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but i decided not to take this life. would make you. a towering figure of broadcasting for more than 6 decades legendary interviewer larry king has died at the age of $87.00. also major muslim federations in france and reject the. extreme islam charter designed to combat radical islam the president of the islamic confederation. draw many power groups anyway. position on subjects the subjects that they have respected in the. protesters take to the streets in moscow and across russia demanding the release of kremlin
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critic alexina vali with a high turnout amongst younger generations. broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our team international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us now 1st of this hour tributes are pouring in for the legendary t.v. and radio host larry king who has died at the age of $87.00 larry was admitted to hospital earlier this month after testing positive for covert 19 in a career spanning more than 6 decades he interviewed many world changing figures including kings and queens presidents and prime ministers movie stars sporting legends and everyday people with amazing stories to tell the new york native became the master interviewer for generations of journalists taylor looks back at his extraordinary career. a voice on
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a name at the became an institution larry king was the indisputable maust of the microphone and a case in point the when you find a job you enjoy doing that you'll never have to walk a day in your life are going to have a bad day but it will not effect me. bad man. lawrence harris i go was born into a poor family of jewish immigrants and brooklyn the sudden death of his father left the family in dire financial straits and a rod larry badly finishing high school but he had to pass on to use the voice that had been given to him and i don't know why. a good voice pre-puberty people kept telling me you got to be honorary so i would imitate radio with less than $20.00 in his pocket a 24 year old larry set off for the sunshine state in such of golden opportunities that he said goodbye to lawrence harris i got and became larry king he took
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a gig as a d.j. all the while freelancing writing columns and trying to get on the air waves and from those humble beginnings he started he walked his way towards his big break came in 1978 when king landed the upon a miss the late night radio larry king show it started in 28 cities 5 years later it was in 118 narry king became a household name radio's number one interviewer larry king thank you very much good evening everybody on this tuesday night wednesday morning across the united states this is larry king's show 10 years at peabody award later king decided it was time to move on and larry king life was born a smash hit from start to finish the longest running most watched show on c.n.n. pulling in a 1000000 viewers nightly for 25 years king with his trademark baritone sat down
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with presidents of rappers ballerinas even preachers and even killers mark where you really are with us those terrible moments for you for the world for a lot of people around and circles close to john lennon some said king was too soft on his guests but his into the style made him a man of the people talk show host his uniqueness was simplicity no gimmicks no skits no long sentences and king insisted no preparation and i use that as questions i never thought about a question of a plan b. question i had questions written ever not to be outdone by that the professional life king's personal one was also full of flat a brief fall from grace off to accusations of grand larceny. i saw him walk as an announcer at a horse racing truck he was married 8 times to 7 women he went to the same bagel shop with his childhood friends every morning he reluctantly gave up smoking and red meat and even more reluctantly took up walking 4 miles
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a day he left voice mails for his assistance with what to post on his twitter and he had a flip phone until the very end. of your order that you have a flip phone. but with phenomenal success also came miss fortune king overcame a series of health scares and was stalked by enormous personal grief including the passing of 2 of his children within weeks of each other the very next day king sort solace in the place he called home the studio where he stayed until the very last because the mohammed ali of broadcast interviews brought his unwavering voice and curiosity right here to r.t. and did what he always done best questioned more on the larry king question being listening learning you know of course ever i never learned anything where i was talking it's important to listen to question more of the more than 6
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decades of success over 60000 interviews numerous awards countless suspenders and one inimitable voice a legend an icon a king is dead i don't know what to say except to you. my audience. thank you and instead of goodbye. of soul. earlier my colleague you know neal spoke to r.t. america host to rick sanchez he has been a longtime colleague of the late larry king and gave us more insight into the character of the legendary interviewer. larry king was the king he was the king. communications in america the even when outside of america i remember there was a time when i 1st started working at c.n.n. and my kids at the time were small and they came up to me and they said dad we're
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so proud of you now that you're working at c.n.n. and i said why and they said because you're working with larry king lear and king is a guy who was so good at his craft that he was able to do what most people in our profession would never be able to do and that is he didn't have to book guests guests book themselves he would have a line up the door of people including presidents and prime ministers of every country in the world including the united states job easily who would be knocking on his door asking can you interview me i want to be interviewed by larry king what was the thin record the thing that laurie brought to modern popular journalism was it just the complete change from the existing format was it is subject matter what your fault. use curious he was he was curious almost to a fault curious in looking for answers without ever allowing
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himself or his ego or his story to get in the way of that curiosity he asked simple questions like how. why. where larry talk to his guests the way you talk to somebody you just met on the street and you can't wait to find out more about their story and that's what made his interviews so good in 2015 artie's going underground host. sat down with larry king as part of our channel's 10 year anniversary celebrations as a tribute it will be aired again in full on monday here as a part of it. over the years i've been blessed to have bit of a great presidents. and has so many one i've interviewed jackie robinson the model of the caine. but the most emotional interview.
