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that struggle is a very real. struggle on r.t. . russia vaccine program. more than half of the country's population by the end of the year. following a wave of allergic reactions california. is from a batch of madonna jobs. and joe biden acts his state department with obama you're a veterans some with a checkered record when it comes to military intervention is. live
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from moscow just gone 3 am here in the russian capital you're watching our team to national i'm daniel. russia's cranking up its covert 19 vaccination program the aim is to get 60 percent of the population this year with more here's artie's constantine rushkoff. the vaccination point here is up and running and as you can see people are lining up for the not kill ation i think there are at least a few dozen here but before i give you a quick tour around here let me take a moment and just to point out that this is probably the nicest place in moscow right now to take a jap i mean after all this is a russia's iconic most famous department store right in the heart of russia's capital now let's get inside. all right we're in it so this is the reception desk that morning that this is where you need to show your passport and that's about all you need to do to get a vaccine here the entire procedure should take around 45 minutes refers doctors
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need to verify you're in good health you're feeling well and then if you qualify for the an occupation then you should follow to that room over there i'm fine i just have an h. a throat perhaps you just need to drink some water yeah already have i feel better now. are you have you already thought about how your life will change once you develop antibodies. i hope it will change because i work in a museum we have lots of visitors so i hope my life will get better. i thought it was hurts more after the injection because this vaccine is supposed to be more serious than a flu job but i feel no difference it's just like every of the short history i decided to get the job awhile ago i was just waiting for the opportunity honestly i should have been inoculated in the local clinic but i just wanted to speed up the process because i want to be immune as quickly as possible. yet my husband and my
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friends took the job i have no reservations so i want to get it as soon as possible i think the more people that get it the great. it will have that in the end this is where they are getting the vaccines to the people and the lady over here and she's just getting ready to receive a vaccine that you've got please make it known to my face that indeed she i didn't know what she was day yet. you know that our eyes are she's about to get the vaccine but she is. if you see asked about that by the way this metal box over here at this is where all the dough is are being kept the temperature is minus 35 degrees celsius and that's what you need for a spot nicky by the way there are 2 vaccines that are available in russia right now 1st one called sputnik b. then there is another one called epi corona both are developed by russian scientists according to russia's health care officials the main goal right now is
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to develop herd immunity before the next fall because the jewish certainly it would love to have everyone get the shot and thus have no problem so far we have not been able to nice people on such a scale from any type of infection but the fact that for we'll be able to get 60 percent of the overall population in the uk you laid it in just the 1st year is a big achievement mass vaccination started in russia last december and according to those in charge are rolling out the job. there are over 1000000 people here he have been already taken a job health care it essential workers for the 1st to receive the vaccine and now they're trying to expand the list to get more and more people involved russia's health care minister said that the country is planning to run public scene distribution in other regions by another 2000000 doses of spotted me. well health officials in california have issued warnings of robots of covert vaccines from the farm and then a series of allergic reactions in america's most populous state and it has more
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details. vaccinations are in full swing in the state of california but from what we understand at this point the mcgurn of vaccine injections they are being halted and this is due to higher than usual adverse effects take a listen to what's going on in california fewer than 10 individuals who required medical attention over the span of 24 hours we are recommending that provide its use of the availability accident been 3 and pulls the administration of vaccines until the investigation by the centers for disease control and prevention food and drug administration madonna and the state is complete now all the incidents are said to have happened at the same community clinic and they are reportedly this clinic was closed for several hours after adverse reactions to the vaccine now what we're hearing from the state epidemiologist of california is saying that less data
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exists on adverse reactions to the modern a vaccine and that modern a is now reviewing the incident but it is rare for vaccines to trigger serious side effects now it's important to note that back in december there was an incident in boston where a physician he received the vaccine and within minutes started having adverse health effects allergic reactions that was back in boston so that incident is being looked into so when it comes to the state of california the numbers are worth looking at we've got 2900000 cases of coded 193-3392 deaths so far daily deaths are in the hundreds from coded 19 this is how hospitals are dealing with it. i've been here 21 years and i've seen more people passed away last week. in the past couple of weeks really than i'd almost say combined in all of my career as
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a nurse you just see them die they just die and then they fight dying and it's. so sad. yes i'm angry yes i'm upset but the only thing that we can do is 'd give them the reality of the situation which is this there is no room inside the hospital that we are making tents outside the hospital. now millions of americans are quite anxious for this pandemic to reach its conclusion so the vaccine is believed to be very key in that so basically any news
