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tv   News  RT  January 7, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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we have to. we love you. see. many. of the world. always good company my name is you know. for people following. supporters storm. joe biden's victory they had gathered in washington for the steel rally in support
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of the outgoing president. were injured according to the chief of police as they tried to disperse the protesters force say about the detained 70 people in total with only one being a washington resident ben swan from america witnessed the offense unfold on capitol hill. well the atmosphere out here is absolutely incredible right now as you can see president trump is speaking addressing a huge crowd which is over by the white house but we're all backed up all the way to the washington monument. we know that people were storming into the capitol we know that tear gas was fired and we also know that rubber bullets were fired but i was just showing video a minute ago it from inside the capitol of a young woman on a stretcher bleeding pretty proof usually had a lot of blood on the side of her head on the side of her neck and.
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number of police the secret service were saying get back get down get out of the way she didn't heed the call and as we kind of raced up to grab people pull them back they shot her in the neck and she fell back on me and started to say she was fine it's cool and then she started kind of like move in weird and blood was coming up and now the neck and nose just behind me there are thousands of people there on the other side of me there are thousands of people so you know when when those folks move from from the trump rally and speech where we were before down at the washington monument and they began to move this way it's a sea of people. way up at the top of this building apparently there are still people attempting to break into the capitol building there banging on windows up there.
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what we're seeing are a series of flash bangs that keep going off it's the upper part of this this platform area over on the left hand side back towards the bill. the young woman who was shot in the neck or head area apparently was part of 81st wave of people who pushed and you hear those why the way more of those flash bangs going off. so so things are about to get a little bit rough here let's just pan over here next so we have the capitol police are coming through we've got to move on ok we're being told we have to move on by capitol police.
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ok it's a much quieter minus the police sirens here right there but there are very few people out right now no you know last time we came to you all we got cut off because capitol police were moving everyone out what was happening at that moment was we saw the capitol police come essentially with their right shields. while a female protester was shelled in the chest by a police officer in the capitol hill building she later died of her injuries in hospital they standoff was caught on camera and a warning you may find the following footage the story. 3. i don't like it. was
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the woman in the video has been identified as our a force veteran especially bombete from san diego she was a punishment from supporter actively airing her views on social media it's been reported that the officer who shot but has been suspended pending an investigation the demonstrators death has been met with a mixed reaction cities would be burning if ashley bad that was and then for of the lamb or n.t. for ashleigh bad to die does a radicalized domestic terrorist violently assaulting our capital a spot of a lawless more in tanton harming the embassy of congress the united states government capitol police murdered an american mother a she supports it exposing the d.n.c. lies in our nation's capital her name was asleep bob it's there's another video that shows that this was a very deliberate act on the part of the officer in question. the woman was surrounded by capitol police who were heavily armed they were making no effort to
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to stop her from moving in and she clearly had no weapon and yet she was shot there will be an investigation but the bottom line is this 'd when thousands of people seek to illegally occupy the capital of the united states well congress is in joint session of course and has every right to use whatever force necessary to protect lawmakers from it any harm you know under those circumstances lethal force is authorized scott for it are all throughout the day our guests have been sharing their insights as well into the on folding political turmoil stateside. this is suggestion this is an act to overthrow the us government people died this is beyond crazy this is a criminal act this is unprecedented i don't know that any point is certainly in recent american history has a group of has
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a mob essentially tried to storm the capitol during a basically a routine procedure i mean this is not the election this is the vote certification which normally gets basically no media coverage it's just routine and to see this level of iron this level of of anger and hate and passion really shows that things have kind of got off the rails in american politics this is not normal behavior in american politics this is honestly not all behavior in any politics to see this kind of violence happening on sort of a routine you know certification process there actually is great precedent or of this we look back in history we would realize that the the even the documents that were signed next you speak of the declaration of independence those are merely contracts signed by evil who agreed to be governed a certain way and when they decide that they no longer approve of the way you know mr glover as americans i actually believe that the contract allows us to say we
