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tv   News  RT  January 27, 2021 7:00am-7:31am EST

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it went on for about half an hour in essence he wasn't pulling any punches either he was talking about many macro issues global problems and he said many of these had been accelerated by the pandemic that many of these problems had existed before in particular he highlighted the problem of globalism he said while there have been many benefits in many developing countries and seen their poverty levels reduced it actually has created a wealth gap within some countries between countries too and he said that that is creating a lot of social inequality any fears that this could spill in into politics too unpopular reason as he said that we've been seeing around the world and he feared that in turn could find itself raising international tensions as governments look for scapegoats so many things many weighty issues he talked about there all this happened just a few hours after it's also part of your job as well and back east continuing to live the age. range of the passport that we need to create
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a shared space stretching from lisbon issue e.u. all of which we were nice so that already why the rules we can stretch it all the way to vladivostok far east of russia with. great political being. and the european culture want to. be one of the centers of the global civilization go with all that. i mean i want to. know if there is a soul that jahan sees and trends in the development of humanity then. and russia should lead if you have which i cannot but agree with that we share is nice that's the point of view. today the situation that we have on our hands is not normal
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because we need to come back to more positive agenda. in europe if that is something which serves our interests and the interests of europe as well the pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to all of us our trade has gone down. even though the e.u. is one of our key trade partner this economic partners. and of course today we are to discuss. the return to positive tendencies of action. movies you know how we can once again trade more. in that sense we are natural part in this in terms of our economies and of. trade landscape. and this does it take a look at size it acknowledges take a look at the well geography of our continental europe russia
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a you were peeing culch. jim. and by the way our territories just know abate. more than the countries of europe have there is a lot of talent potential here are going to tell you all the things which are really great about europe. well i believe that in europe there is a lot of things which can be of benefit to russia but you can be good for russia we need to be frank there should be no phobias. is dragging us back into the past we should not be politicizing anything we should not be using all this problems to achieve our political goals. these problems they are still here even though they originate in the centuries. past time so we need to rise above
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these problems and these quarrels and if we do that then we will be extol reus we will be prospering we are ready for that we want that we'll do our best to be there to get there. but it's impossible to do that. if it's a one way street it should be in oh like in that phrase in that etiam it takes 2 to tango your son kim. thank you very much mr violence. do you know. you. know you know we are going ok we're just listening there a bit more to that virtual conference being held by the world economic forum the russian president vladimir putin speaking extensively for just over half an hour at the end of that i think he was given a question about relations between europe and russia in his opinion he said that
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you know there should be very good relations between the 2 there are many mutual benefits to be gained and he said to coin a phrase it takes 2 to tango before that he did talk a lot about global politics the macro problems the world is facing at the moment particularly the problems that are created in his mind by globalism because he said even though we have seen many people lifted out of poverty in developing countries globalism itself has created a very big wealth gap divide that in turn has created tensions between societies and he said that in turn he believes has seen the rise of populism and also he fears it could spill over into international politics and cause tensions between countries as governments look to find scapegoats so norful lot to talk about i'm sure we'll get plenty of analysis too on this for the day but all this happened just a few hours after president putin sorry did speak with joe biden the american president
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because they have agreed to some positive news to extend the new strategic arms reduction treaty also known as the new start for the last minute deal which would have otherwise expired this week does limit uclear missile arsenals for the next 5 years and just after the dream and the leaders held their 1st phone call since joe biden's inauguration artie's constantine cove has more time it's. but in the tense and rocky relationship between the 2 nations the fact that the 2 presidents have talked and read on a major arms control agreement in their 1st ever phone call well that's reassuring and the 5 year extension of the new start treaty is indeed a broad spot in other words pretty much failing talks on arms control and proliferation so the new strategic arms reduction treaty signed in 2010 now is the only thing that limits the 2 words old largest nuclear arsenals and is considered
