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tv   News  RT  December 30, 2020 9:00am-9:30am EST

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argentina's present warns a smear campaign and trade war against the sputnik recoated vaccine is hampering global distribution of the country starts administering russia's jack. i remember our colleagues died because they were 6 i'm happy because these should be the end and i'm eternally grateful on behalf of all of the nurses. also this hour the u.s. confirms its 1st case of a more contagious british strain of the coronavirus we look at a challenging year for the country worst hit by the and the. and kobe denying russian monk accused of going on followers including minors to commit suicide is remanded in custody.
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watching our team for national bring your live news update from our studio here in moscow welcome to the program. for us we turn to south america in argentina health workers have received the 1st doses of russia sputnik the job as the country's mass vaccination campaign gets underway if all is russia and belarus in approving the shot argentina's president has dismissed fears of using russia's job warning it's fallen victim to a politically driven international smear campaign now that a trade war been unleashed against me which is hampering distribution. there's a very vicious dispute going on a very cruel dispute and a shameful one where by some discredit all this and i think the 1st thing to bear in mind is that a trade war has been unleashed also says the whole world is eager for the vaccine there's a geopolitical dispute who will be the one to distribute the vaccine our sister
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channel r.t. spanish reports from outside a vaccination center and when osiris. they will be remembered in argentina as the start of the biggest vaccination ever carried out in the country has received 300000 doses of v. now the focus is on monitoring the vaccination of medical workers and hospital staff caring for people infected with coded 19 they were the 1st to receive the vaccine across medical centers they worked hard to tackle the virus but it's been difficult not least because some of even seeing colleagues lose their lives to delivery of the vaccines cause for dismissal. this is a ray of hope for us it's like we've crossed the line of fire and are now moving forward against this damned byron's we had a very difficult year there was a lot of fear this is a great hope for us and i'm eternally grateful on behalf of all of the nurses. i am satisfied i am very happy these are the emotions that come to my mind now i
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remember our colleagues who died because they worked in the health sector and happy because this should end. in the province more than 300000 people signed up for voluntary vaccination with the provincial governor who was the 1st to be vaccinated in the region detail the significance of this new step in the fight gives the pandemic a basic it seems to me at the today is the beginning of a new stage for us the largest vaccination campaign in the history of the province of when osiris begin this morning and this is a vaccine that not only prevents disease. but also represents a real triumph as sensitive aleutian in the fight against the virus the campaign will involve around $7800.00 vaccination centers as a whole distributing doses brought from russia everyone vaccinated will be supervised for possible side effects as well as to inform when a 2nd round of vaccines arrives more than 20000000 doses are expected to be
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delivered by february 11th major positive effect against the virus. they are from latin america analyst francisco domingo's he thinks some countries are waging an information campaign against the russian accent. and he's a suitable. for to create a call to war other north korea degree by the united states but also by some of the european car. and d.c. take a particular russia and china but the reason needs that they have to come to the conclusion that there is certain a massive i'm going to be fighting against that and then it because these computer china russia and a few others actually have demonstrated if you have a sense if you put people before profit if you actually cared about the population rather than anything you're going to result in a you know demonstrably good where if you were to compare formants or european countries the united kingdom but also the united states where you don't have
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something close to a catastrophe then that's the reason why there is a huge campaign unfortunately she's bored by it with the media and the occasional writing team is ordered by conservative forces around mockery and my prison created a must the question we're going to make you the country control is here where the jobs. the u.s. has revealed its 1st case of a highly contagious new strain of covert 1st found in the u.k. that's now been detected in colorado and this comes as the state of new york braces for a new surge in cases we have been talking about potential for spread during christmas as america struggles to deal with the effects of the pandemic are to correspondent kilmartin look sudden especially tough year for the city dubbed the epicenter of the crisis. they call it the big apple and in 2020 that apple got a giant one minute and that worm is known as ovid when a national emergency was 1st declared in the city back in march many panicked.
