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they consider a long haul a. broad spread out in several u.s. cities just hours after new president joe biden valves to overcome the deep rift between democrats and republicans. we must end this on the civil war. pits really gives blew. it on the ground running biden says he wants to extend a key nuclear arms control treaty with russia but at the same time work all moscow to account. the e.u.
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moves a step closer to introducing covert vaccine passports. from several member states. from moscow thanks for joining us tonight here on to international. welcome to the program. and joe biden has been sworn in as the 46th president of the united states bring to a close donald trump's 4 years in office than you need is to unite society but here were the scenes in some cities just hours after his inaugural address. in portland far left empty for members faced off with riot police officers fired tear gas or a mob descended on the democratic party's offices in the city where they smashed windows and sprayed the nicus symbols on the building seattle also saw violence
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with protesters building barricades and starting fires over in colorado protesters set fire to the laws u.s. flag in denver scuffles broke out as counter-protest was trying to put out the flames. all the inauguration ceremony itself was like no other with washington resembling a war zone 25000 troops were called in as authorities feared a repeat of the capitol hill riot 2 weeks ago as mentioned the unrest across the u.s. came just hours after joe biden stressed he would strive to bring about unity we must end this civil war. that pits really gives blue. rural versus urban or rural versus urban conservative versus liberal. we can do this if we open our souls to so harden our hearts if we show a little tolerance and you know. and if. we're willing to stand in the other person's
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shoes as my mom would say just for a moment stand in the shoes really this is something that joe biden tries to put on this cloak of a peacemaker someone in a surgical mask you know tending to and mending the wounds of the american democracy but the society is not stitching together that easily because in effect what joe biden is doing so far his actions have boiled down to dismantling everything that donald trump has done in the past 4 years and this includes bringing america back into the world health organization into signing back the purse climate accord dismantling the infamous border wall that trump just kept throwing money at and still failed to erect and so on and so forth there's plenty of policies that joe biden has a big problem with but one thing that joe biden does have and what donald trump didn't and still doesn't have is the world overwhelming support of the mainstream
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media those flights that are that are just shooting out from the lincoln memorial i look it's like almost extensions of joe biden's arms embracing america president elect joe biden and vice president harris told. to grief and regret out of the privacy of our hearts if just for a moment so that we all could share it he doesn't keep a lot of things secret when it comes to his emotions and his and his family and his love for his family some very passionate words just putting it diplomatically like joe biden's arms reaching out yeah very very passionate very passionate but again just imagine so the very 1st day this is the kind of slack that the mainstream media are giving joe biden because well they just they just giving him credit for just being there for just getting into the white existing just for existing the already love him and cherish him with trump the media war with against him started
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instantly like with various outlets were comparing his inauguration crowd with the obama's inauguration crowd and someone like you know getting down to the very single to the single person you know nit picking in the smallest of details because sometimes he was criticized very rightly so by the media but very often they were just you know what you truly and joe biden there isn't happening and more on top of that some media analysts and media figures they already have a well. planned food those who voted for trump there are millions of americans. work and. somehow need to be deprogrammed they are members of a cult cult there are republican members of congress i know who clearly have lost their minds who just will not accept reality when it comes to the facts about donald trump i'm comparing the words of. individual who would incite them
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radicalize somebody as osama bin laden did to what president trump did right now with the such love that joe biden gets from the media he has risking. not being the peacemaker that he seems to want to be but rather deepening the crisis by failing to understand why tens of millions of people more than 70 millions of people voted against him. well the new boy administration will seek to extend a cumulative arms treaty with russia which was due to expire in early february that's now been confirmed by the white house press secretary jump saki the war we're joined live by. the plex for this thing across the story here this was probably one of the biggest issues waiting in president biden's in-tray what more do we know. while there is only one treaty still in effect
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that restricts the nuclear arms race and that's the new start treaty and it appears that the policy of the biden ministration will be to seek a 5 year extension of the new start treaty and this was what was stated by jen psaki who is the biden ministrations white house spokesperson here's what she said . the president has long been clear that the new start treaty is in the national security interests of the united states and this extension makes even more sense when the relationship with russia is adversarial as it is at this time now it's important to note that she did talk about how the u.s. intelligence community and other factions in the obeid and the biden administration will be seeking methods of putting pressure on russia she did describe an assessment that's taking place currently about how to best place pressure on russia this is what she said even as we work with russia to advance u.s.
