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in the movie version the scientists may understand everything before they even begin to look at it that's not what really happens what really happens most of the time scientists are very confused about most things and they're not sure they spend most of their time trying to be rescued if you try to become a little more sure. unit 731 did everything from exploding bombs laced with anthrax next to prisoners who were tied to stakes in a field. we have evidence that they gave disease infected chocolates to children.
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plead guilty to having exercised to direct guidance of preparations for conducting biological warfare chiefly against the soviet union. biological bombs were to be dropped on blood it was dark but a shell off about of skin. and blood of vision scope. tribunals transcript general yamada commander in chief jump in is kwantung army. ceramic bombs containing typhoid cholera and anthrax also show is seen as brain child. russia canoe not. going to get more. uganda. out it's real not. so an issue of a pitch that. bombs packed with deadly
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bacteria were meant to be dropped on soviet cities. but on june the 25945 victorious soldiers marched across red square. many of those present with martial wasilewski as their leader would be redeployed to the far east immediately after the victory. you when you. say was. near. you again when you're so where do you pull your p.c. news but you know many people. i use it but need ski is
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a medical corps colonel and military historian who researches the history of development and the use of chemical and biological weapons he's also studied the checkered history of japanese russian relations. usually can give them a bit as they usually go. in with those we surfaced is it was sure. it. was and still you can do it. on august the 6th and 9945 american pilots dropped atomic bombs on the civilian populations of hiroshima and nagasaki. and on almost a month soviet troops launched a massive offensive against the $1500000.00 strong one ton.
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the manchurian operation. as no match in military history the read on it defeated the kuantan army in just 10 days. on august the 19th it's commander in chief photos or jada complied with the soviet high commands ultimatum an immediate and unconditional surrender he handed his sword to a soviet officer and other generals followed suit. after the start of the red army's military operation the units 731100 were completely liquidated as per my orders. the soviet army swift advance deprived us of the possibility of employing a biological weapon against the us as for other countries. tribunals
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transcript a commander in chief of the japanese. was in a hurry. the red army was advancing too quickly and he didn't want to be captured by russians. prisoners were killed and their bodies destroyed. personnel and valuables were relocated they had to leave behind was. most of the facilities were blown up. on august in 1945 the 1st servia troops entered the city of harbin.
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the 731 camp i don't ready been blown up and all the most important materials removed but there was still traces of the crimes. servia troops found ample evidence of the biological warfare units activities. central unit 731 personnel much captured along with the kuantan army commander in chief and senior military medical service officers. meanwhile joe if he made contact with the americans. i'm going to. hurt the. motor to bring the. new. king q did. already got me without this vote.
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and that wasn't the 1st time the pentagon had also sheltered several german fascists the removal of nazi criminals from the country was code named operation paperclip there were thousands over all by one estimate as many as 10000 not just the scientists the scientists total about $1600.00 or more but there were also concentration camp guards from low to medium levels there were even commandants at concentration camps. in eastern europe nazis really of all stripes from scientists to spies who work for the cia. eric lichtblau an american journalist and pulitzer prize winner wrote the nazi's next door revealing the harrowing story of how america became a safe even if
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a 1000 years of nazi criminals. i think a lot of this is it was really a stain on the united states it was a shameful period in which we allowed thousands and thousands of nazi persecutors who we had just defeated we had just gone to war we had lost interest lost hundreds of thousands of men in battle and then allowed. them in despite their obvious ties to to war crimes and persecution that that is a blot in american history since japan's act of surrender was formally signed on september the 2nd 1945 in tokyo bang the pulled the american battleship u.s.s. missouri. representing the suv union general did it also sign to surrender documentable. on the u.s.s. missouri general macarthur and admiral nimitz signed on behalf of the usa.