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about adverse of facts or allergic reactions to the vaccine is something people take very seriously but at the moment vaccinations are in progress not just in california but around the country many hoping that things in the united states can start to move toward some notion of normality while infectious diseases specialist william schaffner was to see a full investigation into the cluster of those attractions in california. we know that these m. or in a bank scenes are associated with more allergic reactions the last number i saw from the c.d.c. was 11 such reactions for every 1000000 doses so still rather rare but a grouping in one clinic that deserves further investigation did something unusual happened in that clinic or wasn't dede it that that vaccines report of adverse reactions gives pause to some people but i think by and large the vaccines
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have been shown to be safe and are wonderfully effective so across the country at the present time we have more demand than we have vaccines and so our program is rolling out and becoming more efficient we're trying to vaccinate more people more quickly and the video of a woman suffering convulsions reportedly off the receiving of covert job in the united states has caused widespread shock one of you might find the following images the broad green a filmed his mother off the she'd apparently received the pfizer job in early january he claims she hadn't suffered from any serious health issues before taking the shot must agree not spoke to us on r.t. she said that the day afterwards she woke up with a headache and she's had a headache every day since until today today's the 1st day she hasn't had a date but she started noticing the seizure like movements there lay your left leg
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1st and it was 3 days afterwards and she was admitted to the hospital before he's with she had no control of her legs when she was trying to walk the doctors said they think it's the metals in the vaccine that is causing her to have the neurological reaction. pfizer has said it's launched an investigation it's not the 1st time concerns even raised over the safety of the jab norway is currently investigating the deaths of dozens of elderly people who had recently received the pfizer vaccine. the response to his video suggests what happened to his mother isn't unique i've heard of other cases since i shared a video on facebook. thousands and thousands of people message me comment an average myself personally i haven't read all the messages but i've written hundreds of them muscle personally and people told me their stories their daughters or sons
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their mothers or you know all of member members of their family have had reactions share their vaccines our plot of some of your had a lot of misuse that are negative so you and this is your mom or you know you're lying or being in a comment you know it's it's not really something that are trying to entertain too much i don't know want people wouldn't trust they want to kodak seem to take away code and get back to normal. some alarming new findings uncovered patients have been published by researches in the u.k. according to the reports one in 8 people hospitalized in britain with the virus die of related complications within months of being discharged only one 3rd of patients who recover from the virus are later re admitted to hospital the study also reveals some severe long term effects including heart problems and diabetes we spoke with one of the scientists behind the study. not only does corn
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a virus. cause death and most people emission but there are clear signals here of associations between medium term effects affect in the lungs affecting the heart affecting the liver and also the kidneys and we need to get better at seeing and stratifying who are the people that we need to act ideally we need kind of us affection if we have it we need to make sure that we treat underlying conditions and we're monitoring these people to see if they develop and if they do develop for example diabetes or kidney disease we need to do more research to see how that progresses over time. with a trumpet ministration heading for the exit many might expect to see some fresh faces in the white house what a number of joe biden's key cabinet picks hark back to the days of his old boss especially when it comes to the state department or i guess the f explain. alex
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with the old and then with the well even older it seems go ahead and flip through do biden state department nominations you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd slipped into a parallel above the presidency there back well almost all of back from the people who brought you look at cash if in libya the bungled war in syria got stuck into the coup in ukraine and brought relations with russia to what they are now as the chief in waiting puts it this team behind me they embody my core beliefs that america's strongest when it works with the sellers it's a team that reflects the fact that america is back judging by the team's track record now is a good time for innocent civilians and potential collateral casualties around the world to start quaking in their boots because this cabal of liberal bruises seems
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to have much less compunction about dropping bombs than trump ever did such as mr blinken who believes that the us failed in syria because it didn't destroy it enough in syria we made the opposite error of doing too little without bringing appropriate power to bear no peace could be negotiated much less imposed or how about victoria nuland was her tool it's prefer jets and armies and bombs to take out anything that doesn't fit their picture perfect idea of democracy newlands more widely she gives in with with cookies and smiles and gets you to trust her says you'll have friend and then says this behind your back. that would be great i think to help glue this thing and to have do you when you have glue it and you know you america is strongest when it works with its allies biden said.