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have you know how we don't like how things are going and we want to change we didn't we didn't change we voted our vote is not the cart and that's how the people feel think you have a right to make their voices heard and actually is honor courage back if you read the fine print oh declaration where it says that if you tell the great and there comes a time when you need to do other people of your government that you may use that this is a carefully planned political strategy listen if you are seen as the loser in a contest you don't have the same spirit behind you as if you're seen as someone. was wronged in a legal hearing and trump has very cleverly brilliantly shifted the narrative from basically i lost an election to i was wronged by the evil system trump is just getting started i cannot imagine that this is the end of it this is the midpoint if anything i expect that trump supporters who are loyal to trump who want the rest of
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the republican party to be more like trump they don't want trump to be more like the rest they want the rest to be more like trump i don't see this as as as as calming down any time soon i'm going to i imagine that the next 4 years you're going to see a lot more rallies a lot more potential violence unfortunately we're going to see a lot more ire and i do believe that trumps political career is very far from over everything that you are a has it been purchased through or people do people say we do not consent to being got ratings right and what you see right now is a repeat of history you see people standing up and saying i don't like ribs countries tell you i don't agree with the principles i or eat that into the government democrat right that isn't that what you see right now it's not about treason it's about people who are american citizens saying that this is not what they signed up for facebook and twitter are just just censoring the president they're censoring basically anybody with a with
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a position that doesn't go along with the silicon valley narrative do they have the right to do it sure because does the government have a responsibility to cease any involvement with facebook definitely and most importantly do we as a as a as a community have the responsibility to say yeah i'm not going to be part of a an organization that censors people absolutely and so this is incumbent on us as people to say we will not be part of any kind of organization that censors people up to and including the president of the united states and i'm not defending mr zucker here trust me i'm not but he owns the real estate i'm walking on his lawn he's not walk. on my lawn if he decides that you've got to wear green hat on my lawn that i have to wear green hat or i get kicked off his lawn if he wants to charge me for being on his lawn then i might have an expectation of privacy or protection or freedom of speech but i'm on his lawn his rules. well let's bring you
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to the west coast of the u.s. where pro trump supporters clashed with police and counter demonstrators in the state of oregon. he scuffles to take place between the 2 rival groups oregon state police are still reportedly looking for one protester who threw a smoke tell mr and officers there were no reports of serious injuries however one person walls as. well whedon's these violent scenes had been preceded by months even years of growing political polarization in the u.s. but both sides becoming increasingly radical numerous left and right wing groups some played a major role in protests across the country and unsurprisingly social media has also been a prominent bottle around and donald trump being banned as of today from facebook until the end of his term the platform c.e.o. says trump has been using it to incite violence and even the reactions to the
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violence on capitol hill from mr trump and joe biden demonstrated those deep divisions in the nation to smash windows to occupy offices the floor of the united states senate rummaging through desks on the capitol of the house of representatives threatening the safety of duly elected officials it's not protest it's insurrection we don't want anybody hurt it's a very tough period of time there's never been a time like this where. such a thing happened where they could take it away from all of us from me from you from our country this was a fraudulent election but we can't play into the hands of these people we have to have peace while another key development took place in the state of georgia where both of a consent seats went to democratic candidates after a tight race that means the democrats now have control over the senate the already
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the majority in the house of representatives it leaves them with a solid grip on power in congress for the 1st time since 2009 while the republican party of some deep soul searching to legal and media analyst lionel shared his views on the current political crisis in america. it was terrible it was wrong there is this is not subject to debate taken to ask this question because i'm a former prosecutor i tend to think perhaps like this why were the police 9 how was this if i were in the capital of if i were a senator or a congress person or a staff member or just a person doing business how do you go on to the floor of the senate how do you just walk in when they know about this and i'm not blaming anybody i'm not saying that because they weren't stopped these people are to blame please i've got to ask this question they had the national guard standing by you knew what was going to happen
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in some particular cases when will it be a lamb or are march breaks out or gets violent what do they do think they did we did call it a park or day they paint you know yellow black lives matter signs where the writing occurred to get wait a minute this this encourages that so we have a number of plates that are spinning the 1st one as we denounce it the 2nd one is did they not know what was going on but in addition to all of this i'm watching this thinking it's wrong but my god why is there not one consistent action when ever there is violence does it depend upon who is the perceived instigator of the violence and by the way if you don't think there were agent provocateurs in this or you have to go back and look at these tapes and see who is who this will take a week to ferret out. just another aspect to this the take of the international community they have been reacting to events in washington artie's pitter all over
