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i would have acted all day but i decided not to take his place. with my gig and tell you that. sunday 24th of january. 19th vaccination campaign is kicked off russian increasing number of other countries also opting for the. announced film director gave us his take on the actual facts. that we needed to be. exposed to the possibility it's a good. question because it's needs as i was told by someone who. is one of those that used to see the same stuff the same routes. countries that up to for the supply problems had to europe and north america and
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the us having to travel to neighboring states just to be in. the legendary figure in the world of broadcasting his career spanned more than 6 decades larry king died at the age of $87.00. and several u.s. cities just hours after new president joe biden vowed to overcome the deep rift between democrats and republicans. we must end this civil war. the pitch really just blew. the one thanks for joining us as we take a look back at the past 7 days in the weekly. a mask over 19 banks a nation campaign kicked off in russia this week with every russian citizen now
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having the opportunity to get the job authorities have set an ambitious goal aiming to get 60 percent of the population you know collated by the end of the year. thing at our school visited one of the vaccination centers in central moscow. the vaccination out here has movement and as you can see there are people lining up to get inoculated i think there are 50 dozens of people who are waiting in the line right now and we're going to go inside and i'm going to give you what they were but before it let me just quickly know this is probably the nicest place in moscow right now to get inoculated and you know after all this is russia's iconic and most famous department store with a gorgeous architecture and decoration for. this. reception where. the reception desk that's where you show your id this is actually all you need to get not get in here and that goes for every russian citizen he was trying to get enough to know that if you follow that here. right now very long he kept
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secret how you're doing a i'm fine i just haven't each a throat of a perhaps you just need to drink some water yeah i already have i thought of that and now i can tell us are you have you already thought about tango life next change answers develop antibodies but at the yeah i hope it will change because awakening is seem we have lost a phase of tears so i hope my life will get better. i thought it was hurts more after the injection because this vaccine is supposed to be more serious you know the only source i feel no difference it's just like every of the show i'm sure he's serious i decided to get the job a while ago that i was just waiting for the opportunity honestly i should have been inoculated as a local clinic but i just wanted to speed up the process and it isn't because i want to be the new things quickly as possible that all this yes i has been to my friends took the job i have no reservations so i want to get it as soon as possible
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i think the more people that get fixed means it's great the impact of solutions will have it in the air and the vaccination is free of charge and that goes for every russian citizen who have decided to take a jab all you need is to show your. id and name your field of war according to russia's top health care officials at the main goal right now is to achieve herd immunity before the next fall and the sure sure certainly it would love to have everyone get the shot and thus have no problems so far we have not been able to be nice to people in session's jean or from any type of construction like the fact that who will be able to get 60 percent of the overall population inoculated in just the 1st year is a big kitchen that so in addition to over $800.00 hospitals in moscow where you can get a job in a more traditional setting there are now vaccinations i would pose is at a really popular and trendy places mostly inside shopping malls and also in an exhibition center and even in the theater and according to those in charge of
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rolling out the jobs there are over a 1000000 people here who has been ready to vaccinated. health care workers at essential workers were the 1st who got vaccinated making the rush to russia's health care ministers the country is planning to run off next scene distribution in other regions by and another 2000000 doses of spontaneity and they want to do this by the end of this month. on russia spending jobs getting more traction abroad hungary's become the 1st e.u. member state to strike a supply deal for the russian vaccine the hungarian foreign minister said the country will receive up to 2000000 doses. there's a lot on your public diggy due to the slow delivery in fact you are forced to find a new source in order to get fast lane free of reliable vaccine so it is a great aunt and a great pleasure to inform you that we have concluded a treaty today under which russia will deliver
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a vaccine to hungary and 3 stages when you figure what wonder what comes a month after neighboring serbia started to take delivery suspending think 1st as is her minister delhi january now belgrade this in talks to stop domestic production announcer the film director and he started his piece on the russian jap . very happy to be. exposed to the possibility to get. a russian rock scene because it's made as i was told by some of the prominent serbian doctors is one of those that we used to receive the same style and the same rules when i was 20 years old the idea of getting poxy and who was always counting on some percentage that people are not going to react positively but a majority of the people who grow up salute received ideas so a national accent is a continuation of the history when i see it once russian locsin it's an ideological
