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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 17, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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what a joke hello hey maxwell the theme of this episode is where a yankee doodle dandy because of course the yankees you know we were 1st called that by the dust because we rift off everything and we copied everything and then we kind of you know took it as our own word that where we're proud to be yankees right now are full circle according to the 2nd half of the end in this episode where you interview dan collins he raises an interesting situation which is that he says american 5 g. is fake that there's no actual 5 g. it's like a potemkin telecom system we have a potemkin economy we have a potemkin monetary system none of it is real our dollars are not backed by gold it's not backed by even productivity or g.d.p. it's backed by men's with guns and i suppose that's a bit real but the fact is that we're just faking it like it's fake goods were have a fake high tech and that's harder and then like when china rose to power on
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a lot of fake thing and fake also be funds pork buns in the south for sale and beijing that we've discussed over the years but when you're doing heights hack it's really hard of much harder to fake it right because things go seriously wrong a lot of high tech is interconnecting various devices around the world so when you can't it's hard to fake that the 5 g. in the u.s. is fake fries and for examples advertising they have 5 g. but it's available to something and i'm very spotty basis to maybe a few 100 people and that's it but they have this huge national campaign that we're leaving in 5 g. but it doesn't exist it's a potemkin product it's like an empty box essentially but they get away with it because they get the benefit of an open spigot from the fed and those executives have their their basket out there just taken all the money and in the you know their stock options keep going ironer like well we must be geniuses because we're getting wealthy so i guess everything we say even if it's a lie is probably a good idea. so that's happening and iraq it's all basically fake and the money
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printing now has gone hyperbolic to cover up this illusion and i remember in world war 2 america used blow up tanks fake tanks to fool the enemy now they're trying to use fake money to fool the world into thinking that there is an economy in the united states even though there is none because that's the thing right and this is a trope of a lot of films are a lot of novels is that lies beget lies beget lies to get lies and then you forget what was real in the 1st place because you have to keep on building lies to cover up the previous lie and then you forget what was real so i guess really when it started was under reagan and deregulation accelerated under bill clinton when we presented a lie to the people of america especially the rust belt where we said ok we're going to send your jobs overseas but trust me richer as a result like it didn't make any sense to have to have a job but it would be better we promise you learning to code right that was the one
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thing that you were allowed to say back then you're not allowed to say you're learning to code anymore because you know it's now journalists and the elite losing jobs so you're not allowed to tell them to learn to code but back then you said just say learn to code but that was a lie that was never the truth and so what had to step in to cover up that lie was the money printing so our monetary system became a lie to cover up the the lie of not producing any wealth or manufacturing it's an easy thing to do to cover up the shortcomings in our economy by extend and pretend right so the maturity date on all these corporate bonds gets extended further out the maturity date on the u.s. debt you know they try to extend it out like argentina they are just a 100 year sovereign bond right that's extend and pretend and that's happening all over the world in the negative interest rate bubble is now over 19 trillion approaching 20 trillion they did indebtedness so the glow. 300 percent of the
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global g.d.p. cause roughly 90 trillion dollars and it's all fueled by this incredible belief this in fairy dust in the sea out money this is very condescending to go to the average american worker who takes pride in their work and say look we don't want you to work any more we're going to give you funny money wampum coupons the funny money and that shows that the social contract is completely obliterated because the average person wants to become self sovereign in work and be productive they don't want the paper nonsense from the government to come in there that's a repudiation of the social contract and that's why we see up on my twitter feed and all i see from coast to coast is a protests and that's all the result of printing too much money and people are going to you know not be happy with this we're at the point now 50 years we're heading into the 50th birthday of the u.s. dollar standard around the world. and it makes sense that we would be installing
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a president who started his political career right then 100-1272 just says you know we only came off the u.s. the gold standard in the end of 1981 so he comes in in 1982 you know right at the beginning of 72 so he's there from the beginning and he doesn't really remember any of that right on the one hand it's a problem if you forget your lies. but if you forget them big if you go big. like biting 10 because you know his situation so if you go big with forgetting that's a very american trait as a yankee doodle dandy way of doing it you might want to look at the data in the charts this is a remarkable bit of information here am one money supply has increased yet another 210000000000 dollars and the week between november 23rd and november 30th on top of the 500. the week prior that's over $700000000000.00 in just 2 weeks and $1.00