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as a an insurance policy against a full blown arms race russia was the 1st to offer the extension of the treaty without conditions in early 2 $1020.00 but the trumpet ministration while showed a lack of interest supposedly because they were seeking a new deal instead it will cover more weapons but anyway the current treaty was expiring on february 5th. which is a little bit a week from now and this was an apparent last ditch attempt to save it and it succeeded so let's 1st have a listen to how the kremlin a welcomed the news the president's expressed satisfaction on reaching an agreement on the extension of the strategic arms reduction treaty in the coming days all the necessary procedures will be completed to ensure the further functioning of this important international legal mechanism for the mutual limitation of nuclear missile well the readout of the phone conversation on the kremlin's web page described the conversation as a businesslike and frank and you know the overall emphasis was on mutual
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cooperation and normalizing the relationship between the 2 countries in for example it is said that the 2 leaders have discussed the possibility of joining forces in battling the pandemic but if you look at the white house web page and the way the same conversation is described there are you will see a different tone and a goal so let's have a listen president biden made clear that the united states will firmly in defense of its national into. in response to actions by russia that harm us or our allies the 2 presidents agreed to maintain transparent and consistent communication going forward so it seems like for biden's administration it is really important to stress that the newly elected american president has confronted his russian counterpart on various issues and didn't just agreed to the extension almost as if you know stopping arms race from ask late in is not good enough and you know what the american media outlets immediately latched on to this and they saw
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a dramatic change of tone sort of look how donald trump spoke to vladimir putin and how joe biden just did. although it is worth mentioning that we didn't hear the actual conversation all we have are just the readouts and there is a lot of diplomatic language to it so the important thing is that there is a glimpse of hope that russia and the united states won't fall into the new round of arms race but nevertheless it almost feels like there is a certain ritual that the american president has to follow in order to sell this that how. well when mozart's a comment on the cole with pay you to needed to laugh it off with a quip to report it's. going to. get rid of what experts gave us the thoughts in the conversation between the 2 presidents. very much the message as you could see from the u.s.
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and white house report of that phone call the emphasis was we're going to hold you know we're going to russia is not going to mess with us russia is going to be held accountable for all the evil deeds that they do. that's a message for the domestic population which honestly. you know he's feeding his he's feeding meat to his dogs. and that is not a sign of a sophisticated foreign policy certainly the phone call this early in the stage of the game is a good sign you know biden can kivett around completely and suddenly say you know he wants to. develop friendlier relations with russia so he's going to be talking to best a cli. as though he's a tough guy with russia but i think realistically the goals that biden has domestically are going to require of winding down of the. military. confrontational attitude towards russia and china in the end. germany
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has formally demanded that the u.s. stops all exports of vaccines that it manufactures and in response britain has now accused the bulk of vaccine nationalism our europe correspondent peter all of us has more details on that. governments across europe are struggling to bring down the number of cases of covert 19 that's the spy putting in place lock downs and restrictions on people like those that we've seen in the netherlands that have resulted in on breasts there and a spot is a rope thing between the u.k. and the e u which is ended up with the u.k. vaccines minister accusing the european union of well vaccine diplomacy vaccine politics whatever you want to call it he's got a name for it vaccine nationalism is the wrong way to go we've got to make sure we protect our own people and then actually you know put our you know leaning as far as we can to protect the rest of the world to deal with the shortfalls in the
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number of vaccine doses available the european union has said that it wants pharmaceutical companies to inform brussels whenever vaccines manufactured inside the european union are to be exported outside of the block well that really could end up resulting in delays to vaccines arriving in the united kingdom not earlier on we heard from astra zeneca the past oxford based part based pharmaceutical company saying that they were going to cook the number of vaccines expected to be delivered to the european union and that did not go down well in europe invested billions to help develop the world's 1st covered 1000 vaccines and now the companies must deliver. they must honor their obligations make no bones about it the european commission and ursula fund the lion personally are under extreme scrutiny across the european union for the way that the vaccine program has been
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dealt with what we have is a situation whereby the vaccination program in the e.u. is being late silly slow if you compare it to countries like the united states and the united kingdom which is done particularly well it isn't looking too great the way that vaccines are being rolled out across the block and there are a lot of people asking a lot of questions why that is the case it's unsure of course whether arguing between the e.u. and the u.k. is the way to solve that particular impasse ok more now on those riots that have been taking place in the netherlands over a lot of time restrictions there has been a 4th consecutive night of violence across the country with shops and the police targeted. it was.