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was with the new york city cop. this cop. we booked him and i had i been didn't know what the story was i just knew that he was on the new york city police force and that he was shot. in an incident in central park and he was in a wheelchair and and paralyzed for life and he had a little child who he couldn't feel so i was 3 years old and there was a series of. a bike that fs in central park. some people were stealing bikes and he was on patrol driving in a squad with his fellow patrol and they spotted this black kid with a brand new schwinn bike. and he got out of a car and was approaching a kid and the kid shot. shot. he really didn't feel pain he remembered a puff of smoke coming out of this thing him of the falling down in member the
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right in the ambulance they gave him a last rites of the catholic church. and he thought he was going to die anyway survived but he paralyzed that down as his wife was pregnant he wondered why did this boy shoot. and the boy was in jail anyway when as a minor he was 17. and he was in for attempted murder. we don't know what the sentence was but anyway he went to visit the kid. and the kid came out and in the cell the kid and he said to the kid why did you shoot. and the kid said. i've been saving for this bike for 4 years i work to do it with groceries. i'm a student. i finally got my bike. and you with attempt to stop me that day. the come to stop me what are
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you doing with this but would you have stopped me if i were white. and the cop said he had to think about it and just the fact that he had a think about it. made him understand is a kid stopped 10 times because he had a new bike. just because he was black and frustration. and. bam. the top. became the kids of big brother. any government in jail. and the kids can top. up.
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free muslim federations in france have refused to back a manual macross anti extremism charter president has been touting it as a way to fight radical islam we regret that this chart it was signed before getting the approval of all components of the french council of the muslim faith we believe that some passages and wordings of the submitted text are of a nature that will weaken the ties of trust between the muslims of france and the nation in addition some of the declarations infringe on the honor of muslims exhibiting an accusatory and marginalizing character however a number of other muslim federations did sign up to the charter after intense and drawn out discussions the project envisions a new national council responsible for vetting in moms in the country it rejects polarized brands of islam and reaffirms equality between men and women islam is a terror reared its ugly head again in france just 3 months ago a teacher was beheaded for showing his class cartoons of the prophet mohammad
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during a lesson on free speech. i don't know how compadre it was the victim of an islamist terror attack was. establishing islam is a religion that is in crisis today all over the world we don't just see it in our country. the will of the islamists is precisely to turn our citizens against the republic using their religion and we cannot let that happen. the gruesome attack on samuel pavé triggered a crackdown against extremist mosques and islam is dissociation the president of the paris based islamic confederation organization 5 here told us why he is
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personally against micron's charter. some of these look at that you will we disagree on a number of matters one being the group this charter was to be addressed to at the beginning it was about drafting a charter republican principles of the national council of so it was supposed to concern and mosques here we find ourselves with the charter of principles of islam in france and the failure to make the proper distinctions run many paragraphs anyway asking muslims explicitly to clarify their position on subjects that are of this subject that they have respected for years and years the don't pose any problems for them as for the principles of the french republic the french people of the muslim face all live in this country and surrendered sin in respect of the values of the french republic that can gauge us all we do not have to ask them explicitly to measure their religious convictions to prove how respectful they are to the values and principles of the french republic it is certain that there are and to muslim acts we call that islamophobia we're not going to get into semantics
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we have a commission called fight against islamophobia so we call it that there isn't deeds and then christen these acts especially in light of current events now i also don't want to say the results institutionalized islamophobia in france i really think that our country is doing its best to fight against and to muslim acts against islamophobia but that does not mean that these kinds of acts are not increasing. protests have been held in dozens of cities across russia calling for the release of kremlin critic alexina vali the police were out in force as well as anger boiled over and dozens of arrests were made. was there there. was i was.