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as a look now at what's being said by both america's allies and its rivals. rioters storming one of the seats of power saying that they want to carry out a revolution isn't scenes that we usually expect to see from the united states and when it comes to reaction from iran the message coming out of terror on is there's only one person to blame for wednesday what we saw last night and today in america demonstrates to failure of western democracy and reveals how fragile and weak is foundation is we saw what calamities a populous has imposed upon his own country over the past 4 years he's blemish the dignity and reputation of his country there's also been a response from china where the foreign ministry has put out a warning on its web site the chinese citizens in the d.c. area telling them to strengthen precautions that they're taking judy to the mass demonstration that took place on wednesday also chinese social media has been
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drawing a lot of comparisons to what we saw the capital building to what we saw in the arab spring color revolutions. in anti government demonstrations in hong kong as well now u.s. allies around the world have been expressing their shock their concern and the hope that this doesn't fundamentally damage america's democracy freedom up the peaceful handover of power as a result of free elections is the foundation stone of democracy and armed mobs spurred on by a sitting president who disregards the foundation stone stormed the u.s. congress yesterday we all saw yesterday the unsettling pictures of the storming of the u.s. congress these pictures made me angry and also sad i regret that since november president trump has failed to acknowledge his defeat and that includes yesterday what happened today in washington d.c. is not america definitely. we believe. in the throwing
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thought of all democracy. we believe. in the strength of american democracy in the eyes of the world american democracy appears under siege this is an unseen assault on us democracy its institutions and the rule of law we see your incompetence in democracy being shouted there's no justification for the level of violence will stop a lot of shock being expressed openly by world leaders a lot of people wondering what comes next for the united states yes not just world leaders world politicians but people from across the globe have been having their say one by starting in the yes democracy has a long history and when it ends in something like this yes people are afraid. to it is very worrying since it is an example of democracy it is really the 1st time that
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we see such a fierce struggle if things flow out there can have political and economic repercussions for the rest of the world. with both of them and this is totally unacceptable because it means excuse the term to spit on what is supposed to be the constitution the will of the people to spit on the image of a civil state in 2021. then after now they claim that they have democracy for their own people but i would call it a false democracy because it doesn't exist and it's all made up the only try to show about image of our country is saying that our countries are not developed and disorganized complete nonsense much of it is completely crazy this morning i said to myself that we're living in a crazy world and they're completely stalking to by all the things happening at my age have never seen anything like this in a democracy. earlier we asked our guests how the events on capitol hill will affect america's image abroad. there's a lot of posturing by international leaders all have been on the titular interests
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of their own societies which they try to further by making reference to the ones in this case yesterday but if i proceed in double standards are i've always been a small change almost so i wouldn't get too excited about these remarks or to certain as to how relations with a lot of. other centers will develop in that in the near future as a result of what transpired just one again the allies in europe in particular are very welcome in of his plans to bring back into the center of all progress and developments in climate change so i think after a few days of being destroyed relations will continue along its channels it will be as soon after it was over i definitely disagree with the president elect of
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saying that this is not us this is not america this is exactly what america is it started with colonization of indigenous land genocide of indigenous people pillage of african bodies forced to work on stolen land continued with jim crow and then of course perfected with the southern strategy of barry goldwater lee at. water richard nixon a new king and manifested today in the form of trump ism this is so-called america this is exactly who we are and it is a cough for us to really get introspective and to look at ourselves before we even have the temerity to go anywhere else on this planet to preach ideas of democracy and justice and righteousness we're hearing right now from european countries who are looking at this nation as if it was some banana republic and so the scenes are very very troubling but i have to say unfortunately not too shocking. 21 minutes into the program let's chronicle this. more world news now there are conflicting reports are running