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i that i. was was. i. was. going through. all these things to come after the government says a 9 pm curfew to stop the spread of rice's 1st torch to the testing center and then the fakers as well as throwing molotov cocktails and stones water cannons and tear gas was then fired to disperse them strikes as more than 200 people have been detained since monday vandalism and violating social distancing authorities branded
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the rights is unacceptable and called on citizens to help track down the years he broke the law. iran is the latest country to approve russia's facts seen and also hopes to manufacture the sputnik feeling jap exclusive interview iran's foreign minister told r.t. why they chose it over western alternatives has some of the interview which you can see in full here tomorrow. i think it was a public health problem with some political can considerations about the intentions of the united states and the lack of trust which is which is very clear we have a very bad experience with another western country that i do not want to name they sent to iran. blood that had. whiteness. and so a lot of people needing blood transfusion to be still need to investigate it. but
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that was certainly a major public health problem in you know. the united states did not reduce its pressure. on iraq. it did not allow us to make financial transactions they said it humanitarian purchases were exempt from their sanctions but financial transactions to do those humanitarian because you don't you can't do humanitarian purchases without paying money and the banks who are supposed to transfer that money to restrict it actually has already given us the advantage because. if we had we wanted to wait for the medicine even for the test kits for coal with $1000.00 we wouldn't be able to get is from abroad we produced all of it in iran even even masks reproduced it in in iran so sanctions have actually helped us stand on our own feet and be able to not i mean we want cooperation with the wood but we do
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not want to be dependent on it. we will get. russian the russian rigs vaccine we will get the chinese vaccine we are or in close touch with all of them be real good in the end of a vaccine but our own iranian produced vaccines went through the 1st cycle of human. clinical testing and we hope by june we will be able to use our own way. the french court is open to hearing into companies that manufacture door sold agent orange it's an extremely toxic chemical that was used in the vietnam war and is still causing major health problems such as cancer we spoke to the french vietnamese victim who brought the case. imagine a good battle i mean imagine how it must be to lose your 1st child as a young mothers are that this child was journey in advance the mansion the suffering it was only many many years later that i learned to call it might have
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come from a child was not only that this plays into to go to the end to get there this is just the beginning when turning 1000 pretrial sessions to get to disappearing everything was postponed we learned after all she was in vietnam during the war and accuses the companies of course and severe harm to her family by making and selling the chemicals to the united states non-governmental organizations to say to you that millions in vietnam is still suffering from the effects of agent orange just warning you might find the following footage disturbing.
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well the lawsuit was filed 7 years ago and accuses more than a dozen firms of not just causing health problems to family but also damaging the environment on santa and dow chemical or among them on the multinational corporations that the named. firms defense is that they cannot be held responsible for how the pentagon used the chemical in the conflict we got reaction from french activists about the trial. and we want it trending stickies create real hope because the 1st person will be created a lawyer valerie combat missiles that talked about it it will show that for actions that result in a friend to human life and damage the environment you will be held responsible. they have responded process for the 6th time what are they waiting for they're
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waiting for tran to be debt then the process will be complete it was just. ok let's go back now to the world economic forum which is very different this year has gone digital because of the pandemic within the pandemic and within the past hour president putin has given a lengthy address to covering a raft of topics including highlighting global inequality that is being exacerbated by the pandemic now let's get more with our correspondent laura gaz the she's been following events 1st morat quite a long lengthy and weighty speech where the key points that were made were lengthy indeed this is largely a putin's 1st appearance at the oval speaking at davos although online since 2009 when he was prime minister of russia but the just the good to half of what you talked about is this crisis facing the world today
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a wave of seismic change and seismic because it gums as a shock technological change and challenges social jade's economic change in this balance and blood we have putin said that this these wave of change is causing untold hardships for people for populations for billions around the world. wouldn't you send do you believe with income level of lower than 3.2 dollars a day so that's the kind of misalignment that you see in the world at the college $1000.00 and demick as i said i don't need. those issues. for good or ill the world is changing our values our cultures are evolving but lead me a putin says it is very important to make sure now that all the people you know
