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tv   Documentary  RT  December 16, 2020 11:45am-12:01pm EST

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problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we see me very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids invited to america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers all the governments. in the city has ever ended the walk through pool didn't get it going to get it. all and the best people who. might. see it well she is.
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anyone who finds an injured wild animal in central russia and doesn't know what to do is sure to turn to this couple for many years they devoted then dives to helping animals in distress. i'm not particular the kind. of just refuse to. do a lot so there's a reason. do you have in your. truck you see a worker also smooth did you know it was. a new girl in this case a part of the community up this was when you listen to their idols person it could you could even think of that as a smile because they still could look at the good new is now when you take him to the doors of bush at any cost. ok to those up on the stop on something you.
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don't know i don't. think nashik would be good. even if that could be wouldn't it isn't the role of the devil my man to back around i was from are. starting to look i feel that i wish. to go to a loved one a mom sitting. near another school a lesson the other got to me still but just so easy to go on the commissioner when the commission michelin marmalade was. plugs my reaction was awful he made it out that this was because i knew. it isn't
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a mama though i do or mama just might be used to it. when you do with your yes you sure. you know yeah. and i'm not even your. mom i took a look at you did. you did. you notice a worker. who is 32 well. let. me. just. pretty.
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crazy to. think that you. need to. be reviewed.
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for your through or for the. sort of news one could switch to switch. for a check. up for the. interview you can use because it's a. real civil. war. to come to her. and this is what you. are very true cockcrow for. so i know you will keep with. the old mush topped off. of time with get the topic affects. you up when you.
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so. you can lose this much and you will feel bush before you. if you do you could be. wild animals in trouble. with the country. 3 dozen centers like it in russia all exist on private funds there are no state facilities. to show. your letters. but you know i was a little. earlier she was 1st that i'm looking. at. this. from which. the machetes are. pushing. her twice you know. you want to get on a bus look cool young now didn't you do it is
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a new car for. just the bush people were. really not thank you. so much. you can join me over here. for. the 1st. would you. please get us into the city. for because it's. looking good. there they're pretty. good. oh for.
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the work. you do i think. that way. not only. to take you to the view. but while you're at. it is a pretty much an. exhibit it's you know. the phoenix santa began in 2004 this is called the in
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a school. thank you just. from us. is a witness. who lives. in the wolf is quite elderly so she'll live out her days here at the santa they'll always try to release wild beasts usually bugs that can go back to their natural habitat but not all animals are able to return to nature.
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i don't know as brooklyn over to. even get to give in to the russians. either. way i would just look. at them. so my lovely. i am looking most of the truly funny rose i think from the. cultural for loop if go pick it up with. a machete to get the. produce numbers don't. mess up for the spirit you have a. go the goal they are. into trouble let's look at the ship that was going to.
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use their own to win from office to office and eventually gave them some land now building enclosures but slowly because they still lack the money. that. we did a fleet. can be. easy . to go to places that are so you wouldn't. need to or that open. to you.
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you know if you decided to give me much. to. share those ideas and then use up one of your live luster i want to be the team which is the rise in the don't just i will show produced is. on the fly you would just be sitting that it is called the internet you think it is listed as the the i needs let me ask if i was we need the goods or reforms in deciding the nation's financial i guess the later much of it was with pushing and then you are seriously torsion pushing for just as good a nice transition can you party to support to the east coast and use the museum to
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finding some unexpected passengers and i feel sorties aust the phoenix into to look after these red guests while they wait for. their articles out back at the course looking a little book out of the yellow you call it a question. well i asked earlier could lose it all in the world fulfilled with flight and get those the pit the sun will up and water the horses with all of this. yesterday so low up on your lap or that all your own. words. were nor was the word when you spoke with.
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headlines this hour at the door saw the wrongs top military chief assassinated by the u.s. earlier this year gives an emotional 1st interview to r.t. and reveals how she learned to the father's murder. but i turned on the t.v. and i saw his picture. i understand what happened and. from that they tell me i'm still shocked a lot but. it's so hard to believe. him any records it's highest ever number of cobi deaths in a single day as the new lockdown comes into force for the christmas period. prior to going through our overall. point of view our current referred to our friend here that i don't blame.


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