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$1000.00 crowns us by peter oborne we also discussed the kind of political leadership of the labor party to its isabel tweeted jeremy corbyn is superior in all ways to starmer will already says secure starman has made the labor party more credible what more credible to do here just said how could assert defend labor class problems rosemary says labor has no chance of scotland and so they back independence and finally market back says really enjoying your show alex is a real insight into what's happening in politics south of the border very interesting times we live in don't we just i'm not out of perspective on the life of jimmy reed the man who led the workers of a quite restored victory almost half a century ago although never elected to parliament demitted was the most influential and famous scottish socialist of his eda the best m.p. scotland never had alex's in conversation with the author and journalist brian we
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can innovation to a new trick brian mcguigan cold jimmy reed jimmy reed working with history why that title. i think alex it simply sums up jimmy a man who what was his trick these as a 2 fighters and who swore 20 centuries. it became a figure of j. significance only one of these were true series of interviews some 20 years apart which it was is fascinating in the 1st 70 years was in the the early 1990 s. summer correct yes or straight 1904 had what was genuine these magazine 7 days and in the sea nonchalant of own project in the sense that he said it typical jimmy well general you want to talk sense on tomorrow absolutely and then.
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and 2008 when it's a child to beauty so it was a much smaller slate to jimmy not point out say. it was a clever well read in the self-taught in the main an issue say here norton some of the great towering figures of the of the 20th century have and i know that one of his great friends was with paul robeson the great american based center and civil rights activists were what exhibit tell you about paul robeson well into schildt. on a passport called him when jimmy was walking through the communist party in london and the 1960 s. and they function with his wife joan it was approached by paul lopes in themselves who says i want to speak to jimmy reed college and soldier. and sang to him profusely for helping the son so it was quite an experience and it got to a polo person and consumption of quite such an admirable man. well with paul
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robeson was the toting figure of the civil rights movement before martin luther king passed security during the mccarthy period but also whether the greatest singer in the world but he had a particular affection for scotland then the paul robeson is a dead jimmy with talk of the only obstacle found in law school at scottish audiences and of course had bidden songs bum's some of the jewel held the scots loved him of course and his film the film felice. is activism of the slip. but everybody went on a political journey from the communist party if ur the labor party events they joined the scottish national party did a i signed them up with any of your conversations with jimmy reflect the political job me yes emotional from a 994 new little project to who and began
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a process for journey of disenfranchisement from little to do little party always easy a little movement none. it become projects simply too tensed at that point it would stay in little toy only to see a scottish parliament take place for all his adult life and campaign for without talent been achieved it in understood motos should come to town and finally when he joined this impi even believed it schoolchildren and in the country and we should seek a place amongst the nations. of the greatest things that there's a member for perhaps of the year c.s. what can the upper quite shipbuilder of what can of almost 50 years ago and then the amazing wreck tauriel address when he was elected rector of glasgow university
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tell us 1st about what jimmy told you about the the inside story of your c.s. jimmy such just a new concept which was not luck and it wasn't going straight it went on a 2nd it would continue to pull to ships and when jimmy vault onto the platform john plans and made an incredible and come to our in call well you know it's in tallinn through the agent we have signals of the shots because pierce used except a feast was made in will devastate a life of its reception ity even to tea when. he didn't want me speak it's absolute mismanagement and then of course reg toilet breath asked me to verify. the rat races for raw not for human beings without a resonance internationally the not yes absolutely silly reprint of new york times and janine reveals who that came to be there or paid
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editor in the new york times have meant dang he was an authority of course on it one can get written many books and went in and a stage play so when my dang cold cases speech to skate he spoke it was an authority who was seeing us and of course to this day and rightly says from rocks we're not run ins and such powerful lessons to the ages i'm wondering brian mcguigan what we have a fee the likes of jimmy the gammon the sense it was a self-taught self-educated working class hero the days of heavy industry are almost behind us will we ever see someone like that again i think it's highly unlikely alex someone of jimmy's until late seems thought officiously to all his life as a young man highly trained spy by people who are active in his community i think