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money supply of the united states has increased by 64.5 percent since the beginning of 2020 there is no history for this none certainly no history in the united states perhaps in like some bob way or venezuela but not in the united states yes the blanche du bois autonomy where america and you have joe biden essentially america's blast dubois up there in the white house saying are all this really. strange just as you know that. when the rest of the world like pasta no more interest rates than skyrocket glances. well this case thought out the hall but whatever the anti dimension drug of the choice of the elderly is today would become more pronounced and there is it seen thank you tennessee williams
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of course our spanish speaking audience was loving your spanish where their boss the star i know a spanish word spanish speaking kaiser before an audience of millions and millions of people we love you know look at me happy christmas we love you. so that reminds me we have some christmas specials coming out and christmas and new year's specials they're really fun really good we're going to take some. more. he's picking i'm not no no no no no 7 not now in terms of this lie and we see that in the money printing so the expansion of m one money supply by 64.5 percent remember because as the lies begin to unfold and unravel and people start to call it out your lies have to get bigger and you see this often with well known con men they'll do that like as their con it's like
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hey you've done this you know this car is the jalopy. no and they have to come up with a bigger and bigger lie to cover their smaller lies so the m $1.00 money supply shooting up 64.5 percent is covering up a huge lie part of the lie was exposed by coded in the fact that everybody is staying at home and yet apparently like g.d.p. kept going our stock markets kept going up so they had to pretend. that you know ok we shut down and nothing changed it became transparent and obvious to all that it was china operating the economy in the world and it's never been america but this is the other side of that money printing and that is the deflationary blackhole of bad debts big queen rallies above 10001000. and again as institutional interest grows as the global volume of negative yield and debt hit fresh all time highs of $18.00 trillion life insurance giant mass mutual has announced it has already
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invested 100000000 dollars and bitcoin for its general fund he just lays the charge of the volume of negative yielding debt versus the big question price and they have started to kind of move together and that would suggest that there's some linkage between the fear of financial collapse of monetary collapse which is why people are diving into these negative thing right that used to be that the chart of gold and debt yes ok that's been separated because of all the manipulation that jamie dimon just copped to recently yes but not a lie right because it opens it up and look here's all we got going here with big coin it's essentially what george soros did to the british pound in 1902 it was a speculative attack he broke the bank of england they broke the pound they made a $1000000000.00 over their quantum fund in a matter of hours michael saylor and micro strategy he's rolling that playbook and he realizes and this is the one thing the fed was hoping they would never have to deal with and that would be a dissenting billionaire they can pour money into the billionaires pockets with free money and stock buybacks they can pour money into the mainstream media by
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buying ads for defense contractors but if one is a dissenter like michael saylor and saying. i call you out fed and he says i'm going to borrow money at your ridiculously cheap rates to buy bitcoin on my balance sheet and personally that is the he pulled the pin on the grenade into a house of peaches called the global central banking system and. the next 6 weeks i think the next 6 weeks you're going to see interest rates skyrocket big coins skyrocket michael saylor is going to be out rich ing jeff bezos and the world will be completely different because a one man. michael saylor. house. right well you know peter church and he's a soviet born professor at university of connecticut did predict this he would call michael saylor a counter at leat he predicted 10 years ago that the u.s. would face chaos and crisis in 2020 and the reason he said is that his studies show
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that they were there's an overproduction of elites in america there are too many elite the elites have too many children and the elites have too many educated children and those. born with entitlement and they feel they're owed something just like the saudi saudi arabia has $7000.00 princes who are deserve a cut of the the oil money and then that started to disappear so they're floating their saudi aramco and trying to find some funds to feed all the 7000 princes the same in america and what he says is the where the chaos stars is with the counter elites because these are at least that start to turn against the other elites as the battle for this big lie the potemkin economy starts to disintegrate the whole thing the you know the mirage disappears spreads as though bubble like an elite bubble because they are so narcissistic that they don't see the bubble they're the least to see the last to see the own bubble of the elites and so when it gets
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extended like it is now this house of peaches that's about to explode in everyone's face with michael sailors' grenade of buybacks of bitcoin using government cheap money is is something we haven't seen since the reign of terror quite frankly in revolutionary france 40000 elites who are you know. met their maker as part of the revolution well now they're their wealth will be decapitated their wealth will be a god they'll be dig dig dig capitalized capitalized not decapitated fest michael saylor away decapitate capitalized don't decapitate ok so don't d.m. me what they're frick and complains karen. take a break and when we come back i'll be probably a lot richer if. the.
