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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 16, 2020 2:30pm-2:57pm EST

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this kalama has concluded that the usa and all 3 assassinated iranian general cousins from a money using an obama era style drone strike on baghdad airport the assassination was condemned by un security council members russia and china but not france and britain here is so lame on his daughters in speaking as her father's funeral in teheran the largest since revolutionary leader grand ayatollah khamenei and there are several years i was i don't recall that i was younger so what is it that's already called that number 5 hardest to do yet i don't know but i know one box on a sunday and i'm not that is the mood i'm that and tell somebody not to get $5000.00 onto the hi yes i've got the party call heinze jr that a. are you. said i want to have the shades on you're told that to go you got tough nothing beyond a dome and that's it on bad off i tell you is there are these you caught the one i
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want to she got i don't want you all here to the work mode yes and also when it was all begun it was the work i do must be the hearts of all sent to most other people and it's already begun to tell me let's eat on but i don't feel it but i've put it all down a on what i don't recall that i'd be the littlest part of them all and i don't know who john because i don't he dug the yard the 10 up at the barn they took what my mother jack about policy changes that's a sack anything beyond that number somehow that's a pet that i met she stomps on iraq about i did that and the fact that you don't get that 10 of us that china has he thought about how one did more than that to not us call him on and say enough for my money the daughter of a sas major general counsel a money now joins me from temp running a world exclusive interview since her father was killed on the orders of donald trump thank you so much a not for coming on can i just stop by asking you january the 3rd was the day of
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the assassination how did you 1st hear of the killing of your father hello there and thank you for having me. if i want to start by answering this question i asked to say. that turbo all night. before a few hours that this happened for my father i here and i spoke with him on the phone here from one of our friend he was asking for my father at various he is he ok or no and as usual i asked answer like this on the phone i said for him he has the thing in the house because i didn't trust the fall so i said he is sleeping in the house. and he feel relieved and he told me ok thanks scott because i hear any news that there is explosion in airport. and your father was in the car and they hit it so i got so shocked and full of stress
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like my heart was going out from my chest and i didn't know what to say i just told him can you check please for me he said why. you told me that your father is sleeping in the house i told him i was wrong and i need you to check for me to see where he is he ever if you can find him and i couldn't believe well about 5 am i couldn't believe this happened so about 5 or 6 am when i turned on the t.v. and i saw his picture i understand what happened and from that they tell not i'm still shocked a lot of what happened it's so hard to believe here in britain across nato countries we saw the news reported as a victory the news of your father's death i know that months before he was
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considered a hero in the fight against al qaeda and i says day as even in nature nation media how did he go from being this hero to suddenly being a terrorist even lloyd austin the new joe biden pentagon pick said he was great in combating isis and al qaeda suddenly went from hero to terrorist why. well all of us know this al qaida isis they are a group of terrorists that america made them and we have many proofs for that. my father was the only person was a standing in front of such a terrorist groups. of course they are not happy for my friend that my father is a standing in front of such a groups because they made it they made it to start a war in the middle east and they use it to start hurting people
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and taking their houses their jobs their money their countries of course they are not happy for my father is a standing in front of them and destroying them everywhere and you know this i know also recording that. giuliana sounds the founder of wiki list he exposed the email. that jack solon was telling hillary clinton on. that al qaida is on our side in syria ok best seem that shows this man is still in the present why because he exposed them and he said for everyone that such a group of terrorists that are killing people and his son people in the middle east . america made them and they are like toys for them the life of people and us and people are like toys for them they attacked everyone everywhere and of
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course they are not happy that my father is standing in front of them on every plan they are making in medalists my father destroy it and he changed escaping he was the winner of this game and he destroyed them of course they are not happy and they kill him so easy and other place in air for international airport he was the guest of iraq the people they invite him to help them how they dare to kill officials general of a country they kill it's easy and they say we kill it and we proud why they are proud because they kill someone like general soli monies that he was destroying all their plans all the money they were putting on the middle east my father the stronger their plans of course there will be happy if they kill him and they were proud and you know of course they will say he was
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a terrorist. because. in their mind my father because he was destroying the people they created he's a terrorist because he was saving people's life he is a terrorist who is a terrorist here they made this groups they attacked people they kill people easily everywhere they are to terrorists. jake sullivan the former clinton official now pick to be joe biden's next. national security advisor of course julian a songe by the u.n. to be being tortured this studio but you know that our viewers will be thinking why would the united states which suffered during $911.00 support
