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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  December 24, 2020 1:30am-2:01am EST

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getting opportunity our primitive account we're having you down but i'm just going to talk about something with count on. the. narrator the room there barely has gotten married although we have to refer to the reunion of where american veterans weapon of medication is spreading in gold medal air and in that way to marry the danger family and are going to be is if it was an admissible devices more than 12000000000 contaminated country and if you don't need to be able to take your money america like that against alternative vision. just get the all stars to question all of america the way they excel the air i related to nominate to
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marry it up earlier to media airplay undercover and i'm going to disable the side where you will get exposed to arcane arctic waves decontaminate well i'm glad to help you i experience and brave everything to. track down where. you can defend yourself and your reference from the weapons of mass communication. thanks for the r.t. to. go to the enemy are sitting there doing fear losing air.
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gratings and salyut asians facebook twitter you tube the washington post new york times daily post are common dreams t. k. d. news signal whatsapp all of them my friends we are we are inundated with news communication and information streams pouring into our brains like no other time before in human history in fact according to a university of california san diego study done all the way back in 2009 they found that on average americans alone consume roughly 34 gigabytes of data each day but remember that was 10 years ago more than 10 years ago and a 1000 new apps new sites and streaming services later and how how has 5 this affected this well many experts of on the too much nudes is actually bad noons doctor psychology logan jones told very well my in the quote unfortunately a lot of the news we consume today isn't so much reporting as it is
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a way of keeping people addicted to the news cycle and that consuming too much of this kind of news whether actively or passively can be very toxic and what you hear has an impact on your mood. and while it might be too late for us gen x. ers even millenniums to save all of us you know adults and and all of us from this barrage of new information there is there still might be time to save the kids or at least help them become better at discerning all of the fact from fiction the trolls from the bots and most importantly how to properly cope and navigate the neverending steady stream of information and media literacy a new educational effort to reach student or to teach students how to navigate through and think critically about the information and news that they are being fed on a daily basis however according to media literacy now only 14 states in the united states have media literacy language implemented into their education standards and
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the difficulties of getting the curriculum into the classrooms isn't the only problem sometimes it's the curriculum itself or rather the corporate approved curriculum no one higdon board member of the action coalition for media education told fare quote there are a lot of groups that advocate for media literacy but really what's behind them is corporate dollars trying to get corporate software and corporate products in the classroom to get students familiarized with them. so my friends how do we teach the next generation to be better consumers of news and information in the digital age well let's find out by watching the hawks. if you will. in a city. that is so you. see this as this. state see a. great city desolate systemic dissent says so
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which. brings up the old. welcome we're going to watching the ox i am tyro visitor and i'm obese are crossed. and joining us today to discuss media literacy in our classrooms is legal and media analyst lionel of lynell media at professor sobre brown professor of journalism a belmont university thank you both for coming on today that's going to be fun discussion. here welcome thank you all right before we get into the kind of nitty gritty let's let's i want to ask you both right out do you believe that media literacy needs to be taught in our schools and if so how early should students start getting the basics of the information they consume i'll start with you professor. absolutely they need to start as soon as they start asking questions children are sponges they are going to listen to their environment so even before school preschool it's the same idea about you know race topics that are challenging
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when they start inquiring we need to start asking and answering those questions back to telling them the truth so that they can begin to say ok there's a pattern of information. why don't your thoughts. no no no no this is nothing but censorship this is scaring kids you might have a class called musical literacy sports literacy food literacy no of course not what this is doing is you're telling kids be careful you might come across something that stiff or in something that's not approved something that's scary good i want kids to go out and learn 1st of all how to be students or learn plain old you know math and things like that but i want people to be in c. shabelle and their desire to take it all in what this does is to scares them be careful you might hear something controversial you may hear something that's dissin
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from a ship so what that's life enjoy is suck it all up be it be a god bless him for information and you decide teach critical thinking instead. when true becomes scary weren't true. i can agree with by whose definition by whose definition. just backs truth solid true miss the 1st amendment exists it was ratified december 15th 71 truth may challenge the tribes. if a little bit but you say but i'm sorry but if truth is scary history scary reality is scary to you right truth is scary i was utilize you know you are. utilizing your words but children when they become inquisitive we have them don't have a responsibility to assure them to educate them to give them the information now to your point when i know you can make any decision you want with your information but
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if you don't agree with you know why you don't want doesn't make the information an accurate that is your perception of exactly. precisely and dr brown you run a journalism department knew the lead it through a lot of different changes specifically those and valving new media and media forms like social media where almost anybody can claim to be a journalist today do you think that this makes it more difficult to tell fact from fiction also how do you teach the curriculum in modern journalism that helps people to be able to decipher acknowledging the fact that corporate dollars and advertising has changed how stories are even framed. you know it's a huge huge huge topic but i'll do my best to decipher so fundamentally what we do is give the students options and access so you have sites like koch public and you have snopes you know that back check that work you've got the places washington post has a fact checking site so we have the students go to those sites and best to get
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information on their own the main thing for all of us is finding confirmation by it's going to certain sites to get the information that confirms what we've already . you know there are things you grow up and you think i was right about this i was right about this i knew this answer and you get older and you recognize i was wrong i didn't know what i thought and so in terms of journalism we included in our general education curriculum forces like mass media in society and it's citizenship we want the students to it's work we're not telling them what to think i don't tell my students what i just tell them here's a simple mention you have a choice to make whether you agree or disagree with that information freedom of speech is a freedom to do and say whatever you want to do it is freedom to express yourself we need to challenge issues but you also have a responsibility and consequence some talk about consequences we talk about where you can verify and computer information but the decisions you make are you.
