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tv   Documentary  RT  December 16, 2020 4:45pm-4:56pm EST

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central russia and doesn't want to do this show to turn to this couple for many years they've devoted then dives to helping animals in distress. i'm not particular calm or kind of. i'm just going to be a 3. year old. girl last year so there's a reason i was. given your. truck you see it well smooth didn't it was. shows which impulse you supposedly can use up to from us when you listen to the news 1st look at the scope of it could you could even you know what has this much if. they still had you could get me was no when he came to the doors aboard any cars prelude. to stop on something you.
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don't know i don't. think. even if that could be wouldn't it isn't the rule of the double my mean back around i was somewhat. skeptical i still wish. to go to a loved one a mom sitting. near another school a lesson the other got to me still but just so you should have one economy as good as the one the commission michelin marma was. telling me that he does this work i mean. it isn't a mama though i do or mama just about the.
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when you do with your story. you know there. are enough of you. while. you are here ringback. you know there. is there are the 2 of. them are sure support isn't. good. they're still pretty. low for given that us. version of the 1st those 3 work. you do i think we kind of.
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done it. that way. that. you could possibly. help look on the show this week to take you to say the view that if you had it. well you know. that it is a particular body of matching up on the ending of exhibits you know which. the phoenix center began in 2004 this is called the in a school kid a visual version will go from a. pressie to get. them.
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thank you just. as to buy needed. they'll always try to release wild beasts usually bugs that can go back to their natural habitat but not all animals are able to return to nature. and. even get to did eventually. either. way i would just.
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be able to marshal. most naturally we. just go with. what. went from office to office and eventually gave them some land now building enclosures but slowly because they still lack money.
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we did. it feel. to be. easy. to please a cubit is legal in the film. that all been. easy. to do. you. know. the location. you know if you desire you. much more.
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to. share those ideas and then use that one of your lust for a lot of easy to see is that the only for don't just. follow the lead you would just be given that it was corny and it will kill your spirit good as. the needs. i was when you decided they should still time yesterday much over what pushing 11 people i seriously feel tortured quarterback will discuss a nice vacation inking in 5 years for courtship the east coast all year the museum and finding some unexpected passengers and i. already exhaust the phoenix center to look after these rag guests while they wait for. the articles that bark at the grass looking little book out of the yellow you call it the bush.
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well start of the political good or do you think for laurel fulfilled with my dad get out those the pits the sun will up more the horses play alone with all of this that rush yes there are some low up on roll up or down at all you know what if there's no records. war was won with more than a spoke with. the . flu.
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topic with. some demonstrators right now the propaganda machine. sure i should. think you can go. i'm chillin it's. the lawyer.
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to go with russia. exhibit a. we all know without a doubt the media manager of yours for the baby champagne before the election the one to buy the story was not it was not russian misinformation we were lied to again we are is the accountability. was it was. the headlines this hour the door saw the wrongs top military chief assassinated by
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the us earlier this year he was an emotional 1st interview to r.t. and reveals how she learnt of the father's murder when i turn on the t.v. and i sold his picture. i understand what happened. from that they tell no i'm still shocked a lot of what happened it's so hard to believe. in germany records highest of a number of coded deaths in a single day as a new lock down comes into force for the christmas period. all right up until her problem or. whatever you want our to refer to our bottom line.


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