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al qaeda and isis. what what what did your father tell you about why he thought the united states would support those who it destroyed the world trade center in 2001 and attack the pentagon well i have to say. my father believed you must to stand in front of those powers that they are they are trying to take the people's power to free their freedom their grunts and he always a spoke with us a boat that he must to stand in front of united states because he is creating something like like a virus everywhere like this sickness is getting everywhere he is coming to every country and taking their power distilling there is there anything anything they have they are taking from them and they are saying we didn't know
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a bold them and we don't know them and we will destroy them there are liars i will say they are liars big liars they pay for them they give them army and they give them any itself they need to stand in front of people in yemen i support off saudi they let saudi pay for them and they are making a group terrorist son and front of yemen people to take their freedom to take their rands stole anything they have. everywhere we when we are we when we watch our eyes when we open our eyes we see that they are this a virus this sickness is everywhere in syria 11 on they support israel you to head lebanese people why
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why they are looking to people who are countries just because of the money what they are looking for on my father believe he must to stop them and he did so well that's why they kill him that's why they took my father out from their way because they know they can't stop him any more the united states denies that it supports al qaida or isis britain says it is giving aid to the people of yemen even while it sends weapons to bomb to bomb yemen. why would donald trump say that your father was a monster well of course 1st he is the monster not my father. and 2nd. i will say. my father did his job so well and make them so angry you are seeing everywhere they are trying to
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enter and hurts in iran they are failed why of course for them my father is a big monster but my father is a savior he saved people not just his own country he did this for all countries he did this for people not just middle east. he'd destroy isis because he don't want people people edison in europe got killed by such a dangerous virus they are he did this he fights for everyone not just syria yaman live on on iran iraq note he did this for all he fights for all to tell his last breath he didn't stop he know this way he is going it's so dangerous and he might get killed you know
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this way or this thing so well but he didn't stop because he wasn't afraid from them they were afraid from him they were so afraid from my father. they know how he will act how he responds and they know full well he will be further from my father is a monster then i will stop you there more from the daughter of a later a new military commander general concepts and i money after this break. morsel spiros mean sure when you read of those lists nissho to show you just what that also has been. but so publish what in the months to draw. you will quote them listen to us want to quickly sing months alone. when you wash the belief
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that it's all profit and you must hear another write up a quote on but they were all wrong. or stay do it in your muscles legit want to post a morsel from the store but it's good you ought to draw it out for sheldon what all the money. is like a bit of. that on this i suppose there's. some i would put in that would know more than the board it's. the smoking gun we'll never get out of the media any interference for the baby's campaign before the election the hunter by the story was not you but it was not russian misinformation we were lied to again we were is the accountability. is the us economy was booming drilling numbers of people made. you can work 40
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hours 'd in a week and still not have enough to get housing everybody believes america still is the land of opportunity the reality of those who were not financially quality and the lack of affordable housing or living. minimum wage many people neutralise. that's been a problem with the city knows time limits on the police stay way out of all this whole twosomes of the cities if there is no answer because yes of course resources most vulnerable are abandoned on the streets to become invisible. welcome back i'm still here with zainab so mommy the daughter of the late iranian military commander general concepts of the money we interviewed the daughter of
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someone killed by washington effectively the daughter of che guevara and she said the time father's death brought cuba together how is the death of your father brought iran together well i didn't i don't know if you see the funeral. what happened in iran and iraq was something something so special in the history you see how people come to the streets and they are crying and they are sad and they are angry and they want revenge and they are waiting for an answer because they know. what general salie money did for them and they on their own also well why order to kill my father so so i left there after killing my father america thought that
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everything will be stopped because they killed gen so money to power of the middle east but they are so wrong. they didn't see the anger of the op in the eyes of iranian people they didn't see their tears they didn't see their sadness and i have to say a general sort of money has a military from people that they will take revenge from trump and they are so wrong they are thinking this would be end the end of general soley money this is the beginning and there is a $1000.00 people like general salim mani are ready to fight like him stronger more powerful and this is our power and if they are thinking for that they must know our people are united and they will stand in front of such a they interest powers but of course
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trump is gone in january and it will be joe biden who says he wants new relations with iran although his advisor said in the past 24 hours or so that he wanted a coalition to oppose iran do you think it means anything that joe biden will be in the white house i have to say. there is no difference between biden trump they are the same guy and they are following the same policy there is no difference between them trump or dare killing my father but biden support that so there is no different they have the same thought and they are following the saying way and they are the same person i mean.