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problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we see me very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids oids invaded america
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under the banner of medicine he persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers all the governments of. welcome back to the kaiser report imax kaiser time now to go to dan count entrepreneur who lived in china for 20 years now a fact that america now has a lot of stuff we love dan welcome back it max this is interesting i have is true or not i read this and i'm wondering why china has planted a flag on the moon why did this happen what's your real learn from les and where is
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this new space race heading this is a very interesting thing is this while you're dealing with cool with things have been moving along december's this i think is a day that may go down in history not only to china plant the flag and then move on the moon to the they did a few other announcements as well but with the flag on the moon this was broadcast all over china. 5 who were mission basically senator module down to the moon got some rocks back but it broadcasts all over chinese state television the vision of the orbiter ascending from the moon and in the background the chinese flag planted on the moon and drew drives a lot of patriotism all across you know all across china they're not stopping here they've got very ambitious missions for mars moon colony say mean they are basically in the ascendancy when it comes to you know in the soviet union collapsed you could argue that so too did america's competitive drive remember fasts foci our
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wrote an essay called the end of history and. as a result america became kind of fat lazy and we've got that huge diabetes epidemic now and now the space program languished without competition now china's on in the race is this going to accelerate america's mojo to get us back doing something interesting other than watching netflix and or space x. going to take the whole ball of wax and just take it for all the elon musk and i'll become richer than jack ma well yeah it's a good point we have languished basically since the collapse of the soviet union you see it everywhere. sputnik what is what originally drove our progress in space so the competition with china in space i believe it is their own for sure she'd a lot of us institutions like nasa and military and in general language and not be able to produce much take a look at the military side f. $35.00 the u.s. spend $1.00 trillion dollars in development and that which is basically g.d.p.
