have injured their workers in this devastating time in 2020 no one will be able to sue them or hold them accountable that's discussing the case of an execution the army specialist bludgeoned to death at fort hood earlier this year army secretary ryan mccarthy announced 14 firings and suspensions among commanders and lower level
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leaders as they continue to investigate a pattern of sexual harassment assault suicides and murder at the army post in killeen texas fort hood is no stranger to news headlines as a child sex ring disappearances suicide and murder make news every few months but until now there hasn't really been a deep dive into what is actually going on at fort hood it's almost getting the what happens in vegas stays in vegas treatment. but in the aftermath of the brutal murder of the nest again shortly after she reported sexual harassment misconduct the tie began to shift an independent review following the investigation into the tragic happenings at fort hood which recently released the investigation that survey 31612 soldiers concluded with 9 findings and 70 recommendations. army secretary mccarthy laid blame at the feet of fort hood leadership saying i am greatly disappointed that leaders failed to effectively create a climate that treated all soldiers with dignity and respect and that failed to
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reinforce everyone's obligation to prevent and properly respond allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault. firings were announced at a pentagon press conference. the push the military might have needed probably came from the press not the actual victims at fort hood just last month c.b.s. news aired their investigation into sexual assault in the military speaking with nearly 2 dozen sexual assault survivors from all branches of the armed services they all had one thing in common their allegations were either ignored or they were retaliated against after they reported the incident. and the u.s. supreme court recently announced their decision in the unanimous opinion that there is no statute of limitations on military rape the case that issue was whether a 5 year limitations period or none at all applied to prosecuting military rape committed between 10062006. there's a lot to digest and good moves at the supreme court you know ruled the way they did
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because i still boggles my mind that there's a statute of limitations on this world here in this country on sexual assault that just blows my mind no absolutely and it's frustrating because we're talking about these military cases specifically but broadly sexual assault in the majority of cases the reporting is really look and it's really low because of intimidation it's really low because we see people get away with it so that that that in and of itself doesn't create a comfortable space for women to actually come forward but in the military we see that you know at the at the federal level when it comes to the supreme court when cases get there there is often a push to say what happens in the military liaison the military they need to handle their own they need to govern based on the rules of the military and it's scary because what we know is that the military rules often protect people who are putting other people in day. or abusing other people specifically we're talking about these sexual assault and sexual harassment cases and especially with the fact that the end of the day is taxpayer dollars of the u.s. military so ultimately they are a representation of our society of our tax dollars at work so it can't just be let
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the military police the military you know when you look at like all this i mean you're talking decades of sexual abuse you've got murders you've got disappearance and that's just the fort hood i mean this is just boggles the mind do you think that this investigation and its findings the that they discovered there in regards to investigators are going to change the culture there was a obviously there is a cultural problem my issue is that they are this type of relationship have been made a long time ago as you mentioned this has been going on for decades this is being going on for quite some time news media has picked up on it but there's never been as much of an internal look to see what was going on so to have this internal investigation to have the head of the military to have the army come out and say ok well these are the findings that we have an a list several recommendations along with that obviously 14 people lost their job or have been relieved in terms of suspensions however the issue is beyond just those 14 people we have so many individuals not only of fort hood but in places
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across the military like the c.b.s. news investigation pointed out who have been victims of not only sexual abuse and sexual harassment but we're also seeing instances of disappearances murder sex rings like i don't know what more it takes for there to be some type of clampdown on what we're seeing at these military bases because it's not as though leadership doesn't know in many cases they know they're covering it up they're hoping that it doesn't really leak and they are retaliating against those who are suffering more so than they are trying to investigate and figure out what's going on and how they can stop it you know that i remember i'm old enough to remember the you know the earliest memory i have of this kind of action by the military was going all the way back to like tailhook you know which is where the maybe you were 7 was part of you people got assaulted there you know and became the big controversy of the day i think goes back and like the. early ninety's and so if my memory serves me correct and then it kind of everything just kind of went to way and then all of a sudden 911 and all of a sudden you know hey all military everybody's a hero and all that kind of we could never put any bad stories about what soldiers