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this. of all he was detained last weekend on his arrival from germany for violating the terms of his parole which is he has done of reports now from the protests in moscow. it is getting a little bit hectic because the police special forces have begun at least their initial attempts to clear out this square which has been completely packed for about an hour now so people have been trying to escape the security forces through this corner as well we managed to keep our vantage point but no we're not sure how much longer we will be able to do that because there's a lot of people it's a huge crowd it's very very packed so it's difficult to let people through here and not be taken away with this a flood of protesters now it does feel like there's a good few 1000 people here although i haven't seen any official of figures as of yet as to how many people have showed up here in the heart of the russian capital
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and now there has been some movement also i'd sit quite snowy here in moscow right now so people have been actually throwing snowballs at police officers as they were detaining people because we have seen some detentions some scuffles fighting between the protesters and the police and people who were taken and well taken into custody now when it comes to the police response of rather staying with there's a constant message being played through a megaphone that is right over there calling on the people to disperse saying that it is this rally has not been authorized and also reminding people of the coronavirus situation here because obviously social distancing is not a thing here and there was even a police officer who was handing out masks at the very beginning of the protests have a lot of. fear. that
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he would be my. advice you know by through it we've been through and through. group of the group here believe. there's a fear the kurds. are going to survive because. of that so you could hear that some people saw a surgical mosque as a symbol of oppression from the authorities also also when it comes to the amount of people and to how they have been behaving in general they have been chanting slogans like shame for 3 days i'm calling on the release of alexina vali a prominent opposition figure in russia also they've been calling for the resignation of the russian president vladimir putin which is
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a traditional traditional thing a traditional chant during protests like this some some protesters also climb to these street lights and you could put you on the show if you can but you could probably see that they left banas that hundreds also turned out for a rally in vladivostok in russia's far east bringing the city center to a standstill police used force to disperse the crowd and detaining dozens of protesters some of those taking part were schoolchildren rushes on boards men for children has denounced what she described as opposition activists using youngsters as a human shield against the police similar scenes played out in the city of though on a smaller scale marches have been happening across the country have a demonstration in the siberian city of police tried to reason with some of the younger protesters. really. you know he's right
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there. he was there to. the. north you know. right. now the russian foreign minister has claimed the u.s. had been trying to encourage the demonstrations by using its embassy and consulates to publish details of the protest plans online. yesterday the u.s. embassy in moscow published roots of protests in russian cities and to an information about a march on the kremlin but was it the instruction even the organizers did not announce such perhaps you can imagine what would happen if the russian embassy in washington d.c. published a map of protest through syndicating to the endpoint for example in the capital. for the last day of
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a bartlett who reported on the large opposition protest in moscow in 2001000 says saturday's policing wasn't as intense compared to what she has witnessed before. i was surprised to see that protesters were convened in the square in pushkin square and periodical chanting and cheering for a good hour and a half before the police took any measures to clear the square when they did that they did it in waves they approached you know forming a line and generally pushing the crowd back i did see baton steam used but i did not see the kind of excessive violence that i would see in protest for example in france you know not only does have the backing of the west so i think that that we will see more protest in the usual attempts to paint scenes of chaos in russia paint scenes of you know mass dissatisfaction in the country one thing i noticed with the protests in 21000 and today there are a lot of young people and on the one hand you could commend young people for being
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politically aware very young people from ages 12 perhaps lower or older which is strange to me because at that age you don't really have a political awareness so it seems like children might be being used in these in this political game in order to paint to the western world scenes of the entire mass of russia uprising you know in support of not only who was arrested for i believe is for breaching his bail so actually a perfectly legitimate reason and who returned to russia knowing full well he would be arrested. would it be a taste of things to come after britain's recent departure from the e.u. or britain living in spain and working in the british overseas territory of gibraltar has had his shopping bag emptied by spanish border guards he was forced to leave behind much of its contents. usually you just walk straight say well they might be out check it. out call it whatever. they.