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interests to work to hold russia to account for its reckless and adversarial actions and to this and the president is also issuing issuing a tasking to the intelligence community for its full assessment of the solar winds cyber breach russian interference in the 2020 alexion its use of chemical weapons against opposition leader alexina vonnie and the alleged bounties on u.s. soldiers in afghanistan. now it's important to note that this treaty is the last of the treaties that were signed at the end of the cold war which prevent an arms race from taking place the trump and ministration it allowed the clear skies treaty to expire and allowed the i.n.f. short range nuclear treaty also to expire so a number of treaties that prevent you know an arms race from taking place between russia and united states those treaties have been allowed to expire now the current
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treaty of the new start treaty that does expire on february 5th but the biden administration says it seeking a 5 year extension on that treaty it restricts nuclear warheads to 1550 so no more than 1550 nuclear warheads and it also restricts the deployed strategic delivery systems to 700 and it is a treaty that that anthony blinken who is biden's pick for secretary of state he described it as granting tremendous access to data and inspections and said that it is certainly in the national interest to extend it so it seems that the policy of the biden ministration is that they are going to seek extending this last nuclear arms restriction treaty that seems to be their policy now the talks are set to take place and if an agreement can be reached before february 5th there will be an extension on that treaty but if an agreement cannot be fixed this will be the last
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the very last of the treaties that were signed at the end of the cold war around the time of the fall of the soviet union that restrict a new arms race so people are going to be following that pretty closely as this is a pretty dramatic issue if for some reason an agreement is not reached by february 5th at that point that will be a big game changer in international relations but i it appears the biden ministration has made clear they are going to seek an extension of the new start treaty so quite an important announcement from jen psaki on behalf of the white house beat it out of the goose haitians on the table to get through and looks like a busy few weeks with for the boy to ministration a caleb maupin there thanks for that update. well biden got down to business by immediately reversing a whole host of donald trump's policies including on immigration and energy but despite the sweeping changes domestically some are questioning whether the same will be seen in america's foreign policy right against the if has the details. it
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all depends on where you stand for some buggins integration may be the beginning of for sad is for others it's a light at the end of a dog dog tunnel the united states is back and europe stands ready to reconnect we don't old and trusted partner to breathe new life into our cherished alliance if only it were that simple trumps raid cond be easily undone old bones have been broken some irreparably so but some and only some can be salvaged we do have. a big task ahead of us in restoring revitalizing those relationships i do think it starts with showing up again some of our allies and partners question the sustainability of our commitments based on the experience of the last recent years and that's going to be a hard hard hill to climb anyone hoping for a revolution
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a rethinking of american foreign policy a sadly going to be disappointed in the new administration has inherited and braced trumps hostility to china for example so if you open for an end to the trade war the tariff hikes or saber rattling you're outta luck i also believe that president trump was right in taking a tougher approach to china i disagree very much with the way that he won about it in a number of areas but the basic principle was the right one the nominee for secretary of defense lloyd austin very much agrees with the nominee for secretary of state highlighting 2 primary potential threats to america clearly the strategy will be arrayed against. them china is is present the most significant threat going forward because china is ascending russia is all sorts right but it's it's in the klein they are. also approve of trump's middle east
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policy specifically a huge diplomatic push to get muslim nations to establish relations with israel oh in the new year recognize capital of israel jerusalem abstain too as is the rift in a 2 caused by turkey buying things it shouldn't such as russian missile systems turkey is an ally that in many ways is not acting. as a now i should and this is a very very significant challenge for us and we're very clear eyed about it they also approve of trump's middle east policy they've already said they'll do everything in their power to stop the new gas pipeline being built by europe and russia which presumably includes sanctions against european nations no mention of the withdrawal of troops from afghanistan there presumably staying for a 20th year or 2 trumps record spending in the military no sign of that going away
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in fact the new administration believes defense capability should be increased even further there is one stark difference between trump's and biden's foreign policies it's iran. in my judgment the way for whatever its limitations was succeeding on its own terms in blocking iran's pathways to producing for some material for a nuclear weapon on short order there you have it the only stark difference between america's old and new foreign policies donald trump may be gone but his political spirit lives on in the new administration joe biden terrifying i think to a lot of countries that will hope that his presidency does not mean a return to war. as was personified by barack obama in his libya and trencher i think another thing that we all fear is that biden was part of an obama