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that jimmy was. a singular figure the unique trigger island light lots of seas light and in. and of course when germany became a celebrity as he did after you see s. on television and a newspaper columns i think people were pretty well astounded i'm sure some of the the dawn said glass butte of asked him who were taken aback by the level of nature of his totally were dressed and i know the kind of woolly a misperception i think about back in the pockets i'm sure when he found us working class guy seemed better read than he was. yes absolutely i think that people who perhaps expected term jimmy a highly political speech which would not encompass the elements dead which were humanity elements of christianity and appeal across the board which meant the tones of classiness the city along with
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a place gallery who used to the feet and cleaned them nothing it surprised a lot of people particularly someone can swallow humans who didn't explain it quote shellie's must vanity and then talk in a way which certainly lead them on groups i think people who watch this on you tube the device that generally delivered a funeral can punches threes until it which was considerable well the economy didn't see jimmy b. spoke sentences not to bite 3 steps that i should say brian and then furtherance of your past made it clear forward for the bird for my father you know they can say you have the unique family photo library the alien read one of jimmy's daughters. is confederate thing to the perp will that give us an insight into the the man behind the legend yes absolutely it was finished photogenic the question
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paintings of jimmy also and the r.k. from ailing his has been absolutely tremendous and they get surprised and say to him as it was motion a few people smoking a cigar and join the confront reality of life which she always did you know has changed photos of myself with him and it's at the jazz face book view where the church owned more than in it in the sessions because people want to date me jimi lead shake his hand and the fact that so. and such a confederal sitting summed up jenny beth on as did full 2 which is tremendous and one last question brian mcguigan given that given the season i know that demi was one of the many great figures in the world who were inspired by a by robert barnes and of a writer he summed up the recto address of a quotation from above yes escalate
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a great mind unsupported i'm on it believed it runs simplify to my ality of a man who keeps all human life and jimmy at the heart of the poor and indorsed damage confection the un's needed nor the sentimentality it was a strong idealistic return is finally all kept a well from a compendium of bums on his mantel piece and not books the lice and jimmy's bookshelves and beauty the saloons no question when he it finished his to the force of only to have a chase that the un's would be mentions and why don't you just recite the last lines from the toilet yes the for the show of the interview and why we should ately waste at. the golden age reeled in a 5 each man will be a powder and harmony and we also live and share the s. together and 1st you trained and leighton juice shall love the fable creature and
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tame shall surely truth the truth is that man is good by nature ranma gave him thank you very much for for joining me on the alec salmon show and share your experiences of jimmy reed and robert burns thank you very much alex. stay tuned because coming up after the break alex is joined by broadcast and also of scots about their tongues billy kane and the wonderful singer hugh no ellington with c. that. 2040 you know bloody revolution. demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be preceded by a. revolution is always spontaneous or is it just a lawyer here to put a premium let's put video 20 in the new bill is that i do believe it or the former
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ukrainian president recalls the events of 2040. years who took. it in the studio over $5000000000.00 to assist ukraine in these another call it will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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welcome back in the fields and a rabbit brings where to viewing the life from the white a working class hero to meet alex speaks to author and broadcaster billy kane i asked him to cite some of committing favorite sports i guess to get i know one of the shortest thanksgiving for a national victory but like a little start the celebration of the lives of jimmy reed the robot bombs but look at some of the the favorite pale so far of bottoms that jimmy had liked so much but let's fight this giving for the national victory it was that boy i'm about. well as a bird it's a bit baden's being quite radical and support i think of the french revolution in the war that was fighting against the fleets revolutionaries at the time and had a number of these and don't go mental at trouble so we also wrote the times poetry that would cover the spock and me shootee was nice said to the people call in australia or or more of the assassinated which happened to the radicals in the
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t 20 a couple it's a couple of decades later that in this week when he says you have a kid it sent these planks to mark that man and ego at sykes desist fuss shame but a seed no father god would accept your thanks for a month or so as a very very strong and striking it was famous for singing side you're on the friends revolutionary soul in the globe theatre in for peace and then the i didn't really watch his pocket up that i thought of these ad that i went oh yes a very powerful anes and didn't well a member of germany mobilizing women his opposition to the iraq war and his and his newspaper columns but happiness of the poem that was mentioned and jimmy's memoir addressed to the un could get. what bearing in mind this event of national audience don't they get out of the extremely big study really good mom mother affair the