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of russia and it has flown 0 combat missions basically can't fly you can't beat a 15 made in a this is a this is a general structure of the cave cross the entire u.s. system nasa is a perfect example you don't much shows up out of nowhere in just drops the cost 90 percent for space travel now they just can't hand him checks and just keeps doing amazing stuff with it he's musk himself space x. is basically competing not only nasa but china the space program as well by themselves so america there are glimmers of hope that if we look at this kind of new pathway forward maybe we can start to innovate again and get out of it but we have been languishing for decades here has another headline i'm just waiting for the 1st time and. i don't know what's going on anymore in the world i guess china has turned on the nuclear powered artificial sun according to press reports and uses a powerful magnetic failed to fuse hot plasma and parents temperatures of 150000000
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degrees celsius approximately 10 times hotter than the core of the sun china is racing ahead in the nick of technology as well what john what i'm lost than what's going on china as we talk about december 5th and the moon landing planning their flag they also on the same day announce a quantum computer that's 10000000000 times faster than google's quantum computer they also announce a hypersonic engine in development that could put a commercial aircraft anywhere within in the world in 2 hours this all came on december 5th the physics reactor you're talking about in china. some of the best business physics people in the world. this is a new you know fusion capacitor that they've been working on but if you happen about a week after they do the moon landing so if you look at some of the scientific progress that's coming out of china it's clear that you know we've been watching their progress the last you know decade or so then we're we're soon if not already in
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going to be in the catsup phase with china and your scientific and technical development my understanding is that the 5 year period and once the chinese leadership get together and they do their 5 year planning during the last round they were starting to incorporate ai artificial intelligence into their planning and into their management of the kind of the country and when i when you when i'm reading down these these achievements share thank in a way to what extent is a i powering all of this because of a i can tell you had a more efficiently deploy resources and and you know this this is very interesting it is that already happening damn dirty happening china has the world's largest data lake which means which is what gets trained they have many miss most of the top in the field believe china is already surpassed the u.s. in our official told us artificial intelligence is going to be like electricity it's actually going to be everywhere it could to this place of 40 percent of jobs
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it's going to be incorporated everywhere along with. you know be carried on the backs of 5 g. and 600 by the way america you don't have anybody that can even make 5 you quit trying to do already working and 60 they've ruled out 2020 1000000 base stations you know this year in 5 g. we have what's called fake 5 g. last like a few seconds a day and we call or so and we were around pretending we have 5 g. so we're falling behind in so many areas is going to be one where they have just so many you know. researchers. over there is so much data you know we don't even have a super after they have 2 super apps you know we chat in the in the ali ali baba's . interface that everything's linked to it's also all the stuff that you know the. message if you've been around anyone who contributed code it's on your phone you know written like so i mean they're implementing our official told is now across
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the entire society which we wait your past us however when china was led into the you know on extremely favorable terms by the clinton administration essentially joe biden who is in washington at the time when asked about well aren't they going to potentially aid america's lunch with their ability to compete with us and he said something to the effect of you know he laughed hysterically and then talked about they can only make shoes or a mumble something even that he didn't have a great cognitive abilities but that looks like prophecies coming true that china now is going through this 3 cities trap where they overtake america as the world dominant superpower america is laughing and they have an elected joe biden the guy who was so wrong about it and had problems back then is now apparently going to be sitting in the white house and there's a connection with his son and the c.c.p.
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as a direct conflict of interests like as in the biggest corruption we've seen in 100 years corruption so again the america pairs of a chinese vassal state but. getting more particular about it this new nuclear technology does this make them energy independent as well they're working very hard on it one of their chillies heel is they are now the world's largest oil importer by far they have the largest nuclear below coming i mean the i don't the number of nuclear power plants under construction you know something maybe 13 to 20 plans under construction. in the bank you'll. this thing of climate change if you really want to stop climate change you're going to need nuclear power and and i think most people realize it that you're not going to get c o 2 emissions without power so they're rapidly building up the space that has military implications well you from oh you can have power not only need peace but also nuclear power spacecraft which which u.s. has been hesitant to look at but china won't be afraid to look at i can't believe
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this show isn't dubbed into chinese flying over a 1000000000 people over there. enough i'm off aren't just good i'd like to expand my audience by 10 times as well now looking at potential hotspots a conflict. south trying to say right that's all. you got ha khan has become a very hot sound taiwan lot of stuff going on there like if you're look at the political map there where does china like that obviously have expansionist visions there were will we see that play out like game theory there's a little bit where we're going to see the dominoes fall as china as your presence away put it that way you remember back when biden was nice president was bought the asian pivot which we were going to move half of our naval air force resources age since they never happened because as you pointed out joe biden even as of a few months ago was like saying come on man china's not a competitor he still thinks they're making shoes he guys out of it but what