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laden 3 creation everything is becoming about politics today whatever you do it's the same is with books so let's hope russian job will be in the future since it's a continuation of production. a russian side is going to be much more spread that you believed before it started. countries around the world are trying to work out how to get as many of their population vaccinated given limited supplies in the u.k. the governments allying up to 12 weeks between peoples 1st and 2nd fines in china talk to surviving against those no studies have been done to show still effective if the gap between doses is so long no other nation in the world has adopted the 12 week delay like the u.k. i mean all those other countries are also suffering similar pressures of lack of
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vaccine of increasing numbers of cases hospitalization but they have their scientists have adopted their position to try and keep their manufacturers. guidance but also the w.h.s. own proposal of a maximum of $42.00 days and it will. include meanwhile is considering filing a lawsuit against pfizer after a delay in vaccine shipments at a time when mortality rates are again surging in the city palermo hundreds of coffins of victims are awaiting burial as a graveyard severe shortages of the job of being seen across europe and north america our senior correspondent greg as they have has the story what was supposed to be an orderly vaccination across the western world is turning into a debacle supplier of the desperately needed vaccines is suing to a drip in europe and canada and states are collaborating to get their hands on the few deuce is available. the health care of italian citizens is not
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a negotiable issue the vaccination campaign cannot be slowed down especially for given the 2nd doses to the many talents who are already received the 1st phase it has decided that now is the best start to upgrade their european production plant which means for italy for example around 30 percent fewer deuces will be delivered in the foreseeable future italians are angry planning to sue pfizer these are people's lives we're talking about after all and it seems the corporate bosses they never even asked anyone and last friday we were all surprised by the announcement of pfizer down biotech to have a delay immediately called the c.e.o. of pfizer and i explained to him that it is of utmost importance that we get the doses that are fixed in the contract pfizer's european production plan supplies
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europe and canada and much of the world the plant in the united states for now is focused on satisfying america needs this is left canada literally begging its southern neighbor for a handout. or mine american friends help us so we need help once again you have a new president no more excuses we need your support. unfortunately for canada things aren't rusian the southern side of the border either the highest number of infections in the world the most deaths and in this race against our own losing we will have literally nothing left to give as of friday what does that mean it means if we don't get more vaccine quickly our new supplier vaccine we will have to cancel appointments this is crazy this is not the way it should be we have the ability to vaccinate a huge number of people we need the vaccine to go with it. the way it's handled in
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the states is that the federal government every week ships out that scene quotas to various states trumpet boasted that they have millions in reserve but that may have been untrue according to various governors who say there's nothing left vaccine quotas the states are fooling the dwindling number of duces of being delivered. the bottom line is that we don't have enough bank since it's a jewel problem we need more we need to get them out more quickly it's soo bad that people have engaged in what's being called vaccine tourism so americans all over the country indeed even canadians driving to states where vaccines are available to get their shot florida for example you know right now on. our reservation. and it's very. i think. we had
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a real problem with trying to get last week. when the traveling was more and when we could get to get most psych last week they did just 1st come 1st. it's been a fiasco from the get go from day one of the pandemic remember what it all started our allies jumped to very each other to buy up all the mosques and ventilators leaving neighbors with nothing and they boosted about buying up billions of duces of vaccines which hadn't even been produced again leave in poorest states with nothing and now that they hear there's not enough for everyone. legendary t.v. and radio host larry king died on saturday he was $87.00 already was admitted to hospital earlier in the month after testing positive for cocaine 19 in a career that spanned more than 6 decades he interviewed many world changing