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law to let me ask you how to how difficult is it going to be to to teach kids you know what is or isn't fake news being that that term now is kind of been thrown around by everybody on all sides of the spectrum and everybody kind of uses that as the catch all of like all that's fake news that says this information any time i just disagrees with their viewpoint how difficult is that process going to be moving forward this is been as old as we have been telling stories 1st i must say something right off the bat absolutely positively i would never ever use snopes political fact. as the arbiter of truth in that class or i'm trying to teach critical thinking snopes the 1st thing i would tell students is there are people
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out there who have cornered the market on truth and they have come up with these things called fact checking services and they will do will because political fact and whoever gets there 1st sets up the standards so to speak and they become the gold standard i would also tell students that throughout history some of the greatest developments whether recent science or literature came from somebody who bucked the trend somebody who said i don't think this is true when i went after newton has said i don't think your gravitational idea really makes sense when copernicus and galileo they basically were called fake news i want to inspire revolutionary thinking i want them to go out and try and test now they'll figure this thing out every now and then you're going to learn something wrong but you notice how we're so afraid of learning something that means not be exactly spot on and by whose definition maybe it's exaggerated maybe it's underplayed but that's
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the glory of learning it's risky it's a minefield to go out and embrace it what we're doing is we're telling kids be careful watch what you say watch what you think watch what you believe it could be wrong so what you're going to make mistakes your entire life embrace it try to keep it to a minimum but but be insatiable in your quest and sometimes you going to make mistakes so what i want to say this is there's a lot of great conversations that i wish that we could go on and on with because i've been to both are original some really interesting and fascinating back and forth and views on the subject i want to thank you both for coming on and for the work that you're doing out there professor thank you so much for joining us today and really going to. let me know some on this fascinating subject myself and i think we definitely. tell those. journalists exactly no i couldn't agree with you more thank you so much for both for coming on today. thank you. and
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apple is facing scrutiny today after may drive home supplier in india is under investigation after a riot broke out inside their factory reportedly caused by workers who are upset about not receiving their promised wages who could blame them the riot caused millions of dollars worth of damages in archie correspondent natasha sweet as the story. of violence at a factory that manufactures i phones erupts in the color district of southern india sunday police say roughly 100 people have been arrested according to local reports a large group of employees damage the building destroyed equipment even setting fire to vehicles damages are estimated at $7000000.00 local media saying these workers were protesting as a result of not being paid police condemn the rioting in haiti no one has the power to take law and order in their own hands you know anyone has problems they should
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approach their department or the labor department it's wrong to become violent like this the police are conducting appropriate inquiries was drawn a taiwanese based supplier is the manufacturer which makes i phones in india the us china trade war helped pave the way for india to become a manufacturing alternative to china for apple and other big tech companies here you see apple c.e.o. tim cook meeting with indian prime minister narendra modi back in 2016 discussing possible investments in india apple started making i phones in india in 2017 through 3 different manufacturers including with strong factory violence comes as india faces a recession legislation is looking a reform labor laws with locals have protested against the law passed or importantly enable companies to. easily fire employees legislation will also make it more difficult for workers to unionize or go on strike apple said employees and auditors are being sent to india this week to aid in the investigation and to see
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if workers who are being paid plans have been in the works for apple to open its 1st physical retail store in india next year reporting for watching the hawks and sweets are. all right as we go to break remember that you can also store watching logs on demand to the brand new portable t.v. which is a bit warmer all platforms coming up in roman colleges and universities next year is looking grim and major league baseball is finally being forced to confront its very own racism stay tuned to watch and we'll see. she sure moviemaker those who did just that it just means that. you don't mind the
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. malls all. the time you can look them up face you know how long to name a country of the night and they come out. and you. can only talk to them or that last sept is that. you will see only. the month to go no i don't mean that i'm still going to. i'm. going to. use the term obama i don't know i'm going to go. look at what's called the minimal. going to come up thinking i come up each time she comes home to go tell me there's a guy who's going to go give up we have to get out of my mind you're going to. be. christmas special while we await santa loves you don't wait for because the future
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is here down and it's clear it was. college tuition costs continue to go up up and up. yet classes remain largely online due to cope with $1000.00 this new normal is causing would be college students to rethink their plans w b e z chicago's n.p.r. source chronicled a few of those students one of them brian williams at mit the pandemic has had a toll on his educational journey williams said i'm terrible at online school i