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when biden was agree with obama when they made i says what's the difference between trump and biden what will change. they are the same people were the same mind there is no different for us i mean they can do the job i they cannot return my father he can't they can't return it so there is the problem we have with our it is with their policy this will not change they are the same people the same mind the same way and it's one of them is worse than the other one there were commemorations across the world after your father was assassinated by donald trump a lot of talk of revenge but then only the other day there was an assassination of
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a scientist in tehran just east of tehran is it more took this rather than actual action to avenge the death of your father you see. this subject for me is so tragedy and it made me so sad to think about it how would they kill an innocent person in his own country i mean they attack professor factory's other in our country and they kill him in front of his wife's eyes how they can do this how they are not human how they can kill a person who didn't do anything wrong and he was trying for his country and they kill him so easily in his own country and front of the eyes of his wife she was sitting next to him what she did what's her what should that
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i mean she did she is she didn't do anything wrong how they dared to come to our country and kill people so easily in the streets for each reason and all country are supporting them because they have their own they have the same mind. all listing countries they are helping them they are with them and they are letting they cross all the lines and come to another country the same they come and kill my father in iraq they came to the hard on and kill a professor but there was no news here about professor fuck reside death working on corona virus vaccines we heard he was a nuclear weapons scientist we didn't hear about your father fighting al-qaeda and
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isis we heard about your father being a terrorist who kills americans what do you want the world to know about your father. i mean the picture they are showing from my father isn't absolutely my father i mean my father in the house was a father for us he read many books he study in university and he was a professor at university and the only goal in his mind was keeping a war the world a place safer for the children he go and fight in syria to help she says children in syria he go for them to save them and you know what's happening what happened in syria i can't talk about right now because things happen in syria was are so so make it make me
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sad to think about it and a person how how my father can be a person who wants to kill an american people and people in europe how he was saving them from i says he was saving them so don't let anyone to hurt them he was fighting for them how he can be a terrorist to kill people he was saving children in yemen they were dying from hunger. how they heal and how a person that called himself human can watch the children doesn't have flood how they can watch this and they are saying that my father is a terrorist my father fight for all people to make the world a place safer and i think the history the future will judge of all.
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and they will know much more of both him and what he death for them saudi arabia is of course accused of bombing yemen do you believe another reason for washington to kill your father was because he wanted unity amongst the global south against washington policy of course i mean they will do. i mean my father make them angry everywhere so they use anything they can do and i know many reasons why they killed my father is not just for those things rich talk they couldn't do anything with my that they were failed they were destroyed in middle east they were embarrassed all their plans was destroyed so of course they have many reason to kill my dad
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is really they took a life of the some person that was keeping it worths place safer a of course they will. they will say we have been we had many much reasons for killing him what would you say to american soldiers who are in syria or iraq writing al qaeda so they set who for it apparently with your father on the same side what would you tell them to say to journalists and and their politicians. i for your question i prefer to answer by a question i will i like to ask ask american soldiers why they are in iraq why they are in syria why they are everywhere what they are looking for why they are sending them they are saying they send them to
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destroy isis we know they made the ices so why they are sending and to send soldiers to death you see it's like a game for them they create something and they send their own soldiers to get killed by something they made it and they don't care for them they don't care for their lifes they are just caring for the power for the money for anything they are looking for on the countries they are looking for oil and they have to know this will not happen finally i have to ask you some suggesting i saying you could become a successor to your father what are your plans. my plan is to introduce my
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father not the thing trump is saying of course i have to introduce my father to the world that's my job and that's my destiny i believe i have to go this way to introduce my father that's who he was and what he did for people while i'm planning to write something about him because i i saw many books about him in english and others languages they are not perfect and many information on them are not correct so well no i'm trying to make a book or write a book about him and introduce my real father the real general silly money to the worlds. it's an absolute money thank you are so well and that's it for the show will be back on saturday for us season finale with exclusive reaction to everything from breakfast to biden with the measure john pilger until then subscribe to the
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