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figures including kings and queens presidents and prime ministers movie stars sporting legends and everyday people with amazing stories to tell and your native became the master interviewer for generations of journalists. looks back at his extraordinary career. a voice on a name at the became an institution larry king was the indisputable maust of the microphone and a case in point the when you find a job you enjoy doing that you'll never have to walk a day in your life are going to have a bad day but it will not affect me when i have a light goes on a metal eye goes on. bad man it's like home to me laurence harris i go was born into a poor family of jewish immigrants and brooklyn the sudden death of his father left the family in dire financial straits and a rod laurie badly finishing high school but he had to pass on to use the voice that had been given to him and i don't know why most of the. a good voice
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pre-puberty people kept telling me you got to be honorary so i would imitate radio with less than $20.00 in his pocket a 24 year old larry set off for the sunshine state in such of golden opportunities that he said goodbye to lawrence harris i got and became larry king he took a gig as a d.j. all the while freelancing writing columns and trying to get on the air waves and from those humble beginnings he started he walked his way towards his big break came in 1978 when king landed the upon a miss the late night radio larry king show it started in 28 cities 5 years later it was in 118 narry king became a household name radio's number one interviewer larry king thank you very much good evening everybody on this tuesday night wednesday morning across the united states this is larry king's show 10 years at peabody award later king decided it was time
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to move on and larry king life was born a smash hit from start to finish the longest running most watched show on c.n.n. pulling in a 1000000 viewers nightly for 25 years king with his trademark baritone sat down with presidents of rappers ballerinas even preachers and even killers mark where you really are with us those terrible moments for you for the world for a lot of people around and circles close to john lennon some said king was too soft on his guests but his into the style made him a man of the people talk show host his uniqueness will simplicity no gimmicks no skits no long sentences and king insisted no preparation and i use that as questions i never thought about a question of a plan b. question i had questions written ever not to be outdone by the professional life kings pass no one was also full of flat a brief fall from grace off to accusations of loss and. i saw him walk as an
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announcer at a horse racing truck he was married 8 times to 7 women he went to the same bagel shop with his childhood friends every morning he reluctantly gave up smoking and red meat and even more reluctantly took up walking 4 miles a day he left voice mails for his assistance with what to post on his twitter and he had a flip phone until the very end. of your order that you have a flip phone. but with phenomenal success also came miss fortune king overcame a series of health scares and was stalked by enormous personal grief including the passing of 2 of his children within weeks of each other the very next day king sought solace in the place he called home the studio where he stayed until the very last because the mohammed ali of broadcast interviews brought his unwavering voice
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and curiosity right here to r.t. and did what he always done best questioned more on the larry king question being listening learning you know of or several i never learned anything where i was talking it's important to listen. questioning more and more than 6 decades of success over 60000 interviews numerous awards countless suspenders and one inimitable voice a legend an icon a king is dead i don't know what to say except to you. my audience. thank you and instead of goodbye. of soul. earlier my colleague you know neil spoke to r.t. america host rick sanchez who was a long time colleague of the late larry king who gives more insight into the character of the interviewer. larry king was the king he was the king
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of communications in america the even when outside of america i remember there was a time when i 1st started working at c.n.n. and my kids and the time were small and they came up to me and they said dad we're so proud of you now that you're working at c.n.n. and i said why and they said because you're working with larry king larry king is a guy who was so good at his craft that he was able to do what most people in our profession would never be able to do and that is he didn't have to but yes guests book themselves he would have a line out the door of people including presidents and prime ministers of every country in the world including the united states job easily who would be knocking on his door asking can you interview me i want to be interviewed by larry king what was the thin record the thing that laurie brought to modern popular journalism wasn't just the complete change from the existing format was it is subject matter
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what your fault. use curious he was he was curious almost to a fault curious in looking for answers without ever allowing himself or his ego or his story to get in the way of that curiosity he asked simple questions like how. why. where larry talk to his guests the way you talk to somebody you just met on the street and you can't wait to find out more about their story and that's what made his interviews so good. wednesday joe biden sworn in as the 46 president of the u.s. bringing to a close donald trump's 4 years in office but i'm a deep divisions in american society just hours after the inauguration people to discontent in the streets. of.