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the turkey a tribunal soon follows the trial of japanese war criminals america behaved as if it owned the courtroom after all japan was in a town's. i'm a good high noble tanya. good there are a $1000000.00 summer new going to. the great. new and you are. the tokyo tribunal began on made a 3rd $946.00. by
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this time churchill had already delivered his sinews of peace speech that heralded the cold war. the tokyo tribunals became an arena room veiled confrontation between the u.s. great britain and the u.s.s.r. u.s. representatives refused to review the topic of unit 731 and it detachments despite servia demands from the whereabouts of the unit 731 leaders are unknown to us there are no grounds for charging the unit with war crimes. cold war and there was a strain of documents and data by unit 731 that went to 2 military bases in the united states to fort dugway in utah into fort dietrich in maryland which to this day remains the headquarters for the us. by a large of all weapons command. there were biologists doctors medical
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students adolescents who had nothing to do with medicine employed at unit 731. $3600.00 people in total including maintenance staff. but only 12 men face trial and how about of. herschel to you others the. way you need to go to work the dog is. the soul looking you all say. june or the dog. door in that sense organs it is. so the. day he meets. visited 4th district the usas main military law biological weapons research and
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testing on humans continued. in the 1930 s. and forty's and fifty's the american military government and medical community experimented on the black population using syphilis and sexually transmitted diseases infecting them with these diseases in order to develop vaccinations and medicines to immunize them all of these were used in the prisoner populations the black populations and the mentally retarded populations largely before 964 which then quickly out. in 1950 the korean. american deployed form a unit 731 directors. and miseducated done a booth doctors of medicine and both already promoted to the rank of lieutenant general in the imperial japanese army. packed with toxic
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payloads were dropped on korean villages. from nagasaki hiroshima korea vietnam. in different areas of the world from the different times of war united states is engaged in all sorts of warfare biological warfare nuclear war warfare. the united states did ratify a $972.00 convention on biological weapons. but in 2001 declined to sign the document known to experts as the protocol. to. do so with disease in the. was was so it was a good bill you screw. up to be the new.
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teacher moving. along today probably not if they were. only talking more than a. think. i mustn't think i don't know i mean the last. time. around when the. momentum. going to come up thinking. how come to go missing on the.
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boxing day special. boxing day is a holiday celebrated the day after christmas being the 2nd day of. join me every. time i'm sure when i'll be speaking to the world. i'm sure. i'll see you then. moreover it is impossible to undertake any inspection of bio labs set up by the
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pentagon near russia and form a serviette republics as required by the defense threat reduction agency. it's claimed that the labs are for medical purposes but they're financed by the us defense budget. raising valid concerns that their activities are not just medical but military. the look on the military jury is one example. but the level of duty of the way no one as the chief. judge is former minister of state security tenet general good gods he was talking about reliable documents that fell into his hands. knew more knew was what but doesn't mean it was me surely in the sight but then to so you know next up the american that silly doubt he's dearly coupler in when you cook uses so mystique. about systems he was in the way it is
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in the threshing impulse plus learning it begin me such him of us and i say to you well but i don't think you do. but they want them to spill what they let that only about up but it must not let us believing it was do. let's get it today but i can you go sailing you see anymore smita kidding or not snake mention is about that ship the company notes that were good. so i didn't pick up but if it's mickey let's just give you what you preach in a smidgeon you'll stumble you gotta tell us the real h.d. by then or one of us who. owns this worst user dialups see what he does not see the good up it that it's mitigate the nuts it's mimicking would those i see him decide he is the good me and of course the movie didn't you could visit us and. we'll go would they need. and you bro scored the records show that there have been 181 deaths left in a general you'll get z. has appealed to the u.s.
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president donald trump 290 advocacy groups and different humanitarian organizations in the west but has received no response. there are also many questions concerning biological labs in ukraine there are at least 13 there are 3 involved 3 in kiev and others in a desa vinnitsa. curse on the nobel and heart of. ultimately if there was a conflict or war with russia ukraine would be among the 1st. platforms to initiate hostilities through. local residents have reported unusual infection outbreaks in our american lands one example is a facility near hark off. social activists in a game a sea of who worked and how when the lamb opened complained several times to
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ukrainian authorities at the request of local residents. go both do williston. moorcock with equipment if you got. your middle of the money. is there going to do about a body of meat if you. want to and is suspected to have been running experiments on ticks. install ticks or infected with zico virus west nile fever dengue fever and other equally dangerous pathogens and then released into the natural habitat neither ukraine nor the u.s. have denied that the pentagon is linked to bio labs in the country.