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administration that accelerates at the. idea is the diffusion of fundamentalist islam islam in the middle east i seized al qaeda so i think that is very worrying perhaps lincoln and others are thinking ok try and make some deal with iran civil tenuously fight iran by defacto helping islam islam but of course the danger here is we're back to back to readers when the united states was supporting the mujahideen in afghanistan which led to the destruction of the twin towers and these are the sorts of foreign policy mind i guess that return to stack the senate foreign relations committee so it had to back the iraq war and then say it will changed because we heard from that speech full of the usual platitudes redolent of obama how they all change because of biden is paying less you're
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changing glueing blinken and all the rest of them that he's appointed around. the compass our kind of a shock to me on ferocious covert vaccine becomes that of the country to give the green light to the life saving job astoria and more after the break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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welcome back the united arab emirates has joined a growing list of countries who have approved the russian covert axing the moves been welcomed by the head of russia's direct investment fund which is behind the
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global rollout of the sport maybe short we spoke to a monitor. ocean washing up almost this partnership means disputant vaccine will be available in the united arab emirates and that's very important not only for the u.a.e. and russia but for the entire middle east and the rest of the world i would like to highlight a few crucial points firstly the decision was made after sputnik was registered in more than 10 other countries it was based not only on clinical trials in russia but also on data that the u.a.e. received from its own trolls was. secondly the tests have shown the high safety and efficacy of speech. today we received the important news that hungry has become the 1st state of the european union to register disputes with the vaccine so we can see that it's being accrued not only in the middle east latin america africa and asia but also in europe. in india the russian has been authorized for phase 3 trials the company behind the trial says it hopes to get full approval by march if all goes
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well it'll be used alongside the astra zeneca and india's own code vaccine which has already been rolled up we spoke to the foreign companies might have been direct about why they chose sputnik. the 1st vaccines which are coming out in india his for the government. have public workers and all that but there are many many many people who need access to these facts he has enhanced more better and i do believe that the sputnik is also of a had one strike scene and we're hopeful that it will work for a while we were very pleased with the science behind the vaccine as you're more it is a human lives. are used but this isn't a one day then you have 2 different. scene or dives
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for the made vaccine and the booster goes next to motherhood one day each of we also saw the safety data and also some if you can see data and the science behind how this vaccine was deadlocked and the platform which was in the ad if you want to know why it is like the best black on. the platform was considered but it's saying that if you can see i'm not going to date or not very good or small given very privileged and honored to partner with the russian got a. russian company idea after to bring this mighty into india the president of argentina has been given the sputnik the shot i'll bet if a man as opposed to the business to follow his example meanwhile here in russia foreign journalists are starting to receive the jump. millionaire have russians came to be so wrong that already exist. it's all it's the result. is
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very t.v. news anchor dove he came to moscow to report on the vaccine and ended up getting it himself he shared his thoughts with us on the vaccine. as you were aware russian vaccine was it didn't get much credit in the world because of the i wouldn't say haste but the speed that it was approved in russia so we honestly wanted to come in and ask and see in the interview in the we approach and fortunately the russian fund for direct investment was receptive do we visited the. institute and talked with mr ginsburg ahead of me as you well aware and talked with the researcher who was reask and i think. there's something very generous of them to be the 1st to test it on themselves. see the effects and only then continue with the experiments and only then are committed to the splats you
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know 2 other western journalists already took the book seen in a 1000000 over half of course of russian citizens did take the vaccine so i thought . yes why not let's try it it's a huge multi $1000000000.00 market and maybe some of the response to the russian book scene is nobody wanted the russian to take part in the cake in the party few couldn't call it that so i think the moment that the european menace in authority will sit on the papers going there and see kenny to prove be approved or not will be a really important day for this and he could be and of course i'll be happy for you if you get the approval for europe is moving closer to introducing controversial vaccine passports greece and italy say the scheme could provide a way out of the current restrictions but other e.u. member states don't agree that all of that entails. as the e.u.