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portland protesters faced off with riot police officers fired tear gas at the crowd a mob smashed windows of the democratic party's offices in the city seattle also saw violence with protesters there creating barricades and starting street fires in colorado protest to set fire to a large u.s. flag in the state capital denver scuffles broke out as counter protesters tried to put it out. you know gratian ceremony itself was like no other security was so high d.c. resembled a war zone an unprecedented 25000 national guard was called in to avoid a repeat of seems like the one seen 2 weeks earlier at the capitol hill riot their mess seen across america came just hours after biden stressed he would strive to bring unity. we must end this civil war pits red against blue. rural versus urban or rural versus urban conservative versus
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liberal. we can do this if we open our souls to so harden our hearts if we show a little tolerance and humanity and if we're really understanding the other person's shoes as my mom would say just for a moment stand in the shoes. despite his calls for unity biden on assuming office fired off a raft of executive orders that were designed to dismantle donald trump's legacy they see the us rejoin the paris agreement on climate change the world health organization north of roebuck a muslim child and plans to build a wall along the border with mexico turbines inaugural speech was gushed over by the u.s. mainstream media a level of praise donald trump never got to enjoy while in office but the speech left a bad taste in some people's mouths. those lights that are that are just shooting
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out from the lincoln memorial i look it's like almost extensions of joe biden's arms embracing america president elect joe biden and vice president harris told the griffin regret out of the privacy of our hearts if just for a moment so that we all could share it he doesn't keep a lot of things secret when it comes to his emotions and his and his family and his love for his family i've instructed my family in the event i were to somehow ingest some poison and you rushed me to an emergency room and you had to induce emesis vomiting for those at home if you don't have any syrup of please play today's media coverage because. i think i would upchuck it was the worst saccharin this is anadan nonsense the best
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of the best was a fellow by the name of chris wallace who was on fox news facts news much which used to be considered conservative whatever that means and he said that he's been covering inaugurations since 1961 says j.f.k. ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country when we had stentorian oratory the only thing we have to fear is fear itself and chris wallace said with a straight face this was the best inaugural address. he's ever heard. i'm in a parallel universe imagine every cliche everything you've ever heard thrown into a hat and just poured out and read and this disc finding this almost. cult like it is incantations of the stage at the you unity
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a what did he do within the 1st day he went straight to the white house walked again and basically reversed a number of serious executive orders the president trumped initially so in the day when he were to say we're all coming together we're all coming the other the 1st he does is give me that panorama and there you go there's your unity. family today marks exactly 10 years since the terrorist attack in moscow the madrid of which killed 37 people and injured 170 what is it a standoff looks at what progress russia has made since in its war on terror. it was supposed to be one of the safer places a major airports of the russian capital serving millions of passengers a year and yes that was when tara struck $37.00 people were killed in the suicide
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bombing which followed a string of extremist attacks in russia since the late ninety's russia's the north caucasus became a festering ground for radical islamists who sought to break away and create a caliphate by any means necessary schools theaters public transport hospitals trains you name it no place was off limits for them.
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it became the biggest security threats russia has faced in its mood in history. i saw what chechen militia looked like before they were farmers with honestly armed farmers on the water only a few of them served in the illusion of nor they were very ideologically charged
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with time people from the united arab emirates joined what they were serious trainers and slowly the level of their equipment and training grew and i count even say that their equipment was any different from or even that over special forces you put on your actually they formed into a very very good at a worse it would turn out to 1999 when those 3 years we geared up to be even better formed an army all during that period when they entered dagestan they were units under a bus a year van houten but there was an intense influx of money it's not like they were promoted just like the $2.00 are no there were harvey's involved islamic state the caucasus emirate it can't be that they just by their own violation took action no i think they certainly would have done that but there was a sturdy and organize front on when you thought about all the thoughts and open your volunteer stomping out discourage of jihad became the government's top
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priority to the existing special services like the f.s.b. vladimir putin created the national anti terror committee elite security units targeted terrorist commanders and foreign mercenaries drawn in from the middle east by the lure of extremist ideology that material in a serious is an ideological opponents of them they are the hardest to persuade or it's more serious when they have had blood on their hands even more serious if they just spilled blood right before taking a hostage over a vehicle or a building or what does a negotiator do it's not just walking over to talk but it's. also an intelligence survey you go to look at available weaponry at the location if there are accomplices sometimes you're riding in a car with local operational personnel who know the or the community and everything else it's the same technique all of us are military in the end we look at mob
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aerial photographs but we also use our own methods secret agent stuff but my bit. but then i still became it's own conquests to build a so-called caliphate in iraq and syria and some chieftains in russia's cool casus bowed their heads to al baghdadi pledging allegiance in exchange for money and the promise of power a new challenge confronted the russian special services islam ists will leaving for the middle east to come back battle hardened no doubt that. we should pay tribute to the security services who did the huge task of destroying the terrorist cell and in fact all the leaders all of the cool cation emirate i think we should pay tribute to those special forces for sacrificing their lives while destroying this abomination in the north caucuses and they did destroy it due to the work of the russian security services during these years the terrorist cell was destroyed and
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the number of its leaders became smaller and finally we arrived at this great point when a significant figure was destroyed the last image of the terrorist cell or. the last prominent era chief and amice re in the north caucasus was gunned down along with his men just this week he was only a few days short of seeing the 10th anniversary of the blast adama dead of an airport which he helped mastermind russia has come a long way from when people in moscow were literally blown up in their beds to a few disorganized groups of radicals scattered across the slopes of the caucasus and hunted down again you have to return with what hoffa.


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