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since 2018 under on a number 9 to 8 issued by ukraine's ministry of health international pharmaceutical companies have had access to the country's hospital patients as a testing ground including children. special safety measures in the handling of hazardous microorganisms are very expensive. it's a lot cheaper and easier to conduct that kind of research in countries where lives are all lower value to the usa the west of course does not care about the lives or the conditions of ukraine of the population it is also been historically i by people like adolf hitler and the german world war 2 strategic plans for defeating russia ukraine was rich with oil and it was always i as
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a natural resource. area that could be utilized. is to spread the word to us would if soon as the new deal it. was alluded to is because there's a bonus of pollutants but don't you read that it is tins good as it was. then your milage of good used to be pert of was that. when you buy it then it's in your school was. it impossible to monitor the labs activities fully. even though america says their doors are always open. with the new years to experience with which to put it was stupid to be near them doesn't because i'd say if we look at the. least bit silly you stick up gloria to dust which is that in your is rich in your. place hoarded. today the us has bio labs in many different countries of the world.
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in 2017 the us air force website announced a tender for the purchase of russian people's biological samples russian authorities requested clarification of the proposed purpose of the purchase and received an answer from blowdown a spokesman for the us air education and training command. the pentagon needs to collect russian bio material to continue in musculoskeletal system research. why they wanted russian data remains unclear and it was no assurance that it wasn't to help create a bio weapons no syrup or search the scriptures or assisted with serious abuse to do it. through to minute which is of course. most of his associates whenever honest with their record crimes. many opened their own clinics in japan and even won awards. they know it's
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a new well cordell mistaking it means i use the look. cordova. does it tell you though that i you don't live. only 12 defendants pleaded guilty the court sentenced general the armada project suka takahashi and come to 25 year prison terms. other officers were given 15 to 20 years and the lower ranks from 2 to 10 years. if this was a new honda. okeydoke without the what it is most scorn the clearly the should or not what the that. it would be the war in a union or. or not but they must sort o.
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little bit chew them it's got the ratio of america on the issue to go to court to show us the mutal. the article you. are warmed as. a famous japanese alter said she more and more up published his book in which with a heavy heart the analyzed everything that a unit 731 had done that was the 1st time the japanese public had learned the shocking truth. is she was out of the data could a mother you know not knowing she was a. seine so you start with dane dutch more competent you know with their social macos they're. not dirty they are good they go in the king queue of study disorder or. ordeal course that is a 100 then you want to know miami
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a gitzo show quest they all in the morning and so on all. only all. there's a special folk choir in japan. among other pieces of music the group performs a cool suite entitled repentance by sheena chino it can be a composition based on money more as novel the devil's gluttony civil war or a mother new york solicit on a cold is this if. the sole owner of a a much they want is there a palace you mean ok they're sort o. more joy you know with their you or your cause your knee yes the mail to it. then to others chorus the good of books could say was
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was there to no call no what i am a good more chilling good data if you will when you're not in a home and that you will read that there was. still salute you hua on the move gushing. the hyundai you her sister 9 dis they will let us sure. each says get they mess with us you are no less ain't you but then again just so meet them us. clueless i know could assuming. they're hearing yet but still no. so you still like the senate give us. the memorial peace park and i'm lost on as the victims of world war 2. the japanese
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built it to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of that all. people who want peace gather here for ceremonies to monitor and commemorate. the walrus to blame. save the japanese people who come to modern lost loved ones. seriously this can be a. key to it is the name. l.
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look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given by human beings except when it conflicts with the 1st
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law. we should be very careful about official intelligence and the point obesity is great. every. night on theories johnson with artificial intelligence will summon the demons. must protect its own existence and existence. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy going foundation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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victory or defeat while the u.k.'s leadership celebrates a historic brigs it across the english channel the european union as chief negotiator describes it as a loss for both sides. not so merry christmas' countries in europe seek cases and surges people are placed under strict measures during the festive period. what a waste of money. the government threw away more than $50000000000.00 project . machines.


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