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stores soon had empty shelves. the hospital soon had capacity and emergency tents were set up in central park. there was a shortage of protective equipment like masks and hand sanitizer health care workers took to the streets to protest they're told to you wouldn't ask only old boy. so if you want to talk about the row. it's part of
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that i mean if you send over if you sent over if you sent us it's really it's been tough it's been one of the hardest moments in my life it's been really challenging and i'm burnt out we're we come in every day and are not getting support from our managers cars you know our government is telling us we can wear a simple bandana we don't have many noted that in circumstances like this we had local officials blaming everyone but themselves when you was the whole international health community we was the whole national shows of experts the w.h.o. d.n.i. to see these the the whole alphabet soup of agencies we were reasonably we were you . where was the intelligence community with the brief videos of trucks used as temporary morgue to do to an overflow of dead bodies became
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a horrifying emblem of the era. new york city's heart island became a graveyard amid the overflow of dead bodies. one of the ugliest scandals involved nursing homes at the end of march andrew cuomo the new york state governor ordered coated patients to be sent to nursing homes for the elderly now this order was revised on the 11th of may but it was far too late the death toll in new york's nursing homes was approximately 4800 people remember that the elderly are the most vulnerable such a poorly calculated move is pretty hard to forgive this thing is not going away sir
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6300 people died in new york nursing homes that is the most in this country really needs to be able to challenge this wish to leave you would do it you're in a little bit of criticism of your very much like there was a glimmer of hope over the summer but then a 2nd wave came when it got cold the new lock downs have had a devastating effect on the economy restaurant owners and workers have taken to the streets. while the state was crashing and burning with the rising body count andrew cuomo took the opportunity to write a book about his personal achievements. and
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. 2021 doesn't look like it's bringing any relief either national health officials are warning us that january could be devastating without substantial mitigation the middle of january could be a really dark time for us some say that the lockdown was imposed too late others are saying that cuts in health care facilities and the closing of hospitals over the past decade have played a role regardless of why there's no question the 2020 will go down as one of the worst years in the history of new york city caleb mop and r.t. new york. for astra zeneca a vaccine against 1000 has been approved for use in the u.k. it's the 2nd job to get the green light in britain and the health secretary matt hancock praised the development calling it a moment of hope and the year. u.k.
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is seeing europe's fastest growth in kobe cases with more than $50000.00 new infections registered each day and it sparked a rush to get vaccinated with wealthy people reportedly offering thousands of pounds for a shot but as things stand they're out of luck the job can only be received through the national health service for free if i or biotech drug was approved in the u.k. this month as well and all of elbel doses are going to people in hospitals over the age of 80 frontline medics and care home staff i mean it's a potentially long wait for everyone else and private clinics say they're getting requests from patients willing to fork out large sums to try to jump the queue we spoke with the owner of one such clinic. code that has not really differentiated between the rich and the poor i have a clinic in wilmslow which is an affluent area and some of the people asking their parents have died or a parent has died and they're wondering how can i get the box ticking now i have been offered large sums to try and circumvent and see whether we can get the
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vaccine because private as we know goes on in this country hurts the government has bought the vaccine and there is no way to circumvent it but you know i think everyone you know would like to have the vaccine and even as agent and she comes with it people want to be safe people are scared. i think they would never want to take it away from the most vulnerable and there will always 'd be the small few that may try and take advantage but i have to believe in the human connection hume well that good will prevail and i think in general most drug fighters have a good moral compass and want to help out when the n.h.s. would say can you help us now. a german lawmaker has suggested that covert restrictions could provide a template for fighting climate change. set out his views in an opinion piece for a newspaper there will never be a vaccine against c o 2 so we need measures for tackling climate change there are similar to the restrictions of personal freedom and the pandemic social democratic party m.p.