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do but at the end of the day these are young men who are trained to kill and to when you're asked to go and kill people without remorse and without hesitation you can understand the mentality of them that's going to say like well why can't i just take what i want why can't i just go rape or why can't i just do you know i mean you hope that that's not the mentality but at the same and it doesn't excuse the mentality what you wonder stand why they think they can get away with it and when you have an institution that doesn't actually prosecute or doesn't actually hold people accountable then essentially they do no you're absolutely correct and there's a military even those that you were you were getting towards as well that shows just how that the thought process works around these are supposed to be people who have pride in their country who have pride in in our constitution people who uphold it people who go across the globe to protect it and i think that there is a somewhat very tailless thing that comes with that where we hold them up as the highest in leadership and it's. it hurts internally for them to call out any types of problems that they may have and it's pressure training because many of these
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women a good 4550 percent of them have reported in the past they either did not see anything done or they were tallied against you know they didn't rise in rank they were actually reduced in rank or something else happened to them so where you know none of their none of their voices were really heard i think that what the message that sends throughout the military is that these things can continue happening and you know you're going to get punished but we just don't want to hear from you well hopefully the supreme court decision and the light that's being put on the vanessa case you know in these new investigations will help change that culture for the better moving forward where we don't see these things repeated over and over and over again which seems like it happens every decade now or 10 years absolutely. all right everybody as we go to break remember that you could also start watching the hawks on the man through the brand new portable t.v. app which is available on all platforms so that they go pick it up coming up we ask of our country is being governed by 2 political parties or 2 great cult.
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followers not want to miss this interview coming up next so stay tuned.
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exhibit a the smoking gun we know now without a doubt the media interference for the babies campaign before the election by the story was not was not russian misinformation we were lied to again we are is the accountability. as the u.s. economy was booming numbers of people were made homeless. you can work 40 hours in a week and still not have enough to get housing everybody believes america still has the lead up to the reality of it is that we're not financially equality and the lack of affordable housing or living minimum wage gave many people no choice you know that's been a problem with the city knows turn their backs on a whole new stay way out almost. half the food if there is no answer because you
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have the required resource the most vulnerable are abandoned on the streets to become invisible to us. here in the united states of america we've had a long and tragic history with cults of scientology next we have heaven's gate jim jones we know the names we've poured over the headlines and we have consumed every last documentary on netflix you tube and every other streaming platform in between and while we often feel sadness some compassion for cold survivors mistreat intrigue and even just as at their bizarre inner workings and of course anger and disdain for their charismatic dangerous pied piper leaders by. last amidst the 21st century america's fascination with cults is the most important question is cult
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like mentality in control simply in only contained to just a few small groups living on the fringes of regular normal society or are we actually surrounded by cults and their followers but we are just used to them because they're not called scientology or nexium they're called republicans and democrats are catholics and lutherans are kappa alpha theta or sigma alpha epsilon . take the democrat republican political parties both demand indoctrination both demand unwavering allegiance and unquestioning commitment to their charismatic leaders both demand your time and money no matter the state of your economy both reward zealotry or discourage or even punish any kind of questioning or dissent of party beliefs and values and they both practice an us versus them mentality well sansar these questions that explore society's need to belong and how that gives rise to this cult mentality of the professor of religious studies at the university of calgary irving hexham irving thank you professor thank you so much for joining
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us. thank you very much for having me so professor let me ask you given the nature of politics here in the united states or around the world for that matter is there an argument to be made that our 2 great political parties are dangerously cult like in their practice and control of their followers you know are we are we being governed by 2 cults. i think in many ways yes there are similarities because when we investigated cults they weren't quite as bad as most people think they are they were ordinary people who join cults and they join cults film a particular reasons and what was usually left out when people talked about cults who is why did they join and so my wife and i did a lot of interviews with people in groups like the unification church and ask them why do you join what it means to you and they always came back with a similar sort of nonsense basically a cult met a need and it was
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a personal need that they were feeling at the time that they met the members of the group they joint and the group gave them security it gave them to the world and help them cope with life and i think this is very important in understanding that people need some sort of thought system and they need some sort of. social system that they feel a part of and many people in modern society simply don't feel a part of society they feel left out there on the fringe. the difference i think alone maybe it's not a great difference was that many people who joined the new religious movements that we studied which is the academic term for cults they did so because they were doing very well a lot of them surprisingly came from very happy families they came from a very good background and they got to university and they started having