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nuland does that to make sure that america doesn't become too strong and keep those allies guessing about who she's trash talking this stuff or take samantha power now slated to take over america's aid agency machine she's good at anything it's making sure that the u.s. doesn't work with other countries to get things done to the assad regime russia and iran 3 member states behind the conquest of and carnage in aleppo you bear responsibility for these atrocities these are the people who helped bring trump to power they are they are part of what voters grew disenchanted with the and lost wool is the endless deaths the endless failures but then again they would expect too much from a biden state department in the words of a famous defense secretary if it's foreign policy chances are biden will get it
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wrong. i think he's been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past 4 decades looks like it's going to be a continuation of a increasingly aggressive us foreign policy that makes sense because that has been the the trajectory that republican and democrat administrations have done over the past several decades and his most recent picks seem to be a continuation of that this is an ongoing thing and that coupled with his his defense department picks a 3rd of whom have major ties to the defense industry all signals are that we're about to see some serious neocon foreign policy problem is that you have this inertia within us foreign policy and there's there's 2 parts to the inertia one is just the fact that all of the think tanks all of the contractors everyone that is part of the military industrial complex is supporting and promoting these types of
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these types of aggressive war hawks to the state department and the department of defense but there's also something more sinister at play here is the fact that there's an underlying jingoism that is built into us foreign policy and has been for several decades in this jingoism tells us that the u.s. government the u.s. military can go wherever it wants whenever it wants and kill whomever they wish including civilian casualties and that there can be no negative blowback or consequences for if anyone so much as tries to defend themselves there are mediately a terrorist and when that is the over the underlying thought process and bedrock founding principle of u.s. military and foreign policy it's going to lead to this type of aggressive posture around the world and it has to end on as many wonder what binds foreign policies will bring a new policy is growing support among veterans and military families for the withdrawal of u.s. troops from iraq and afghanistan. more than 2 thirds of the trends are in favor of
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the draw in the u.s. military from those countries there's a strong support for the move to from military families the poll also suggests both groups but if the u.s. should be less engaged in conflicts around the world iraq war veteran vincent dimaio well it isn't exactly shocked by the findings it's not surprising to me that veterans overwhelmingly want to south of these wars we are the ones who borne the brunt of these occupations and we still live with the ghosts and horrors of those wars and we will for the rest of our lives and it's not surprising to me that many veterans their families and the broader united states has no appetite for war right now this is part of a bigger picture problem for the united states and that is we operate a military empire at a time when the republic is sort of collapsing at home so the united states has major decisions to make in the coming years whether or not it wants to maintain
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a global military empire of over a 1000 military bases or the united states is going to have to choose to take care of people here where i live in the united states and you know break down the empire from abroad. still to come of this russian opposition figure out x. and a valley is that saying for 30 days pending trial for violating his parole and our story and more after the break. it seems inevitable there will be new security regulations fast into law in the wake of the events on capitol hill the original daintree act was made to legitimize the so-called war on terror with the patriot act to play no focus on domestic terror and how will the u.s. against the e.u. once.