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who is also an epidemiologist admitted his ideas are likely to ever happen but his views sparked a firestorm on social media. to this and pretty much everything that is deemed not climate friendly could be banned the struggle for freedom will never end a lot about it is already proposing look down like measures to combat climate change let's enjoy the festive season and gather strength for the demonstrations and resistance against state violence in 2021. at about the same time the covert lockdowns and the lock down for climate change begins since we have been so willing to give up our freedoms lockdowns will now be routine we've got reaction to the story from a panel of death. i think do we have to have a sure. thing. is one that simply hasn't worked
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in the code it presented in genuine emergency under the will respond and we're the shooter. doing kroger across needs to be tackled with this is much good we do not need to look into the kind of the effect of the term curb reduction during the last one period has been equivalent to taking 100 the degree centigrade or the global warming that we expect from spirit by 2030 and we need something which is much more effect but also something which struck in cruising done in this crude society actually starts a new industry which will. make us better off and allowed us to live large but in a much cleaner and less in poor block towns were where a certain except for the 1st time around or a troll. but now we've gotten such a mass that i think this is the reason why we're getting so many problems or people
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of anger votes out i don't think anyone and well freddie and joyce locking countries down we've lost control of this virus testing trace has been a complete mass a complete waste of money climate change of the center especially mass the i got me generation because i have a reason for doing it though you know what to happens to be chirpy time it's an economic leader wealthy conscious liberal to her money drain by paying for. the reply to the carried 19 money completely wasted which they could of course ensued environmental projects to help her well country bridger issues are with that with the top junction. the rest of the world is not so much of a problem but this is a breach why we should get any personal freedoms whatsoever. your global news update continues after this short break.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the
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world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back to the program you and china have struck a landmark deal after must 70 years of talks that opens up the chinese market to european investment while giving beijing and inroad to some strategic european projects or want to cross live to artesia charlotte devinsky 1st charlotte what's in this deal and what kind of reaction has there been. well this deal has almost been several is in the making between the e.u. in china and they've really pushed the boat out to get it done before the end of
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2020 essentially it means that there is the opportunity for the e.u. for investment in certain industries this is companies within the e.u. to be able to invest in areas of china before it had barriers around them such as the financial sector the health sector for china it means that there is this possibility of investing in renewable energy so this is something on the table for each side in this and this deal has been described by many as being the most ambitious deal that china has ever struck with a nation country. tomorrow's post covered world needs a strong china relationship to build forward better but this requires corporation reciprocity and trust especially now with trade and investment relationship. but this deal comes with a huge amount of criticism many have said that the e.u.
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is far too soft on china on issues such as labor rights human rights in fact some e.u. countries said they were unhappy with the fact that the e.u. hadn't done enough to secure those issues these countries were countries such as the netherlands and belgium and they was also criticism from some e.u. member of parliament terry ans who said you know essentially this didn't tackle issues such as hong kong and that of the weaker muslims in china. e.u. china investment agreement we came to access to the documents and it's extremely light and human rights and slavery as i feared the french declarations on putting an end to forced labor as a condition for a deal which just empty words hate from the land the european commission president now does dombrowski joins a brill you should raise recent human rights issues when you talk to see. what they steal is also to likely to rub up the wrong way the new incoming
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president of the united states joe biden just a few weeks ago that you said he wanted to coordinate its interaction it's issues with china with the poit in a demonstration and yet just weeks before he takes office it's decided to push ahead with this deal some of those who have suggested that china was going soft on the e.u. in a way of perhaps ramping up those tensions. the main deliverable from the jim's point of view was to drive a wedge in transatlantic relations and cross also appears to have complied it's just mind boggling that the you would even consider rushing to a green investment pact with beijing weeks before biden takes office after claiming for several years that they wanted transatlantic cooperation on china. well the e.u. has rejected the criticism saying essentially the washington administration and the trump are already secured its own trade and investment deals with china so that was
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by the by but regardless of the jewel politics surrounding this deal between the e.u. and china what is clear is that anglo merkel the german chancellor was very keen to get this done with the e.u. presidency still in germany and it seems for merkel who says that this creates a level playing field for the e.u. now with china this deal getting it dropped done trumped pretty much everything else. are to charlotte devinsky reporting live from paris thank you. a russian monk has been sentenced to 2 months pretrial detention in moscow father sergei is accused of numerous offenses including encouraging his followers to commit suicide and he's known for radical views such as claiming president putin had been replaced by the anti-christ i mean rubber mask along has also drawn criticism from the orthodox church itself for encouraging people to flout covert restrictions and go to church despite being defrocked by the church they continue