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relationships with members of the opposite sex and they didn't work and other relationships didn't work the way they were going through university just wasn't working for them and they felt they were letting their families down very much and then one day they met a member of one of various groups like kind of christian are all something else and these people talked to them and they treated them as real people and they understood what was happening to them they said we've been that we can help you and so they joined these groups and became very committed members. so of in middle school and high school early night school in the early 2000 and robert putnam bowling along with kind of a big deal we basically talked a lot about what was going on and how the internet and how the emergence of social media was going to change the way people felt and how they organized what do you think are the differences between the mentality of being a follower of
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a cult if leadership and being an active member in a political group or major religious group athletics of them or anything like that what are what are the differences considering they all have a similar leadership structure and groups that carol a file of them without really asking too many questions. yeah i think socially there's very little difference there's a difference in terms of what they believe and some group. like jonestown and they had very bizarre beliefs which did lead to the suicide which took place but many other groups went like that they offered help and the thing about i think the difference between people being in the republicans of the democrats which and many of the features of a cult is that most of the people who joined new religious movements usually left after of 5 or 6 years and they didn't leave because they were deprogrammed they left because they grew out of it whereas our political parties are with us and i'm
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afraid they stick around a long time. but it is the difference that they most definitely do i want to ask you why why do why does it put some human beings are so conditioned to conform i mean when you when you look back at like the i think it's the ash conformity experiments like the 1950 s. sixty's and seventy's which discover that on average one 3rd of people in that experiment kind of chose to go along to get along rather than being an individual in those experiments why why are human beings so desperate to conform. i don't know that they're desperate to come form but in certain set. conditions and certain conditions it's possible to turn a person who's normally a good reasonable person into a monster and there are a number of studies of groups like the s.s. ingenue a number of german studies on the people who committed atrocities and the surprising thing is that they were decent people to begin with and it took they reckon about 2
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weeks to turn a person from being a really reasonable person to being a hoarder who's prepared to do anything because they're drawn in and they're shaped by the group so this group pressure personal pressures and. people get trapped in these situations and this is why i think people said anyone who joins a cult must be brainwashed well no they weren't brainwashed they came as reasonable people and the cult met a need and we've also got to ask i think what need do political parties meet how do their members respond why do people join in the 1st place what have they offering people and i don't think we think enough about it. and professor what do you believe is the most myth understood after the cult thinking what are people getting wrong when they think about how cult operate. well i think the most misunderstood
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thing is that people think that the people who join are forced to join they're somehow blind you know hypnotized journey and then not it's a matter of free choice and one's got to ask what it is that creates the need for these groups in the individual and that's where one simply got to talk to the people involved and you find there are many differences but in general there is a sense for meaning there's a search for understanding and this search for friendship now they may not get these they may join a political party and it turns out to be awful just like joining the group can be awful but that's what they searching for oh well i want to say thank you so much for coming on today in educating our audience is indeed an honor and a pleasure to have you on professor thank you so much. that's been an honor to be on thank you very much. already what if that is our show for you today and a fascinating one of that i just have to say about all of those interesting conversation
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ok yeah. we might get talking to all day long hard everybody remember in this world in this world we are definitely not told that we are loved up so i tell you all i love you i am tired rover and i'm a keep on watching all those hawks out there have a great day and let everybody. know that mr serious is. this. weapon of mass communication is the way to. mary fallin mary and in that way to marinate the danger for the gender identities competitors and the mobile devices
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more than 12000000000 contributor to the country and if you don't need to be able to keep your mother mary like that against alternative visionary foster already you'll start to question eric your way eric silva airtight related to me i'm a native american heritage of korea to maybe america a undercover integrated estate outside america and you will get exposed to al-qaeda i can't wait to get contaminate your library was alcohol use for years and brave and everything to. track down where narrow you can defend yourself i enjoyed reforms from the weapons of mass communications. your trade for the teen
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girl fear of the enemy are things you're doing here erin. thanks. play. play. play.
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the headlines this hour the daughter of iran's top military chief assassinated by the u.s. city of the she gives an emotional 1st interview to them reveals how she learned of her father's mood. what i turned on the t.v. and i sold this picture. i understand what happened. from that day tell no i'm still shocked. it's so hard to believe. but also to come germany records it's highest of a number of deaths in a single day it's a new low down comes into force for the christmas period and. right at all during.


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