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looks to present a united front when it comes to the fight against covert 191 measure we could well see coming in sooner rather than later of vaccine passports has more people are vaccinated the documentation in mutual recognition of vaccination become of up most important though it is premature to envisage the use of vaccine certificates for other purposes than health protection and a your approach may facilitate other cross border applications of such that if it gets in the future the idea certainly isn't to everyone's taste but the loss of another summer season would be unthinkable for nations whose tourism industries of already being ravaged by coronavirus so covert passports may be the only way to go greece isn't going to let the idea get caught up in bureaucratic navel gazing they've already got the certificates in place we're starting to she does it'll vaccination certificates this is not
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a restriction on the country it will help us to get rid of the restrictions the code places on travel for european citizens spain is also in support for the idea of an vaccination document while the italian travel and tourism federation is pressuring rome to act on their behalf we have vaccinated over 1000000 people so far and this number will reach some 10000000 by spring it would be a real shame not to take this opportunity to bring back to safe travel for a fairly large number of people those who lobby on behalf of the airline industry also won't understand a really keen to get this idea off the ground than the european mutual recognized vaccination certificate would be an important step towards giving governments the confidence to safely open their borders and passengers the confidence to fly without the barrier of quarantine while this is certainly up for consideration the stated goal of the e.u. commission remains paxson ating 70 percent of the e.u.
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population. by the end of the summer but not everyone sees covert purse bought as a panacea the president of roumania has suggested that vaccine passports would divide europe's population in 2 while the world health organization is calling on people to be a bit more thoughtful when it comes to travel and not climate to get back on planes all over the world as soon as possible i asked people here on the streets of berlin what they thought about the proposal it's a big problem for me because i don't want to be vaccinated so they have to catch me and vaccinate with with force the main point should be the focus not on travel but people we have to think about the community and that should be the main reason for certificates but at the same time sensitive because might encourage people to get vaccinated thus helping society i think it's unfair because only the people who are vixen will be freed to travel to work to go to the cinema everything and the people
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who are not there they will be discriminated by doing fascination at the will allow us to get back to normal and things are suitable for the new it does seem that some kind of vaccine document will be the way forward we'll know more after thursday's virtual summit but the mood music coming out of brussels seems to suggest that a plan could well be in place by the end of this month peter all over r.t. berlin professor of banking at britain's there are 4 university richard believes there's a lot more at stake than just travel. if such covert passports are introduced and i actually then used in order to discriminate against people then this would of course mean that people who have refused to take some experimental injection that has not really been properly tested and that's being rushed through they would not be allowed to use some public services that they're paying for as taxpayers even
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though they're healthy and there is actually a fundamental legal problem with this because actually that's a violation of e.u. law we have european union and earlier european community law which guarantees freedom of movement of people it certainly is it would be a violation of human rights because you know why restrict the movement of healthy people and you can't simply say that anyone who hasn't done x. y. z. we will declare as potentially dangerous well that is a massive discrimination and you can't treat healthy people like this. that excitement starlix i had to chop a political waters for the main westminster policies economic crisis follows the heels of corn virus we're backing off and out with the latest headlines join us again.
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if you take 2 good quotes of these one this is my grandfather was just not particularly good every day good well we'll make one a little bit higher wait a little bit. and then come back and look at them they're not they don't indicate the same time because there's more time up here that time down there. welcome to the alex salmond show we were bright said dumb but colbert grisoft and
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we'll look at the political year ahead the year of the gun crisis will end in the muleteer and how will the political parties fear in this do normal from the right we asked top commentator peter oborne obama's johnson be condemned for bungling the pandemic but will only be lauded for bringing the country flu vaccination and from the left professor barfi we asked him whether subpoenas style those new labor party has the grit to cut through in these tough economic times ahead all that coming up in the show but noted to me though with your tweet surely emails and your messages well we've had a tremendous response to vice 2 last week featuring cambridge for all they just talk to chris smith and public health expert dr penn kamiya steve alter it says just watch dr chris smith on alex aventura best bit of information about covert i've had said for pandemic started follow the experts get advice steve. bobby says
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i've been saying it since august masks should be compulsory there are much fewer disabled and people with underlying illnesses venturing out there are few people with a genuine reason not to wear a mask larger shop says so many amateur epidemiologists under all ages spreading misinformation hopefully unintentionally i prefer to listen to the experts and once more i thank them for their clear summations and advice also i thank alex since nina for bringing us this week we sure it's much appreciated well thank you lorna garde mcentee says great show with 2 guesses everybody should pay attention to too many people simply don't understand the facts relating to this pandemic kizzy says gray sure alex senses media questions we're all asking thanks for some answers and maybe the 2 halves of the u.k. scotland and england will answer why we're behind other countries and finally i'm here with some good news who's had
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a vaccination says i let's see walked 10 minutes to my local hospital for mine.


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