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that don't benefit haven't benefited from this change that they start benefiting from the change because the last decades of sheed an economic boom around the world but that boom has benefited the one percent more than anyone else the middle class the poor in some respects they've grown poor of they have less opportunity they have less and fewer prospects which is why we have for example a month migration crisis people are fleeing their own countries from where they're from because they have no opportunity fleeing to other countries which exacerbates problems even further and what is that was alton that was older than the rise of populism for example the left and the right above growing more and more radical and people are seeking enemies you know abroad there has been a collapse of international systems the systems that have a government held the world in stability for many many decades and they have led me
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a putin believes need to evolve they need to change and that change must also benefit the poor the other phenomenon that we've seen around the world with digitalization is the rise of tech giants for example in many respects they've grown super powerful these tech giants on long corporations and their billionaire owners that they're challenging in some respects states and governments. modern technology digital giants now playing an increasingly higher role we often hear that conversations particularly to the election campaign in the u.s. and these are not just technology giants not just economic shines in some areas factory competes with states. so what is the solution to this global crisis you can't very well bail your bail out your way out of this crisis you can't
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give more money to the rich will already phenomenally rich and look that it somehow benefits the poor the time when the crisis is that the poor are poor and lead me putin says that the uni way out of this new process this new challenge is to work together to establish international systems international bodies to evolve current ones into something into bodies that cooperate the work that don't just rubberstamp decisions made in a few nations the uni polar world like me putin says has failed will rather attempts to establish a union polar world have failed there are too many people there are too many cultures there are too many values for any single nation or group of nations to dictate to the rest of the world what should be done and how it should be done instead glad to meet putin highlight the number of areas where corp has worked
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where corporation has led to concrete results a semblance of peace would to syria for example in the car back the latest escalation they also voiced you know hope and optimism about the preliminary agreement between russia and the united states to reestablish to prolong the start agreement arms limitations. you surely you noticed the issue of nuclear unresolved social nick anomic issues. force governments to find scapegoats so that you can redirect the anger of your people could see more pressure on those countries who disagree to be such a lights we could see illegal sanctions restrictions in night see telecom use these game with answer new rules could lead to new hotspots around the world this crisis
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facing the world today vladimir putin believes is unprecedented since the 1930s of the last the last century just before the 2nd world war he said that obviously this time he hopes it will lead to a free for all but these are desperate times the challenges facing the world civilization are enormous but they can deal become like me or putin believes by working together by cooperating but ending this regime where people and entire nations can be excluded from the online world by billionaires and tech giants could be excluded from the world economy by the decisions made in a few nations so so that was the just a valid tamir putin's public speech this is of course davos and other than the public part of the speech there is also a private discussion that is that is for in the ears only but again let me putin's
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1st appearance that they have us since 2009 when he was prime minister judicially member of the what is my conversation with mr biden yesterday or indeed the extension of the new start reaching these movements and right direction look at me approach and drew back to you. yes what i was just saying it will be very interesting going to see the international reaction to what he said there over the last 3040 minutes thanks mara that was artie's more against it with a summary of president vladimir putin speech the world economic forum the sof the next. 3 moscow back again at the top of the.
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2040 you know bloody revolution here to crush the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just always here i mean you know liz put video through me in the eye and they believe that i'm you pulling me to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of 2014. those who took. invested over $5000000000.00 to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. shots seem wrong. just don't hold. any new world view
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yet to shape out just they become agitated and engaged because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. smoke i will make a name for them is my mother the one who's been brought up the one who is you know better than us so that's the sense that i. was upset but i just i think that. she was you make
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a. choice yeah just in. general but from the time know my last book got to be the biggest push that's been up i've been roughed up. i mean. if you can. take. the. greetings in salutation. while all of the keyboard warriors in the twitter verse prove you don't need character to waste characters and the talking heads keep wasting all of our oxygen in the game show of political punditry the real world problems that affect you and i wealth inequality.


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