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people it was never before do in course that will be in a group as the on can get for that pretentious and pretty or no and up who really genuine in anything the do and barton's rock women the rest of their own can get the extremely good and it begins with a general or ye for us to get yes sale see pious and see who really you have a lot to do but mark and they'll get me bust for sin folly and then it is all in to that and that one station is but uncle get. grown them you could see he high exhort that jews deems tied up in godly leases a 40 deep yr frail the name suppose a tinge a kiss he's a deal of blood convenience snug that to the same tradition but let me whisper in your lucky able and sneak and then gently scan you have brother mind still gentle
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obsess that woman though the knee gonna can and run to step aside is human one point must still be completely duck the moving finally the do it and just as leanly can even marked who far but hops there through it so as baba celebrate and human frailty a human face feelings but at the same time despising people who had feelings but with me admit they had feelings i mean us with us about. and yet if you take one of the rubber bands greatest work thomas shanta in the middle of a rollicking gore story and broad scots is suddenly in sapps. an english vessel pleasures are like poppy spread or what was he doing there why was he going for the egg listed in the middle of his epic boil those lines of all the can read in english they can be they hadn't scored steve but pleasures of late please your speech is sick or so it was all we have of the deafens and he used both
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languages that have the bad effect and it was gifted in both languages but i wouldn't teen that his best what by far was a nice neat of scots you don't think about a showing off their what bombs was actually saying is listen i could write in english if i wanted but i choose to write in scots as mother tongue. i think there's an element of that and they in other ones we have our up we have it diana score c.s.w. seat which is definitely not one of its best poems it cost to the audience and the audience was buried in the concern with a custom propriety at the time and he could do it i mean he would read dyspeptic that he would beat up on since didn't put people like that that i would see any is heart there's i get a little a not really the arc it i get quart which sums up buns is attitude and i reported
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the heart rather made was to him and a i came across it when i did an interview with thing when he doing his and she tells a story of having a drink with said alec douglas you explain minister and father of british unionism at the time and the what had been about and sokka and alec douglas you can do when he's a storm isman called winnie that any is not it was a scottish nationalist but his head told him otherwise and when he said well you know what robert bonds with us said to you our late need reserves enough cli's us could make us happy all lying they have to ease that period that marks us craft our brilliant reply and they always see that if something like selling douglas shooting in his heart was a scottish nationalist then ever does up for can they have this far as complaints.
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they were fair toad jimmy reed was inspired by bombs his poetry her the other great historical figure of politicians campaign of the we know have found them buttons their inspiration to carry on their work and on the people influenced by buttons where. it ambling can begin to american president he was invited to deliver be immortal memory at up on supper things in chicago and here if you do seeing that nothing he could see could add to the eloquence of buttons i'm self and can sell the middle of the gettysburg address not some statement he had friends growing up in illinois in his twenty's who were scores and who were buttons eons and who taught them to recite buttons off by heart is famously it on lincoln could recite robert bonzi put it and scores of bought someone else from the states was if every
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douglas the great african american leader. when he came to scotland to preach against sleeve of the he visited a bottom's if courted elite that may have once he sister and he quoted bond this is basically songs like a month a month or that they create a galatea in songs over all but bottom and of course later on my angelou's i get the fun or bottoms and mentions he has influence on her so there's a lot of a good ai medic and write us what influenced by robot bombs a favorite line from bombs themselves. bonzes song has a point to the what just part of our culture good or not but feel that lead in the battle born in the us born in played songs students will come ons a month or a lot my sister was a get button santa at family get togethers would sing bottoms and then would sing the beatles the what bought the popular culture that kind so i really grew up with
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bottoms so it's hard for me to choose any point as my favorite but because a.c.'s are commissions and lay bombs i was born and tell you i will always think of this is a new set on some war the the wind can blow dearly like the west but the us the bonnie lassie lives the last best there while the winds get over and let us row in money's the hell a trip but the the next my fancy slashed is much but we care broadcaster often a scots the mother of kong and bugs him thank you for joining us again on the ellen salmon show and share this here interactive celebrations of rabbit brains i taking place in cyberspace online fitting really give it 10 years ago ask not nick patrick to commit volume of the parts put up to the international space station