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know what works for me and doing stuff on the computer doesn't really stimulate me in the same way in actual class would. that also played a role in williams' decision to ultimately put college on hold for now with the backdrop of a pandemic in an economy in crisis going into thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt without any real job security on the other side of it seemed irresponsible and williams isn't alone in his plight or 0 sum choice according to the national student clearinghouse undergraduate enrollment this fall declined by 3.6 percent from the fall of 29 p. that's essentially 560000 students and double the climb of last year most of this affected community colleges. first time college students represent the largest decline in enrollment. in poverty also plays a role for graduates at high poverty high schools there was a 32.6 percent decline for graduates of low poverty schools doug shapiro who leads the research center at the national student clearinghouse said you can almost think
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of this as an entire generation that will enter adulthood with lower education lower skills less employability ultimately lower productivity. lower enrollment also means revenue drops for colleges with already constrained budgets and without a federal infusion of cash and no state money to turn to to which it increases are more than likely around the corner and community colleges bear the brunt of this because they're systemically underfunded yet do the most in educating us students typically though community colleges which largely serve minority low income and nontraditional students see their enrollment go up in crisis financial times but not in the cold air. in the education arena the tug of war is far from over. wow you know this is one of those stories that i you forget about you don't realize because you have so many other things going on and then also and you see these when you see those numbers of colleges you know there's not as much of roman next year.
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comes in to make sense because we're going through a financial crisis people are spending their savings they're there and they're looking at what is college offer and when there's times learning exactly it becomes a very hard decision and person people an easier decision to make because they're looking at the fact that right now unemployment they're looking at their peers are unemployed many of the jobs that they would have considered getting over the summer are no longer available because restaurants and indoor dining a lot of that is shut down in the ones that are still open have very limited hours so those are urged right up and our economy isn't set to be on the uptick now they're projecting out for another 73 years so this is post graduation poor student who would have been entering this year anyway and they're frustrated because a lot of students particularly 1st generation will be college students were looking forward to the general college experience if they're going to be sitting at home anyway that's no different than when they were in high school so they also lose that you know that huge piece of themselves that was excited about going to be on a campus and learning in that way yeah and that element that on campus learning
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teaches you about how to get along in society how to get along with the new people how to get you know how to do all that you can do that now maybe that will change look we've got the vaccinations we got these things society might change enough but this is going to hit colleges hard and it's funny you told me earlier today that we don't get to see the statistics for like you know kids in their 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th year college it's only for and roman because that's where that's where that care about the most absolutely that's where the largest lion's share of the cash flow comes from because they're looking at that 1st term 2nd term on down that by 5 and a half years directory because on average the majority of students don't graduate in 4 years anyway in america so they're not really taken into account those who are not returning who may be in their 3rd year are running or in their. second year they're looking only at the 1st year students so realistically these numbers of enrollment are actually a lot worse than what the data points we currently have actually showcase and we're also talking about it makes sense too because you're talking about people who look a little money for college or whatever it may be and then you have to spend you
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know fighting the cold economy is absolutely so for parents who would save a little nest egg for their kids to go to college that money is gone because they have to pay for housing they have to keep the lights on they have to make sure they have money for food on top of that same for students because a lot of low income students are actually trying to save themselves and not only hope for their college education but also help to sustain their families back home and right now that money is going directly to the families so that they can all be able to survive this pandemic well. what's in a name a rich history culture but if you're a sports team sometimes what's in your name is just plain old racism we saw it with the washington redskins n.f.l. team that has since changed their name to the washington football team now it looks like the cleveland indians are following in their footsteps on monday the team announced its decision to drop the racist name but before you go praising them be mindful that the team will keep the name through 2021 and will continue selling
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merchandise with the logo and historic indian chief names. listed. in other news the negro leagues were officially elevated to the major league level by the it will be that's right the pre civil rights era baseball greats who proved that talent was not bound by color lines and white supremacy are just now being recognized. over the decision bob kindred president of the negro leagues baseball museum in kansas city missouri said in a statement shared by the in will be for a store called merit is extraordinarily important. with the backdrop of segregation negro league baseball players showcase extraordinary skill even though they were stripped it to major league honors and paid but this week $35.00 hall of famers became major leaguers a gesture that though delayed slowly chips away 8 years of discriminatory practice in sports here's a list more as our sports producer regina hamm welcome regina. well regina there's a lot of frustration in me obviously. because these least kind of stories continue