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happened in that whole time we're talking about an asian pivot they built of islands insult china sea they have complete complete command and control of that age so china sea the east china sea the u.s. will not it would be crazy to put any naval resources it within what they call the 1st island chain which taiwan is our china has so many land based cruise missiles that they can sink the aircraft carrier minutes there's the dia 41 they have their smart you know land based cruise missiles so that they start with their anti axis capabilities which china did which basically means nobody can can land people or ships in china now we woke up this year go whoa china just expanded their navy by 50 percent the chinese navy is now 25 percent larger than the united states me so lot of this now becoming blue water navy so they're going to expand their reach they're building out bases as string of pearls it's call across they get them access the middle east oil we've talked of in the show before about pakistan
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they're literally sending half a 1000000 chinese immigrants into pakistan below the whole problems there which is sits at the mouth of the the red sea to watch all these oil imports come through so they have no choice there so. so dominate there's so dominating in terms of commodities all commodities including of oil and or everything else to get imported while manufactures mention manufactured items get exploited they will control the they will control the space and they're going to have to go global and expand sound let me ask you this we recently had kyle bass alicia and i would say he's a china bear points to the debt says it that's overwhelming it's unsustainable they've got a huge debt problem all as raw china stuff as well archy to use joe biden's word and that when you think about that he's one of these guys these are china beers who've been around for 20 years talking about the end of china and the property market is going to collapse and they just get it wrong and wrong and wrong time again you know bass before he was on chinese talking about the japanese currency
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melting down and lost a lot of money on that so i mean it's just you know he'd be short of the chinese yen probably 7 years ago down in wrong trying to really be just getting stronger this year so these guys have kind of an agenda to to and they do it disservice to the united states because they put everybody towsley all these guys don't want to deal with china because it's too complicated they don't understand it they don't speak the language they've never been there if they've ever been there they've been there once you know the cleaner china expert you know and so i always allow it's pretty comical imagine somebody said in china and there are expert on us but they don't speak english and they've never been to the country when you consider them an expert on american culture foreign policy you really would so love these guys you have to take with a grain of salt they've been guys record saying they've been around for decades and they've been wrong for decades and they are somehow people to listen to want to hear there's a lot of agenda as i'm there that doesn't seem to add up all right dan collins
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thanks so much for being on kaiser report thanks very much that's going to do it for this edition of kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacey everett want to thank our guest dan collins if you want to get in touch with us place too however and you do it until next time. as the u.s. economy was booming growing numbers of people were made homeless. you can work 40 hours 'd in a week and still not have enough to get housing everybody believes america still is the land of opportunity the reality of we're not financially equality and the lack of affordable housing for a living minimum wage gave many people no choice but to just been a problem with the city knows turn a return code to stay way out almost. requires
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resources the most vulnerable are abandoned on the streets to become the invisible comes. is there such a thing as public opinion anymore after all after 2 election cycles in a row data has been largely encouraging is there is more than just one public and are there good reasons not to trust the polls. universe is really helpful information precious that. that is the ultimate reality of the thing we call matter. here can change shape you can touch it it shapes solid . bunch into some galaxy or about it. today the industry prefers to spend millions of euros in you know the 2 d. day regulations i will be sniffing is all about making money making profits in some
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of the corporations international markets import export do you imagine the number of chronic diseases that are out in every community today it is not due to new viruses all new microbes that's not true so it is due to environment. not going to say you know that moment all discipline of this sort of muscles are really sticky really could only come in to see them to be. deployed to see the sky if the so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more growth so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something into street not except that we have regulation we want regulation has an interest and if we don't behave zinnias penalty just fine. thanks.
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sports a top court projects an appeal by russia's anti-doping agency to overturn a ban on russian athletes but reduces it to 2 years the court of arbitration for sports a decision means that the russian national flag will not be seen at international sporting events until the end of 2022. also to come a russian president vladimir putin wraps up his annual q. and a session with journalists and the public lasting just over 4 hours for the 1st time it was done remotely by video link through to the pope at 19. i see that russia was the 1st country in the world to.


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