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showed them a bag and they they took the time to look for a little bit more caffeine than they normally day and they started back probably this night pulling everything out after checking a few items they basically just told me that the majority of this you can't take through because it has processed vegetables on it and saying that they were going to essentially just put them in the. confiscation was officially in keeping with the e.u.'s travel guidelines it prohibits travelers from bringing meat dairy products and processed vegetables from nonmember states among the items that lead to joseph in trouble were processed onions in a spicy sauce and tried to make the best of a bad situation by selling the prohibited products online although at a loss i think it's reasonable i had a brief conversation with one of the guards in the in the office that made my point if i can take these items it seems to me that would be more like large quantities not for snow items and there was no documentation to support
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a fact at least my knowledge of the sign that i can take these things over so. if this is already happening in the 1st week after breakfast then yeah roof over the anticipate a few a few other issues. as it stands going forward i think at the moment we're still in actually having to negotiate an agreement with spain due to us being left out of the brits g.'s my surroundings and some things i was going through the time for just moving around a lot i didn't get. a really wish i had had i voted as a set of really wish i had i would have stood with the 9097 percent of gibraltar that chose to remain because that i didn't really see any benefit whatsoever for us to save the european union. meanwhile iran has broken out after the ears ambassador to britain was denied full diplomatic status london insists it's not obliged to trade representatives of international bodies the same as foreign diplomats working
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for nation states unless london changes tack the e.u. use new ambassador won't be able to get approval by the queen as head of a diplomatic mission the u.k. this decision is at odds with the way the block's representatives are treated in most other countries and does not sit well with brussels newton if done nationally uninitialized we have a union i think it would be vice in my view too for you could to find. britain's foreign office has tried to smooth things over stating that he is representative will receive quote the privileges and immunities necessary to carry out their work in the u.k. effectively however political commentator jonathan fryer believes london's approach could backfire i think this is a really sad position that the british government has taken because after all we were members of the european union for nearly 50 years and brags that a part is not enough they now want to downgrade the status of the european union
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and although more than $150.00 countries around the world give full diplomatic privileges to the dunes under the vienna convention and this is a situation that these land a decision with the government surrounded by cabinet ministers who support this nationalistic break city airline which is actually going to tow championing britain's global role as he would see it diminishing britain's role in the international stage if we want to have a good working relationship with the 27 neighbors who are our main trading partner has taken as a whole we really need to have a much more. grown up answer to jules this. that does it for me this i'll be back to your headlines in let's say 33 and a half minutes this is our international stay with us.
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from iraq. right now there are 2000000 people who are overweight or obese it's profitable to self. and sugary and salty and addictive it's
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not at the individual level it's not individual willpower and if we go on believing that would never change this obesity epidemic that industry has been influencing very deeply the medical and scientific establishment. so what's driving the obesity epidemic it's corporate profit move. some rumors assume to see the search is going to be known christmas the new movie the number you. give on those you just can't stand for a book is a good indicator that of. antarctica is a very international community. meaning you strain the truck and you don't need to
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fly. you just get the kids who face the slow slow slow use of the new orleans east . or the position of the word to use the look at the bridges for their nuclear cooperation in antarctica is everything refuse to believe that we live in front of t.v. with all the above the. 5 they have ever the effect of all day but father decided not to take his place. will make it again tell you that. welcome to redact to deny this is a comedy show we're americans in america covering american news or cold. or an agent's tonight let's turn to one of the news stories lost in the madness of our governmental chaos and that story is the secret reason our government is at
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war with weiwei one of the biggest technology manufacturers in the world if you haven't heard of wall way it's been attacked and loosely in american media but until then. by that much attention to it i'm sorry i add others to do like watch the recent boxing match involving an elderly mike tyson why is it that when an athlete is just barely past their prime we. were yelling at the t.v. . yesterday ideas don't get your act or retirement home where you belong or where mike tyson was like 40 years old again his face kicked in when . we were angry at the right for even just trying they're like yeah. i didn't tune in to see a rapist lose in the 1st 30 seconds i tuned in to see a rapist but i don't think of another guy.


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