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to come up 1st of all the cleveland indians they're now moving away from their controversial names some would. say they were moved their chief wahoo logo back into an 18 after the backlash is this a sign that maybe other baseball teams need to recognize problematic names and mascots and what does this say about the timeframe that the unions are actually using all the names that are around for 105 years and you know some below 0 well but my history it has a history yes of being incredibly racist as do other team names you know if you will of the angels chicago blackhawks for example or the atlanta braves a fellow and they'll be team who has made no indication they have any interest in going the route of the indians so in this you're seeing baseball kind of feel like very very small steps forward you're seeing them go for chipping away at the races in the at the time was totally perfectly acceptable in the 20 percent you're going this is not ok but like you said a change takes time are we supposed to be applauding them for something just now
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they're realizing is not a good idea and just be will there's a lot of baseball fans who do support this change going why didn't this happen earlier and you know if it is off the heels of the washington football team changing their name and logo that happened almost a year ago why wait on the tire for now it is one of those kind of strange things were time when news. everything is one of those questions cleveland hasn't decided on a new name yet did your cleveland spiders which is more political roof. well they're not really using the chief wahoo logo anymore which is very very rare since logo. they're still selling merchandise with it as a way to supposedly honor their past and the proceeds will be going to native american organizations those all heap of muscle problems with that isn't there are if it sounds very hypocritical we're going to keep using this very offensive logo 1 to give money to the groups we are offending it if you look at it from the
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perspective of an l b ownership team you're trying to i guess almost reparations of a type to correct your mistakes of what you've done but you're also going that you could just not use it and give proceeds towards them period there doesn't need to be a hey let's keep this around and i think you're going to see i'm sure see a backlash of people who go well this is my team is my look you have to hurley see times change baseball has changed over the 100 year plus years it's been around it's time teams evolve with that group may have to meet all the major league baseball point though yesterday we heard that the negro league was going to be officially rolled into and be acknowledged as part of the major leagues 72 years later do you think with a good step forward towards rectifying the past and why did it take so long so it was actually brought up in 196820 years after the integration of african-american base of players into the major leagues jackie robinson 1948 the commissioner then did not want to really do anything about it although during the height of civil
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rights era might have been a good time to do something about it chose not to the topic was dropped so 1 yes while it is good that we're facing recognition there are $3400.00 players coaches that contributed so much as sports satchel paige jackie robinson names that are forever associate with the baseball. they got their start in the negro league but why is it all the sudden now like you know let's acknowledge and you had plenty of time rob manfred you know off the bad p.r. the amount he's gotten this season maybe decide it was a good time to try to change the perspective but these are men or women who don't need special and i'll be honoring they have done so much you contribute to the sport and major leaguers or not they deserve every place in the baseball hall of fame the most lovely do they most definitely do the job always thank you so much for coming out and sharing your sports expertise with those this week. all right everybody. got it all right everybody that is our show for you today remember in
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this world we are definitely definitely definitely told we are not loved up so i tell you all i love you i am a rover and i'm of the chicago watching all those hawks out there and i have a great day invite everybody. today the industry prefers to spend millions of euros in you know being a day late edition i will be sniffing a lot making money making profits in some of the corporations international markets import export do you imagine the number of chronic diseases that are out in every
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community today it is not due to new viruses all new microbes facts not true so it is due to environment. siggy though that momentum is simply the. muscles obviously just accumulate could only come into it seemed to be so in the us that. the legacy of the sky if the so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more growth so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something in the street outset that we are british and we want regulation i was in just any freedom behave zinnias penalty just fine.
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clemency for killers known for whistle blowers donald trump's pardon list includes mercenaries guilty of the bass murder of civilians in iraq but leaves off those who spilled the beans on american war crimes. a plane carrying sputnik v. supplies from moscow is on its way to argentina for the country's regulator officially registered the russian. a not so merry christmas queues empty shelves unusual decorations and a santa in a bubble people around the globe trying to get the festive spirit despite tough
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