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a recent attack by french forces in mali no the french military has said that it killed quote dozens of jihadists in an earth strike but the residents of a local village say about it was a wedding party targeted. as more in the front says role in the south africa has once again come under fire this time amidst grave accusations that a strike it carried out over the weekend hit a wedding party earlier this week the french army released information about a raid which it said had talkative just harvests that mission had the only claim neutralized dozens of fighters but locals tell a much grimmer version saying that they were taking part in a celebration when many were killed and was surprised by the intensity of the strike the helicopter was flying very low the attacks took place around the village of banti a remote area but also the same location where so just an operation barking carried
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out for a shoot now the doctors without borders has confirmed that it treated some of those who were injured people from from to be ages that. came to the hospital and requests to. enjoy. and we managed to cover the. 18 inches from. these 2. all of them with a man. from explosions. so they do was shut off met that was. gunshots were assume was from the french military has to know i did scorsese hit a wedding in the village there can't be any doubt so ambiguity there was no wedding this was a strike that was carried out after
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a particularly strict multi-party process on a fully identified armed terrorist group after collating information intensions posture in a study to area france's role in the saw has been difficult has over 5000 personnel on the ground in a bid to come to islam is the militants for the 7 year long intervention his comedy huge cost with $5.00 soldiers having recently paid with their lives in the region just in the last few weeks there have also been huge tensions over the presence of french military in the summer held with some accusing france are still seeing itself as being the colonial power and they have been protests against soldiers being stationed. was. if these reports are confirmed it would be seen as a new low for the french military in the soho. scheme r.t.
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paris. part of a frozen waterfall has collapsed on a group of tourists and kept shut in russia's far east one person was killed 3 others injured according to the russian emergencies ministry it happened earlier on thursday more than 40 medics and rescue workers were dispatched to the site by helicopter the rescue operation is now over and all the injured including one child have been are lifted to a local hospital the rest of the tourist group managed to leave the scene without further assistance. the former 1st minister of scotland is on your screens in moments the question is now the time for smaller parties to truly challenge the payments and western politics for the.
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2021 i'm going to see and it's thanks. in the place of the china for 20 years and now china's caught up to america and now all that money that's been going on for 2025 years is going to show up. real inflation. seemed wrong. just don't hold. me. to shape out. and in. the trail. find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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the way of life the reindeer herd is leading a traditionally nomadic lifestyle in the tundra is similar to a parallel reality. that the men drive the hoods women carry the weight of the household look on their shoulders and show them which. one also lets see man. that's not however in the vast expanse of russia there. were a housewife could secure a regular employment status it's in the final soonest to make him a shot on the. she's ill bookie. thank you thank you.
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thank you. thank you thank you they don't only. welcome to the alex salmond shield the westminster parliament is traditionally a tough gig for minority parties even the for not of the commons chamber is designed as if there were only 2 parties in mind that's over recent decades they've only been a handful of big operators in small parties 2 exceptions to this rule alex's guest today 1st we speak to servants capel former leader of the liberal democrats and one of the few minority party and peace to make an impact a prime minister's questions and then to bat in with glee of canards and dafydd with glee as was former leader of the welsh nationalist plight country he was once described as the most people friendly welsh politician since lloyd george but 1st
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to vince cable alex asked him how he got started this in politics. spence cable if you're a liberal you're the vesa today but that your foster electoral contests were for the labor party and then scotland. right to taking on the the redoubtable tom galbraith and glasgow hill head way back in 1970 how did the young vince cable get on taking the lead in the fair scottish tory politics when it was a slightly complicated journey after i'd like the university i gone and lived in east africa and kenya for 2 years. got married there came back and settled there to teach they invest. and got involved in glasgow politics which is as you know rather a unique phenomenon. i decided trend early going or getting involved in that in the local governments and going to the council but since our dams
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a living here had i competed for the candidacy it listen very unusual seats in the house and i'm there with 2 chary m.p.'s he was one and teddy taylor across in cash cow not on the south side was the other and there was then a a strong tory tradition there and in the city. there was actually a party called the progressives which were had their kind of ultimately a sectarian base and so that you know the proxy of the rights as it was was quite strong i was going out of that and courses gum. but it was you know quite a genteel campaign and i i did did quite well respectable 2nd and i was sort of bloodied in their electoral politics but of course the experience as a council for man a hill in the chamber of some have half the via a council familiar.


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