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alex pixelation to sing i think it wellington someone has been involved in many of the online bones extravaganzas be here. sure wellington and that historic moment when you sighing at the opening of the scots parliament back in 1990 it was robert barnes you sighing was that your choice of the parliament's choice it was actually i believe the choice of either civil servant or should i heard of and heard that time was the or possibly short of the 2 bids on the panel and they decided a month a month ago that was a good song and it was better for my son by a woman and i don't mean on an up of course. of your career you you've got the drug war button supper of the the life i had hot dinners but this sheet of course very different because the can't be for obvious reasons because of
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pedantic reasons of can't be any of the comrade believe that we normally get bombed supper so you must be doing them in the vulture world how do you get on before the job of supples they're actually quite good and funnily enough i'm doing most of this she has enough time for the last several years because i've been want to see if i can to go home the same night i'm to go in. but this time i've sung for people across the border last night it was canada australia. and there is parsi unit i did a wonderful one for the fed a lesion of scottish writers that had people from everywhere and it was it was amazing and of all the the library of barnes songs is the one that is most commonly called for when you when you go to berlin supper will probably get 2 requests or do you suspect your repertoire but what is the popular demand which is the balkans love song most wanted the love song is either my love like
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a train train through or a fund case of course the one that's most often the place today is a month the month of the. of course i think i'm right in saying that that was bob dylan who said my love is like a red red rose was his greatest poetic inspiration so it was good enough for bob dylan good enough for sheena wellington should be good enough for the rest of us i think it's true and i'm. a love sending it to the people the buttons and speired and continue to inspire i mean even then that wonderful young lass that then the point in the inauguration last week was inspired by my anshan who was a huge the footie over oprah buttons and wherever you go wherever have gone in the world they've been expect some vocal buttons of all nationalities creeds and colors and it's amazing what a poet from isha as managed to do she wellington legendary scots thank
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you so much for joining us again on the alex salmond show thank you very much for asking me and other great bands season for such a commanding and influential figure of the left component of the little has been written a boat jimmy reed would have been too bold face one from the s.n.p. m.p. kenny macaskill scottish political jummy and more recently from notes in the kinley a clay built man luckily for us the man himself was doubled down with writing and that is give this a substantial record and it's that which makes this new book all the more exciting it gives us a series of interviews 20 years apart at crucial times in the development of 1st scottish politics and lets us see jimmy reed in his own words. in addition the family photo will give us a unique insight into the the man behind the legend the love of afflicted children
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boys and of course the souls of. so what better way to play a side than heal the namesake right above those singing and perhaps the greatest love song of all type. in the meantime 5000 must sell for all of the show it's goodbye from oh stay safe we'll see you again next week.
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do you. see. such konami foam on
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smoke why don't they couldn't put them in their mug the muslim on muslim forums you know them so that one photo for us to get a. lot of was. just i think. she was even. gentle but from the sun on my book you go to the british course that's enough of them. i mean the guy. if. it's ok. if it's on the issue of who's in in the white house is to for us it is but
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if you look at the j.c. it's not just a signature that counts in the j.c. pew in the new cutie but in fact the impact of that chick should take effect of that signature i'm reading it will be making to see that if they. if he returned to duty with full effect benefiting the iranian people knowing that their policy go back simone pressure has already. been beyond willing to go back to the full terms of. let's imagine that everything that we learn about the world fits not right so as we learn more and more because we are learning more and more and grow now as any good island the island is surrounded by an ocean in this case is the ocean off the unknown stuff we do not know the right and paradox of learning and this is why the
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point is that yes the island grows the boundaries between what he's known and what is not known is also growing. on storage back to tell you the number of deaths recorded from in the u.k. has suppost 100000 grieving u.k. families to mount a public inquiry now into government failings that have made britain the 1st european country to register more than 100000 deaths from the pandemic. kind of an accident neglect from the funds they did not bomb lives 1st and there isn't a lot to much and. most of these lives couldn't be saved. elsewhere a sign of the country's decline french lawmakers and doctors wringing their hands at their failure to develop an effective covert vaccine.


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