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all come back to the program russian opposition activist the likes to spend 30 days
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in pretrial detention here in moscow he was arrested for parole violation off the flying in from germany where he'd underwent treatment for an alleged poisoning he goes on a reports. it took the judge several hours to deliver the verdict to the kremlin critic who came back to russia just yesterday from berlin there he was receiving treatment for what he and some western labs called a poisoning by a military grade nerve agent now alexina valley he was a pre handed at the border checkpoint now the thing is back in 2014 he was found guilty of embezzlement and received a suspended sentence with a probation period now while on probation he was supposed to report on his whereabouts to the authorities but when he fell into a coma and was transferred to the german capital for treatment obviously he couldn't do so but at the end of september last year election of ali was released from hospital so the authorities here in russia they expected to hear from him
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which they didn't this is why they are saying they put him back on the wanted list and this is why they're saying they are demanding that the suspended sentence is swapped for a real one for this opposition figure now this whole detention and this whole process sparked an outcry in the west starting from the secretary the u.s. secretary of state might bump a 0 to the chief of nato u.n. stoltenberg to france and some other european nations all calling on the kremlin to immediately release alexina volley in fact the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov had to answer a few questions about this whole situation during a media conference he held earlier today so here's how he commented on the situation which is no volleys cases got so much undue international political everything that happens to the valley regarding his return and attention is the business of law enforcement agencies we are talking about enforcing russian laws if
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in some of the countries simple and station of their own laws is considered to be of secondary importance to achieving some geopolitical. goals this is there are problems in our case law enforcement agencies have made their position clear. so for alexina valmy the next hearing is to take place on the 29th of january and the authorities the prosecution will be looking and will be demanding a real sentence this time germany has condemned the arrest and urged the russia to probe alleged poisoning in turn russian prosecutors have repeated their complaint to berlin that it's failed to provide the necessary data to back up their accusation the russian authorities say they sent 15 legal requests of those germany complied with to relating to transcripts of interviews with novelli and his wife meaning moscow is still waiting for medical files biomaterials and the german research that led to the novacek diagnosis
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a spokesman for the russian prosecutor's office expressed doubt that germany and other western countries actually want to get to the bottom of what happened. germany has taken a formal approach in responding to russia's requests and in fact has not provided anything which could shed light on the alleged poisoning it seems that the clear intention of our foreign colleagues is to conceal the true circumstances of the incident in order to continue with the unfounded accusations against russia. and evidence has buried part of a ski resort in southern russia as captured this video showing the moment disaster struck him of course as mountains as people tried to leave the slopes one person has been confirmed dead and 2 others are missing a major search operation will resume at 1st light 6 people have been rescued so far . a group of around 7000 u.s.
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bound migrants has been spotted in guatemala a human caravan which is mostly comprised of people from all duress is said to be fleeing poverty at home where the situation is the client sharply due to the pandemic the moderates were met with truncheons and here gassed by security forces several people were injured. violent protests erupted in the netherlands over the weekend they going to the coronavirus lock down and he's used water cannon to disperse the demonstration and arrest that around 100 people in december the government shut down schools and most shops in response to a spike in cases and last week the lockdown was extended by a further 3 weeks. and 2 museum has been gripped by nationwide riots over the country's deepening economic crisis more than 600 people were arrested on sunday night according to the interior ministry soldiers have been deployed in several cities to contain the violence. a deep
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freeze is taking hold in central asia resulting in some spectacular sights these are. drone images from the reservoir in kazakhstan this year it froze over earlier than usual the reservoirs fed by a river and in flowing river ice causes a compression effect that pushes seats of ice up against each other causing the surface to crack. this beautiful sites there across talk up next exploring the legal consequences of the recent events on capitol hill back in 30 minutes time with the latest join us again that.
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join me every 1st week on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. when i was a child small seemed wrong we're all just don't call. me the world is yet to shape our disdain become educated and indeed for many because the trail. went on many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered on peter lavelle it seems inevitable there will be new security regulations passed into law in the wake of the events on capitol hill the original patriot act was made law to legitimize the so-called war on terror will the patriot act 2.0 focus on domestic care and how will the u.s. and gauge the e.u. once joe's an office. to discuss these issues and more i'm joined by my guest george samueli in budapest he is an author and you tube wrote the gaggle and we have plenty isn't in asa low
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he is an associate professor at the university of south eastern norway as well as author of the new book russian conservatism originally crosstown prose in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it ok let's go to church in budapest 1st like i said in my introduction george i think we have just a kind of a parallel structure here and we have the so-called war on terror after 911 which was an utter failure ok we can talk about that on the sidelines here but it seems to me that the this is a template they do you know the war on terror is now the war on domestic terrorism but the difference is that the war on terror was. there was assessment of the risks ok. and i said as i said there was another failure they these assessments during correct but it seems to me if you're going to have a war on domestic share then you're bringing in and i. the illogical element because what is terrorism what is domestic and who decides that go ahead
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yes that's a very good question. and this patriot act $2.00 that seems to be in the woods is really not so much a response to what happened on january the 6th but a response to the election i mean it's an election that will be disputed in the coming year as much as the 2016 election was disputed pretty much throughout the trunk is so i think this is a preemptive attack all the dispute that is going to take place during the next 4 years i think i think the the biden people have real questions of legitimacy hanging over them i think we have a presidency that no one really wanted a year ago that nobody in his right mind would have believed that by this really we cracked it sort of fake at all.


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