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to run a monastery however r.t. is more of a national put into. special operation handed demonstration. probably more. now but maybe the mortuary ne all more voters seeing you. when russia's a moron special police forces came to set a new rise quins monastery outside ticketed and bowed to detain the man known as father sergei who had seized the convent back in june they knew they'd face resistance and on supporters of the monk a former policeman himself who served his sentence for murder and robbery helping him take control over the monastery where many battle hardened veterans and former officers he tended of violent. 0 7 0000000000000 yeah oh yeah
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oh. in me father sergey was banned from conducting religious services due to his radical views on the coronavirus pandemic he called to ignore the lock down denounced electronic passes as a way to stem the outbreak as satins electronic camp and described the vaccines against kobe 19 and attempts to control the masses and it's over a state investigators launched a criminal investigation into child abuse at the monastery but the reason for the night raid was another issue. a video posted on you tube where is spiritual leader ask the church members whether they're ready to die for russia became the last straw move from the arctic you are more if you are from a number of. present your daughter's future from here coming over from the. children were in the crowd too and that worried the local ombudsman for children's rights sergei's now charged under 3 articles violation of the right to
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freedom of conscience and religion call for suicide and abuse of power so again denies any guilt according to his lawyer he was taken to moscow for into a geisha and and a hearing and sent to be due from the tension he spoke about it was almost a holy mission you reduce the. everything is fine with me you don't have to do anything just live by the commandments of god whatever happens everyone has their own cross to bear jesus said take your cross and follow me i'm following christ. the investigative committee and f.s.b. searched the compound and form a priest's cell while outside dozens of father cities supporters made a kind of human shield in an attempt to protect what they see as their spiritual fortress and express their solidarity with the priest but chances are they are not going to see their leader any time soon. lastly we bring you some world news in
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brief powerful explosions and gunfire have ripped through aden airport in yemen at least 15 people have been killed and over 50 injured according to local reports this happened just after a plane landed from saudi arabia carrying members of yemen's newly appointed government several deputy ministers were caught in the attack no group has claimed responsibility for it but saudi officials are blaming the few rivals. riot police clash with lebanese students at the top university protesters trying to storm the main campus angry that despite a kobe that linked economic crisis push in fees are being doubled. and tens of thousands of pro-choice activists are roped into tears as argentina's senate voted to legalize abortion a deeply divisive issue in the catholic majority country people celebrated the
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decision by throwing green smoke bombs the color of the pro-choice movement becomes the 1st major latin american state to make the move. that's our up of the day's top news for now but don't forget you can always find us on many of your favorite social media platforms like twitter and instagram for up to the minute reports. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person with those words. thinks. we dear to ask.
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it will be very difficult to get the year that is about to end and indeed during 2020 change was the norm and all knowledge is elusive many have reflected on what has been lost maybe the focus should be on what may never return. thanks. tony. time after time and see and welcome to going underground the team and i will be back with a brand new season starting on my birthday january 13th but until then we will be
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showing some of your favorite shows from this season going up in this show trump's new yorker old pal civil rights leader the reverend al sharpton on the vast eulogy to george floyd which galvanized black lives matter around the world and why he wants americans to vote for a candidate accused by some groups of supporting segregation mass incarceration and the catastrophic war on drugs that annihilated communities of color in the usa. all this and more coming up in today's going underground but 1st let's go straight to new york to speak to one of america's most renowned civil rights leaders reverend al sharpton his new book rise up confronting a country at the crossroads you don't know your work over decades will surely know the moving eulogy to george floyd killed by a us police i think british broadcasting regulators may allow me to say what a profound privilege it is for you to be on going underground but of course i'm going to ask you why is it not you rather than biden who's running against trump why do you call yourself a tree shaker in this new book of yours. i think that the history of
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dealing with movements in this country and even globally is that you need those of us that shake the tree in the sense of shaking up where a society has dealt in an unequal and unfair way and in many cases unjust way and you don't have those that pick up the fruit that falls 'd 'd from the tree and make jam out of it and i have in my role as an activist been more were trees shake their wonder picks up a fruit and becomes want to lead to the office or head of a corporate entity in the private sector and i think there's a legitimate role for both i feel my calling is to be the one shaking trees rather than picking up fruits trying to make jam out of let's get to the jam eaters in
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a 2nd this book in this book you blame yourself and others becoming complacent under the obama presidency at tell me a bit about that and how you see that complacency is creating donald trump well i think that many of us were very supportive then are still supportive of many of the initiatives of president obama during his presidency from health care to police reform to other areas and did not do as much as we could to hold the opposition accountable and to hold even some aspects of his own administration that was resistant to change accountable and that we should have always had the.


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